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It’s the biggest day in the life? I am getting married. Well, the expressions weren’t of happiness only. Yes, it was the big day, and I was all set to shimmer like a star. However, unlike many other girls who used to focus on manicures, I had decided to head all the wedding arrangements from dresses and makeup to crockery and cutlery.

My thoughts, “Why should anyone else make the selections for my weddings?” While reading through the list of “crockery to buy,” I realized that there was no sight of a wedding cake cutting set. Ouch! That was my first thought, and I could imagine myself in the shimmering gown without a wedding cake knife?

Thinking that a wedding cake set is the same as conventional knives? You surely need a reality check because the two are poles apart.

But before moving forward let’s have a quick look on our recommendations:

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A Wedding Cake Cutting Set – Meet the Cake Choppers

I don’t mean to pay a lot of attention to wedding cake cutting sets, but they are very different from the standard knives we use daily. This family comprises two members; one is a knife that resembles the butter knife we use. The second is a serrated knife used to separate the cake piece and then gulp it down.

This serrated knife usually has the name of the couple. Does this mean that I, too, had to get it labeled? I started cursing the day when I had decided to become the planner of my wedding. Suddenly a thought started jumping inside my head. I had to call my dress designer to confirm the fittings at 8 AM but guess what was 11 AM already.

A wedding cake-cutting set makes the marital occasion more memorable – IF YOU HAVE IT.

I felt like killing myself when I realized how important the cake cutlery set was. I had no clue of who to approach it. Why is it so important? The cutlery pair has a flat spoon usually used to separate the cut piece from the remaining cake. It usually has the name of the bride and groom. In other words, most couples preserve it as a memory as it reminds of the golden day.

However, I had golden files buzzing in front of me as the chances of getting this cake-cutting set seemed quite slim. What do I do know? I just prayed that this cutlery might fall in front of me with the couple’s name. “No time to blush sweetheart,” the thought echoed in my mind. I started scrolling through e-commerce apps to see if I could get hold of this set.

wedding cake cutting sets

Wedding Cake Cutting Set – The Stepwise Usage Mantra

Yes, you do need to be sophisticated enough to use this cutting set. It is not like a butter knife that can be used even if you are half asleep. Let me guide you through the process even though I don’t have a set for my wedding.

1. You need to start by separating the stacks

The first step is separating the stacks of the cake. Cut the top tier of the cake and separate it from the rest. Then cut the middle layer till you reach the base. This is the layer that is usually served. However, you do not need to cut it like any other regular cake.

2. Cut a circular shape in the center

Once you have separated the stacks, cut a circular shape in the center. This is done using the serrated knife. After that, chop the cake into once inch slices using the serrated knife.

Are You Buying the Correct Wedding Cake Cutting Set?

I like saving each penny, and since the financial budget was in my hands, I had to be extra careful. Well, let’s have a look at the smart tips for choosing the right wedding cake cutting set.

  • Make sure that you are looking for a reputed brand. Opting for sub-standard cutlery can ruin the day, which at least I would not want.
  • Selecting the right knife length is the key as well. Of course, I am not looking for a sword to stab someone; the knives’ length varies with the cake Length. Once you have ordered the cake, take measurements, and then select the knives.

Tips for Using Wedding Cake Cutting Set

There are a few tips for using the wedding cake cutting set. Does that mean I need to learn them and cut the cake without any splashes on my big day? That’s another Ouch!

  • Glass cutting sets are more impactful than silver ones.
  • There is no doubt that glass-cutting sets seem captivating and far more impressive than the ones made of silver. Even the carving looks better on it.
  • Do not use an elaborate font for personalization.
  • The name of the couple should be readable. Using unnecessary italics makes it hard to read. This projects a negative impact.
  • Now let me recommend some fine cake-cutting knife sets so you ultimately get precision on your wedding day.

1. FASHIONCRAFT Heart Design Knife and Cake Server Set

FASHIONCRAFT 2468 Vintage Double Heart Design Knife and Cake Server Set – Wedding Cake Knife and Server Set, Wedding Favor, One Size, Ivory

Key Features

  • Double heart design: knife and server have a double heart design handle.
  • Hand-painted: the handles are hand-painted along with a gold leaf accent finish.
  • Complete wedding cake set: a complete cake set for your perfect wedding.

Weddings are one of the most beautiful ceremonies in the world. The white gown of the bride, the floral designs and motifs, and the atmosphere filled with the sweet scent of décor flowers all add to this event’s appeal.

Another key feature of this matrimonial ceremony is the wedding cake! And with the cake arises the need for a perfect knife and cake server set. Fashioncraft has designed this unique cake set to make your wedding a memorable one.

With its stainless-steel serrated blade and elegant ivory handles, it cuts through the cake with ease, allowing you and your guests to relish in the sweet happiness of a wedding ceremony.

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2. Ella Celebration Cake Knife & Server Set

Ella Celebration Cake Knife & Server Set, Rose Gold Cake Cutting Sets for Wedding, Anniversary, Vintage Filigree Party Supplies (Rose Gold)

Key Features

  • Exquisite and timeless design: The knife set has an elegant and versatile design
  • Rose Gold plated zinc alloy: The cake set is a plated zinc alloy that adds longevity to its life
  • Engravable server: engravable cake server to commemorate your love and commitment

This exquisite wedding cake set is an ideal addition to your wedding shopping list. We always want our ceremonies to be memorable and beautiful. This cake set, available in multiple elegant colors, is a perfect complement to your wedding cake.

We have received several reviews from our close friends that this particular product has made their wedding day even more memorable. As humans, we have an urge to be remembered and remember things that make us happy; therefore, this cake set has an engravable server where you can permanently mark the date of your marriage and your partner’s name.

So, after years later, you can look at this cake server and be transported back to that magical day of love and celebration.

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3. AW BRIDAL Wedding Cake Knife and Server Set 

AW BRIDAL Wedding Cake Knife and Server Set - Cake Knife 13.2 Inch, Cake Server 10.8 inch - Gifts for Bridal Shower, Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Housewarming

Key Features

  • Imitated crystal handles: The set has imitated crystal handles, giving it a chic look
  • Customizable: Simple design makes it easy to customize according to the decor
  • Timeless vintage piece: The vintage design of the product makes it timeless and appropriate for all types of events

There is always nostalgia associated with beautiful things. The moment you make the first cut in your wedding cake always remains a bittersweet memory, bitter because it has passed and sweet because of all the lovely moments to come.

The TW bridal store provides an excellent partner for your wedding cake. With its simple design, it can be customized according to your preference. It can be decorated with ribbons, beads, brooches and its crystal handles bring a feeling of almost fairytale-like bliss to your wedding day.

The moment you cut the cake, amidst the music and the applause of friends and family, is etched in your memory, and this graceful knife set will only add to the bliss and beauty of that moment.

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4. Adorox Cake Knife and Server Set Acrylic Stainless

Adorox Cake Knife and Server Set Acrylic Stainless Steel Faux Crystal Handle

Key Features

  • Faux crystal handles: the faux crystal handles give a royal appearance to the set
  • Lightweight design: high-quality plastic handles are lightweight and comfortable to hold
  • Sharp serrated blade: serrated stainless-steel blade provides seamless and smooth cuts

 From our childhood, we dream what our perfect wedding would look like. Though the reality is usually a little different from fantasy, certain elements and things appeal to that fantasy. The wedding gowns and ballrooms in Disney movies have long fueled these fantasies.

The wedding cakes especially are the most beautiful and delicious element in those movies. This perfect knife set has all the royalty and elegance of a Disney wedding in a very appropriate price range. The faux crystal handles give this set an expensive and royal look while being lightweight.

The lightweight handles are comfortable to hold, and the serrated stainless-steel blade cuts through the wedding cake of your dreams smoothly.

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5. Gold Double Heart Wedding Cake Serving Set

Gold Double Heart Wedding Cake Serving Set - Gold Wedding Cake Knife Set

Key Features

  • Nested-hearts design: The handles have a wholesome nested heart design.
  • Rhinestone accent: The rhinestone accent finish complements the metallic gold finish.
  • Perfect dimensions: The knife is about 12”x1” inches while the server is 10”x2” inches.

The gold color inherently holds a sense of richness and brilliance. This quality of the color makes it a favorite option in wedding décor and dresses. The floral arrangements, guilted mirrors with intricate golden details give a celebratory vibe to the atmosphere. Not only the décor, but most bridal gowns have subtle golden details.

This traditional use of gold is also found in this wedding cake set.

The set has beautiful handles with a metallic gold finish and rhinestone accent. The handles have a lovely nested heart design, a poetic metaphor of marriage. The polyresin material in the handles and the stainless-steel blades give this set durability and strength.

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6. Red-Hit Cake Knife cutter and Spatula Set

Red-Hit Cake Knife cutter and Spatula Set for Cakes and Baked Goods | Wedding Cake Cutting Server Set of 2 pcs Cake Knife and Serving Spatula

Key Features

  • Non-slip handle: The handle is made of non-slip material.
  • Flexible server: The server blade is flexible and useful in slicing and digging through the cake.
  • Dishwasher safe: The product is dishwasher friendly.

Simplicity and resourcefulness are usually a rare combination. But with this wedding knife set, you can add contrast to your wedding décor. Imagine a wedding ceremony with elegant furniture, intricate floral arrangements, and embroidery-laden curtains.

Yet, next to an equally delicious and elegant cake, in the middle of the room, is a simple knife and server set.

The contrast is the key to making events memorable. Hence, with this knife set, you can add the necessary subtle simplicity to your wedding ceremony. The handles are made of durable non-slip material, providing comfortable grip and control.

The server blade is flexible to aid in the cutting and lifting of cake pieces. On top of that, this innovative product is dishwasher friendly. All these features make it a necessary addition to any wedding.

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7. TANG SONG Set of 2 Rustic Wedding Cake Knife

TANG SONG Set of 2 Rustic Wedding Cake Knife and Serving Set Wedding Cake Knife Serveing, Rustic Wedding Cake Knife Set for Parties Weddings Birthdays Anniversaries

Key Features

  • Best quality material: It is composed of high-quality stainless steel has an acrylic handle.
  • Kraft paper boxes: Comes in kraft paper boxes to avoid any damage during the shipment.
  • Pearl flowers: It is decorated with elegant pearl flowers.

TANG SONG wedding cake knife any serving set is synonymous with elegance, beauty, and charm. Wedding is a once in a lifetime event, that is why everything about it should be unique. As much as the cake cutting ceremony holds importance in the wedding culture, similar is the case with the knife and server through which the cake is cut and served to the guests.

Tang Song’s wedding knife set will leave you and your guests in awe of it because of its exceptional design. The cotton and linen strings that are hand-wound around the handle give this set such a silver lining glow.

By far, this set is one of the most important things that you need to make your wedding more than memorable.

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8. Wedding Cake Knife and Server Set

Wedding Cake Knife and Server Set, Silver-Plated with Hand-Set Crystals - Decorative Cutting and Serving Utensils for Cakes, Pie - Wedding Accessories and Gifts for Bride and Groom

Key Features

  • Lacquered: Each article is lacquered to provide a polished finishing.
  • Serrated edge: Its sharp serrated edge provides you with a perfect cut.
  • Hand washed only: The product should be hand washed only instead of putting it in a dishwasher.

Just as the name suggests, all things eternal comes with a perfect set of knives and servers for wedding cakes that will leave a lasting impact in the hearts of your guests. One thing that makes this wedding knife set a perfect fit for your wedding is its phenomenal design.

The silver-plated combination of hand-set crystals and vine pattern echoes the vows that you have made with the love of your life.

Close your eyes and imagine holding this beautiful cake-cutting knife with the love of your life and cutting the perfect piece of cake on your wedding day. Isn’t it wonderful? What more do you want than something that can make you feel a little more happy and peaceful on your special day.

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9. Silver Cake Server Set – Stainless Steel Wedding Knife with Diamonds

Silver Cake Server Set - Stainless Steel Wedding Knife with Diamonds, Crystals, Ribbon Wrapped Around Handle

Key Features

  • Laced handles: The handles are laced with beautiful white ribbon.
  • Stainless steel: The set is made of stainless and rust-resistant steel.
  • Mirror-finish: Highly polished to give a mirror-like finishing.

The silver cake server set has all those attributes that you need for perfect wedding cake supplies. Handles engraved with those royal rhinestones will make you feel like no less than a princess and a princess.

This ideal vintage accessory can be the most precious keepsake and will never go rusty even if the million years have passed.

Just try to picture yourself beside the love of your life with a 3 tier wedding cake in front of you. Feel the touch of your delicate hands on these priceless rhinestones and the smoothness with which the knife will cut a perfect slice of cake.

Yes, that is all you need, and only this silver cake server set can provide you that.

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10. Berglander Gold Cake Pie Pastry Servers, Cake Serving Set

Berglander Gold Cake Pie Pastry Servers, Cake Serving Set,Cake Knife and Server Set Perfect For Wedding, Birthday, Parties and Events

Key Features

  • Titanium gold plating: This knife and server set is plated with luxury titanium gold.
  • Dishwasher safe: It is safe to wash with the help of a dishwasher.
  • Well balanced: It is quite well balanced and easy to handle.

Berglander gold wedding cake knife and server set is the epitome of elegance and classiness. What makes it a bit different from other knife and server sets is its composition and appearance.

Unlike other sets, which are usually engraved with pearls and rhinestones, this one has a straightforward yet classy look. The coating of titanium-gold makes it even more appealing and radiant, and that is why it is one of the best wedding cake knife sets options in the market.

Some people want to give their wedding a simple yet attractive look and do not prefer the glitz and glitters.

This knife set is especially suitable for such demands. In addition to being effortlessly engaging, this knife set has received hundreds of positive reviews because of how smoothly it cuts through the cake and helps serve it.

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Summing it Up

Wedding days are quite special in anybody’s life, so every part of the arrangement must be perfect including choosing the right cutlery. Make sure that you take time to look at the cake cutting sets well in advance so that the best kit is picked. 

Try to take all important factors into consideration including sizes of knives and brand reputation.

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