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The average American woman owns about 19 pairs of shoes, add a couple of kids to the mix and your front door shoe rack is overflowing! Just one shoe rack at the front door is not enough you need solutions in your room where you can store your seasonal as well those shoes which you do not use so often. Under bed shoe storage organizers are considered best to keep the shoes untidy and in shape.

A best under bed shoe storage organizer allows seeing the shoe collection through the clear see-through top cover, has reinforcement on the side that prevents bents, constructed with breathable fabric that keeps the shoes fresh and untidy inside, provides easy access to shoes, as well as protect from mold and other foreign elements.

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Either kids or adults every one of us loves to collect shoes, usually for different occasions and seasons, and sports. Its a necessity, fashion and for some people its requirement or a status symbol. 

The real problem arises when you have a lot of shoes but having limited storage space; in such a situation, the unused storage space like under-bed space is best to store the shoes. Under the bed, shoe storage box keeps the shoes organized and also keep them protected and prevent any deterioration. Some of the products can be used to store other items too and turn flat when empty. If under-bed space is already filled then 3 Tiered Shoe Racks are the best choice.

Let’s have a detailed look at the products:

1. Woffit Under The Bed Shoe Organizer

Woffit Shoe Organizer is a low profile shoe storage option made to accommodate 16 impairs of shoes, and it also provides you the ability to store long boots, yes you can store long botts in the other box. Total, it has a capacity of 20 shoe pairs. It ill helps in keeping your shoes organized and allows you to use unused space. Ideal for women, kids, and men and a blessing for moms with too many kids.

No more shoes flying around the house, you can add more shoes in your collection when you organize the existing ones. The design is ideal for every type of shoe. Woffit Shoe Organizer is equipped with a clear plastic window, which allows us to see inside and reach directly to the shoe needed.

It will not damage your shoe inside thanks to its breathable material; it’s a nonwoven fabric that is tear-resistant and durable and thickest kind, ensure extra durability and protection for expensive shoes. You can store shoes for winter, sneakers, sandals, flats, rain boots, espadrilles, slippers, and flip flops. When it’s not in use, you can store it flat in the closet or leave under the bed.

I personally like this shoe organizer because it is worth investing and equipped with sturdy handles that make pull-out easily from under the bed. While on the other side, when I keep seasonal shoes in this box, I hardly see them back for a few months. I relax because I trust this shoe organizer that keeps my shoes protected.

Vinyl cover that provides clear visibility and the strong zipper are the features that make job hassle-free. I never say, “I don’t need another pair of shoes” I always love to have more because I trust in my shoe storage.

I recommend it most because it is an ideal solution to cut the clutter and organize shoes under the bed. Protect your shoes from getting crushed, bent, or dusty.

It keeps my shoes and boots dust-free while still smelling clean and fresh.

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2. Ziz Home Under Bed Shoe Organizer for Kids and Adults 

If you are tired, one seeing a bunch of shoes all around your room cluttering all available space and make the routine jobs difficult like cleaning and moving around. It’s not only the mess they create, but the mess also is just one problem that you face at first, and in the long run, your shoes may be crushed, dusty, or bent and need a polish before every use. Exposed shoes are tougher to clean and needs more scrubbing while polishing.

Putting your shoe in the right way saves you a lot of space and reduces cluttering as well keep your expensive and seasonal shoes protected from tearing off dust and bents. 

Ziz Home Under Bed Shoe Storage is the best way to arrange your shoe in unused under-bed space neatly. It keeps them clean, fresh, and ready to wear. You can expect your shoes just new for many of the coming years.

The product in the spotlight has a capacity of 12 shoe pairs, its made of breathable material that is thick and durable, capable of preventing moisture and mold from making their way inside to shoes.

Designed for both kids and adults and a cheap shoe organizer that has a secure zipper closure. Clear top and sturdy handles are two features that buyers like most, its quick to assemble and a real practical under bed storage for footwear.

I recommend it as a great room space saver that can store shoes of kids and adults, and ultimately give you extra space in your room. And most importantly, it comes with a money-back guarantee.

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3. Best Under Bed Shoe Storage with Adjustable Dividers 

storageLAB Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer is better then you could hope. The best feature of this under bed shoe storage is that it is customizable. It allows you to put the insert at your own and make the compartment exactly that you need, this feature makes it more useful to store every type of shoes like from sleepers to longboats.

The flexibility of storage makes it ideal for those who have a variety of shoes and like to wear every type of shoe that matches their style. It is constructed with the stiff outer structure that holds well even when you try to expand it with a little pressure in efforts to accommodate one more pair.

Many buyers express that it’s easy to assemble and it’s durable construction that can bear more strain, especially when you have to stake one on another. Reasonable price with exceptional quality convinced me to give it a spot on my list.

It is durable enough for everyday use and comes with an amazing capacity of 24 pairs. It looks good, and its clear cover allows us to see inside (you can see your shoe collection) makes access easy, and the zipper makes the job quick.

You may store other stuff in this box while removing the inserts, while its primary use is to free up the more space and organizing shoes under the bed, which is unused space in most homes. You can easily pull it from its durable handles. 

I recommend it on the basis of its rigidity to keep the shoes organized and protected.

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4. Onlyeasy Underbed Shoes Closet Storage Solution

Onlyeasy Sturdy Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer is made for you if you are looking for a perfect option that is easy to store when not in use and work for years without any wear & tear. It has a clear window from where all of your shoe collection remain visible, and its made with breathable material that ensures the safety of your shoes.

They are designed to keep the dust, mold, other foreign elements away from the shoes. These two sets can hold up to 24 pairs of shoes, and you can stack them one on another, they are durable and stiff to hold the pressure. 

I closely review this product and found that there is no hard metal used in its construction sides are made with the thick cardboard and non-woven fabric, which protect from bending and intrusion of outer elements. I am sure it will meet our long term shoe storage needs.

When there is no need for shoe storage, you may place your other stuff like clothes and small stuff inside these boxes, and these will keep them protected. Each box is equipped with the two sturdy handles where one is at the front side, and the other is on the right side.

Its color is another reason for its recommendation, it looks good in every room.

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5. homyfort Shoe Organizer Under Bed Storage Containers

Homyfort Grey Lantern Pattern Under Bed Shoe Storage Container is ideally made for those who always look for style and prefer to buy the things that look beautiful. It has style and beauty as well as a great space saver, easily slid under the bed and a perfect one for every type of bed. Moreover, it can be used in closets. 

With the sturdy nylon handle at the front side and a clear lid that allows see-through, it can accommodate up to 12 pairs of shoes either kids, men, or women. A premium quality under bed storage solution that overcomes most of your common shoe organizing problems.

I recommend it because it’s a comprehensive and budget-friendly solution to organize your shoes in unused space. The black and dark gray color helps it blend in with the darkness under your bed. While its front side sturdy nylon handle makes pulling the complete storage solution simple and easy. It fits under most beds.

It’s a perfect fit for virtually any size bed with room underneath, easy to set up and easy to fold, take only a little space when not in use. It has cardboard support on the side to bear more pressure and prevent bents.

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6. ACMETOP Extra-Large Under Bed Storage Solution

ACMETOP Extra-Large Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer is made with breathable material and durable linen fabric and 240 GSM high-density non woven material. These are the materials that make it a product to last for many of the coming years. Additionally, the side has robust plates for additional strength and to prevent any bent and damage.

It just needs 6” space under the bed, so its a solution that fits most of the beds. A clean and good looking product which can store up to 12 pairs easily.

A tear-resistant product that easily slid into and pulled over, each of its dividers is adequately stitched and has the right capacity to accommodate most of the shoes. You can see your shoes clearly without any frustration and can stack these boxes one over another.

It can hold 12 pairs of shoes and fit men’s size 13 sneakers and women’s 6″ high-heels. The cells are bigger enough to hold smaller boots and heals. The zipper is also upgraded, and not it has dual metal zip pulls.

I recommend it because it has a 200-micron plastic lid, which is more potent than every other product, and three handles one on front and two on the side, which makes pulling over easy. It’s durable enough for everyday use, and it’s not flimsy.

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7. Smart Design Underbed 12 Compartment Shoe Organizer

Smart Design Underbed 12 Compartment Shoe Organizer is a 30 x 6 Inch Beige color product which is equipped with easy pull handles and clear vinyl window. A simple, stylish, and smart design that includes 100% natural American aromatic cedar repels odors, moths, mildew, and mustiness. 

They are designed to store multiple types of shoes, large enough, and constructed with breathable ventilAir fabric. While its base also has additional support, it’s full-length zipper allows easy removal of shoes. Carry and sliding will be a hassle-free job with this shoe storage.


8. ZOBER Under Bed Customizable Slots for Boots

ZOBER Under Bed Customizable Slots for Boots is a fully flexible and multipurpose shoe storage option. Its cells are customizable, and you can adjust them as per your requirement like you can use them for long boots or for sneakers that take less space. When all of the dividers removed, then it can be used to store other products.

Dividers are velcro removable and, in standard cases, make perfect compartments for 12 pairs of shoes. The ideal solution for tight space and its color is impressive; it matches any interior decore and will not feel odd under beds or in closets. Suitable for standard size beds and for out of sight storage. It will last for years thanks to its ultra-sturdy 600D Oxford canvas with reinforced seams that makes it long-lasting.


9. Best Low Profile Under Bed Shoe Storage

Low Profile Under Bed Shoe Storage comes in a set of two at a very reasonable price, and it has adjustable cells. It has a storage capacity of 12 pairs of standard shoes and 8 pairs of ankle boots; its adjustable compartments fit different shoe sizes. 

They design it with larger than average compartments, so you don’t face trouble fitting different types of shoes. It includes two separate units with a capacity of 12 pairs in each. Extra-long zipper and reinforced handle make it an ideal selection. It can hold wear and tear and can hold for many of the coming years.

If you are a basketball player, then you will love this box, it can easily store 4 large basketball sneakers. Flip-flop, sleepers, kids’ shoes, and heels whatever type of shoes you have; it can keep them protected. It will save you from keeping shoe boxes that make organizing too hard and take more space the product in the spotlight. 


10. 8 Pairs Under Bed Shoe Storage

8 Pairs Under Bed Shoe Storage from ZOBER designed with removable dividers, and its a compact storage option with the capacity of 8 pairs. Ideally, it is placed under any bed, and due to its size and compact nature, it can be placed under standard beds or closets.

Keeping shoes inside the box they came makes it easy o keep them in good shape; otherwise, its too tricky. For me, shoes out of sight are shoes of mind, especially when I do not have easy access to my shoes. I found that human beings forget what they have when they don’t have access to footwear. 

The product in the spotlight is a perfect and compact under bed shoe organizer that allows you to see shoe collection and also provide easy access to them through the zipper.


11. Bamboo Charcoal Under Bed Storage Solution for Shoes

Bamboo Charcoal Under Bed Shoe Storage Solution for Shoes is the only a shoe organizer in this category that is equipped with bamboo charcoal technology. It is designed with the premium linen and charcoal fabric which are stitched together for extra strength.

Bamboo charcoal is known best as a natural deodorizing fabric, and you can expect fresh-smelling as well as ready to wear shoes inside. Made to serve for a much longer time, I like its bottom stitching that is the enforcement of compartments. It’s easy to slide over carpers because of PP panels at the bottom side.

Strong rivet-reinforced handles on all sides allow to pull from any side and as baggage, you may lit if from any side your shoes will not fall into a heap. The see-through dust cover on the top side allows you to find desired shoes quickly.

Final Words

The problem with low cost and cheap products is they are made with low-quality materials, stitched poorly, and have less customization. Their materials tear off easily even though you use it less. To overcome this problem and to bring some of the best and top-rated solutions to you. I review 50+ under bed shoe storage solutions and finally selected the above listed to share with you.

High quality under bed shoe storage is a one-time investment that will serve you for many of the coming years. All of the above-listed products are selected with due care, and thousands of people already trusted these shoe storage boxes. Please select one meets your requirements, especially look into the height of your bed and the number of shoes you need to store.

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