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Since the beginning of time, humans have made sure they have all the products and gadgets that make life easier. Food has been the driving force behind the origin of life, and with the sophistication of gadgets and tools, it has evolved and changed over time. One such simple yet amazing kitchen tool is a cutting board.

The task performed over flat stones in primitive days has now taken wooden or plastic boards. Today it is one of the most common products in an American household. Its sale has risen exponentially throughout the years with 134.2 billion dollars of the retail sales for the year 2018.

top rated cutting boards

How Cutting Boards Originated?

The history of cutting board dates back to pre-historic ages. Wooden slabs and stone tops have long been used to cut, chop, and prepare the food material. The exact origin of the board can’t be pinpoint during the course of evolution.

However, it can be said that as the technology evolved and new materials emerged, we experimented with the newly made synthetic materials to replace wood. Today, a wide variety of materials such as plastics and bamboo materials are used to manufacture cutting boards.

So what is the best material for the cutting board you can get? We have listed some widely used materials that are most popular among the users. Let’s take a detailed look at them.

Three Best Types of Cutting Boards

1. Wood

Wood has remained one of the most popular cutting board materials of all time. It is the basis of ancient origin that made its way to the current time.

With proper care, they last up to a decade. The major percentage of the usage, around 80%, comprises domestic purposes, while commercial cooking rarely relies on wood. They are a smooth feeling and carry a rustic appeal, making them a truly aesthetic addition to the kitchen.

2. Bamboo

Although Bamboo seems frail, they are one of the popular materials of Cutting boards. Bamboo has high tensile strength, so it is a strong material to take up the knife’s blows while cutting and chopping.

They are also naturally water repellent which makes them ideal for cutting fresh vegetables and fruits. They can easily last from five to ten years and carry the aesthetic image of wood in a light color.

3. Plastic

Plastic cutting boards are also very commonly used. Especially in the commercial setting, they wide utilized because of their low bacterial accumulation count. Statistically, plastic is one of the widely used materials both commercially and domestically.

Plastic is a synthetic material, so these boards last a very long time, which could be between fifteen to twenty years, depending on the maintenance. Although they are not as aesthetic as the natural-looking boards, the longer life is the winning point.

If you are looking to buy a cutting board, we reviewed some brands and their products. This will help you narrow down the item you require and the one that fulfills your needs. Below mentioned are some of the best brands for cutting boards. Let’s take a look at them and see what they have to offer.

10 Top Rated Cutting Boards

1. John Boos Block Cutting Board 

John Boos and Company has a long-standing history of meticulous craftsmanship of butcher blocks and cutting boards. Their company’s product range also includes tables, workbenches, and other wood-made items. Each item is known for its astounding quality and a worthy reputation spreading across America.

top rated cutting boards

Key Features

  • Variety of colors: Availability in a wooden finish of four distinct and natural colors.
  • Two-sided usage: With juice grove on the one side, it can be used for meat and veggies.
  • Hardwood: Made from hard maple wood that is sturdy and long-lasting.

John Boss reversible Maple edge grain wood board is a product that comes in a variety of colors and sizes. With 1 inch of thickness, it is the perfect piece for cutting meat and vegetables. It has a reversible use, and the juice grove side can be used to collect meat extract or extra juice vegetables.

Also, it is easily cleanable and highly versatile to cater to all sorts of users. For long-lasting use, you can get the mystery oil from the company, which keeps the board in shape and prevent it from drying, especially in the dry climate regions. It is perfect for both commercial and domestic purposes.

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2. Farberware Hardwood Cutting Board

Faberware is one of the most popular household brands in the US. The Brand specializes in producing quality kitchenware, including cutlery pots, pans, shears, and other everyday kitchen usage items. They also specialize in the making of wooden cutting boards. One of their best-selling items is the hardwood cutting board.

best rated cutting boards

Key Features

  • Three-piece set: You can buy a single piece or go for a three-piece set of boards.
  • Perfect dimensions: 15×21 inches wide are the perfect dimensions for all types of cutting & chopping.
  • Easy maintenance: Effortless washing with soap and warm water.

Faberware comes to your aid in Kitchen. You can buy a single unit board, or you can go for three in one set. A three-in-one set will ado the diversity of the boards you will have each one for a single purpose, such as for meat, vegetables, and another one for shopping items.

It is made to ensure that the knife blade used in the wood does not split or get dull with time. Also, its moisture-resistant qualities do not let the water or fluids absorb and retain into the board. The aesthetically pleasing color of the wood makes it a perfect addition to the kitchen.

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3. Seville Classics Cutting Board

When it comes to home-making items, Seville classics never disappoint. As a company known for its highly-functional and innovative designs in nearly all items, it does not let down on the cutting boards.

The sleek design, diverse usability, and durability make it a perfect choice for all types of kitchens.

top rated cutting boards

Key Features

  • Wood& Polyvinyl combo: Wood with PVC cutting mats makes a perfect cutting duo.
  • Lasting bamboo material: Made from sturdy and durable recyclable bamboo material.
  • Nonslip cutting: The duo offers nonslip and hazards-free cutting with easy washing.

Seville brings you a wooden board made from sturdy and rigid bamboo material with a touch of modernity in it. With a PVC mat atop the wooden board, you can prevent the cross contaminations of raw meat and fresh veggie.

Each mat is of different color and has a stamp of a food item as a suggestive usage. It makes the cleaning of both the board and mat really easy. The silicon feet are responsible for preventing the slipping and sliding of the board on the mat. In addition to cutting and chopping purposes, you can also use it is as a serving board for steaks, cheese, and combination platters.

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4. OXO Good Cutting Board

Oxo is a 30 years old veteran brand manufacturing cooking, baking, cleaning, and organizing products. Their products are designed while keeping the durability and functionality of the product in mind.

Oxo products are meticulously engineered for the comfort of the customers. Their motto is to improve upon the previously existing tools and make them even better.

best rated cutting boards

Key Features

  • Nonslip edges: the board has soft, nonslip edges, keeping it secure on the counter.
  • Odor-resistant: The board is made of durable odor-resistant material.
  • Scratch-resistant: Its surface is resistant to scratches and protects the knife’s blade.

Oxo’s utility cutting board is made of strong and durable synthetic polypropylene material. The synthetic surface is resistant to scratches and protects the blade of knives from becoming dull. The board can be used on both sides. Moreover, it has a groove along its side to collect juices released while cutting fruits and vegetables.

The soft handles on the board’s sides secure it in its place, preventing it from slipping on the kitchen counter. The board can be washed in a dishwasher and has a beautiful and minimalist look, with red borders adorning its sides. Its size is about 10.5 inches x 14.5 inches. 

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5. Winco Cutting Board

Winco is a brand associated with providing kitchen equipment related to restaurants and large-scale use. They manufacture high-quality products that are a staple to food establishments and restaurants.

The company’s products have never failed to meet the quality standard of restaurants and bakeries. Their consistent quality and wide range of kitchen items have distinguished them as one of the industry’s top brands.

Winco Cutting Board, 18 by 24 by 1/2-Inch, White

Key Features

  • NSF certified: The product is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation.
  • Non-porous surface: Board is resistant to absorbing the juices from food.
  • Durable synthetic material: Board is made of durable synthetic plastic.

Winco’s cutting board weighs about 7 pounds. This large cutting board is specially designed for large-scale kitchens. Its dimensions are 18 inches x 24 inches. The board is made of polyethylene plastic, which is a strong and resilient material.

In addition to this, the board can withstand a temperature range of 176˚F to 196˚F. Due to its non-porous surface, the cutting board does not soak up all the delicious juices from the food and retain flavor. The cutting board is dishwasher safe and has an NSF certification, proving that it is a safe and reliable product.

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6. Lipper International Cutting Board

Lipper international manufactures beautiful and sturdy bamboo cutting boards and other kitchenware items. Their products are manufactured from only top-quality materials. The company has a wide range of dinnerware and bowls as well. The company’s mission is to improve the home life of its customers through quality products.

best rated cutting boards

Key Features

  • Two-toned surface: The cutting boards have double-toned wood.
  • Renewable material: The boards are made from bamboo wood, a renewable material.
  • Multi-purpose: Can be used as a serving plate.

Lipper international product consists of two small cutting boards, perfect for home-cooks and amateur chefs. The boards are manufactured from bamboo wood, a renewable material; therefore, this product is durable and sustainable for the environment.

The bamboo wood used has two shades which give the boards a chic and professional look.

These small cutting boards are not only perfect for cutting vegetables and fruits but can also be used as serving plates for small snacks. This multipurpose product has dimensions of about 8″ x 6″ x 0.3″. As the product is made from bamboo wood, it cannot be washed in a dishwasher or be stored in a refrigerator. It must be hand-washed and dried immediately afterward.

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7. HBlife Acacia Wood Cutting Board

top rated cutting boardss

HB life is a brand that manufactures home, office, kitchen, and garden items. They also have products related to storage and also cater to holiday supplies. The brand’s quality has been consistent throughout the versatile range of its products. Their cutting boards are made from pure wood with a guarantee of top quality.

Key Features

  • 100% acacia wood: The board is made of pure acacia wood.
  • Versatile range: It is suitable for all kinds of kitchen work.
  • Increased thickness: The board is thicker to provide increased grip and durability.

The cutting board is made from 100% acacia wood with dimensions 16″x12″x1.5″. This HB life product is durable and strong because of its pure wooden built. The board is suitable for use in any kitchen task. It can be used for the cutting of vegetables, fruits, meat, and bread.

It can not only be used at home but also in professional restaurants.

The board has a thickness of about 1.5 inches, which increases its grip on the counter and also provides ample support to carve and cut through hard meat. It can be washed easily with soap or any other cleaning liquid.

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8. Totally Bamboo Oklahoma State Shaped Serving & Cutting Board

Totally Bamboo is a highly sustainable bamboo cutting boards manufacturer. The company has engineered bamboo wood to make it sustainable and eco-friendly. They were the first company to introduce bamboo cutting boards in the market in 1999. The boards are produced by wood directly obtained from family-owned bamboo farms.

Totally Bamboo Oklahoma State Shaped Serving & Cutting Board, Natural Bamboo

Key Features

  • Unique style and shape: The board is shaped like the state of Oklahoma.
  • Eco-friendly:  The board is made of eco-friendly bamboo wood.
  • Easy to maintain: The board is easier to maintain and clean.

Totally Bamboo manufactures this unique cutting board. The board has a shape resembling Oklahoma’s state; therefore, in addition to being a kitchen utility product, it is also a statement piece to add to your home. It even has a hanging hole that can be used to hang it.

The board is made from eco-friendly sustainable bamboo wood and thus is easy to maintain and clean. The board can be gently hand-washed and dried afterward. The bamboo wood is durable and has a gentle impact on knives. The board’s dimensions are 16.75″ x 9″ x 0.6,” and it can also be used as a serving plate for steak, turkey, or chicken.

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9. J.K. Adams Maple Carving Board

J.K Adams is a company manufacturing kitchenware items. They manufacture state-of-the-art hand-crafted products. The company has manufactured products with comfort, functionality, and sustainability. They believe in adopting environmentally friendly manufacturing practices and have aimed to reduce their carbon print. They make cutting boards, baking tools, storage goods, and other kitchen items.

best rated cutting boards

Key Features

  • Reversible sides: Both sides of the board can be utilized.
  • Top-rated: The board is rated at the top by America’s Top Kitchen.
  • Hardwood material: Made from sustainably grown hardwood.

America’s Top Kitchen has critically acclaimed this maple wood-colored cutting board. The board is unique in its design. One side is grooved in the center for holding turkey or chicken while carving. The grooving prevents the meat from sliding. On the other side, the grooves along the borders collect the juices.

The product has a 100% replacement guarantee as well. Made from sustainably grown hardwood, this board is perfect for the use of professional chefs. The board has dimensions 20″x14″ and weighs about 6 pounds. Because of the hardwood build, it should be washed by hand with light soap and dried quickly.

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10. Butcher Block Cutting Board 

Home hero manufactures all kinds of kitchen items, including knives, spatulas, ladles, cutting boards, and baking tools. The company has developed a steady customer base with their quality products to improve the buyers’ lifestyle. Its mission is to manufacture affordable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing kitchenware for its customers.

top rated cutting boards

Key Features

  • Bonus knife: The cutting board comes with a bonus cheese knife.
  • Charcuterie board: One side of the board functions as a charcuterie board.
  • Versatility: The board can be used for cutting meat, cheese, or fruits.

Home hero’s 16 inches rectangular cutting board is an adequate companion for a chef or a home-cook. The board is made of strong hardwood and has grooved handles for easy carry. Moreover, the board comes with a cheese knife, a knife sharpener, and a wooden brush for cleaning the board. This product is not only a mere cutting board but can also be used as a charcuterie board on one side.

Charcuterie refers to the professional preparation of meat products like chicken, beef, etc. the board is 1.5 inches thick, which provides great stability and grip. Not only that, but the board can also be used as a serving tray during dinner parties. Its multi-toned dark brown color gives it a regal and professional look.

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Wooden or Bamboo cutting boards are the best options available on the market. They are long-lasting and sturdy, and their maintenance is relatively easier. With multi-usage manufacturing, you can use it for versatile purposes.

The above-mentioned brands and their products are the best available products on the market. Each one of them is crafted for both domestic and commercial purposes.

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