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Organizing the kitchen cabinets is a tricky business. If you keep spices inside the cabinet, a hot mess is bound to be created a few minutes into cooking. Small apartments with small kitchens are even hard to clean and organize. Moreover, a lot of time is spent in looking for all the spices needed for a dish. In all honesty, we have all put off cleaning the kitchen because the clutter was too much to handle. The spice racks for door is the best solution to keep the things organized

In that case, a perfect solution to all space and organization problems would be a designated place for all your spicy items. Spice racks can be a savior. But you will need extra space in your kitchen. Thus, a space-saving option would be over the door and door mount racks. They do not require additional space and get the job done in a perfect way.

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The Purpose and Use of Spice Racks

There are several different ways you can utilize the racks to their full potential. The key to good organization is creativity. Explore all the options, be flexible with how you want to use the organizer. Let’s look into the ways you can do that.

  • Label the spices: jar labeling will come handy when you are looking for ‘the one.’ You will not have to spend extra time analyzing each jar’s content to know if it is oregano or rosemary. 
  • Stingy on the lower: one of the best things you can do is, keep the chili and strong spices below the eye level. In case of a mishap, they will not make way to your eyes. Keep less hazardous one to the top levels.
  • Spread far form spices: just because it says, spice rack on the packing does not mean you can’t use it for other stuff. Keep your sauce and shakers on the frames as well. Clear up all your shelf space.

Reason to Have a Spice Rack

Spice racks are convenient cooking and organizational solutions. It can drastically change how you navigate around the kitchen and food. Moreover, an organized space always makes cooking more fun.

  • Easy access: spice rack gives you reasonable access to all your spices at once. No more standing on the countertop to get that white pepper down that lost behind all the cutlery.
  • Organized look: racks are a complete organization package for your kitchen. They are capable of changing the whole look of the kitchen and your cooking space.
  • Easy cooking: With arranged space, comes easy cooking. You will be able to see all the spices at once. You will know you are out of pepper before the cooking starts.

Here are the top picks for behind the door spice organizer: making your life easy and cooking really fun.

Ten best spice rack for doors

A kitchen is a busy place and that’s why we all need productive accessories to help us out. Spice rack for doors is the ultimate accessory for every kitchen and it’s time that we review some of the best.

1. Household Essentials 6-Tier Basket Over-The-Door Organizer


  • Vibrant – it is a vibrant Spice rack with 6 baskets.
  • A perfect space saving solution – the spice rack offers a perfect space-saving solution because it has 6 baskets and is versatile.
  • Spacious – each basket is spacious enough to hold different bottles of spices.

A Spice rack is a productive kitchen accessory that can be of help in so many ways. If you are looking to add colors and contrast to the kitchen, this organizer can be your best friend. It is at the top among spice racks for door.

The basket-like arrangement instead of flat shelves is what makes this organizer a perfect fit for kitchen items. Straight shelves are prone to things falling off but on this organizer, 6 tier solution is spacious and gives protection in all directions. The frame is a round tube construct with snap-lock technology and the hook attachment over the door supports the easy installation.


  • The spice rack ensures easy installment
  • It has spacious baskets.
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2. 3S Wall Mounted Spice Rack Organizer


  • 5 tier – the spice rack for doors has 5 tiers that give us enough space to store different kinds of spices.
  • Lifetime guarantee – the brand offers a lifetime guarantee so there is nothing to worry about when it comes to any issue with the spice rack.
  • Capacity – the spice rack is accommodative enough to handle 45 standard jars.

Kitchen storages don’t have to be drab and dull. With this spice organizer named Brand 3S, you can add style and decorative look to your kitchen. This top-rated storage solution is multi-functional.

If you are into Chinese, Italian, and Mexican cuisines, and want all the spices in one place, this rack can serve you well. With the carrying capacity of 45 standard jars, this rack is spacious. For secured storage, the mesh front is in place. If you worry about your new wallpaper getting ripped due to installation, use the door. With screw installation, it can easily be fitted behind your kitchen door.

The spice rack is accommodative and is likely to serve you well for years to come. Also, the brand offers a lifetime guarantee and that is reason enough to trust it.


  • The spice rack is accommodative enough to hold 45 standard jars.
  • It is aesthetic and looks well in the kitchen.
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3. Home-Complete Spice Rack Organizer


  • All the jars at one place – This spice jar is accommodative enough to hold all your spice jars at one place so you won’t hassle with spices in the kitchen.
  • Rustic Design – the spice jar has a rustic design and will look good if you have brown cupboards.
  • Compact – the equally spaced five tiers of this spice jar gives off a compact look.

We all are into different designs even when it comes to choosing the right Spice rack for kitchens. All rustic design lovers can benefit from this fantastic organizer. We recommend these spice racks for door for all-purpose use.

If you want to add a little more storage space, but the space is small, this spice rack can work for you. The five shelves and small dimensions give off an overall compact look. You will never have to hunt for any spice again; all jars will be there on this rack. This spice rack has the ability to make things convenient for you in the kitchen.

The equally spaced tiers can carry even the taller jars. You can hang it behind the door or mount on the wall; whatever works best for you. It is a metal made long term solution for a neat organization.

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4. Spice Racks Organizer For Cabinet Door Mount


  • Minimalistic design – the spice rack has a minimalistic design and goes well with all decors.
  • All jars at one place – the spice rack is accommodative and you can place all your required spice jars in it.
  • Easy installation – it is easy to install the spice rack and it does not require any technical assistance.

Kitchen almighty brings you minimal yet fall free storage solution for the spice jars. If you are into minimalistic design then you need to look no further than this spice rack. You won’t have to worry about no place to keep the spices; this organizer has got all ground covered.

The storage space comes with four separate tiers to give you installation liberty. Also, the installation process does not require any technical help.

With its chrome finishing, you can add space with elegance and style. The complete package comes with all the mounting hardware. You can go for the adhesive hook installation if you don’t want to ruin the door.

It’s size appropriate width prevents the jars from rattling with the opening of the door. The smooth surface makes it easy to clean and rust-free.


  • The spice rack has rust-free properties.
  • It has a minimalistic design.
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5. ClosetMaid 1233 Adjustable 8-Tier Wall and Door Rack


  • Easy installation – the spice rack by ClosetMaid is very easy to install and does not require any technical assistance.
  • Productive – you can have a productive time in the kitchen by having this Spice rack because it accommodates all kinds of jars.
  • Aesthetic – the spice rack is pleasing to look at and looks well in the kitchen.

If you want a spacious over the door organizer, this rack by closet maid is a perfect build for you. This spice rack has all the characteristics to make your time in your kitchen, productive. Organize your pantry or install it in the kitchen; the organizer has got you covered.

Anything that does not go inside the fridge can be kept in this rack. it is versatile and can accommodate almost everything. You can free up all the counter space and store everything on its eight tiers. Also, there is no need to worry about large packs because the tier height is adjustable. These are amazing and tall spice racks for door.

Its long-lasting, and close-spaced wires won’t bend under pressure. The slim and sleek dimensions are suitable, even for small doors. There is no need to buy extra hardware as all the mounting hardware comes with the package.

The installation process is very simple and does not require any technical help.


  • You don’t need any technical assistance to install the spice rack.
  • It looks pleasing in the kitchen.
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6. Home-Complete Over the Door Organizer

Home Complete brings you another over the door product to organize your kitchen.  Let’s say you need a rack for all kitchen items; go for this organizer. There is no restriction of putting only spice jars, you can put whatever you like in this rack.

It is a complete package for all the jars, spices, even bottles. Also, there is no need to leave large jars on the shelves; the height is adjustable according to your need. Additionally, it comes with three stoppers that don’t let the taller packs fall off. You want an organizer for the pantry as well as the kitchen; no worries, divide option is for you.

You can even split the eight tiers into two racks of four tiers to save your money for another investment. The company brings you a fast and easy installation.

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7. Rev-A-Shelf Door Mount Spice Rack 

They say if you want to bring life to your kitchen accessories, keep them minimalistic. Minimalistic looks always have the edge of style and chic look attached. If you want to make sure that you get the productive and aesthetic spice rack in one package, this wire rack is an ideal solution.

Keep your complete collection of spices arranged in this rack. Open storage or inside the cabinet, the dimensions can help with both. It is wide enough to house all the jars, but don’t take massive space behind the kitchen door.

It’s Heavy-duty wires are built to carry even heavy cans or glass jars. It is versatile and can cater to all spices and condiments in your kitchen. With it hassle-free installing, you can get it working with just four screws. the installment does not require any technical assistance.

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8. Lavish Home Over The Door Spice Organizer

In case you want to make the space clutter-free with style, get your hands on this organizer. With fridge-shelf-like tiers, this rack is minimalistic and looks splendid on every door. Most cost-effective spice racks for door.

The wire made baskets add to space with elegance and style. If you are creative enough, this storage solution can be used anywhere in your home, even the bathroom. So get your home organizer and buy this sturdy and durable rack for all-purpose storage. If you have a large collection of spice and large items, six slats with adjustable height have got you covered.

The rack is versatile and anything can be placed in it including jars, bottles, or even accessories.

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9. Spice Rack Organizer for Cabinet Door Mount

URFORESTIC brings you innovation indoor and wall-mount storage ideas. These Spice racks can be installed on kitchen doors, however, there is no restriction. If you need to install tiers at different places, the individual shelves can do the job. Keep two on the door and two inside the cabinet, there is immense flexibility of choice. You can add as much headspace as you like.

The spice rack has seamless finishing and perfect hue that is likely to add color to your kitchen life. No one likes the rattling jars in the racks; this design keeps the jars snug inside and offers a sound-free solution. The pack of four shelves is more than enough; you can always buy more if you want extended space.

Also, the installation does not require any technical assistance and can be done easily.

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10. 2 Pack 2-Tier Wall Mount/Desk Spice Rack Organizer

For the middle ground of needing space but not too much, this two-tier rack is a perfect fit. You can choose to use it as the door mount or place it on top of the shelf. The best thing about the spice track is that, it is flexible and can be used in a variety of ways.

Add a row of spice jars or use it to keep your sauces, these organizers come in handy. This is not the standard organizer; the premium quality construct ensures durability and long-lasting usage.

Can’t find the space to keep little bottles of essential oils, and essences, the mesh network can carry these cute babies.

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Productive kitchen accessories go a long way and nothing can beat an aesthetic or productive spice rack. Now is the time to make your kitchen life convenient by having a wonderful Spice rack. All of the above spice racks for door are selected with due care, thousand of people already trusted on these solutions.

We have reviewed some of the best Spice tracks for doors. Going with your preference, you can always pick the one that best suits your needs.

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