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Food is an integral part of our days. It’s not just a means to fuel our energies and get active but also an important leisure activity most of our days. Whether it is a celebratory event or occasion to show gratitude and even in times of hardship, what connects us all is a good meal. Today we are discussing the best snack containers with dividers to carry your meal with ease.

No matter where you go, you will find a convenient food service nearby where you may enjoy a nice meal or at least a snack; however, sometimes we do wish that we could carry our own choice of the meal around with us a all times.

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Snack Containers with Dividers

Healthy snacks make life healthy. Moreover, you feel the craving for snacks in your routine work. Your children want to take snacks to school; you want to bring snacks to the office and enjoy them during breaks. Hence, for this purpose, you have lunchboxes or meal containers. Therefore, we have chosen the three best snack containers with dividers To make it easy for you.

Easy Lunchboxes is our top choice for a number of reasons.

1. EasyLunchboxes – Bento Snack Boxes 

Key Features

  • Equal compartments – the snack container has equal compartments to put out food evenly.
  • Easy to carry – they are easy to carry to events or weddings.
  • Leak-proof lids – lids are leak-proof, and there is no danger of spillage.

Easy-lunchboxes are reusable, stackable, and portable snack containers with dividers This product holds four compartments with different colors of lids. If we talk about the aesthetic nature of these snack containers, It is marvelous. The containers are extremely gorgeous and adds a lot of value to any kitchen space.

The size of these best snack containers with dividers is 14.1 ounces. Moreover, this is the least expensive product so affordable by every ordinary person. Because of the budget friendly nature, these containers are the choice of all and sundry.

They hold four portion control compartments for distributing a variety of snacks evenly. The comfortable and leak-proof lids separate wet and liquid foods. Also if you are on a diet and want to put multiple food on a single container, this one is your best choice.

These containers are light in weight and easily portable to any place. Without any doubt, they make the best traveling partner.


  • Easy to use.
  • Light in weight.
  • Multi-color lids.
  • Evenly sized compartments.


  • Plastic making.
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2. Prep Naturals Glass Meal Prep Containers 3 Compartment 5 Pack

Key Features

  • Comes with the lock – the snack containers with dividers come with the certainty that ensures safety.
  • Portable – this can easily be transferred from one place to the other.
  • Durable – the glass quality is exceptional, and this makes the product durable.

In case you are looking for something exceptional. You have to try the Prep Natural Glass Meal snack container with dividers. Although in value, this product is less attractive than easy lunch boxes but because of durability, it scores marks. It is made up of Borosilicate glass that makes it extremely durable.

In terms of capacity it is better than easy lunch boxes. This product holds unique characteristics, which makes it more valuable. But it may be nor the good choice for long time use. The total weight of this product is 10.01 pounds.

Another good thing is that, the container holds a smart locking system that ensures safety. Its airtight seal safe snacks from bacterial attacks. However it isn’t better to know that with the passage of time, the lock system may deteriorate.

This one is our second best because of productive nature. The product has three compartments plus five packs that help in portion control. It’s warming and freezing feature keep storage meals safe for an extended period.


  • Versatile in use.
  • Keeps the meal odorless.
  • Smart lock system.
  • Very durable.


  • Heavy to carry.
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Comparison between Easy-Lunchboxes and Prep Glass Meal Containers:

These products are right and consist of raised features. Besides, they have several similarities, as well.

Similarity Comparison

  • Both are useable in the oven, microwave, and freezer.
  • Both products hold a leaking-proof lids system.
  • Next, these are relatively affordable for everyone.
  • Easy to clean and stackable.

Contrast Comparison

  • Product 2 Prep Glass Meal holds exceptional features than product 1.
  • Prep Glass Meal has more space for a variety of snacks than the first one.
  • Further, Prep Glass product has a locking system that enhances safety level.
  • Prep Glass Meal is made up of high-quality glass, so it is more durable.
  • However, Easy-Lunchboxes is light in weight relative to the Prep Glass Meal Container.

So, whether you have dietary concerns, want to lose weight, or perhaps you have a particular food preference, you have probably come across food and snack containers with dividers. Maybe you haven’t and now wonder what exactly these even are? Well, let’s see:

What are Snack Containers with Dividers?

Snack containers with dividers are a branch of food storage boxes that have specialized compartments for portion control. These boxes are especially useful for dietary concerns and weight loss if you are looking to reduce your food portion sizes along with getting a well-balanced meal.

With these food containers with measured compartments, you will not have to starve on a strict diet; you can carry the boxes around no matter where you go; however, you won’t be over-indulging either in your meal either. The portion control sizes are perfect for preparing a well-balanced meal that will be just as fulfilling as enjoyable.

There are many types of snack containers with dividers; plastic containers with BPA free material that is microwavable and freezable are among the best kinds of food and snack containers for their offered convenience.

However, there are also wood containers that will help retain your food’s more natural taste. These boxes may even vary by size and shape. You can choose the one that best suits your meal-prep requirements. They are often used by food delivery services as well. The tightly wound lids and easy portability make for excellent delivery-friendly features. The kind of containers you buy will determine your food portions and convenience, so make sure you are clear on the type of boxes you want to buy:

What You Should Consider While Buying Snack Containers with Dividers?

When buying a meal-prep or snack container with dividers, whether for personal use or a food delivery service, you must know what you are buying it for and your basic requirements for these snack containers.

Here are a few things that you should probably check before you buy yourselves snack containers. Remember that the right kind of snack containers can make your life easy, or they may make it much more difficult.


You want to make sure that the containers you are buying will not cause a major mess while carrying them in your school bag or perhaps carrying them in your delivery bags on the way to a customer.

To make it much easier on you, you must always ensure that your snack containers with dividers are well protected with a tight lid and a durable plastic material, preferably BPA free polypropylene plastic containers.

This material is durable because it is heat and temperature resistant, so you won’t be risking cracking up or breaking if you keep them in the microwave for too long or carry them in your bag on a hot day for too long.

Right Size

The whole point of a food or snack container with dividers is so you can maintain a healthy diet no matter where you go. So, when picking out the right one, you must make sure that your snack sizes, recommended by nutrients, can fit into the food containers. You do not want to be under-nourished on a tough day at school or work.

The recommended portion sizes for an average-sized meal are usually around 4oz protein, ½ cup vegetable and the same amount for starch, and around 1tbs of fat.

A single meal for you should have all these portions.

Right Shape

The shape of your food or snack container is essential because you want to carry the box around with you anywhere you go. Ensure that the container is the right shape and size so that it can be stored, packed, and delivered around without much effort.

Don’t go for shapes with sharp edges or overly fancy exteriors. This can lead to some lamentable accidents that you can probably do without.

The perfect size for a food or snack container would be rectangular shaped and have straight edges because a straight edge can easily fit into your fridge or backpack without taking up too much space, unlike rectangular or rounded edges.

Moreover, they will even stack neatly on top of each other.

Microwave and Freezer Friendly

Let’s be honest none of us have the energy to wash that pile of used dishes at the end of the day. So why empty your meal from the meal prep containers into a dish? Why not merely use meal-prep containers as a dish?

The different divisions will help keep your food portions, sauces, etc. separate so that you can enjoy your meal with just the right amount of seasoning and spices. It is the perfect solution for everything.

Now instead of washing three dishes for three different food types, you will just be washing one. So, make sure your food containers are microwave and freezer friendly so that you won’t have to use any other dishes. As mentioned before, polypropylene containers are temperature resistant.

Also, make sure that you heat your food without the lid on. If the cap gets too hot, it can get hard to open up the box, which eventually leads to wear and tear.

Finally, Which One’s the Best?

Assuredly, both products hold attractive features, but as you want, the top-one. So it becomes tricky to choose. However, the exceptional and unique features of product 1, easy lunchboxes make it our top pick. The product is easily stackable, has uncompromised quality and durability. 

Further, its compartments make it the best snack container with dividers for all purposes.

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