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The lavish mansion, broad island kitchen shelves, gigantic and long dining table to cater for hundreds of people are all things of beauty. They are like a fairytale dream with the touch of royalty and intricate details. But modern living is no fairytale; the harsh truth is that small houses, studio apartments, and one-room apartments cannot house them.

What if you can arrange a beautiful table right in your kitchen and without compromising on space and style. Yes! You heard it right. We bring you some fantastic choices to give your apartment kitchen the makeover and transformation that is long due. It a four-lettered magical term, and it says Small White Kitchen Tables!

White, the color of worth and understanding, is worth more than the deep red of love when it comes to kitchen tables. We bring you puny tables that will fit right into any apartment’s interior for spatial management and style without compromising the overall look.

Let’s not delay the journey any further, and let’s take a lot at some of the options and read how to choose the table that can cater to your house’s needs.

Before moving forward have a look on our top recommendations.

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What are Your Options? Choose from Four

For a small space, it is important to remember that you need something that is functional and serves you well but also does not take ample space and disturb the whole look of your apartment. 

1. A drop-leaf is your best friend

The first white table we recommend is the drop-leaf design. It comes with hinges and folds down like doors when not in use. There are several shapes and materials available. The popular ones include the round table that turns into the rectangular shelf at the hinge’s drop. You can have them in several colors, and pure white finishes are also available.

2. Bistro has the perfect dimension

For small kitchens and apartments for two, a bistro table can be a perfect choice. For live-together couples, a bistro table is something you should invest in with your significant other. It is a small intimate round tabletop with two matching chairs that can fit right into your kitchen. For a date night, drag them out in the attic or against a window for a scenic view.

3. Minimalistic- the standard four-legged

Another option for small table lovers is the traditional four-legged dining table. Nothing beats the simplicity and elegance of the old-school designs of a square table. It’s a perfect setting for a four-person accommodation. Thus, shared apartments of campus students living together is an ideal option.

4. Ledge the ultimate space saver

Another minimal setting would be a ledge-inspired table. These small tables are arranged against the wall with a sitting arrangement on the other side.

You can set it up against the kitchen wall as a perfect space-saving option. Or put it against the kitchen window to enjoy the glorious morning colors as you eat your breakfast.

Why Only White Color?

After a thorough understanding of small tables you can buy for your apartment, the next question is why the color white for a small kitchen table.

Whiter- the brighter and spacious

White color tends to have a brighter appearance because it does not absorb the stains and reflect the light. It also adds to the illusion of a spacious-looking area, especially in small apartments or kitchens.

Neutral color that is compatible

Another mystery behind our white preference for the small kitchen tables is that it gets along with all types of interior. Shades of white belong to the category of neutral or nude colors. It means they have good compatibility with all kinds of tones.

3. Benefits of Small White Kitchen Tables

Here are some of the benefits you can get from a small white kitchen table.

1. Perfect for the look and ambiance

One easy way to light up the place and add to the overall look is by investing in the white colors’ neutral tone furniture. A white table in the kitchen can be a perfect option to add functionality and style to space.

2. Eat where you cook

With the table in your kitchen, you get to eat where you cook. In addition to that, it also makes cooking a whole experience, rather than an obligation. Your family member or friends can hang out at the table while they help you cook.

3. Added space for guests and family

Buying the kitchen table fulfills the needs of not having adequate chairs for your guest. The chair of the kitchen table will drastically increase the space of your house and your kitchen.

How to Choose a Perfect Kitchen Table for Your Home?

Lastly, you must know precisely what you want and have a thorough understanding of how different elements and characteristics work together to influence the decision.

  • Keep an eye out for dimension: The first thing to narrow down is the size. Small does not signify the dimension of the table. It would help if you started with knowing the kitchen’s dimension and then deciding what dimension will work with the kitchen. Decide on the shape, whether you want a round or rectangle while you are at it.
  • Placement in the kitchen: Secondly, it is also crucial to consider where you want to put the kitchen table. If it is against the wall, then the ledge is the right choice. If you are a large family, then drop leaf works the best, as you can drag it against the wall if it is not in use.
  • The budgetary constraints: Lastly, you must know how much you are willing to spend on the kitchen table. Consider the best option within the budget. Never try to pay extra just because you like a different design. Always focus on the functionality and your needs being fulfilled.

1. GreenForest Modern White Kitchen Dining Table

Key Features

  • Round table – A mini round dining table.
  • Base type – It stands on three wooden legs.
  • Versatile – It can be used as a kitchen table and something else like a coffee table etc.

GreenForest Round kitchen table is a perfect tool that can keep you and your family connected. Nowadays, mealtime is the only time when a family gets a chance to sit together and have face-to-face talks.

This perfectly engineered table is a top-notch fit for your kitchen and does not even take much space. You can place 3 to 4 chairs around it and enjoy a delicious meal with your family. One of the best things about this table is its eye-catching design. White flat round head and brown shaded legs as the base makes a perfect match.

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2. 42″ Round Florence Angled Cone Leg Dining Table


Key Features

  • Table-top – It is composed of an MDF tabletop.
  • Stain-resistant – Can be cleaned easily.
  • Coned legs – Form the base of this kitchen table.

This round Florence kitchen table is what your kitchen has been missing so far. What makes it phenomenal for your kitchen is its completely white finishing which gives a light and calm feeling. Its minimalistic style and mini size make it ideal for your kitchen as it does not take much space.

You can place a cute little green plant pot on it and add some extra points to its aesthetic look. In addition to bringing some light to your kitchen, this kitchen table does not create much of a hassle for you as it is elementary to put together and clean.

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3. Amazon Brand – Rivet Noah Round Modern Ash Dining Table

Key Features

  • Durable – The table is highly durable and stands the test of time.
  • Brown and white contrast – White round top and brown legs make a perfect contrast.
  • MDF – It has an MDF tabletop.

Are you looking for the kind of kitchen table that has a simple yet classy look? Rivet Noah Round kitchen table is the best option in this regard. There are a lot of factors that have made people give positive reviews about this kitchen table.

One of them is the fact that this simple yet elegant kitchen table brings life to your kitchen. Imagine this kitchen table with three chairs around it, resting peacefully at the perfect spot in your kitchen.

From your kitchen window, sun rays fall on this kitchen table from an ideal angle, creating an idyllic image.

What more do you want than something that can not only help you unload your dishes on it but also helps in bringing some aesthetics to your kitchen?

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4. Modern Simple Round Dining Table

Modern Simple Round Dining Table, ChainSee Round Coffee Table Leisure Wooden Tea Table, Multi-Function Office Negotiating Table, Stable Small Tea Table with Durable Wooden Table Legs (White)

Key Features

  • Easy to assemble – kitchen table is effortless and convenient to assemble.
  • Material – The material used in its making is metal and wood.
  • Dark brown legs – The base of this table is made of 4 dark brown legs.

The kitchen is one of the most essential rooms in a household. It is the place where delicious meals are prepared, and all the family members gather to eat.

Nowadays, there are not many nuclear families, and people tend to have only 3 to 4 family members. Keeping all these points in mind, the ChainSee round kitchen table is a perfect fit for your kitchen. The flawless design and ultimate polishing give this kitchen table a heavenly look.

Your kitchen will automatically become radiant when you see your family members gather around this modern-style kitchen table and satiating themselves with delicious food.

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5. Hillboro Round Table with Chrome Plated Leg

Hillboro Round Table with Chrome Plated Leg - Buylateral (White)

Key Features

  • Chrome plating – The kitchen table is composed of chrome-plated single legs.
  • Wooden top – The top is composed of perfectly engineered wood.
  • Rust-resistant – The metal used in its making is entirely rust-resistant.

Hillboro round kitchen table is another name for “divine kitchen beauty.” What makes it matchless in every sense of the word is its perfectly polished base and matte white wood. Having a meal on this table is truly a heavenly experience because of its positive aura.

You can even have a candlelight dinner with the love of your life on this table and feel as if you are sitting in some 5-star restaurant because this table radiates a 5-star aura.

Easy to wipe and easy to assemble, this kitchen table is everything you have ever asked for.

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6. Emmond Mid-Century Modern Round Bistro Dining Table White


Key Features

  • Modern design – This kitchen table has an elegant contemporary design.
  • Round – The table head is round in shape.
  • Dark brown0 wood – The legs are composed of wood that is dark brown in the shade.

There are many small white kitchen tables available in the market, but only some of them are worthy enough to be a part of your well-designed kitchen. Emmond Mid Century kitchen table is one such table that is a sweet sight for sore eyes and very durable.

A good kitchen table can tell a lot about a person’s sense of style and nature.

The more eye-catching and appealing a kitchen table is, the more lively and upbeat that person will be. To maintain a light and calming atmosphere in the kitchen, where everybody connects quite often, Emmond white kitchen table is the appropriate choice.

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7. Fetrrc Mid Century Wood Dining Table

Fetrrc Mid Century Wood Dining Table, Small Kitchen Table for Small Spaces (White)

Key Features

  • Smooth surface – The kitchen table has a smooth surface that is easy to wipe.
  • Four-legged – It has a four-legged base that forms a triangular structure.
  • Steady – Because of the triangle structure of the legs, it is very persistent and well-balanced.

As most people live in small apartments or houses, they prefer such home appliances that take the least amount of space but provide the maximum amount of benefit. When it comes to small kitchen tables, Fetrrc Mid Century white kitchen table is precisely one of the best.

This well-designed table is large enough to accommodate 3 to 4 people but small enough to take the least amount of space in your kitchen.

As it is rectangular, it has more surface area, and you can place plenty of food on it. Having dinner with your lovely husband and two little kids on this table will be the best thing that will ever happen to you, and you will most certainly feel proud of your decision to buy it.

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8. Nordic Simplicity Dining Table

Nordic Simplicity Negotiating Table Solid Wood Balcony Casual Round Table Home Use Dining Table Square Table Solid Wood Table Legs Double-Layer Design Optional Color, White

Key Features

  • Waterproof – The table is completely waterproof and does not wither away because of any spillage.
  • Easy to move – It is lightweight, which makes it relatively easy to move.
  • High-temperature resistant – It does not get destroyed even when you place a hot dish on it.

Nordic Simplicity Kitchen table is quite different as compared to other kitchen tables. Unlike other small white kitchen tables, this one has a small chamber beneath its top where you can put your belongings like wallet or diary, etc. while having a meal. This extra chamber provides you with some additional space despite the small size of the table.

When it comes to its appearance, this table looks cute and radiates friendly vibes. Whoever will sit at this table to have his meal will automatically start feeling good. Such is the feel of this small kitchen table. Also, its other amazing qualities like wear-resistant, smooth edges, easy to clean, and many more, make it durable and worthy enough to have space in your exquisite kitchen.

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9. LeisureMod Modern Glen MDF Square Bistro Dining Table in White

LeisureMod Modern Glen MDF Square Bistro Dining Table in White with Acrylic Chrome Base

Key Features

  • MDF Square – has an MDF Square tabletop.
  • Floor padding – It comprises floor padding in order to prevent any scratches.
  • Chromed base – It has a flawless chromed base.

Decorating your home according to your preferences is the best feeling in the world. Most people find it easy to decorate other rooms, but they become confused when it comes to the kitchen.

The most important thing that your kitchen needs is an elegant-looking kitchen table that does not take much of the space. LeisureMod white kitchen table is highly suitable for your kitchen no matter your kitchen style.

Its white square top and perfectly polished chromed base can look good in every kitchen. The highly polished floor gives it a look of royalty. The vertically curved design makes you look at it again and again. This small white kitchen table is the kind of beauty that you cannot resist, and you need it for your kitchen.

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10. Nathan James Lucy Small Mid-Century Modern Kitchen or Dining Table

Nathan James Lucy Small Mid-Century Modern Kitchen or Dining Table with Faux Carrara Marble Top and Brushed Metal Pedestal Base, Black/Gold

Key Features

  • Anti-scratch – white marble finish makes it highly durable.
  • Weight in the base – Because of Weight’s equipment in the base, it does not wobble.
  • Pedestal base – This kitchen table comprises a pedestal base.

Nathan James Lucy kitchen table is what you have been looking for all your life. Its exquisite and glorious design makes it the best of the best. It is designed in such a unique way that it can complement any decor.

You want to give your kitchen a modern and classy look? The Nathan James Lucy is the answer to it. What makes it so unique is its gold-plated pedestal base, which helps maintain its balance. Also, the black round leg gives it a touch of exotic beauty. Furthermore, the polished marble top makes you feel warm and at home when you have meals with your family.

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A kitchen table adds a lot of grace to space. You can use it for dining and decorative purposes. Also, it shows great taste in choosing furniture. For your aid, some wonderful small, white kitchen tables have been reviewed. We recommend you to consider our top three recommendations as these are the most budget-friendly and lightweight.

We recommend these most because they are also durable and made by trustworthy manufacturers.

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