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What is discipline for you? For us, it is something that helps to organize life in general. Discipline is the key to success and trusts us; it doesn’t come overnight. You have to take small steps daily to improve yourself.

Well, today we are going to tell you about a product that not only helps you to organize your food but also saves your money. Yes, we are talking about small meal prep containers. Suppose you are searching for a suitable meal prep container. In that case, you are already on the way to organize your life, so let’s find out how they can benefit you in managing your life.

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What are small meal prep containers?

As the name suggests, they are the small plastic containers that help you to save your food and keep them fresh for a specific time. They have portions that separate one food item from the other. Suppose you are working in an office, and they don’t provide you with healthy food. You decide to cook food for yourself to cut expenses or to be healthy.

Therefore you can put food in different portions. For example, you cooked mashed potatoes for your lunch with salad and onions.

If you want to eat salad separately, you can quickly put it in a separate portion and eat it anytime you want.

Moreover, you can freeze your food in these small containers. They help to keep your food fresh as they are watery and airtight.

7 Uses of a Small Prep Meal Containers

There are several uses of these meal containers, but we have made a list of the seven best benefits of small prep meal containers just to give you a general idea.

Best for fast food restaurants

Fast food means something that can be cooked quickly and can be gulped. Restaurants worldwide are using these containers as a quick solution to their problem of serving people on plates.

These containers help to cut the cost. They also give them food, a premium look that attracts food lovers. Many restaurants in Dubai have almost no pottery.

They only have these small meal prep containers of different shapes to serve the foods. This idea is adopted by people all around the globe.

Small meal prep containers are a good investment if you are a businessman.

Suitable for Kids

Only parents know how it feels when their kids forget their lunchbox inside their desks every other day. However, these containers can be a perfect solution to this problem. You can put the lunch inside them and stop worrying about whether they throw them or forget them at school.

It doesn’t matter because these meal containers are cheap, unlike the lunch boxes.

Best to freeze things

We often see freezers loaded with stuff, which gives a very untidy look. These containers can help you to give your freezer a good look.

As a compact, they do not take much space giving your freezer a clean and tidy look.


Some of the small food prep containers are manufactured with excellent quality. They are dishwasher friendly and can even be cleaned by hand.

Such containers can be washed and used again without worrying about the germs.

Best for making portions

Small prep meal containers are divided into portions. The portion inside is an excellent feature for diet conscious people. They can separate three meals in just one box and take it at different times.

Therefore, it is a great tool to follow your diet routine.

Microwave friendly

Sometimes you are just lazy enough to put your food on a plate and then microwave it. However, with these containers’ help, you can easily take the box out and microwave it for a few seconds. Don’t worry; it will not harm your food as most of them are made with BPO material.

They can easily withstand 250 Fahrenheit temperatures.

Easy to carry

If you are traveling somewhere and are not sure if you will have good food on your journey, be on the safe side, pack some good food in these small containers and keep it with you.

You don’t have to worry about the leakage or the smell. They are leak proof. And very easy to use.

3 Best Small Meal Prep Containers

Meal preps are a great tool that can be used to implement a proper diet. Meal preps allow you to take in the appropriate proportions of food to not overindulge in the food you enjoy. A right, balanced diet is essential to maintain ideal body conditions overall. An adequately regulated diet starts with the meal portions that you intake.

Meal prep containers are the best way that you can regulate your portions. If the health benefits aren’t enough to sell you on these meal prep containers, then perhaps financial benefits will be convincing. Having prepared meals ready at home will not just benefit you physically but also help you save up.

You will selectively shop for groceries from each food group, which will ultimately help you save up on all the cash you spend on fast food and snacks that your body needs neither benefit from.

Having plenty of single meal-sized containers stored in your refrigerator will help maintain your diet. So, if you’re convinced that you need a meal prep container, then read on to find two of our best picks for meal prep containers:

1. Our Top Pick 50-Pack Meal Prep Plastic Food Containers

Key Features

  • Microwave friendly – the small meal prep container is microwave friendly, and that makes life easy.
  • It can be reused – the material used in this container is reusable. It can easily be recycled for further use.
  • Lid locking system – the containers have a lid-locking system that prevents leakage.

This meal box is at the top and better than our other 2 picks because it is a reusable, recyclable material that is 100% BPA free and approved by Food grade authorities. It can hold up to 28 oz. and you can reuse these high-quality polypropylene containers as many times as you might like. Clean them out or wash them along with the rest of your dishes to reuse these containers again.

If you would not like to reuse the containers, you may even throw them into the recycle bin.

The durable plastic material can be easily used by microwaving and freezing your meal portions.

You no longer have to take your food out of the plastic containers to microwave and freeze it; these multipurpose containers can be frozen in the refrigerator or heated up in the microwave, saving up a significant amount of time when heating food.

These containers are heat-resistant and can withstand very high temperatures. The high-quality lid-locking system does not allow the food to get contaminated or leak. 

Are you looking for efficient food delivery boxes for your food truck, deli, kiosk, or any other delivery service type? These are one-compartment meal-prep boxes. They are stackable meal prep containers that can be used for instant service and home delivery services.

Highly secure lids on the boxes help prevent leak boxes. The durable nature and flexible construction of the packages allow them to be stacked on top of one another easily so that you can transport the food containers.

With Promoze, meal prep containers are easy to use and convenient for everyone since they regulate your meal portions and make it easy for you to maintain your healthy diet with sizeable portions.


  • Stains and odor resistant.
  • Hold a large capacity of 28 oz.
  • Durable and washable containers.


  • They are very lightweight.
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2. Runner Up JOYORUN Meal Prep Containers

small meal prep containers

Key Features

  • Multifunction – these small prep containers can be used for different things and are multifunctional.
  • Perfect Lunch Boxes – These small containers make the ideal lunch boxes, and kids can take them along to their educational institutes.
  • A bulky treat – this can be bought in bulk for future use.

Joyorun is the second on our list because of its significantly smaller portion size than the Promoze meal-prep containers.

However compared to the first product these containers are not the good choice to cater to the needs of weddings and events.

According to the manufacturers at joyous, the portion sizes of these containers are 8.5oz which is lesser than our first product that can hold up to 25 oz.

These containers are also not as durable as Promoze Boxes. With that said, there are many features in this box that make it one of the best containers.

They are offered in bulk so that you can make use of them for food delivery services or mass storage of food items. But still for events and weddings they are not good the best choice.

These containers are multifunctional because you can use them for maintaining a healthy diet, or you may use them to enjoy healthy home-made foods everywhere you go; ultimately, they can be used for all kinds of food storage systems.

You may even save up particular portions for your favorite recipes in these boxes. This feature is not as prominent in the first product.

These containers can be disposed of when you are done using them, or you may even reuse them by washing them in the dishwasher along with the rest of your dishes. In this regard, there are the same as our first product. You will not have the risk of damaging your meal-prep containers if you put them in the dishwasher.

These containers can also be used for one-time use lunch boxes so that you can make home-cooked meals for work or your educational institutes. Comparatively they make the best lunch boxes then Promoze.

Each meal-prep container is portable, with its relatively small size and lightweight. You can easily carry your food in your backpack, handbag, or any other container with these easy to use boxes. 


  • Lightweight, small-size, and very easy to carry around.
  • Sizable portions that will help your healthy diet.
  • Leak secured with a tight lid.


  • They are not microwaved as friendly as they might get cracked.
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3. Budget Buy Good Cook Meal Prep Containers

Key Features

  • Suitable for small term usage – these containers are suitable for small term use.
  • Aesthetic – they are gorgeous in terms of beauty.
  • Portable – these also make the best travelling partner.

The third in our list of small meal prep containers is good cook. Well, the product does not have many portions like Promoze but these containers are the best choice for small term use. Getting a set of 10 boxes means getting something for catering the daily needs however like Promoze, these containers are not the best choice to cater the needs of weddings or events.

But there are some features that are similar to our first product. Same like Promoze, they are microwave and freezer friendly. Also they are portable and make the best travelling partner.

The durability feature is also amazing in a good cook, however for long term use they may not serve your purpose.

The one thing that makes it better than Promoze is the aesthetic nature of these small meal prep containers. They are gorgeous and in terms of beauty.


  • Extremely pleasing to the eyes.
  • 10 set of containers are best for small term use.
  • A suitable option for portion control.


  • They are not as durable for long term use.
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Final Say

While Promoze is much better than Joyorun and Good cook in many comparable aspects, you will surely be just as satisfied if you use either of the three boxes.

While we recommend Promoze over Joyorun and Good cook, however, if you think you want more controlled sizes of meal portions, then Joyorun is the meal-box you should go for.

It is perfect for small meal portions that can be more sustainable for a healthy diet than the larger food portions of the Promoze.

If you are looking for a more restrictive diet, then this is the one for you.

For most other features, you will find Promoze to be much more suitable for your needs than Joyorun and Good Cook. In terms of beauty, the third product definitely takes the lead.

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