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shoe storage bench

Different cultures have different preferences. People in Asia are more into simple shoe storage racks. On the other hand, people in Canada are into shoe storage benches. Shoe storage benches are useful for the organization of shoes. If you are tired of shoe clutter, then the best way to organize them in Canada is with shoe storage benches. The best thing about shoe storage benches is that they will hold your shoes and your weight.

The visitors can get an excellent impression by seeing the shoes all organized on shoe storage benches. Therefore they make an essential asset for every household.

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What Canadians Look for?

Canadian people have different preferences, and they are not into standard shoe racks.

  • Shoe stores near Entryways –  Canadian people like having a neat and clean environment. That is why they do not tolerate shoe clutter. To ensure that dirty shoes are not making their way inside a house, these people like having a shoe storage organizer near the entryway. For them, this is the best place because shoes can be organized right at the doorsteps.
  • Shoe storage benches –  Canadians are not into regular shoe racks and prefer shoe storage benches. They prefer these benches because there are plenty of options to be creative with the shoe storage space. Most shoe storage benches have different compartments for different kinds of shoes and come in handy for Canadian people. Also, they prefer benches because they can hold shoes and weight as well.
  • Style is essential –  something traditional and unconventional may not go well with Canadian people. They like having such shoe storage benches that are modern and have a luxurious vibe. Therefore they are likely to go with such a shoe storage organizer that goes well with their décor.

Best shoe Storage Benches in Canada

We reviewed more then 30 shoe storage benches to select the best ones that can save your more space allow to enjoy your sitting on the top row as bench.

1. VASAGLE Industrial Shoe Rack Bench

Best shoe rack bench in canada


  • The top tier of this shoe storage bench can also be used for multiple accessories.
  • The shoe storage bench has an industrial elegance and looks good with every décor.
  • The package comes with easy to follow instructions and numbered parts for easy assembly.
  • It is very rich in texture.

Shoe organization is tricky, but with the right shoe storage organizer, things can go very smoothly. You can rely on this wonderful shoe storage bench because it is an ideal choice for every household. It is minimalistic 3-tier shoe storage. The shoe storage bench is designed so that it does not crowd the place it is placed in. It takes minimum space and looks amazing with every décor.

The combination of engineered wood and metal offers an industrial look. It is available in rustic brown and black color. The top tier can also store bags and small items for everyday use, such as wallets and keys. With whitewashed walls, it makes a fantastic contrast. Sleek and stylish construct is perfect for lean hallways. You can conveniently store up to eight pairs of adult shoes in total

Use the top shelf for sitting or add flower pots or decoration pieces.

The bottom two shelves are made of mesh metal wires. This construct makes it perfect for shoe storage. It is made from sturdy steel thus can be used for the placement of even the more massive pairs of boots and joggers. The top layer can also be used for certain other accessories. The dimensions are correctly put together for small spaces. 

Combine this with other organizers such as hooks and make an entire storage space near your entryways. This piece of furniture is spacious, and it can work well with all kinds of home décor. Its adjustable feet are perfect for storage over uneven carpets and flooring. They also add to the grip on uncovered tiling.


  • The shoe storage bench can hold up to 20 LBS of weight and a perfect choice for heavier boots.
  • It is cost-effective and productive.
  • The industrial-chic style adds a lot of value to any environment.

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2. Bamboo Shoe Rack Bench With Removable Cushion

Bamboo Shoe Rack Bench W/Removable Cushion/Hidden Drawer/Umbrella Stand, 2 Tier Vintage Style Entryway Shoe Storage Organizer Shelf for Bedroom, Living Room, Bathroom (38.7 x 11.6 x 19.5 Inch)


  • The inclusion of a secret drawer makes an incredible difference.
  • It is effortless to assemble this shoe storage bench without any technical help.
  • The shoe storage bench is environmentally friendly and sturdy.
  • Different units can be used for different things.

Decluttering a space is essential because it brings us peace of mind and solidarity with our environment. You can rely on Puluomis BAMBOO SHOE STOOL BENCH because it is comfortable and functional in functionality. The attractive brown shape of this bamboo bench is elegant and looks noble in any atmosphere.

It is a premium bamboo shoe rack that is made of 100% natural, sourced bamboo. This fantastic shoe storage bench is ideal for bedroom, bathroom, entryway, or even hallways. This shoe storage organizer will organize your sandals, heels, slippers, shoes, or any other shoe-related supply effectively.

The best thing about this shoe storage bench is that it comes with a specific place for umbrellas. Other than the umbrella, you can put your magazines or small accessories on the extra shelf. It also comes with a hidden drawer where different small accessories can be stored, including jewelry.

It is effortless to assemble this shoe storage organizer, and there is nothing technical about it. All the parts come in a package, and the assembly is convenient with the instructions. Another good thing is that it is effortless to clean this shoe storage bench. It looks aesthetic at any place and adds a lot of value to the environment.


  • Suitable for the storage of multiple things.
  • Durable structure.
  • It adds a lot of value to any environment.

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3. VASAGLE Industrial Coat Rack and Shoe Bench

shoe storage bench in canada


  • It has nine hooks and a cloth rail for scarves.
  • The parts come numbered, so it is easy to assemble them.
  • The bench is incredibly stylish and looks good at any place.
  • Because of the multi-factor characteristic, it can be used for a lot of things.

Not all shoe storage organizers will look best in your place. Some may serve you best but may not look good. The other may look good but may not help you well. When it comes to productivity and style, then nothing can beat Vasagle. It is the ultimate shoe storage bench for your place and can add a lot of value.

The best thing about having this shoe storage bench is getting a place for coats as well. There are plenty of options to be creative with the placement of shoes; there are also options to hang coats on this bench.

You can place it in your hallway, living room, bedroom, or anywhere you need a little more organization.

It has a sturdy steel frame that adds to the durability. The sturdy rustic brown design oozes elegance and grace. One of its striking features is that it offers remarkable strength and high load capacity. The bench can hold up to 6.6 lbs per hook and 176 lbs on a wood shelf. If you are looking for something handy and comfortable for your shoes and coats, this bench is a definite answer.


  • It saves time and energy.
  • There are plenty of options to be creative with storage space.
  • Cost-effective.

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4. DlandHome Shoes Storage Bench Ottomans Shoes Rack Shoe Shelf

DlandHome Shoes Storage Bench Ottomans Shoes Rack Shoe Shelf for Hallway and Entryway Use, Brown PU Leather Padded Seat


  • DlandHome is a reputed brand, and it has 50 production lines. Therefore the brand can be trusted.
  • The shoe storage bench has a sturdy metal frame that ensures durability and strength.
  • The customer support offer helps in the Assembly of a shoe storage bench.
  • The bench can hold up to 200 lbs.

Shoe storage benches are best because they also become a fantastic part of the furniture. Sometimes, there is such elegance in shoe storage benches that they look lavish. We can take the example of DlandHome in this regard. The shoe bench looks straight out of royalty. The color scheme and design are perfect if you are looking for an in-depth and dramatic look. The specialized sitting top has a unique and peculiar finishing.

The combination of black structure and brown cushion top adds to The Elegance of the whole item. The top is covered in glamorous faux leather that enhances the beauty of his piece. It is an attractive yet spacious addition to any household. It is a perfect solution for tidying up your space. If you do not want to see the cluttering of shoes anymore, there is no better option than having this shoe storage bench.

One of the different features is that this item offers sitting space at two distinct heights. The small one is a secure fit for kids and new learners of tying shoelaces. For the shoe storage, it has two tiers. These shelves are made of metal and are slatted. The best thing about this shoe storage bench is that it is durable and likely to stay with you for years. The structure is easily cleanable and dust-free as well.

The product has an ideal dimension for both storage and sitting. All the tools required for the assembly come included within the package. Also, the tools are numbered, so you do not need any technical help for this bench assembly. This piece is perfect for living rooms as well. It adds a chic look and storage space to any area of your house.


  • The bench has a luxurious vibe and adds a lot of value to a place.
  • The product is not only inexpensive but also sturdy.
  • Easy to assemble.

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5. VASAGLE Cubbie Shoe Cabinet Storage Bench with Cushion

shoe storage bench


  • Professionals design the structure of the shoe storage bench.
  • Different kinds of shoes can be placed in different units.
  • The center shelves make a perfect space for sneakers and high heels.
  • It has a soft sponge cushion with cotton fabric that makes sitting very easy.

In this racing times, the organization is the key; otherwise, things can be very messy. Shoes require an organization, and a shoe storage bench ultimately provides that. This storage rack is a perfect solution if you want a cubbie storage in your space.

The item is available in rustic brown and white color, and it makes fantastic contrast with the overall texture. You can choose according to the color tone of your house. Go for a dramatic look or add contrast; both options are available.

The wonderful thing about this shoe storage bench is that it can easily store up to 12 pairs of shoes. You can also use it as combination storage and store hardware or toys. One of the features of this storage solution is that it offers three adjustable heights. If you have high heels or running shoes, this storage is made for you. For the ladies, it provides a lot of conveniences.

It is amazingly spacious is perfect for organizing the shoe pile in your hallways. A High-grade board with melamine veneer offers fantastic weight-bearing capacity. The comfortable cushion top is ideal for sitting. Let’s say you are running late for office. You can tie your shoelaces by sitting on this amazing shoe storage bench. 

The cushion is covered in linen fabric. You can now remove and put on shoes in peace. It is a neat design with ample storage space. Despite being minimalistic in design, it offers excellent productivity. Customizable shelves provide a lot of personal freedom. The whole organizer is relatively easy to assemble. 


  • An ideal shoe storage bench for sneakers and heels.
  • It has a soft cushion where users can sit and tie their shoelaces.
  • Different types of shoes can be put in separate compartments.

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6. Walker Edison Furniture Company Modern Farmhouse Entryway Shoe Storage Bench

Walker Edison Furniture Company Modern Farmhouse Entryway Shoe Storage Bench Totes Upholstered Cushion Hallway Organizer


  • The shoe storage bench adds a charming addition to bedrooms, hallways, and living rooms.
  • There is an option of a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can get a refund.
  • It offers a hidden space where toys and accessories can be stored.
  • The thick comfy cushion makes sitting more comfortable.

This shoe storage bench is perfect if you like the minimal looks. It is a chic and industrial construct that adds sitting space and storage space to your place. The amazing neutral colors are ideal for homely energy and go well with all decors. This piece can effortlessly add a warm look and cozy aura to your house.

Its robust construction can support up to 400 lbs of weight and therefore, an ideal choice for heavy boots. Not only that, but it also has the hidden storage space for all your clutter. You can put your accessories in the dark storage space. It is made of MDF board, which is the perfect alternative of wood and lasts longer. It is not your ordinary shelf storage solution. 

The shelf top is covered in tote upholstered cushion that adds to the whole comfy look. Below the tier are three storage bins or drawers. These drawers permanently keep all the storage items hidden and out of sight. You can use it to store shoes. Moreover, the drawers are perfect for toys and the storage of other everyday items. These bins are covered with non-woven and breathable fabric. It allows a comfortably breathable and airy room. The pull out handles are durable and do not break easily. They provide easy access to all the items stored inside.


  • Cost-effective
  • Durable
  • An ideal choice for heavy boots.

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7. Roundhill 3431WH Rouen Clean Seating Bench with Shoe Storage

shoe storage bench


  • For smart storage, this shoe storage bench is an ideal choice.
  • It looks very lavish and has a luxurious vibe.
  • The lift-up seat cushion also provides a hidden space.
  • It can easily be assembled with the help of given instructions.

Shoe storage organizer is a must in every household. The clutter of shoes never looks good, and only a shoe storage organizer can handle the shoe clutter perfectly. This perfectly fashionable design is a modern design for a modern storage solution. It adds to the elegant and sober look of any area. Available in the gorgeous colors of white and espresso, the product design is unique and industrial.

It is the perfect sitting space cum storage area on the market. The top shelf with matching cushion covering adds harmony to the look. In addition to that, the top shelf is to add hidden storage space as well. You can store everyday items and bed sheets and blankets safely under underneath the bench

The whole structure is made from sturdy material. It is easily cleanable and rustproof. The striking color and elegant design easily light up the whole space. The slated bottom shelf can be used for shoe storage. Its design prevents the dust from accumulating on the tier. It is the right solution if you don’t have to store a large number of pairs. Its dimension is perfect for comfortable sitting.

It is relatively easy to assemble. You can keep up to four pairs of shoes on the shelf or use it to store other items. Nonetheless, it is an excellent investment to add more space and style to your house.


  • There are plenty of options to be creative with this smart storage space.
  • Cost-effective
  • Extremely luxurious look.

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8. ZHU CHUANG Bamboo Shoe Rack with Cushioned Seat Shoe Bench

shoe storage bench


  • The item is made of a high-quality sponge filler that is very comfortable and flexible for sitting.
  • Along with being a shoe storage bench, it also serves you as a piece of furniture.
  • The manual is included in the package, and with its help, the seat can easily be assembled.
  • An ideal choice for all kinds of shoes.

Tired of looking for the perfect shoe storage for your boots and heels? Look no more because ZHU is the ultimate choice. It is an ideal bench for sitting and for shoe storage. It is made from high-grade bamboo, which is durable and eco-friendly. This piece adds storage space with a touch of minimalism to your house. If you are looking to add a natural look to your home, this shoe bench is a perfect solution.

The old school bench design is ideal for any décor. It is an ideal solution for small spaces and especially if you do not want to store an extensive collection of shoes near the doorway or living room. Add small cushions to the top shelf for a simpler look.

The sitting cushion is made from high-quality sponge filler with a high-grade fabric covering. The smooth wooden surface of the legs prevents the scratching of clothes and skin. You can also utilize the bottom shelf as a multi-purpose storage. Keep your CDs or magazines on the bottom tier. It gives your space a personalized look. You can also use the storage tier for its indented purpose.

It can carry up to four adult pairs of shoes. The whole product is easy to assemble and requires screw fixing. It also comes with a guided manual to help you through.


  • Productive
  • Functional
  • Cost-effective.


A shoe storage bench is an effective asset to declutter your space and organize shoes. We have dived deep and reviewed some of the best shoe storage benches for you. Going by your preference, you can pick the best one for you. 

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