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The housing trends have been shifted over time. The efficient and effective utilization of space is prioritized over have an ample space that you don’t use. Nowadays, people prefer the minimalistic lifestyle over the ownership of a lot of worldly material—a sweet, small, and, affordable house with space that fits your requirement. However, every part of the house is smartly utilized. There is often one problem that is faced by many. It is that the closet space is tiny for everyone in the house, particularly when it comes to shoe storage. So here the need of shoe organizer for small closet arises.

The same goes for your closet spaces. Even in spacious houses, the closet can sometimes be narrow and small especially, if you bought the house and did not design it according to your liking. In that case, the cabinet can become vast clutter zones.

Things can get drastic real quick if you like storing all the items behind the closed doors. A mess of shoes and clothes is often hard to de-clutter. Also, we are well aware that shoes make the most clutter. Imagine coming back from a jog and putting the sweaty joggers in your closet, the smell will soon permeate the closet and will give off a bad vibe.

But do not worry, there are organizers designed for the small closets that can help you organizer things and give them a more homely and spacious look.

These organizer really beautiful organizing shoes.

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Here are some fantastic options if you have limited space in your closet.

1. ZOBER 10-Shelf Hanging Shoe Organizer (2 Pack)


  • This is great for student sneakers, sandals and heels
  • There are plenty of options to be creative with the space.
  • It helps in decluttering the space perfectly.
  • The organizer can be used for placing decorative pieces and woods as well.
  • It can easily be cleaned.
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Hanging shoe storage by ZOBER can be a fantastic space-saving option for small closets. It is designed in such a way that it will look as if it is part of the closet. Comes in four colours to choose from; black, grey, java, and white, this is an ideal choice for organizing things in your closet. Best suited for inside the cabinet, it is the best option in the market for minimizing the closet clutter. There is no restriction of putting only shoes on this organizer, however it is best suited for shoe organization.

The design is a mix of metal, cardboard, and polypropylene. The main structure or frame is made of metal. For the paneling of cubbies, high-grade thick cardboard material is used. Both of these are wrapped around by polypropylene which is a breathable material. 

Reinforced stitching ensures long term usage. All of its content is robust and makes are rack long-lasting and durable. It is a slim and tall organizer for your shoe storage in the closet. It has 10 slots for 10 different pairs of shoes. There is also an option of being creative with space and you can place your sneakers, joggers, heels and boots in slots.

As the organizer has ten cubbies to store the ten pairs separately so is the best choice for siblings.  On the sides of these boxes are ten mesh pockets five on each side. They enhance the storage capacity of the organizer.

You can keep flip flops, scarves, jewelry, or belts in these pockets. The cubicles have enough depth to store all kinds of shoes be it sneakers, sandals, or boots. 2 hooks in the top are for hanging the rack to the closet rod. They can rotate at 360 degrees to offer mobility and effortless non-rigid hanging.

This feature also adds to the stability of the whole space. It is a compact and narrow shoe hanging system perfect for small closets. It can be wiped clean. The organizer is easy to assemble, and all you have to do is find the rod in the closet to hang it.


  • A perfect shoe rack for small closets.
  • It offers a lot of creative options.
  • Cost effective.
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2. Whitmor 2 Tier Stackable Closet Shelves


  • Other than the closet it can be placed in the bedroom, living room, and even dorm room.
  • Multiple racks can be stacked for more storage.
  • It can be assembled without any technical help and goes very well with white décor.
  • This can also be used to store undergarments.
  • As this brand has been serving customers for 70 years so it can be trusted.
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A closet alone cannot take all the weight. Sometimes it needs the help of a small shoe storage organizer to declutter things in a perfect manner. Talking about Whitmore, it is a traditional yet stylish shoe rack for your closet. There is a beautiful vibe about this shoe rack and it will look good with any closet.

Modular shoe shelf by Whitmore can quickly lighten up your dull looking closet space. Metal frame with chrome finish adds the spacious look to even tiny cabinets. It is available in two-tier and four-tier options. This rack is stackable. You have the full liberty to double up space if there are more shoes to declutter.  

The storage capacity in your closet can be enhanced as required.  Multiple frames can be installed on the top within the same footprint. It can also serve as a multi-functional space for the storage of other closet items. You can place it under the hanging clothes without crowding. It can be the best thing to place your books as well.

Its metal frame is sturdy and rustproof. With proper care and maintenance, it will last a lifetime. Cleaning is made easy using a damp cloth. Its minimal width is explicitly designed for narrow closets. Both of the shelves are made of equally spaced metal rods. The slatted design provides secure shoe storage and does not allow the dust to accumulate on the tiers.

You will need to clean the space on the floor, not every slab. Its metal finish is robust and rustproof. This adds years to the life of this piece. Like the company’s promise to provide a free-living solution, the rack is effortless to assemble.

You will need any extra tools to make it functional. Each tier can carry up to four pairs of shoes. It is a fantastic solution for a small collection of shoes. You can keep everything organized and stored in one place. You can also keep it in your doorway or hallways if you prefer. It works with all kinds of décor.


  • Durable
  • Very easy to clean
  • Trusted brand
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3. FKUO 10-Tier Shoe Organizer


  • This can be the perfect shoe rack for long shoes and boots.
  • As it has two installation options so you can go with your preference.
  • No technical help is needed to install this amazing shoe rack.
  • It is rust proof and has the ability to stand the test of time.
  • The sturdy built is durable.
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Most of the closets do not have any space for shoes and that is why they mostly scatter everywhere. This organizer can be the best choice for you if you lack enough foot space in your closet. This design offers over the door shoe storage. The item is available in black and grey color to choose from. you can choose the color according to your decor and closet.  

The frame is made of iron and coated for a durable and shiny appearance. It is rustproof and easy to clean. With proper maintenance, it will last very long and it has zero chances to rust. The rest of the material is a mesh non-woven fabric. 

You can keep other small items in this storage as it meshes design will prevent them from getting lost. this can be the perfect place for the placement of your keys. It is a natural clutter-free organizer for all shoes or anything that needs to be organized in your closet.

This organizer is straightforward to install. There are two installation options available. You can hang it behind the door, or you can nail it into the wall. It all depends on the location and your preference.

Non-slip door pads allow the firm grip on the door and do not let it fall. The iron frame made from long-lasting rustproof tubes has a strong bearing capacity. As it hung on the door, so you don’t require a lot of footprints. All that needed is the 9 inches of width behind the door so that it can easily be hung. Apart from small closets, it works for the small dorms and apartments as well.

It can carry up to 30 pairs of shoes. While this can function as versatile storage, it might not be a good option if your shoe size is above 9 inches. Thus, it is a good option for only small to medium numbers.


  • It offers two installation methods without any technical help.
  • The polish on the shoe rack makes it more desirable.
  • Cost-effective.
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Even when we need a shoe rack for small closets, there can be a plethora of options. However, not every shoe rack is going to serve your purpose in the best way. Considering that, we have reviewed 3 best shoe storage organizers for small closets. Going with your preferences it is up to you to make a choice.

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