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While cupcakes are undoubtedly enjoyed at home and make a delicious treat for kids, problems can arise when we need to transport our freshly baked cupcakes to another place. They are also one of the most preferred appetizers at birthday parties, picnics, and family gatherings. The plastic mini cupcake containers become the ultimate solution in such cases.

Packaging cupcakes for traveling can be extremely risky because of their sensitive nature. This could become an even bigger issue if you were to prep up some really cute and decorative cupcakes with tons of icing and sprinkles. Your hours of effort could be wasted in a matter of seconds if you don’t use the proper packaging. This is where cupcake containers come into play.

Plastic mini cupcake containers are a treat in themselves and are extremely handy. Let’s see what some of the benefits of having plastic mini cupcake containers are.

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1. Our Top Pick – Katgely Disposable Mini Cupcake Box Container

plastic mini cupcake containers

Key Features

  • Reusable – these plastic mini cupcakes containers are reusable and can be washed.
  • Removable lid the best part is the removable lid that allows the protection of topping.
  • Minimalistic design these containers have a minimalistic design and add a lot of value to any space.

These 12.5 inches long PBA Free cupcake containers are our top pick for the best mini cupcake containers.

These containers combine just the right amount of sturdiness and density while also being lightweight as it only weighs 0.7 pounds, which is pretty impressive for a container with ten compartments. We treasure this one as it can be hard to find a container that is lightweight enough but also has enough strength to hold all your cupcakes securely, and these exactly do just that. The plastic material used is very thick, ensuring that these will still be in good condition in the long-run.

The thickness also makes it more tolerant of washing, which means you can frequently wash them for re-use purposes without worrying about breaking the plastic.

The removable lid makes it even more convenient as you can do the final toppings and embellishments while the cupcakes are in the container. Having a removable cover for this purpose is especially helpful because getting the cupcakes all nice and cutesy with the toppings and then holding them and putting them in the container can be very risky as the toppings can sometimes stick to your finger or hand and ruin the final look.

Hence, your cupcakes will get a last, fresh and untouched look that will be neater and visually pleasing to look at.

These are unique because they focus on space-saving horizontally while still giving plenty of space in their lid domes. These do it by keeping all the compartments close to each other, making the overall body more compact.

Hence, these help you save space while also allowing you to add a heightened topping to your cupcakes. The spacious domes also ensure that there is less chance of smudging the toppings to the lid.

The build and quality will not wear out with time, so you won’t need to worry about replacing them anytime soon.These only take 12.5 inches of space, giving you the freedom to store them wherever you need.

The individual domes make sure that the toppings and décor placed on cupcakes do not touch the other cupcake’s toppings, and their wide size allows you to set big sized décor as well.


  • These containers add a lot of value to space.
  • A removable lid makes it convenient for the user.


  • Because it packs so many features together, they can be a little pricey.
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2. The Runner Up – Chefible 12 Mini Cupcake Container

Key Features

  • Stackability option – these plastic mini cupcake containers offer a stackability option.
  • Easy to carry – these are easy to carry and can be taken to weddings and events.
  • Suitable for a picnic – these containers are suitable for a picnic.

These convenient cupcake containers with 2 inches of cup diameter and a small and lightweight body for extra convenience are our second pick for the best container options.

These containers offer the best stackability because they have a flat lid instead of individual domes in it. Their stackability is further enhanced by their interlocking design, which allows the bottom of one container to completely interlock with the top lid of the other, ensuring that they stay in place and take as little space as possible.

This is useful for picnics and outdoor parties when you need to carry a lot of stuff around and only have minimal storage space. This interlocking feature allows you to stack all the boxes on each other and store them even in the smallest picnic baskets.

These exclude all fancy features such as bigger lids for toppings and more space and only offer basic features at the most economical prices. For this purpose, they are our second pick for cupcake containers.

The containers are one of the best value-for-money offers and are helpful when you need many containers. These can also be very useful to bakery owners who sell cupcakes and want to keep the packaging costs low while also providing quality. The material is very thick and sturdy. This is the best choice when you don’t want to buy a fancy version but don’t want to go for the cheap containers.

They can also be especially useful when you are just starting as a caterer or a bakery owner, and your budget is limited at the moment. These will allow you to offer your customers cute packaging without them even noticing the difference between these and the more expensive ones.

They work great as packaging because they are made with clear and see-through plastic, which allows the cupcakes inside to be showcased easily, which also adds a nice visual touch to your products as your customers can see all the colors decorations through the utterly transparent material easily. Its overall body design also incorporates everything that you need in good packaging.

For example, we love the rectangular locking tabs that are very bulky and give the containers an overall cute and professional look that many other boxes lack.

Because of the transparent design, you can easily brand it with your bakery name’s stickers and labels to easily promote your brand without spending a lot of money on customized packaging that requires you to order thousands of pieces altogether.


  • With the interlocking feature, you can save a lot of space and also hold them easily.
  • It is very affordable at only $37.99 for 50 pieces.
  • An attractive design.


  • It does not offer much space for extra toppings and is therefore only suitable for cupcakes with minimal toppings.
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3. Budget Buy – 40 Mini Cupcake Boxes

plastic mini cupcake containers

It is a budget buy because in similar price you can get mini cupcake boxes for 40 cupcakes.

Key Features

  • More capacity – with these plastic mini cupcake containers, you can enjoy more capacity.
  • A very economical option – having these containers me in enjoying a very economical choice.
  • Best for guests – these are the best options for serving guests.

These plastic mini cupcake containers offer more compartments than our top pick while also offering lower prices. However, they are not as sturdy and durable as those. What makes them stand out is the pricing. If you don’t need the extra features and only need a container for simple cupcakes rather than for ones with many heightened toppings this is a very budget-friendly option.

These are perfect for people who don’t want to spend too much on containers and enjoy good quality.

If you care more about the product’s essential utility rather than the design and aesthetic value, you can get this one. However, it will not allow you to do much with it, and its uses will be limited to the storage of simple cupcakes without any toppings only.

Most mini cupcake containers have cup-shaped compartments at the bottom that lock entirely the cupcake in to keep them in place and tolerate any movement or shock.

However, the design of these is much different, and the compartments do not completely hug the body and only contour the cupcake at the lower end. This means that there is a lot of space for guests to quickly pick up the cupcake out of the box, which also ensures that they don’t end up touching the other cupcakes causing smudges.

This is a very helpful design for when you are serving a lot of kids as well. We’re all aware of how messy and impatient kids can be with their food. For this purpose, the lower-heightened compartments in these can be a life-safer.


  • Offers 12 compartments per container giving you more capacity overall.
  • It helps in minimizing the mess and smudging when serving the kids.
  • It’s budget-friendly while still providing good enough quality.


  • Not stackable
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Seven Uses of Plastic Mini Cupcake Containers

  1. Keep the cupcakes fresh These containers restrict the movement of cupcakes within the box because they are precisely made with mini cupcakes in mind. When you place the cupcakes in, it will lock them in as firmly as your palm would.
  2. Topping Protection They protect the toppings on the cupcake. Because of their generously accommodating lids, you can put as many decorative materials on your cupcake as possible and still not have to worry about smudging it on the top and ruining the whole styling of the cupcake.
  3. Easy Transportation  plastic mini cupcake containers make transporting cupcakes more convenient. Because the containers can pack a lot of cupcakes in just a few inches of length, you don’t have to worry about the cupcakes taking up too much space in your vehicles.
  4. Stack as many cupcakes as you want these are helpful when packing cupcakes in large amounts. Mini cupcake containers are probably the best thing available to do when delivering some sweet and delightful wedding favors. You might want to delight a close relative or friend by bringing homemade cupcakes for everyone. In such scenarios, you always need to stack up many cupcakes, sometimes even more than 3 for everyone, just in case! Because they have a overly lean body and do not occupy any unnecessary space, they are straightforward to stack upon one another.
  5. Pollution control — The containers reduce waste. Without cupcake containers, you would need to pack all the cupcakes individually, which is time-consuming, exhausting, and wasteful. After all, in the end, that only contributes to pollution and can also be damaging to the environment mainly if you use individual disposable packaging for each cupcake.
  6. Perfect for catering businesses the mini cupcake containers can be especially helpful for catering companies. If you are a caterer, you probably need to remain very calculated and keep all the quantity, sizes, and flavors in check. Since you will be using containers with a fixed amount of capacities such as 20 cupcakes or even 40 cupcakes, you will only have to count the boxes and not all the cupcakes. It will also make classifying and sorting your cupcakes based on sizes and flavors or the decorations easier as you will only have to label the containers and not all the individual packaging.
  7. Cut storage costs They reduce storage costs. You can get a basic version of cupcake containers for a low price and make your picnics and outdoor gatherings with family even more enjoyable. 

4 Things to Consider When Buying Plastic Mini Cupcake Containers

You might consider not to look into features because you are not buying a costly item but we advise you to look into under listed four things.

It will ensure you buy a quality product that will last for a much longer time and will not cost you more than its value.

1. The lid’s height

If you plan on embellishing your cupcakes with a very tall topping, you should probably not buy cupcake containers made for space-saving, particularly and buy one with a more accommodating lid.

2. Quality

You should take into consideration the frequency that you will be using the container at. If you plan on using it quite frequently, you will need a box that can tolerate all the constant usage.

You want a sturdy and tough material that will not break easily when you are washing them for re-use.

3. Price

When you are delivering large quantities, you should be very thoughtful about how much you spend. It’s probably not a good idea to spend extra money on a cupcake container with all the extra topping space that you might never even use.

4. Customer Reviews and Ratings

It is best to make your decision based on what other users have to say about the product. You will find all types of reviews about the containers’ benefits and limitations and how useful or problematic they are in specific scenarios.

Comparison – The Final Verdict

In conclusion, Katgely Containers are our top pick because of the myriad of features it packs together, which you only get one or two of in the other containers. This combination of features makes it a very safe purchase because it fits every person’s needs, whether you want it for secure travel or serving; it can be suitable for all the tasks.

Our second pick lacks the level of durability and strength that our top pick has to offer. However, it can quickly compensate for that lacking with its low price and stackability feature that can be useful in some scenarios.

Coming to our last pick, this one stands out because of how budget-friendly it is while also offering just enough quality that you may need for some lightweight cupcakes.

While they all have something unique to offer, our top pick ensures that you get all the features that you could need either today or in the future that are available at your disposal for only a slightly higher price.

The high price will prove to be valuable in the long-run as you won’t have to replace these containers soon.

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