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Metal containers with lids are more versatile than you may be led to think. For most of us, the thought of storage containers or food storage containers strikes an image of our 3rd-grade lunch box. However, there are many different kinds of storage containers on the market that you can make use of today without being embarrassed by Ben 10 and Barbie stickers on it. Today we are going to discuss metal containers with lids for storage that will make many of your job easy.

There are glass food containers that are used for maintaining food portions and ones that give a more aesthetic feel. There are also Japanese wooden storage containers that will give your meal an earthy feel and can be just as useful as a jewellery box as any.

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So without making you wait any longer here is our list of the best to suitable storage containers:

1. Stainless Steel Airtight Canister for Kitchen

Key Features

  • Perfect Storage space This two-piece food-storage container is one of the best for storing flour, coffee, and sugar so that these raw materials stay well protected from exterior contaminations
  • Airtight Lids Lids are handy for keeping moisture out so that the food staples of your kitchen remain hygienic and well protected in these boxes.
  • Large capacity You can store up to 165 ounces and choose between different sizes depending on the type of food storage that you are looking for.

Coming in our top pick is this extraordinary metal container with a lid called Enloy.

The best part of these food containers is that it is perfect for the storage of raw materials, coffee beans, dough, cookies, or any other food items. Also, it is the best container for food if you want to keep away from the moisture and elements of the environment from it.

For scoring items like spices and coffee, it is understandable that you would look for something that is a little less absorbent so that It will not interfere with the composition of your food items. This container perfectly ticks all the boxes; it is made of BPA free silicone gasket that does not release any smelly odours. Also, it does not interfere with the food composition even under high temperatures.

Apart from that, the latch-on features make it perfectly suitable for portable use. You can carry the metal container anywhere without worrying about your food pouring onto your books.

With all that said, its best feature yet would still be its size. This container isn’t much heavy at all. The only real weight would be contributed by the food that you keep inside it.

The lid is a plastic and rubber material that isn’t much heavier either. This ensures that the container isn’t top-heavy, making it not so easy to place around the house without the risk of tipping over.

The rubber rim on the lid makes it much easier to keep the lid airtight and shut so that the food inside remains safe and hygienic at all times. The lightweight of the box also makes it significantly easier to carry around no matter where you go.

And after all that, we’re still not done yet! The stainless steel material is not absorbent like plastic food containers, which means that no odours or remains will be left behind. They are relatively easy to clean and reuse.


  • Airtight lids that keep your food free of moisture
  • Can store a substantial amount of food
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
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2. Simpli-Magic 4-Piece Stainless Steel Canisters

Key Features

  • Rust free – this metal container with lid is a safe rust free option.
  • Suitable for storing food items – the container is an ideal choice to storing nuts.
  • Antique design: You won’t find a more antique-friendly storage item that fits better in all types of environment

Simpli magic is one of the best metal container with lid for storage.

Comparing it to our first pick, it is equally productive and functional. As far as productivity is concerned, the same as Enloy, it has the potential to carry heavier items. Let’s say you want to have a nice butter early in the morning, you can use this particular metal container for that purpose. Also, for winters if you are looking for a container that is an ideal choice for storing nuts, then look no further than this one. There is one thing that is superb with this container and that is, you will be getting 4 containers in a single package. Just imagine. You will have a set that will preserve 4 items for you.

In terms of beauty it is also a class apart just like Enloy. While our first pick has a more aesthetic design, this one is also gorgeous in terms of beauty. The similarity between the two products is the beauty factor. It doesn’t matter where these containers are placed they will add a lot of value.

Another thing that is similar between Enloy and Simpli magic is the rust free feature. The metal of these containers does not rust and that means they are going to stay with you for years to come. Also both come with a lid and this means you can preserve your food for an extended period of time in both containers.

Simpli magic containers are useful for the unique design that they offer. They can fit into any interior environment and still manage to look very good.

However it comes second in our list because of its productive nature. It may not be the good container for storing every kind of food item.  Although, it is best to store rice, nuts and pulses but the overall functionality is lesser than Enloy. Also the portability factor is not that impressive. You simply cannot take it anywhere with you.


  • The container comes with the lid.
  • It is suitable for the overall aesthetic of the interior
  • It is multi-purpose and easy to use.


  • It is not portable.
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3. Creative Home 4-Piece Canister Container Set

Key Features

  • Beautiful design: Creative Home containers have a beautiful design and adds a lot of value to any place.
  • An ideal set of 4: the full package has an ideal set of 4 metal containers with lids for storage.
  • Easy to clean:  It does not absorb food stains or odour like a plastic box.

Coming in the third-place Is Creative Homes. In case you are looking for the beautiful set of 4 metal containers with lids for storage then these are good. These are functional for storage, sure, but not as good as our first pick container.

Our first pick is suitable for almost every kind of storage, but as far as these is concerned, very few items can be put into it i.e. flour, pulses and biscuits. Just like our first pick, these are arrived with a lid and preserve the item inside for an extended period of time.

These container are neither as functional as our first pick nor as multi-functional as our second pick, which is why it is placed in third place. However they can be a handy addition to every kitchen.

As far as the aesthetic nature is concerned, both are gorgeous in terms of beauty. The best thing about Creative Homes is that, they have the potential to add a lot of value to any place.

If you are looking for something handy to add value to your kitchen, then Creative Home is an excellent pick. On the other hand, if you are looking for something long term, then Enloy is the best of them all.


  • These are the perfect metal containers for storing smaller items.
  • They do not rust and can be used for long term.
  • The beauty is impressive, and it adds a lot of value to any space.


  • Not very good for high temperatures.
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We all like to store different food items from time to time. However, it is better to go for something that is best in every sense. For this purpose, Enloy is taking the lead because it is the best metal container with lid for storage.

Not only it is a perfect container for storing food items. It is also durable. Also, in terms of aesthetics, It takes the lead. Hopefully, our guide helps you to find metal containers with lids for storage.

Our recommendation is Enloy because this metal container will lid for storage purposes is too good for words in real sense.

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