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Do you have big stuff that you need to keep protected from seepage? or you want to keep the items secure during your travel where may encounter water? Our review of Best Large Watertight Storage Containers will help you to decide between the best available options.

Generally, thousands of items may confuse you to buy because every manufacturer claims that they are making the best product, but this is not the case. We research well and finally find products that are worth sharing with you.

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1. Large Airtight Food Storage Containers for Flour, Sugar

Key Features

  • Iron lock – GoodCups prioritizes the extreme water and airtightness of its brands through rubber gasket locking.
  • Microwave heating – watertight food storage containers can be heated in a microwave oven.
  • Eco-friendly – BPA free plastic used in GoodCup food containers is eco-friendly and secure to be used. 

According to the American Health Association report, “the main cause behind the gastronomical disorders and concomitant diseases is the consumption of mild stalled food” (Guardian). Mild stalled food is the food we consume unconsciously as it seems okay at face value. Why should you play this Russian roulette with your health when the same food can be preserved conveniently in watertight storage containers?

The best one we selected in the domain of sizeable watertight food containers is one offered under the brand name of GoodCups. This brand is chosen after a rigorous analysis of all the contemporary brands, but the temptation part is the specialty that makes GoodCups a pleasant choice.

The GoodCups food preservation container is available in a set of two that is sufficient to hold a capacity of up to 18 cups. These containers are equally beneficial for controlling liquid and substantial food items. It is a reliable brand to keep the food items preserved and crispy owing to secure packing.

The kitchen pantry plastic containers are aesthetically built and pleasing to the eyes. At the same time, transparent plastic extends a clear view of the inside food material.

One of the best features of this kitchen item is compatibility; the lids help secure the containers to one another; hence, this setting saves time and space. The rubber gasket feature provides foolproof security against germs and flies. This hypoallergenic status provides the customer with a sigh of relief.

Besides, GoodCups watertight containers are manufactured in aesthetic square shape while the upper portion is crystal transparent. A colored lid, bolstered with rubber gasket, on the top is the icing on the cake.

Furthermore, the lids have locking handles to grasp the container with an iron fist. The GoodCups container is equally beneficial for preserving solid, liquid, and plasma food items. It is one of the best large watertight storage containers.

Besides, GoodCups food container’s presence on your kitchen shelf is the shrilling proof of sane selection. This good pick could save your preserved items; above all, this handy item cares about your wholesome health. GoodCups Watertight Container thwarts fear of spoilage and stalling.

All the good reasons for GoodCups large watertight storage container have compelled us to pick it up as the best item for referring.


  • GoodCups provide an additional watertight container, and you get two with a price tag of one.
  • The free markers and labels help in storage management.
  • It guarantees against accidental spills and leaks of watertight containers.
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Cereal Container Storage Set

Key Features

  • Perfect shape – The container has the perfect rectangular shape and looks best in the kitchen.
  • Good for liquid and solid storage – both kinds of foods can be stored in these watertight containers.
  • Budget-friendly – The box is not rigid in the pocket.

Chef’s Path’s large watertight storage container comes in a rectangular shape. The rectangular shape is not compatible as compared to the square shape of GoodCups. The GoodCups container can hold more than 18 cups of liquid while Chef’s path capacity is far lower.

The design can also be difficult to place on another. Chef’s Path design is prone to fall while GoodCups provide a solid standing, thanks to its square shape, whether filled up with food stock or not.

Another good contrast is that the airtightness feature of Chef’s Path is not bolstered by gasket lids. Gasket lids at GoodCups ensure foolproof tightness, but unfortunately, this is not the case with Chef’s Path. The normal plastic tightening feature is not watertight, and the seal loosens after some time.

Besides, the design of Chef’s Path is not broadened like GoodCups. The narrow design is unsuitable for kitchen management by sticking out labels. The conscious householders and chefs always take a hint from the labeling indicators. The labeling cannot be placed easily on Chef’s Path containers owing to the design’s uniqueness.

On the other hand, GoodCup’s large watertight container brandishes a wide surface to hold the labels firmly.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • It makes an excellent container for storing nuts.
  • It is pleasing to the eye.
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3. Plano Guide Series Polycarbonate Field Box

Key Features

  • Suitable for offices – These containers make a viable choice for offices.
  • Portable – These containers are portable and can be carried to one place from the other.
  • Takes less space – It takes less space in the kitchen.

Plano is a tiffin-like storage container that is popular among the school and office going population. Plano is not a handy choice for kitchen shelves. Plano containers’ placement can be troublesome; nevertheless, GoodCups can be placed easily everywhere in the kitchen.

One of most secured among large watertight storage containers.

Furthermore, GoodCup’s large food storage container is more aesthetically built as compare to the Plano. GoodCups look remains ever pleasing and relishing for onlookers.

Lastly, Plano uses cam-action latches that are considered a low design, and the latches are prone to wear and tear. On the other hand, GoodCups use the cutting-edge technology of rubber gasket sealing. The rubber gasket sealing is an iron barrier against the external noxious factors.


  • Suitable for offices and schools.
  • An ideal choice for storing dry fruits.
  • Not hard in the pocket.
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Other Products That We Review

During our research we also find some other products that worth sharing with you.


IRIS USA UCB-LD WEATHERTIGHT Storage Box is an excellent choice to store the food products safely. The forte of this product is hard sealing with the help of six latches. The latches grasp the cap with the body of the storage container.

The USA made product can also be used alternatively for storing the gears, clothes, and unused items. Furthermore, IRIS USA accommodates up to 45 lbs. IRIS USA keeps the items dry and safe, no matter how bad the external climate is.

Another exciting feature is the presence of grooves on the cap of the storage container. The tracks adjust into one another and extend a supreme clutch to the storage container.

IRIS USA food storage container is built on a white aesthetic design that bestows a thin membrane onto the placed items. Keeping in view the features, IRIS US can be a nice item for your kitchen.


IRIS USA, Inc. UCB-L WEATHERTIGHT Storage is “41-quart watertight storage container.” This is a strong item to hold the food products for a very long time.

Not only is IRIS USA 41 quart watertight but also airtight. The container saves the entrusted item from all external exposures. Meanwhile, the reinforced lids provide an iron clasp to the container.

In addition to a tight grasp, the 41-quart IRIS USA container presents a sweet outlook to onlookers. The plastic is crystal clear and pleasing to the eyes. An ideal solution in the list of large watertight storage containers.

This US-built large storage container could prove a dainty choice for esteemed kitchen holders.

IRIS Weathertight Storage Box

IRIS Weathertight Storage Box is a nice container as well. The resilient tote container is equally popular among commercial and domestic users. Besides, this container is a food storage device, and other precious materials can be stored. It saves the items from rusting and spoiling.

This USA built product is designed aesthetically with six black latches. The black latches are in beautiful contrast with the transparent body of the container. Besides beauty, the IRIS 41 quarts container comes up with an ergonomic design, which helps it accommodate a treasure trove in a small space.

The container is handy to manage and store. To get the most out of the IRIS container, you may also place labels on the cap. In sum, the IRIS USA storage container is a cost-effective choice for your kitchen. 


In sum, GoodCups large watertight storage container is the best choice among all the contemporary available options. The apex product is compared and contrasted with the available second and third choices. Also, the brand speaks volumes of its success and customer trust.

We can hope that you search for large watertight storage containers will end here.

You may also go for any other brand but you would miss the thrilling features of GoodCups.

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