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Are you looking for kitchen storage ideas for small spaces because the kitchen is one of the most fun places in any house? Nearly all of the best things happen in the kitchen or come out of it. Since we don’t spend most of the time there, they are often the most neglected parts of the house. Moreover, small spaced kitchen worsen this effect. We all want an elaborate kitchen space as we see in cooking shows and on YouTube, but sadly that is never the case. None of us ever had enough kitchen space to keep everything or a large enough kitchen.

If even if you get a massive area, it is the placement of staff and organization that really matters.

Now imagine this, a crystal clear kitchen where shelves are clutter-free. There are no piles of pans near the sink. All cutleries are evenly organized. Pantry items are not falling out of the cabinet; instead, they are neatly stored behind the door. Condiments have their own space, and there is a plant flourishing by the window; adding to the aesthetic of the kitchen. Morning smells of brewing coffee, and there are no cereal boxes everywhere.

Sound like a dream? Worry not we bring you some fantastic kitchen hacks and a solution to organize the space. Get all the creative ideas and make your kitchen a homely space to work in. A bonus is that you don’t have to get a new kitchen to have all the things organized. Just meticulously organize the area and exploit every inch of the space. Let the magic begin.

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Best Kitchen Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Below mentioned are some of the best storage ideas for any kitchen. Be it small or large. Let’s dig deep and have a detailed look into them.

Mason Jars and Labeling

Reusable jars can be an incredible space-saving option to the storage problem. Assign the jar to lentils, pasta, spices, and label them. Placing them inside the jar will help you get rid of the paper box, clutter, and plastic packaging. It will also be an eco-friendly solution.

Storage Bins and Drawers

Cabinets are unique places to store kitchen items, but their full potential is often not utilized. For example, the top of the cabinets stays empty. Even inside headspace remains abandoned. Storage bins and drawers inside the cabinet enhance the storage capacity. Keep all the lentil jars in one container and your snacks in another.

Stack-able Shelves

Bench-like shelves are an easy way to transform your kitchen and increase space. They can be used for over the countertop storage or inside the cabinet. Designate a proper bench for all your sauces or spices and doing your cooking experience a lot more fun.

Pull Out Pantry

Pull out pantry is another fantastic way to change the look and have more space to store pantry items. Have a slit between the fridge and counters? Buy pull out pantry organizer that fits the dimension, fill it with jars, and you are good to go.

Racks and Wall Mount Organizers

Specialized organizers are one of the best ways to add space to small areas. There is a wide range of them available on the market. You can mount them on the walls or door even inside the cabinet. It all depends on the kind you want in your kitchen.

Hanging Knobs

Knobs and hangings slates are also helpful in the kitchen. Hung utensils and kitchenware looks and feels better than unevenly stacked pot. Install knobs and hooks on the side of the cabinets, even the over the fridge knobs are available to add the space.

Why Do You Need Kitchen Organizers?

Adding a new item and making an investment in something new will have you weighing down. You will be questioning if you need the organizer or not. Here is a list of whys you should invest in one. We can make-do in a small kitchen with a lot of clutter. Your search for kitchen storage ideas for small spaces become more refined after reading this resource.

But why go for a difficult path when you can choose an easy one. Here is why the kitchen organizer is a must-have product.

  • Magical transformation: you know the before and after pictures of home renovation on the internet? Well, the organizer makes all that achievable. They add to the look and increase the space all at the same time. It will be like working in a new kitchen.
  • Utilize all the space of your kitchen: organizers are designed to utilize all the space you have. The back of the door is empty, and you need extra space to store cereals, door mount is there to use up that space as well.
  • Save time; invest in something else: how you work in the kitchen will be revolutionized with an appropriate organizer. You will spend less time looking for dried tomatoes and mushrooms to add to your omelet. Time management in the kitchen will be easy. With that, you will be able to take time out of your hobby.
  • No stress and peace of mind: organizer and clutter-free spaces are a source of relaxation. You will not enter the kitchen in the morning with the distress of how messy it looks. With organizers and everything in the assigned place; you will be more relaxed.

How to Know Which Organizer Will Work the Best?

The question of what item works or what you need arises next. Here are some points to get you going.

  • Know your space and dimensions: first to all know the kind of space is manageable in your kitchen. If there is no extra space, buying a rack will be a horrible mistake. In that case, you can go for a wall or fridge mounts.
  • Draw a mental image of what you want: knowing the kind of organizer you want is also essential. Have a picture in your mind beforehand. See if you need an item for pantry or extra spice storage. 
  • You will know what you need: Combining the tricks mentioned above and you will know exactly what you need. Now when you go shopping and go through all the organizers; the one you need will whisper to you ‘I’m the one’. It will make the choice a lot easier.

Now is the time to review some of the best kitchen storage organizers.

1. WOSOVO Set of 2 Kitchen Cabinet Organizer and Storage Shelves Stackable

Key Features

  • Deluxe Design – The Wosovo stackable kitchen organizer has a Deluxe design that goes very well with the kitchen’s overall decor. The piece also serves as a decorative accessory and adds a lot of value to any space.
  • Rubber foot protectors –  the organizer comes with rubber-foot protectors that ensure there is no scratching on the floor.
  • No troublesome installation –  the installation of this kitchen organizer is straightforward and does not require any technical help.

This stackable shelf by Wosovo is the ultimate answer if you are looking to save and organize space in the kitchen. The best thing about this kitchen organizer is that it can be used collectively and separately. If you need a small space in your kitchen, then you can make use of one-tier.

On the other hand, if your need exceeds one tier, you can always take the other two tires of the organizer. Also, this kitchen organizer is versatile and can be used for the display of many things. However, it is best if you display spice jars and jam bottles on it.

The stackable kitchen organizer is entirely welded and very easy to install. It has the potential to declutter the kitchen effectively by offering ample space for utensils, dishes, pans, and cups.

From the list of kitchen storage ideas for small spaces this is our most preferred and recommend choice.

The organizer is strong, firm, and sturdy, so there will be no pulling or sliding. Also, the flat characteristic of the organizer will not accumulate any dust. It is a perfect kitchen accessory that doesn’t take up much space and looks equally effective.


  •  it is a productive kitchen accessory for every household.
  •  It does not take much space and is equally sufficient.
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2. Kitchen Organizer Cabinet 22in

Key Features

  • Coating – the spice rack has a wonderful layer, and with time, it does not rust.
  • Package – The full package includes a Spice rack, a knife holder, cutlery storage, a cutting holder, and three pieces of hooks.
  • Versatile – the product is very versatile and can be used for the placement of different things.

One way to make sure that you have enough space in your kitchen is by having a fantastic spice rack. One thing that causes the most clutter in the kitchen is spice jars; therefore, it is imperative to have something exceptional for these bottles. What can be the best idea than having a spice rack in this regard?

Ideal glass is the best Spice rack for any kitchen because it is versatile and can accommodate canisters, condiments, spices, cans, or even jars.

One reason to go for this Spice rack is its sturdy design. It is made of stainless steel and has a multilayer protective coating that helps provide resistance. Also, the design is very stable and does not slip because of its concrete construction elements.

The spice rack has two-tier shelves that allow more versatility with everyday kitchen items. The whole package arrives with three pieces of hooks hanging gloves, spatula, rag, and other accessories to assemble the spice rack. Though it looks best in the kitchen, it can be placed anywhere you like.

The spice rack is accommodative and provides the ultimate solution to kitchen storage troubles.


  • It has a sturdy build.
  • The best feature also includes a non-slip design.
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3. Kitchen Bookshelf Storage Rack 

Key Features

  • It’s easy to install – the rack is effortless to install because it comes with easy-to-follow instructions on product packages.
  • Extra-wide towel bar – the extra-wide towel bar on the rack gives you ample space to spread the towel out for quick drying.
  • Versatile – the back is versatile and can be used for multiple things.

Everything can be sorted in the kitchen except the pans and cooking spoons. However, there is nothing to worry about if you know how to get Baigio Woman. It is the perfect wall-mounted rack is multifunctional. The stand is made of aluminium and has a sturdy build. Not only is it lightweight, but it is also durable and even has anti-rust abilities.

The rack is the perfect solution to store frequently used items in a kitchen like utensils, cookware, pans, and spoons.

At times it can be an ideal space saver for spice jars as well and distinctive one among all kitchen storage ideas for small spaces.

There is two way to use it. Either you can screw it into your kitchen cabinet, or you can mount it to a wall. Despite being lightweight, it has the potential to hold up to 44lbs. The polished, oxidized finish appearance also gives an overall brilliant look.

Along with keeping the kitchen organized and plentiful, it is also capable of decorating it. You can easily remove the hooks to store it in any place you like.

The full package arrives with ten hooks for hanging cutting boards, pots, pans, or even dish towels. It also has four knife slots that can store all kinds of knives.


  • It is a perfect fit for kitchen crockery and towels.
  • Despite being lightweight, it can hold up to 20 kg.
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4. Lynk Professional Organizer Pull Out Under Cabinet Sliding Shelf

Key Features

  • The Patent ProGlide System – the driver has a patented ProGlide industrial system that ensures smooth and easy gliding under heavy loads.
  • Commercial quality – the product has a commercial quality because it is made of the highest quality steel and has a Chrome finish.
  • Productive – the drawer is exceptionally productive and makes a fantastic accessory for the kitchen.

There is no place for clutter in a kitchen. A productive kitchen accessory goes a long way, and there is nothing like Lynk’s professional, versatile single tire dryer. This is the best product because it gives you easy slide-out access to all the items that can otherwise be lost in your kitchen or pantry.

It can be the perfect space-saving shelf for your pots, appliances, or even pans. The best place for this single-tier drawer is under the sink; however, it can be placed anywhere. The drawer is a 21 inch extra deep pull-out product that takes advantage of your cabinet’s entire depth, so there is no wasted storage space.

The drawer has a beautiful chromed steel construction, and smooth Steel welds it. It has unparalleled durability and strength and is the best choice for a lifetime of trouble-free use. The product ensures easy sliding even under the weight of heavy pans and pots.

Another good thing about this sliding drawer is that it can easily be set up with just four screws. The shelves are readily available in multiple sizes, and you can get the one that fits your need.

You can easily organize your storing with the help of this beautiful sliding drawer for cabinets.


  • It is versatile and can be used for different things.
  • It is made of high-quality Steel.
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5. 2 Pack – DecoBros Stackable Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

Key Features

  • Stack-able – the product is stack-able, and two packs are included in the package.
  • Easy to install – the package arrives with easy to follow instructions and is very easy to install.
  • Fold-able Design – the kitchen organizer has a fold-able design, and you can put it away when it is not in need.

There is no need to get many accessories for your kitchen because the few productive kitchen accessories will do you right. This fabulous kitchen organizer by Desco Bro can be an excellent addition to your kitchen. The full package includes two packs that can be stacked to each other and provide more flexibility to organize your kitchen supplies or dinnerware.

The perfect thing is that there are multiple ways to be creative with this kitchen storage organizer, and almost anything can be placed at it because it has two stacks, so both can be used in various ways.

The average height of these organizers is 11-25, and they can support pretty much any dishware this is the reason we include it in our list of kitchen storage ideas for small spaces.

The best thing about this kitchen storage organizer is its foldable design that saves space when you don’t use it. You can always fold this kitchen cabinet organizer and put it in a store when it’s not in need.

Another outstanding striking feature is that it is a great cabinet shelf for organizing pans, mugs, dinnerware, or whatever you like. It also has a durable build and can be with you for years to come. The product is straightforward to install because it arrives with easy to follow installation instructions.


  • Easy to install
  • Extremely durable.
  • It is very versatile.
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It is easy to organize an entire house then to organize a kitchen. Also, if the kitchen is small, things can disrupt annoyingly. However, certain accessories can be very productive for the kitchen because they can organize the kitchen better. It is an excellent idea to have a clutter-free kitchen. Kitchen organizers, racks, or even shelves have proved to be productive kitchen accessories.

We reviewed more then 50 products to make this list of best kitchen storage ideas for small spaces hopefully this resource will help you find your solution.

We have made sure to review some of the best kitchen organizers for small kitchens. If you use them in a smart way, you can save a lot of your kitchen space. You can always pick your favorite from the list and get the one you like according to your preference.