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When it comes to the kitchen’s working zone, countertops or shelves are the most critical areas. The stew or pie that we make in the kitchen starts at the countertop. It is a cutting zone and temporary storage zone; basically, it is the second most crucial region of the kitchen (first being stove). The dilemma is that most of us use this working area like a storage space.  This is because shelves are easily approachable and in plain sight. Let’s say we want all stuff within the hands to reach than only kitchen countertop storage ideas can work better.

This develops a new problem, of shelves becoming clutter zones. The situation soon becomes stressful and starts to get out of hands. The space to get the work done shrinks, and all the area is taken up by miscellaneous items of need. A sense of distress sets in, and the kitchen no longer stays your happy place.

Worry not. We bring you convenient solutions to store everything you need in the place you like. The good thing is that you don’t need to change the way you store items. You can keep them on the countertop, but the space utilization will be a little more efficient. No more wasting space and no more clutter on your shelves. There are several countertop organizers to help you out. They change the way you navigate your shelf areas. Let’s take a look into how you can do that and what organizers can work for you.

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Why is Countertop Organization Important in Kitchen?

The question arises; how can these organizers help you with space and storage. Your kitchen space does not have to be unorganized and messy. Here is why these organizers can be crucial additions to your home. After reading these features you will look for kitchen countertop storage ideas more eagerly.

  • Ample working space: properly arranged stuff on the shelves will let you have the working freedom and all the space you need. No more moving the snacks out of the kitchen because you need extra shelf space to cook. You can simply store everything on the countertop organizer still have free space to move around.
  • Not knocking the jars down messy spaces and unorganized areas can be disastrous as well. There is no free movement; chances you will knock off some of the spices on the shelf to the ground. It can end in a spilling accident with a lot of glass on the floor. Organizers don’t let that happen. With added space, you will be able to move around freely.
  • Everything in plain sight:  we all love to have everything stored in plain sight and within the arms reach. Organizers let you have this privilege. With the appropriate organizer, you will never go hunting in a mess for any herb again. Everything will be neatly arranged on the shelf.
  • Added storage capacity in the same footprint: organizers are designed by keeping the standard shelf size in mind. They take this available space and multiply it to add the space within the space footprint. In this way, you have the same countertop with much extra space to store everything.

What are Different Kinds of Countertop Organizers?

All kitchens and pantry items in them are not the same. The requirements and needs of an organizer can vary a great deal. The following are some of the common categories of countertop organizers. Let’s take a detailed look at them.

Stackable shelves: these are benches like countertop accessory that can be used for jars, bottles, and other stuff. They take the same footprint and add another layer for storage.

Basket drawers: they work essentially like drawers that are stacked on top of each other. They can work well with snack storage, and jars will small heights as the headspace is limited.

Rack inspired organizers: as the name indicates, these organizers are small racks with two or three tiers. They offer ample space for storage and much headspace.

Multi-purpose organizers: these are racks but with specialize arrangements to keep, bottles, cans, and jars. They offer a wide variety of storage spaces.

Which Organizer Will Serve You Well?

The key to getting the organizer that is best suited for your need is to know the space you already have and how it can be used. Filling the space with the right dimensions and the right organizers is how you give your kitchen a new look. Let answer a few questions to have an in-depth understanding of what is required for the available items on the market.

What do you want on the shelf?

The first step will be to know the kind of organizer you require. If you need bottles and cans combined with all your spices and herb on the countertop, then a multi-purpose organizer will work. If you like the aesthetic quality of minimal stackable benches, then go for them. Majorly it all depends on what you are inclined to buy.

Does the organizer fit?

Most organizers are designed to fit the standard shelf. But distance from top cabinet and how much workspace required also comes in play. Thoroughly knowing the dimensions of the countertop is crucial. Keep in mind the shelf that remains after placing the organizer. That will be your working area, and it should be comfortable enough to do the chores without space suffocation.

Does it have enough storage space that you require?

Another thing you need to know is the extent of the required space. If you require to keep the whole pantry on the shelf, a small storage solution won’t be helpful. If you plan to save a lot of stuff, then a big organizer with flexible space will be required. In case you want to keep spices and herbs, then a specialized rack would get the job done. It is a significant concern when looking for kitchen countertop storage ideas.

Below reviewed are top-rated versatile organizers you can choose from for your kitchen. They vary from specialized organizers to multi-purpose. Let have a look at some of the distinct features of the racks.

5 Best Kitchen Countertop Storage Organizers

If you want to save more space in your kitchen then these countertop storage organizers can help you best. It is time that we dive deep and review some of the wonderful kitchen countertop storage organizers for your convenience.

1. The Best Kitchen Countertop Storage Organizer

Key Features

  • Minimalistic design- counter top bench is a minimalist design that adds space within the same footprint.
  • Sturdy construct- metal made sturdy construct is a long-term storage solution to your problems.
  • Suitable height- slim organizer that allows the storage of tall pantry items as well.

You don’t need to fill the kitchen space with a bland interior. It is true that you need kitchen accessories but that doesn’t mean that you can get just anything to your kitchen. Cook n Home store brings you an elegant storage shelf to make your countertop clutter-free.

It’s two –Tier shelf is a minimalistic design with a touch of modernity and innovation. One of the best features is that this piece is available in a triangular shape as well. So if you are a little into the eccentric interior you can go for a triangular shape countertop.

Now the corner of your countertop does not have to be a dull space. Triangular shape slab adds style and storage space to the corner. If you are looking for a long term solution, this organizer is the best fit for you. The stainless steel build is robust and long-lasting. There is ample storage space, height-wise. No need to convert the heightened jar to a smaller one; you can use the same jars on the countertop.

For freedom and versatility, the top shelf is small then the whole bench. With this feature, you can keep tall oil and vinegar dispensers on top of it.


  • A perfect storage space for every kitchen
  • Height can be adjusted.
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2. Top Rated Kitchen Countertop Storage Organizer

Key Features

  • Decorative- the space-saving organizer carries a floral and decorative touch.  
  • Foldable- when not in use, fold the organizer and keep it stored away.
  • Rust-free- coated metal construction makes it waterproof and rust-free option.

Floral additions to any space of your house can be fashionable and aesthetically pleasing. Say goodbye to boring organizers, iSPECLE countertop organizer is both decorative and resourceful. It is a two-tier storage idea that can be used for a variety of purposes. 

For safety against rust, this organizer is coated waterproof finishing. You don’t need to worry about losing all your workspace. The dimensions of this organizer are sleek and slim. With no-slip foot pad, you can store anything care-free; even the glass items can safely be placed. Two-tier storage solutions carry ample space for all the cooking items. Store your snacks or your herb; this rack has got you covered.

In case you are not using it, and want to use the extra space. No problem; this rack is foldable, and you can easily put it away or hang it on the wall. Either way, it will not take up any extra space. Hopefully after seeing this product you will stop looking for kitchen countertop storage ideas.

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3. Seville Classics 2-Tier Corner Shelf Counter

Key Features

  • For corner shelf- carries a specialized cut explicitly made for corner spaces. 
  • Slatted tiers- equal space rods made into slatted shelves offer ventilation to the stored items.
  • A neutral color- platinum finish brings out a royal touch with sophistication.

In the world of home accessories, Seville Classics never disappoints. For countertop organizers, the company brings you neutral-colored storage space. Some of us don’t prefer funky design and elaborated colors; this organizer is perfect for those you love simplicity.

Seville classics is not your ordinary organizer. You can use it on the countertop or in the cabinet; the dimensions fit them all. Unlike standard organizers that have fuller shelves, this design offers airy storage with ventilating slatted slabs. It is a multi-storage space and can be used for spices, jars, and even cups and bowls.

Light up your corner shelf with this organizer and add extra storage space without taking up an extra footprint. To add more space, you can also get specialized accessories for the same brand.

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4. YouCopia 3 Shelf Can ShelfSteps Organizer

Key Features

  • Staircase inspired storage space- step storage lets you keep all the cans at different heights to read the labels in a glance.
  • Specialized storage– made especially for cans, it can hold 16-24 them.
  • Expandable according to your space– depending upon the need, you can pull out steps on demand.

Your storage solutions don’t have to be generalized when you know exactly what you need. If your shelf space is teeming with tin and can, this organizer from YouCopia Store is made just for you. Worry not if you want to keep bottles and dispensers on the tiers; this item is flexible to cater to all items.

Use it as two stacks solution or pull out all three; the expandable design works to adjust all big or small spaces. Staircase inspired step idea keep everything in reach and labels easy to read. The non-slip feet will not damage the insides of the cabinet or the countertop. Depending on the configuration you use, it can hold 116 to 24 can very easily. 

If you want the storage at different countertop spots, each step of the item can also work as a stand along with the organizer. In addition to that, it is BPA free, and there is no health hazard involved. On the list of our kitchen countertop storage ideas this is the only product that is made of plastic.

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5. Spice Rack, Veckle 3 Tier Kitchen Spice Rack Organizer

Key Features

  • Multi-purpose organizing space– the three tiers on this organizer; each serves a different storage purpose.
  • Easy assembly– this organizer is easy to assemble and get ready for storage within minutes.
  • Beveled tier for bottled seasonings– for easy placement and picking store your bottles and sauces on the slanted shelf

Every organization space does not have to be for particular items. If you have much miscellaneous clutter on the countertop, this organizer is a perfect option for you. Now keep your kitchen neat and clean by storing everything you have on this product.

It is a thoughtful three-tier design for all your spices and all your sauces. The ideal dimensions are meant to fit any countertop easily. The top and bottom shelves are slatted, leveled spaces. You can keep soda cans, spice jars, or crockery on them. Carrying the touch of creativity, the middle shelf is beveled at 45 degrees.

Angled designed is exceptional for keeping sauce and seasoning. Moreover, the angled storage also allows you to have easy access to them for easy picking and putting.

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Kitchen organizers are always a good investment, and it’s very too late to get one. The reviewed organizers vary from specialized to multi-purpose storage solution for your convenience. Get your hands on the one you require and magically transform or kitchen space to get the most out of it. Narrow down your choice until you get the one that caters you need in the best way possible.

While selecting one from above-listed kitchen countertop storage ideas you can free up a lot of space on your counter as well as a good organizer also enhances the interior look of the kitchen.

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