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The warmth and shine of the kitchen space do not look pretty with unarranged cutlery and crockery. Scattering of these culprits on the countertops is a troublesome and stressful business. Also, with scattered crockery, there is no chance for you to be creative in a kitchen. Your work station has to be the one place that is an organizer and free from any clutter. It makes the kitchen a comfortable place to cook. Moreover, the anxiety of seeing a messy place is not good. Today we are discussing kitchen counter storage ideas.

A suitable kitchen counter storage idea enables you to keep your stuff organized and make cleaning easy. It also makes the stuff easily accessible, and keeping the different types of things within reach also becomes possible.

To organize the kitchens and use all space effectively, we bring you several ideas to arrange the countertops. We can assure you that these countertop kitchen storage ideas are brilliant and you can use them the way you like.

With these countertop kitchen storage ideas, you will be able to free up space and use it for cooking.

Freedom to move around the preparation area is crucial to happy cooking. It should never be taken for granted.  One of the ways to keep everything from cluttering the shelf is to have vast cabinet storage. That would change the whole arrangement of your kitchen.

Another witty way to use the shelves is to keep everything there but stored on specialized organizers. In that way, there will be no drastic shift in your kitchen’s arrangement, and all the space will be utilized in an ideal manner.

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Reasons to Have Counter Storage Organizers

Before we dig deep into these organizers and products for your countertop, let’s take a look into the potential benefits of having these organizers in your kitchen. When chosen right, they can be suitable investments for your kitchen that last a long time.

1. Effective space utilization

First of all, if there is a way to use up all the available space, it is through organizers. These products are designed to cater to the small space issues and immediate utilization of space productively.

Suppose there is a lot of headspace between the countertop and cabinet, and you want to utilize it. In that case, you can go for stackable baskets or tier storage rack and use up all the space.

These organizers take the same footprint and multiply it by three to four-folds.

2. Orderly shelves

We all love arranged and stacked kitchen stations. Organizers are the one way to achieve that. Even if you manage to get the place cleaned up without an organizer, it will become the same old mess in a few days.

The best way to get all the organization done is through specialized storage spaces. After getting an organizer, all you will have to do is arrange the item or refill the jars after grocery shopping.

3. Variety of organizers

Shelf space is teeming with a lot of potentials. Like a clean slate or canvas, it has all the possibilities to be explored. You probably have no idea but there are are a lot of options available for countertop storage. There is so much variety to choose from.

Like the diversity of kitchen items, the organizers have upgraded into versatile possibilities. the best thing is that all these ideas can effectively organize your kitchen for the greater good.

Let’s look at all the walls you can creatively use all your shelf space using dreams’ storage ideas.

1. Containers and Jars

One of the fantastic ways of transforming your countertop is by using storage containers. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, sometimes it is very difficult to find enough storage for random cooking stuff or spice jars. In case, you have cereal boxes, coffee, dry fruit packs, and pasta packs scattered on the shelf, the containers are for you. There is a wide variety of such containers available.

Some are steel canisters with see-through windows; others are glass made. Jars and containers are good to accommodate lentils, spices, and much more.

You can easily get stainless steel jars with see-through lids to monitor the ingredients from afar. Also, a set of four canisters is a good idea in containers as well. They come in different sizes so you can choose according to your needs.

Jars with food-grade material are available that do not pose any health hazards.

In case you want to keep you dry item fresh and crisp throughout the season, you can use clasp shut airtight jars with rubber seal. The wonderful thing about jars? There will be more worrying about your kids breaking the jars; they are durable and do not open at fall.

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2. Cutting Board Racks

There is never enough space in a kitchen and mostly things just lay around without having an organizer. For wide collections of cutting boards, pans, and baking trays; cutting board racks are a perfect fit.

These racks can accommodate a lot of things in one place and that’s why they are the prerequisite for every kitchen. The best thing about cutting board racks is that these products are made with coated wires and divided into sections.

The sections carry the boards like a bookshelf configuration. Some of these items are multi-purpose, and sections are broad enough to carry pans.

With the help of these racks, you can keep all the boards and trays in a designated place. Mostly you will find the wire made products that have four sectioned storage.

These can easily be placed on the top of the shelf. You can also get the one with bronze coating on the top of the metal wire because it is waterproof, and has a sturdy build. Also, these racks come with perfect dimensions that allow the storage of even saucepans and various baking crockery.

In most cases, you can even organize your wooden spoons on these racks. Another way to use these racks is as a water drainage system, besides the sink.

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3. Pan racks

The countertop can also be used to cater to the pans. All the clutter of pans inside the cabinet can be placed in plain sight using pan organizers. Also, in the monsoon season pans will smell inside a cabinet but if there will be an organizer on a countertop, there will be no smell.

By the help of pan racks, you can neatly arrange the pans into stacks above one another. This storage can also be done horizontally.

Pan organizers are mostly wire made and allow maximum airflow.

To keep all your pans neatly stacked in the countertop, there is no harm in buying a fantastic space-saving pan rack. These racks are extremely easy to install and requires no technical help. You can keep the pans vertically or horizontally by changing the orientation.

In addition to that, you can even turn some pan racks into a wall mount using screws.  Because these racks have sleek dimension, they can fit any slab of even a small kitchenette.

Moreover, you can also use them as a lid organizer.

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4. Corner Shelf Organizer

Corner specific organizers can be an innovative way to light up the place. The most neglected place of the countertop carries a lot of potential space-wise. You can install angled organizers to use the place as you like. The corner shelf organizers vary with shape and design.

Some are tier storages, and others have lazy Susan-like styles.

Say goodbye to the dull nook and bring home the creative corner shelf organizers for your countertop. For sustainable material, you can get a product that is a mixture of steel and bamboo. The organizers with stainless steel legs and three high-quality bamboo tiers are not just eco-friendly but durable as well.

Also, the creative designs offers ample storage space and creative expression in 6 different styles.

Moreover, the use of these organizers is not restricted to corners only. Depending on how you assemble it, you can use them even at two different countertops.

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5. Storage Baskets

Baskets never go out of style, and at the same time, they are spacious and multi-purpose storage organizers. In case, you are finding a way to properly stake your fruits then perhaps baskets will serve you in the best way possible.

There is a wide variety available on the market. Even the products that are basket cum drawers are available for the shelf tops.

You can also choose to have stackable baskets for the countertops.

We are aware that one of the ways of adding versatile storage space to the countertop is by using basket organizers. Baskets are diverse because they can carry multiple items. You can put whatever you like in it ranging from fruits, vegetables and even chocolate.

The best feature is that they are stackable, and you can add as many as you like. To avoid trip falling, the baskets have griping anti-skid feet.

These baskets are for dry items as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Moreover, most of them are eco-friendly and have BPA free coat. Care for them properly and they will stay with you for years.

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6. Bread box

When it comes to bread there is always some left over. Also, in a house full of kids you will find plenty of extra burns or cupcakes. A creative way to use your kitchen shelves is to get a breadbox. In that way, lonely breads, buns, and cupcakes will get a new wooden home.

These products are food grade and a perfect place to keep all your carbs. Some have a clear look-in window, and others have a wooden door.

When you want to organize your bread, you can bring a wooden breadbox to keep all the sandwiches and buns. No need to open the fridge over and over again to fetch your favorite bread. You can put it in the bread box and make your life convenient in a kitchen. Most products are made from high-grade bamboo material and are very durable.

To keep the organizer food grade and food-safe, these are even coated with non-toxic finishing.  Bread boxes offers storage at two levels that can be separated and kept at a different place.

Also, a Mounting installation option is available. Moreover, this product also comes with a matching basket for your silverware.

In the making the bread box use 100% biodegradable material that is safe to use in the presence of kids.

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7. Pan and Lid Organizers

We always try to force our pans and lids in a cupboard and that is how we create clutter. Our focus seldom goes to organize, the most unruly items in the kitchen. We might be able to form a brilliant stack of the pan in the corner cabinet, but pans still have no place to be.

Similar to pan and board organizers, you can get specialized lid storage products as well. They are thinly sectioned to keep the lids in place.

Multi-purpose organizers are always an excellent fit for the countertops. There is no need for scattered lids in the kitchen when you can find an organizer for them. As these organizers come with adjustable dividers, you can get lid of any thickness to fit.

The best part about this organizers is that, you can also keep pans and trays in there. The size of these organizer is usually big enough to fit all.

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8. Mug holders

Your mugs are all dried up, but they remain on the drying tray? You can store your mugs and glass on the specialized holders. They take up less space and arrange all your mugs. Most of them let the glasses hang upside down, which offers water drainage. These items are perfect for shelf tops.

Mug holders are the best countertop storage idea because it takes away all the horizontal load off the shelf and stores everything vertically.

At the same time, mug holders add a touch of modernity and royalty to your kitchen. These organizers can store up to eight mugs or cups on their upward branches. You can keep all the mugs right next to the espresso machine.

Most mug holders are unique and do well with all kinds of décor and furnishings.

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9. Twirling Snack Organizer

We all get a little hungry and snack-y at night. To find the right chips without making a lot of noise is a tough night job. Worry not, when you can have crumble and noise-free rack organizers for the snacks. You can keep all the packets in baskets or lazy Susan inspired snack organizers with twirling capabilities.

We all want to have unlimited noise-free access to our snacks at night?

The best solution is having a snack organizer. These organizers have a perfect Spin carousel that displays everything in their magnificence. With these products, you can effectively utilize the shelf space and even adds some life and color to it.

They are best to keep your snacks, protein bars, and all the tea bags stored. Moreover, most of the organizers have two-leveled storage that provides ample space to store everything you need.

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Oven Top Shelves

The space over the oven usually goes to the waste. Worry not, we have got you covered in this regard as well. You can now keep all the extra sauces and herbs on special over the oven shelves. Some of such organizers also come with extra hanging knobs and hooks.

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Every problem has a solution but sometimes we have to dive a little deep into many options that may be available for us in the market.

Yes, Kitchen is a busy place but that doesn’t mean that it has to be messy as well. With these amazing countertop storage ideas, you can get yourself an organizer almost for everything ranging from pans, lids, knives, jars and what not.

We have reviewed some of the best products that can be useful for your countertop storage. At the end of the day it is entirely up to you to make your best choice.

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