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It is well established that we only use the kitchen for cooking and food storage purposes. We don’t really care much about the appearance or if there is a sitting space in there. This is the topmost reason why we do not find any sitting at all in the kitchen. A kitchen bench with storage not only provides sitting space but also provides space for storage that can be easily accessed.

The position of the kitchen as a fun space with a sitting area is often neglected. Moreover, there is always the issue of the kitchen being big enough to carry even a little amount of furniture. All of this adds to the kitchen being a stand-alone area that is just for cooking.

When in reality, the kitchen space carries so much bubbly and cheerful potential. With a sitting space in your kitchen, you can accomplish much more. Let’s suppose you are making slow-cooked beef stew, and guests are coming over very soon.

You will have to keep an eye on the stew and give company to your friends as well. A sitting space will be a life savior in that case. You can ask your friends to join you in the kitchen while you cook a delicious meal for them. The sitting area also comes in handy even when there are no guests over. It can also serve the purpose of storage.

If you are looking to add a little more life to your kitchen, worry not, we have got you all covered. In this review, we bring you sitting furniture for the kitchen. The bonus feature is you can even use it to store some of your kitchen items as well. Yes! You guess it right; storage benches that are ideal for your kitchen. Now you can cook, relax for a few minutes or even host the guests there. If there is extra space in your kitchen and you want to light it up. Bench storages are a must.

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How Can a Storage Bench Make Your Life Easy?

Storage benches are outstanding investments. Not only they add value to your kitchen they can also be used for storing your everyday kitchen accessories. Your kitchen space does not have to be a gloomy place that is used only for cooking. Here are some ways that storage benches can make your life easy and uplifting.

Sit Down, Take a Five-Minute Break

Enjoy cooking and like to make a sophisticated dish that requires long cooking hours, this organizer is a must for you. Suppose you have chicken stock in making for Chinese dinner. Prolonged cooking hours will get you tired, and you will need to sit down.

With a bench in the kitchen, you will not have to leave your stock alone to boil out. Take five minutes to break on the bench and get back to hassling.

Keep the Gossip Going Even While You are Working

You don’t have to be in the kitchen alone anymore while your family immerses in the routine chit chat. You can always call your sister over or even your husband so you can have a chit chat with them while you are cooking the delicious supper.

You can have a reunion right in the kitchen because with a storage bench; there is enough space to sit down. Also, you can keep cooking while catching up with everyone about their day.

Keep an Eye on Your Kids While You Cook

Little humans tend to cause disasters when left alone. With a perfect bench in your kitchen, you will not have to worry about any unforeseen consequences. Keep an eye on your little while they play on the benchtop. This is advantageous only for walking toddlers.

Extra Storage Space for Your Herbs

Socializing ease and rest is not the only advantage when it comes to storage benches. They usually come with a lot of shelve space beneath and even hidden compartments. Let’s say you have children at your home and you want to hide some cookies for them.

By using the storage space beneath the bench you can always hide the cookies so your children can feast on them later. So a kitchen bench with storage can be the best solution for your kitchen to have seating and storage space.

Even you can store spices or groceries in them. In combination with bins and drawers, the open storages can work as a spice and herb organizer or even as a crockery rack.

What Kind of Bench Would Work for You?

Depending on needs and preferences, there are a lot of benches you can choose from. With the space you have, you can select the one that works the best. Below are some of the choices available in the market.

  • Heavy industrial: these are long-lasting, sturdy benches with a lot of sitting space and storage compartments. If you have a lot of open space in the kitchen or area adjacent to the kitchen, these organizers can work perfectly for you.
  • Cozy seating top: who does not like relaxing cushion top to sit? These benches come with a faux leather cover or fabric cushions on the top. They are usually wide and offer a lot of comfortable sitting space. These seating ideas can work with any décor.
  • Minimalistic with MFD top: for relatively small spaces, you can go with minimal design hard benches. They mostly have a lot of tier for storage and can add ample organizing space to your kitchen. They are sturdy and work for short sitting durations.
  • Farmhouse styled and rustic: old school rustic construct is perfect for adding color and contrast to any place in the house. These designs work perfectly well for kitchens as well.  They are stylish and useable for organization and as a sitting space.

How to narrow down your choices to a specific bench?

So how do you choose that one bench that is just perfect and compliment the interior of your house really? Here are a few questions you need to ask form yourself before going shopping for the bench.

Do you have enough floor space?

As these benches are not wall mounts and require some space, it is essential to know what kind of space you have. Measure the dimension you will be using for the bench and go on from there.

How much time do you plan on spending on the bench?

Budgeting is vital before making any investment. Give yourself a range you can easily afford. This is important to avoid the overspending on the item that you just liked and didn’t need.

What kind of storage space do you need?

The sitting area is not the only priority; storage space is required as well. After deciding the budget range, you can look for the sitting space and storage that works for you. Decide beforehand if you need a hidden compartment for groceries or store the herb in the open space.

With all these answers, the decision will come to you quickly and easily.

5 Best Kitchen Bench with Storage

We consider more then fifty products to find best products for our readers but unfortunately there are very few choices available that can fit into a kitchen, here you can see that:

1. Better Homes and Gardens 4-Cube Storage Organizer Bench


  • Ample storage– this product offers ample storage space to keep all your kitchen items.
  • Comfortable sitting space– covered in the cushion, the organizer offers a perfect and comfortable sitting area.
  • Neutral Colors– it is available in several neutral colors that can work with any décor and walls.

Your kitchen space does not have to be isolated with no sitting area anymore. We bring you a perfectly comfortable bench with ample storage under it. The over sturdy build is long-lasting and made from a robust material. The countertop is covered with cushion provides comfy space to sit while you are taking a break from the kitchen.

For storing the kitchen items, you can use the cubby storage as you like. There are plenty of ways to be creative and you can use the storage space the way you like it.

Depending on the storage requirement, you can go for a large product that has more space. Also, there is no need to worry about the hues and color tone because the perfect color of the storage bench will look good with any decor.

The neutral color of this organizer meddles perfectly well with any interior. Now there is no need to stay in the kitchen alone. You can bring the tea party to the kitchen couch. It’s chubby storage offers the freedom to organizer the stuff as you like. Also, make it into a mini spice rack or store crockery inside; it is all up to.


  • Spacious
  • A lot of colors to choose from
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2. ACME Furniture Berci White Bench with Storage


  • Cushion top – The bench is covered in the cushion and it will let you sit comfortably for long hours.
  • Sliding drawers– the metals sliders are installed in place for easy access and pulling out.
  • Perfect dimensions– this organizer is of the ideal size for medium to large spaces. 

We have all the reasons to droll over this wonderful kitchen bench with storage. It is the ultimate choice for kitchens. Now you can accessorize the kitchen space with amazing organizers and storage options.  Whether you want additional sitting space in the kitchen or anywhere in the house, this organizer has got your covered.

It’s wooden texture and intimate design bring comfort to your home. The seating bench is covered in foam cushion, which is both stylish and cozy.

All your pantry items and snacks are stored on the countertop? With is ideal organizer, you can now keep everything stored away in the drawers. With the changing weather, they will not get stuck in. The metal sliders ensure you have access to the stuff within at all times.

For proper arrangement, you can designate each drawer for a specific kitchen item. For example, you can keep jars and spices in one and all the herbs in another.

Also, the amazing bench will allow you to have a conversation with your family members while you are cooking in the kitchen. This kitchen bench with storage is the ultimate choice for your kitchen and you have all the reasons to go for it right away.


  • Easy placement with no assembly
  • Perfect for any place of the house.
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3. Rustic Cottage Bench with 1 Shelf, White Antique


  • Rustic farmhouse style- The product has an old school design and this organizer is perfect for any home interior.
  • Distress color- The rough finishing coat makes the overall look very stylish and organic.
  • Slim dimensions- it is not extremely wide, and sleek sizes fit any home perfectly well.

Vintage and Rustic touch in furniture is liked by many. We all prefer the kind of furniture that is vintage in nature. If you are into a rustic farmhouse design, then this organizer is perfect for you. In case you need ample storage space with the sitting area then you should go for this organizer.

The benchtop of this kitchen bench with storage has a wooden and old school texture. You can easily add contrast to your place with this bench.

Additionally, you can also include a funky sequin cushion or use it as a decorative slab. Its structure and design offer a lot of freedom of artistic expression. The lower tier serves the storage purpose. You can use it as it is or in combination with other shelf organizers. Also, there are a lot of options to be creative with the storage space and you can use it however you like it.

The bin storage boxes in neutral colors will go perfectly well with the bottom shelf. Grocery items and all the extra snacks can be stored in that way. The good thing is that you can convert it into hidden storage or use it as an open shelf for crockery.


  • Use as open or hidden storage
  • Perfective sitting and decorative space
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4. ACME Furniture Charla Bench


  • Industrial style bench– it is an industrial-style beech with a modern touch and unique look. The best thing is that it looks good with any decor.
  • Open storage– The bottom shelf can be used to store kitchen items as open storage.
  • Contrasting colors: It has catchy yet neutral color shades that contrast and work to light up the dull and drab spaces.

Just because we want a storage space for a kitchen doesn’t mean that we can get just anything for it. A touch of woody vibe in a kitchen always adds comfort and serenity. This organizer is a perfect fit if you are looking to add some wooden storage space to the room. It’s Wooden built-in combination with a padded cushion seat is perfect for prolonged sitting.

Also, hues and color give an overall welcoming and soothing outlook. This organizer is an ideal bench space for all kinds of storage items. With some added cushion over the seat, it can also serve a decorative purpose with some cozy sitting space.

You can easily relax on a bench while cooking in a kitchen without bothering about the boiling stew. The bottom shelf is slatted, which does not let the dust accumulate.

You can easily clean the slats with some damp cloth. Unlike substandard storage benches, this product has a perfect height that offers comfortable sitting space and does not strain legs.


  • An ideal space for sitting in the kitchen.
  • There are plenty of options to be creative with the storage space.
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5. Baxton Studio Jaime Walnut Wood 3-Drawer Seating Bench with Two Open Shelves


  • Combination storage– this storage bench offers combination storage with cubby and drawers.
  • Hidden and open storage combined-with both hidden and open storage in one organizer, you get to choose the space utilization efficiency.
  • Wood veneering- The wooden texture and finishing is contemporary and adds to the overlook of your kitchen.

Combination storage items with ample storage spaces are a hot favorite on the market. If you are looking for such things, then this product is a fantastic choice for you.  The seating space is covered in the faux leather cushion. The best thing about the cushion is that, it stands the test of time and likely to stay with you for years to come.

The bonus feature is that, the sitting area does not occupy the whole bench. Instead, half of the benchtop has tower drawers. To help you pull out the drawers in an easy way, the front is made with grooves. This feature offers hidden storage, so the excessive clutter is not visible.

Drawers are fantastic for keeping spice jars and herbs. Below the seating is the cubby storage. Make a spice rack, or a can rack out of it, or store snacks; space is designed to work will all. You can also add some extra bins to increase the room or use it for hidden storage.


  • There is an option of adding extra bins to increase the room for hidden storage.
  • The sitting space is very comfortable.
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Your kitchen does not have to be the place where you go only for cooking. Let’s say you have an unfinished book with you and you want to read it in your kitchen. With kitchen benches, this purpose can be achieved. Also, the best thing about kitchen benches with storage is that they give you ample space to store kitchen accessories. If the crockery and spices are laying around randomly you can organise them with a kitchen bench storage.

Hopefully, this resource will help you find a suitable kitchen bench with storage that provides sitting space and storage compartments.

We have reviewed some of the amazing kitchen benches with storage. Now its up to you to make a choice for your kitchen.