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Clutter-free storage of shoes can be challenging to accomplish. The problematic factor is the variety of shoes of various kinds. If you are into heels, things can be even tricky. Mostly you will have trouble finding a storage space for your heels. High heels come in a variety of styles and sizes. They are particularly difficult to store like other shoes because of their design. Moreover, they require extra care and effort in storage as compared to different kinds of shoes. You cannot place heels over heels, for this reason, it is imperative to come up with something that is innovative and suited best for high heels. So here I am discussing high heel shoe racks?

Let’s look into several kinds of heels and have a deeper understanding of how to store them. If we focus on the design kind of heel, there can be a thousand types. There are pumps, stilettos, peep toes, t-straps, block, wedge, platform, and several others. Heel’s thickness can vary with the design. The standard storages of bamboo and slatted wood can work for the wedges and platforms; it’s the thin heels that require special attention. You will need a slab with a lot of headspaces or a non-slatted shelf, so they don’t fall through and damage the heel.

If we consider the fabric or the material from heels are made, there is diversity in that sector as well. Heels cover with cloth requires you to keep in tucked away in a dust-free place. Suppose own a pair of Christian Louboutin’s signature heels with red soles or a collector’s edition from a high-end brand you next extra care. Even if you want to keep your shoes last for a long time, proper storage and care is a must. 

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How High Heels Can Be?

Well, how high can heels be? ; is a question of preference and forbearance. If you are really into high heels and can easily walk in them, they can be as high as you like. In 2011, Lady Gaga once walked the red carpet of CFDA in 24 inches platform heels. But that was more of a fashion statement than a representative heel.

In general, high heels can be anywhere from 4-10 inches. Some ladies even prefer to go with heels that are higher than 10 inches. The widely liked height for the heels is 3 inches, which is both chic and comfortable. However, many people prefer 5-6 inches of heels, which are more stylish and comfortable.

At the end of the day, the size of the heel depends upon the personal preference of a woman.

How Much Space a High Heel Pair Needs?

If we look into the whole construct of heels, they are mostly slim pairs with prominent heights. Unlike like combat boots and ugh, the heels do not require much space width-wise. The size is just like that of a regular shoe. It’s the height of the heel that becomes a deciding factor when it comes to choosing appropriate shoe storage. On average, a height of 8 inches will be enough to sort almost all kinds of high.

But if you have long boots with high heels, you might require more space lengthwise. Also, you must remember that heels cannot be placed on normal shoe storage organizers all the time. Heels need separate storage space because of their construct.

Let’s look into some of the best organizers that offer a perfect home for all kinds of heels that you own. These options can be a fantastic solution to all sorts of heel problems and safekeeping.

1. Best Cabinet Stand Expandable for Heels


  • A spacious heel storage organizer that looks good with all the décor.
  • Perfect storage space for all types of heels.
  • The air circulation will make sure that the heels do not accumulate unpleasant smells.
  • It can be organized without any technical help with the instruction manual.
  • Each cube can hold the weight up to 22 lbs.
  • This shoe rack is waterproof so heels can be stored for the long term.
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This portable and expandable storage solution can be a fantastic home to all of your high heels. The best part about this high heels storage space is its design. This rack is designed in such a way that it offers long term storage of shoes. So you can just leave your heels for a long time in this organizer. And you will not have to worry about the dust and dirt.

Depending upon the need, you can choose from four different sizes. It comprises of boxes that are multi-stackable. These are made from environmentally friendly resin panels joined together by plastic connectors.  This environment-friendly solution comes in black color. The doors of the boxes have two variations clear or a  white panel.

All of its panels are waterproof, easy to clean, and washable. Let’s say you want to put your high heels in a storage space for few months, the waterproof characteristics of this show that will make sure that they stay in tip top condition.

The protective doors allow the dust-free storage of your heels. Its design is a product air circulating technology that gives the airy storage and does not allow the odor to build up. It carries a chic and elegant look and looks well with all kinds of décor. The dimensions of each box are larger than the similar products on the market.

With a height of 12 inches, it can store heels or all types. It also comes with the detachable partitions so you can add extra space to the boxes. It is robust, and each box can carry the load of up to 22 lbs. Easy to assemble box storage comes with a detailed instructions manual. If you do not need any technical help to assemble this shoe rack.


  • Perfect storage space for heels.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Robust build.
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2. Whitmor 8 Tier Shoe Tower With Non-Slip Racks


  • The eight tiers have the ability to hold up to 40 heels and that’s the most beautiful part of this heals storage organizer.
  • It has a sturdy build and the style goes well with all kinds of texture.
  •  The non-slip black tubes will keep the heels in place.
  • It offers convenient vertical space to organize heels perfectly
  • The ventilation will not allow an unpleasant smell to survive on heels.
  • A perfect choice to neatly stack heels.
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This shoe rack by Whitmore can be a savior for all of your heels. Available in casual and wheel-based options, the whole construct of this rack is elegant and sleek. The base rods are of black color, and the rest of the structure is silver. That adds to the contrast and enhances the overall look. An easy clutter solution can be placed anywhere you want, be it hallway or bedroom. The wheel option in this rack makes the movement smooth. 

Unlike like shelves, the rod structures do not allow the dust to accumulate. It provides are very stylish diagonal shoe storage. These rods can work well even with the small heels of flat shoes. This organizer can store up to 40 pairs of shoes. The heel of the shoe goes over to the back of the rod and prevent it from falling over. Heels can be stored at the same level irrespective of the height.

This eliminated the need for a lot of headspaces and additional shelf to shelf distance. The space-saving capacity of this rack is remarkable. It can store more shoes within the same height than any other shelf storage.


  • A perfect fit for a joint family.
  • It organizes heels neatly.
  • Cost-effective and productive.
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3. KIKIONLIFE DIY Shoe Rack for Heels


  • It has two colors black and grey and they go well with all kinds of décor.
  • Perfectly versatile storage for all kinds of heels.
  • These shoe racks can be assembled without any technical help.
  • It can hold up to 16 pairs of shoes.
  • Not only the material is waterproof, but this shoe rack also has a robust build.
  • Available in 5 and 8 Shelves.
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The dazzling shoe tower comes in two colors; black and grey. It can be a perfect and versatile solution for the storage of all kinds of heels—a double rack with 6 tier storage on the one side and three tiers on the other side. The 3 tier section can be aa perfect place for straight high heeled boots or long shoes or both. Depending upon the storage requirement, you can choose from 5 shelved and eight shelved options.

The rod structure of this rack is an upgrade from similar products and is thicker. Thus, this adds to the high load-bearing capacity and strength of this rack. Its structure is waterproof and rust-proof. This feature allows this shoe storage to last for years.

This space-saving item can house up to 16 pairs of shoes. You can also remove the layers in the 6 tier side to add extra space form high heels. The material is recyclable, which makes it an environmentally friendly option for all earth lovers. High-quality non-woven fabric is used to make shelve tops.  It is high grade as compared to low-quality material available on the market.

The installation and assembly of this rack are effortless. All you need is to connect the pipes using the plastic connectors, and the shelves are ready to be used for shoe placement. It is versatile storage for all types of heels.


  • Extremely durable
  • Available in two colors.
  • Cost effective and holds up to 16 pair of shoes.
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4. HOMEFORT 5-Tier Metal Shoe Rack


  • The neat and clean vibe of this shoe storage organizer gives a nice feel to the overall surroundings.
  • Along with heals, many other things can be stored on this organizer.
  • With proper care, the shoe rack has the ability to last for years.
  • There is an option of being creative with the storage space.
  • Assembling is not a big deal and can be done without any technical help.
  • It is perfect to even store very high heels.
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Ladies believe in having multiple pairs when it comes to heels. However, storing heels can be tricky but not if you have the right shoe storage organizer. If you have a lot of platform heels and wedges, this can be an amazing choice for you.

Homefort comes with additional decorative benefits. Not only it goes well with most of the décor, but it can also be used for different things. You can use the extra top shelf for ornaments or multipurpose storage.

Made from durable MDF, the top shelf is of rustic brown color. It is a sturdy and robust material that can bear heavyweight. This decorative piece can suit any corner of your house. The rest of the structure is made from a powder-coated metal tube.

The storage shelves are slatted and made with the mesh wire. The rack can also serve as multipurpose storage for your other household items.

You can store your heels on the four-tier slatted space. Three pairs of shoes can easily be placed on each shelf.  It has a neat and clean vibe and your heels will look rather decorative on this shoe storage organizer. This amazing feature also offers dust-free storage. You will not need to clean the tiers very often.

This construct is a perfect blend of strength and space. It has enough storage space for your medium-sized collection of high heels. The problem can arise for pencil heels, as they would fall off. You can use a plastic sheet over the slats for the storage of pencil heels. The shelf space is 7 inches, which is enough for an average pair of heels. The company claims to have 100% consumer satisfaction.


  • Sturdy build.
  • Versatile
  • Aesthetic and can be used for multiple purposes.
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5. BESP 10 Tier Shoe Rack Cabinet


  • The wonderful shoe rack can be assembled without any technical help.
  • There is an option of covering the entire organizer when you don’t feel like showing off your heels.
  • This shoe rack is versatile and any kind of shoes can be placed on it.
  • Because of its aesthetic nature, it can add a lot of value to any room.
  • Not only it is dirt-proof, but it is also waterproof.
  • The durability of this wonderful shoe rack is out of the world.
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The trouble with most shoe storage organizers is that they are not very strong in structure. You must remember that for heel storage you need something that is versatile and durable. A decorative shoe rack will not serve your purpose therefore BESP comes to the rescue. The most striking feature of this shoe storage organizer is its durable nature. Made out of steel tubes, this one is the best in terms of durability.

This shoe cabinet can add aesthetic value and narrow storage space to your house. It can be a perfect organizer for all of your heels and other shoes. The user is responsible for choosing the kind of shoes to be placed on this shoe rack, however it can be the perfect choice for any kind of heel storage.  

The item is available in black and grey colors. You can decide whatever is better suited for the aura of your home. This compact and concise looking rack can be an eye catch addition to your space. It is stylish and displays your shoes in all their glory. For the ladies who believe in showing off their heels, this one is the best choice.

The organizing can also save a lot of time to look for a favorite pair in the pile of shoes. It is an ideal choice for all kinds of heels. It offers ample storage capacity for nearly everything.

The body is made of metal in the form of steel tubes. They can be connected to each other with the help of plastic connectors. The tubing uses the improved technology of electrophoresis in its manufacturing. Thus, they are nothing like cheap, galvanized rods. Its tiers are adjustable and removable. You can remove the layer to increase the storage space for high boots or heels. Because of its flexible nature, this one is the top shoe rack for heels.

One of the different features is that the rack can be fully covered. Equipped with non-woven fabric, the cabinet offers completely dust-free storage.

The front cover is foldable, so you can decide if you want to showcase the shoes or cover them. People who are obsessive-compulsive can cover this perfect storage space for heels. This feature also makes the organizer a fantastic choice for long term shoe storage. The assembly of this piece is easy and does not take much time.


  • A wonderful organizer for all kinds of heels.
  • Strong and sturdy.
  • Cost-effective and extremely productive.
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Ladies cannot live without heels and now there is an option of storing them in proper shoe rack storage. The wonderful thing about heel storage organizers that one can be creative with the space. Because of the versatile nature heel storage organizers are extremely famous.

We have reviewed some of the best heels storage organizers. Pick the best one and make sure you go for the one that best suit your needs.

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