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Foam, or more specifically styrofoam, is a staple of every creative mind. This incredibly plastic variation is highly dependable and solid with being inexpensive. You can easily cut, shape, drill, and reattach the little foam bricks – an ideal scenario for DIY, realistic modeling, and mini crafting projects.

The glittering aspects of foam make it the top choice of trainers, trainees, professionals, and householders alike. According to a report published in The Guardian, “styrofoam is the largest non-food cutting object all over the world.” The source of the report is the Institute of Plastic Studies at Seoul. 

Nonetheless, all the foam users’ high vibes throw mercilessly into the cold water when the buck stops at carving. The foam is not as simple to cut as it seems. A progeny of plastic stands intact and turns your every enthusiastic endeavor into a botched fiasco. Before moving forward let’s have a look at our top recommendations:

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So what’s the solution? Here, a name jiggles into the mind – electric knife for cutting foam.

Yes, by the advent of technology, the market is brimming with a plethora of foam-specific electric knives that provide you a formulaic way of chopping the otherwise resilient foam.

The electric knives make the task super simple by combining the cutting edge with the heated effect hence cutting down the foam like the piping hot butter slices.

Nonetheless, just like other technological equipment, the electric knives are also prone to quality deterioration; hence, it is pertinent to have a detailed market survey before signing the final deal cheque.  

This article is written by veterans who have dragged out the top five electric knives for you. Hold breath! We would unleash the exciting brands before going through the buyer’s guide. Stay with us!

5 Aspects to Look in Electric Knife for Cutting Foam

If you come across a less known brand or analyze every brand according to your standards, a viable solution is to check this criterion list; if you end with all checks and no cross, do buy with utmost confidence.

1. The electric circuit must be of high quality

The electric knife’s soul is the current that runs into its veins. For optimal foam cutting, the panel should be of high quality with less waiting time. Panel quality ensures adjustable heat and quick heating and cooling phases.

A low-quality electric panel would push you into the deep grooves of waiting and botched cutting with a hell of residues and uneven corners.

2. The blade is the heart

Just like manual knives, here, electric knives also play a vital role in cutting operations. A blunt sweltering knife might burn the foam rather than slicing through it.

A safer option is to opt-in for a stainless steel blade that lasts long and thwarts corrosion. What’s more needed?

3. The handle should be ergonomic

The handle has prime importance in every knife as it provides cushioning support to the base. Nonetheless, the handle’s essence enhances manifold once you come across the electric knives. As a little glitch could singe your tender skin leaving excruciating pain and irreparable scars behind.

A proactive approach is to go for the ergonomically designed handle that makes the cutting task swift and convenient to the bone.    

4. Compare the price tag

Doyou know that you could get the same quality electric knife at a yawning price gap of over 200%? What a pity for uninformed buyers. Well, this happens when the buyers do not go through a research spree. Not all expensive products are milking money; it is also true that some provide the concomitant high-end features too.

This problem could easily be resolved by comparing and contrasting the elements, going through reviews, and checking the overall reputation of the brand at hand.

Another shortcut is to rely on us and pick one from our cherry-picked electric knives.  

5. Egg or chicken riddle – cord or battery-powered

Electric knives for foam cutting uses two types of fuel options, corded wires or battery-powered. The corded option was popular in the past due to the constant power supply with a little glitch about the wire distance; however, the boom of more qualitative batteries has ensured the battery-powered electric knives are the best option sans any worry of wire tangling or untangling. 

Benefits of Using the Electric Knives for Foam Slashing

More than often, folks ask about the hidden benefits of foam-customized electric knives that make these sell like the hot cross buns. Let’s share this info.

  • Electric knives make the cutting experience neat and clean, bringing in the high aesthetics in plain foam slashing.
  • No residuals are sent in the environment, so electric knives ensure a healthy ambiance for the householders.
  • Time is money, and electric knives save this treasure trove efficiently. Heat, place, and slice!
  • No more mechanical energies are wasted; cutting becomes super simple and more comfortable. An electric knife is a recommended product for patients with arthritis.
  • Electric knives are durable, runs for very long periods sans any troubles of blunting and time and again whittling.
  • Electric knives are easy to handle and cater to as they are mostly provided with a case to envelop the blade herein.
  • Usage of electric knives is super simple; you need not get explicitly trained for this; just read the manual and carve like a veteran artisan.

10 Electric Knives for Cutting Foam

Let’s unroll the selected products that have been cherry-picked after the rigorous analysis. The electric knives are assessed according to all the defining aspects of our “knife Rosetta stone.”

It’s time to unroll our champion product that beats the rivals with an extensive margin; the standout electric knife for cutting foam is no less than Hamilton Beach.

1. Hamilton Beach Electric Knife for Crafting Foam

Hamilton Beach Electric Knife for Carving Meats, Poultry, Bread, Crafting Foam & More, Storage Case & Serving Fork Included, White

Key Features

  • Stainless steel blade — Stainless steel is the most sought-after material for foam cutting.
  • Ergonomic handle — Ergonomic handle is designed for better grip and control.
  • Space-saving storage case —The space-saving storage case keeps the knife accessible and protected.

Hamilton Beach is crafted as a versatile knife that makes all of your day-to-day chores quite a lot simpler. Nonetheless, the forte of this electric knife is fine foam crafting.

The white knife depicts a festive look to the onlookers, truly riveting up your kitchen’s charm manifold.

The heart of any electric knife is its blade. Hamilton Beach’s core is made up of pure stainless steel that lasts for a very long time and could be pierced inadvertently and cops down the foam as slicing through the butter thanks to reciprocating serrated pattern into the blade.

While the handle is comfortable to the core, the white handle easily fits both hands and provides you with optimal control for your DIY crafting operations.

After usage, this Hamilton Beach knife could easily be nestled into the space-saving storage case. The spacious case keeps your electric knife protected and accessible in one call.

Besides the main foam carving functionality of Hamilton Beach, this electric knife could be leveraged for meat and bread slicing, whether beef, ham, turkey, or roast. The oscillating double blade power runs deep into the deep sans botched attempts.

This 100 watts electric-powered knife is up for sale in a convenient price bracket. Relish the crafting experience with this over-the-top solution!


  • The best foam cutter in craft and DIY projects.
  • Ensure the most delicate foam cutting through the reciprocating serrated blade.
  • Use it and safely nestle it in a robust case.


  • Restricted maneuverability.
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After the winner product, the forerunner is also one of its kind; Walnut Hollow.

2. Walnut Hollow Professional Hot Knife

Walnut Hollow Professional Hot Knife for Cutting & Carving Foam Making Stencils and Cutting Vinyl & Plastic

Key Features

  • Two lethal blades — An additional blade is provided beside the fitted one to ensure the backup.
  • Synthetic plastic body — The plastic body is durable and handy to be operated.
  • Tool stand — Tool stand provides an accessible avenue for post-usage placement.

Walnut Hollow knife is a professional version of hot knives used for carving and cutting foam, vinyl, plastic, and so on. This a high-grade technical equipment that takes on all complicated challenges with a brave face.

Walnut Hollow is not a new kid in town but has made its user base worldwide by the consistent provision of state-of-the-art industry-grade electric knives. Walnut Hollow is a household name among the professional crafting circles.

Walnut Hollow’s usability is supreme; this single knife could conveniently be applied for shaping, cutting, and carving foam. Shape the faux pumpkins into stylish emojis, cut rubber stamp sheets, and morph the wax and foam into every shape you want.

This magical knife could leverage a variety of cutting techniques. The famous foam cutting patterns are wavy line cut, beveled cut, or straight cut. Work with optimal freedom.

The functionality of Walnut Hollow is over-the-top; the hot knife carves foam like slicing butter. The electric knife can be turned on and off through a single button; while, hardcore cutting could be ensured through the durable blades.

All in all, this sleek Walnut Hollow knife in a glittering look is available at a moderate price bracket. Carve out the walnut and relish its refined fruit meat!


  • The professional hot knife craves the foam stuff finely.
  • Morphs the object with the utmost freedom of style, i.e., straight beveled, or wavy line cut.
  • A fine tool for carving faux pumpkins.


  • Tool stand collapses under the weight of the knife.
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Our third pick is from the high-end professional circles – Romech electric knife.

3. RoMech Foam Cutter 

RoMech Foam Cutter - Pro Electric Hot Knife (200W) - Styrofoam Cutting Tool Kit- with Blades & Accessories (RM-005)

Key Features

  • Quick heating durable blade — The blade attains the temperature of 1000 °F within a couple of seconds.
  • 16-tier temperature adjustment — Adjust the temperature into 16-levels according to the terrain’s crispness.
  • 10 feet long power cord — No need to run from pillar to post in search of the electric socket; the 10 feet power cord reaches any nook and cranny.

Romech ensures fast and smooth cutting with clean edges and zero debris. This electric knife allows you the optimal maneuverability to craft the foam from any angle. The heat boom achieves this swiftness that fifteen heat-intensity graduations could control.

Not only is Romech entertaining for foam and facilitates the out-of-box industrial-grade cutting of KT board, polyethylene, polyurethane, polyester, rubber, sponge, and ABS plastic.

This knife comes with a complete kit of replaceable six and eight inches blade, a plastic case for accommodation, a cleaning brush, and a hex wrench.

The Romech knife cutter does not require any special training and skills. Create complex shapes or straightening edges with zero mess and fuss. Romech is a popular choice for DIY, construction, and rigid foam modeling.

Nonetheless, special care of handling this miraculous knife is careful handling as Romech attains the sweltering temperature (500°C) instantly. It is pertinent to skim through and understand the operating manual before turning on the knife.

The design is quite much sleek and depicts a high-end look. All in all, do hand in this knife into your cart if you are heading for a professional-grade foam craving.


  • Place this knife conveniently anywhere through the metal hook.
  • Entertains polyester, polyurethane, KT board, sponge, ABS plastic even-handed.
  • No dust or foam particles extract or permeate into the space owing to the fine cutting.


  • Melts rubber rather than slicing through.
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The fourth high-performing electric knife on the foam terrain is CalCor.

4. Electric Hot Knife Foam Cutter 

Electric Hot Knife Foam Cutter - Bonus Interchangeable Cutting Wand & Safety Stand - Lightweight & Fast-Heating Styrofoam Cutting Tool - Ergonomic Foam & Polystyrene Craft Hotknife - 14W

Key Features

  • 10 seconds heat-up time — 10-watt power supply heats the knife within ten seconds.
  • Interchangeable cutting wand — The cutting wand is interchangeable in time of need; a substitute is provided.
  • Safety stand — During delicate foam carving operations, a Calcor knife could be placed onto a safety stand.

If you come across some severe kinds of foam, such as styrofoam, you must opt-in for the Calcor electric knife. The sophisticated electric circuit of Calcor heats the blade within 10 seconds and makes it swelteringly hot, comfy enough to pierce into the foam just like the butter cubicles.

The magic of Calcor is its ergonomically designed structure. The knife is swift, and the handle is comfortable enough. You can use this miraculous product for all of your DIY, construction, and architectural projects without any worries.

Calcor knife is equally beneficial for industrial and commercial usage; empirical data shows its rising demand among crafters, amateurs, and architectures.

Furthermore, you need not worry about the maintenance and placement issues as an extra blade, and balanced safety stand is also provided to ease your experience with Calcor.

While working on foam related projects, the user has to wait for the piping hot knife to be cooled down for further execution. Calcor neutralized this waiting time by incorporating a substitute cutting wand to keep working in a flow; the tempo does not break.

The unconditional warranty and free replacement gild the lily, making this beautifully designed electric knife a top choice.


  • You do not require an MIT degree to operate the Calcor knife; your procedure is super simple.
  • Calcor slices the rigid foam such as Styrofoam and Polystyrene smoothly.
  • The best knife option for DIY foam crafting projects.


  • The flexible wand might be bendy for the rookies.
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Chming is declared our fifth proficient electric knife for cutting foam.

5. 110V Air Cooled Electric Foam Cutter

electric knife for cutting foam

Key Features

  • Air cooling system — The four porous air vent holes ensure the dissipation of exhaust.
  • Faster electric circuit — Chming claims to be two times faster than the contemporary peers.
  • Sleek blades — The squared glittering blades extend a high-end look to Chming.

Chming comes forth to facilitate artistic foam tasks. This EPS foam specific, although viable in all other foam kinds too, the knife is the best-case option for carving the prototypes of architectural wonders.

Chming claims to have incorporated the first-ever air ventilation system into its knife; this means keep using this knife without any worry of overheating.

This knife is the best option for on-site construction. The glittering aspects include swift heating, temperature adjustment, and lightweight.

Chming keeps the ergonomic part first and foremost in its products; this electric knife is not an exception and can easily be used in both hands.

The DIY craft tool comes up with full one-year customer support and could be considered an excellent pick for your little foam carving tasks.


  • Chming knife could be used for hours long sans having a sigh of relief – no overheating.
  • The ergonomic handle allows you to use Chming ambidextrously.
  • Keep your knife maintained and cleaned by provided a wrench and cleaner.


  • Efficiency lowers down when using the cutting patterns other than straight.
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It is the turn for the sixth-best – Black Decker.

6. BLACK+DECKER 9-Inch Electric Carving Knife

BLACK+DECKER 9-Inch Electric Carving Knife, Black,

Key Features

  • 9-inch stainless steel blade — Nine-inch stainless steel blade entertains the trickiest foam-types aptly.
  • Safety lock knife — A safety lock prevents the knife from turning on while the socket is plugged on.
  • Serrated pattern — The serrated blade pattern executes the cutting operation sans residuals.

Black Decker is a nine-inch long anathema for every type of foam. The ergonomically designed electric knife is dishwasher friendly thanks to quality manufacturing.

The safety lock and release button ensure maximum safety during the delicate tasks for foam crafting. Black Decker claims to have the minimum fatigue with its sleek hot knife.

The serrated pattern of blade, comfortable handle, and non-slip tabs make Black Decker a top pick. While after the usage, you could place the knife comfortably onto the stand.


  • Place the knife onto the safety stand right after the usage.
  • Ensure easy deployment and stretching of knife thanks to built-in tabs.
  • Ergonomic handle ensures the comfy griping.


  • It cannot be used ambidextrously.
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The seventh-best foam craver is Mister Twister

7. Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife 

Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife (Green/Yellow)

Key Features

  • Swift blade release — The blade releases in an instant thanks to the swift deployment mechanism.
  • Serrated teeth — Serrated teeth carve the foam with utmost maneuverability.
  • Glittering color scheme — Mister Twister is available in two aspiring colors of green and yellow.

Mister Twister is an elegant edition into the world of foam carving knives. The knife perches the seventh-best position owing to its exciting color scheme, convenient deployment, and standard operation.

Over the top, a safety lock controls the knife’s lethality to prevent the backfire on the tender human skin.

This powerful device is a super time and power saver; hence, making Mister Twister a coveted knife for your foam DIY tasks.


  • Mister Twister is a power-efficient device.
  • The price tag is much lower comparing the efficiency levels.
  • Extremely viable to carve out the complicated foams.


  • Additional blades are not given.
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Atpwonz successfullyaccommodates the eighth slot.

8. Foam Cutter, Electric Hot Knife Styrofoam Foam Cutter

Foam Cutter, Electric Hot Knife Styrofoam Foam Cutter, 100-240V/15W Foam Cutting Tool, 4

Key Features

  • 400 °F heat — Aptwonz slices the foam in 400 °F hot temperature.
  • 10-second heat-up time — This knife attains the requisite temperature within 10 seconds.
  • On/off button — Aptwonz could be turned on and off by the installed switch; you need not unplug or plug it time and again.

Aptwonz is a viable electric knife to carve every kind of foam in the easiest, fastest, and cleanest way. Slice the foam and only leave a clean cut behind.

The knife attains the sweltering hot temperature within no time. You may cut foam into any angle, giving your construction a desired classical shape. The best thing about Aptwonz is its turn on/off switch that provides you premium usability sans tinkering with the power socket.

Furthermore, the non-slip handle gives you easy handling to accomplish the home, school, party, and advertisement assignments.


  • Aptwonz is easy-going owing to simple handling and lightweight plastic body.
  • Maneuver comfortably and design the complex shapes according to your whims and wishes.
  • The ergonomically designed handle does not put extra strain on the hand.


  • The knife cannot be used for more than a couple of hours in one spree.
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Our ninth product in Jiading

9. Electric Knife Hot Knife Foam Cutter

Electric Knife Hot Knife Foam Cutter Foam sculpture hot knife cutter (Foam Cutter)

Key Features

  • Temperature control — The temperature control mechanism prevents the knife from overheating.
  • Rubber power cord — The cord cannot be broken owing to rubberized flexibility.
  • Blade holder — The blade holder nestles the blade with an iron grip.

Jiading is one of the most superior knives for cutting sans chipping. Use it with the bendable blade or groove and relish the finest craftsmanship.

The speed and intensity of Jiading are adjustable, while the wire could be connected to a socket more comprehensively up to three meters.

If you want to ensure easy foam carving without any fuss, Jiading is the best possible option, with high aesthetics.


  • No grimy rough burr after the cutting operation.
  • The power efficiency is boosted by 200W jerk.
  • Keep your electric knife clean and green by copper brush.


  • Loosen the switch for a couple of seconds after every 30 seconds to avoid overheating.
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Last but not least, Huanyu proves its competency by perching on the coveted top ten.

10. Huanyu Foam Cutter Electric Knife Cutting Machine

Huanyu Foam Cutter Electric Knife Cutting Machine Pen Heated Foam 100-240V Hot Wire Sculpting Tools Accessories (15cm)

Key Features

  • DIY cutter head — The shape of the cutter could be bent flexibly by the DIY cutter head.
  • Eight-hour endurance — Huanyu could run incessantly for eight long hours.
  • Sculpting tool — Besides excavating, the knife could also be used aptly for sculpting tasks.

Huanyu displays the accommodative posture for all of your DIY tasks. Bend the cutter in any dimension the project demands for. Besides straight cutting, the angling and posture craving could quickly be executed by Huanyu.

We recommended this knife for long, tedious tasks owing to its eight-hour working sans heating. Cut, dig, and engrave the foam just like the strokes of a paintbrush.

Huanyu facilitates the DIY tasks up to optimal levels. You slice the foam just like the piping hot margarine splices.

Huanyu is a beautifully crafted heated knife that is available in a viable price bracket. Huanyu turns the banal foam crafting experience into a fun ride.


  • Cutting, engraving, or dragging; nothing is impossible.
  • Besides foam, the high temperature and low fluidity elements could easily be cut down.
  • Huanyu is a cost-effective electric knife, bolstering your budget.


  • The forceful carving may break the knife pen.
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Slice the conclusion

In the end, you must have enlightened enough to pick a lovely, well-performing, and cost-effective brand for your foam carving needs. We hope that this blog would prove a beacon house to steer your ship towards the serene foamy paths. Cutting has never been a fun ride like this!

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