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A console table with shoe storage can be a great multi-purpose addition in your furniture, but before moving to the best one you must know the history and purpose of console tables.

The history of furniture date backs to several centuries. Since then, it has evolved in its design, material, construct, and whatnot. These transitions happen over time and are dependent on several factors. The usage and purpose are the two factors that play an essential role in molding furniture over time. The demands can vary from royal to common and from storage to decorative. With time the requirements shifted more towards fulfilling storage than decorative.

The same can apply to the console table. Throughout the period, the construct and material of the table have changed. If you are into British and French history and tend to watch a lot of period dramas and series, chances are you have already seen a console in all its originality. But you might not recognize it because the console table of a modern-day does not look any like its parent for centuries ago. Let’s dig deeper into this modern-old table.

What are the console tables?

The origin of console tables dates back to the 17th century in French and Italian furniture design. By definition, the console table means a table that has to be supported by brackets or corbels against a wall. Traditionally, it is a table that is not free-standing on four legs but brackets. It has a half-moon shape with two legs, firmly attached against the wall.

These tables were a must-have in French palaces and royal living. The brackets and ridges were craved in elaborated designs and often gilded in gold. It served an ornamental purpose of beautifying the place.

A modern-day console table has a variety of looks. Over time its purpose has also changed. That is mainly due to social development and evolving needs. Although a modern-day palace might still have these tables for ordinary people, the furniture has a different meaning. Thus, these console tables are made into simpler ones that can work with a small to medium-sized houses.

The design should blend right in with the rest of the furniture. There still are a variety of console tables available that severe the purpose of decoration. These tables are now free-standing, and some also have four legs.

Although the wall mounted are still in style, but they are different from the traditional ones.

One other thing that has evolved is the storage capacity and purpose. The traditional ones that had just a flower vase place on the top are now used for various purposes. There are ones that have cubical storages for books and other stuff. Others have multiple shelves like storage. Depending on the choice, you can now place them anywhere you like.

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Why console table with shoe storage?

When it comes to the whys of the console table as shoe storage, there can be many different answers to that. The main originates from the blend of need and style. We can all agree that the storage furniture, especially some massive shoe storage, can sometimes be really dull and drab.

It might help you put away all the clutter, it can become boring. And no one wants a dreary-looking home. The need is to add furniture that can brighten up the place and has the storage capacity. Here is why the console table can be a perfect alternative.

  • Modern and stylish: console table is a chic addition to your house. The contemporary constructs available in the market are designed for small spaces. They are slim and minimalistic and can fit in the small hallways or living rooms.
  • Storage capacity: most console tables are designed to add style with storage capacity. They are often paired with shelves and box storage. This can help you store away the mess in an elegant way.
  • Versatile: the table can be placed to add a simple and interesting look anywhere in the house. You can place it behind a sofa, like a sofa table, and in hallways to store shoes or store other kinds of clutter.

Let’s have a look at some innovative design latest designs of the console table. These can add to the look as well as the storage space to your house.

1. Best Console Table With Shoe Storage

This Industrial style, the durable metal table, is a fantastic option for everyone. The best thing about this one is that it has the ability to go well with any kind of decor. Its long-lasting and sturdy metal build provides longevity and is meant to last for years.

The modern styled natural rustic console table can be an eye-catching addition to your homes. A perfect combination of deep black and rust is an ideal combination that adds contrast to any room décor. This perfect design gives a modern look to the interior. The sleek frame of this table is constructed from a strong metal that has a black finish. 

The tabletop is made from MDF, which is a long-lasting and robust alternative to wood. The characteristics of MDF also make the top shelf waterproof and scratch proof. Even if you have kids at home, the material will not let them scratch the table even slightly. Thus, you don’t have to add extra care or elaborated treatment to keep this piece of furniture clean.

The bottom shelf is an innovative addition to the whole look of the table, which is made of mesh metal in black color. The bottom shelf’s industrial construct can support up to 88 lbs of weight. The storage feature is multi-purpose and caters to the personalized need of a household.

If you place the table in a hallway, you can use it as shoe storage. For a lounge, you can add your favorite books on the bottom shelf. It can serve an entirely ornamental purpose as well. Add decorative items or a plant. The choice is entirely yours. This table can be used for anything and that is why it is so desirable.

One other feature that adds to its diversity is the adjustable footpads. They can work on all types of bumpy surfaces as wells as carpets. The footpads allow a scratch-free placement and protect your flooring from abrasions and damage.

Key Features

  • The beautiful design will add a lot of value to the overall decor.
  • The bottom shelf can be used for different things, be it books, shoe accessories, or even ornaments.
  • It is cost-effective and can be used productively.
  • There is no restriction on where it should be placed. It can be placed anywhere in the house.
  • As the material is extremely durable so it may last a lifetime.


  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to clean.
  • Goes well with all kind of decor.
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2. Top Rated Console Table With Shoe Storage

This fabulous table by Powell is probably the most fashionable console table on the market. It has a unique construct and serves your needs of storage as well. Most of the time it is hard to come across a console table that can be used as an accessory and storage space. This one serves both purposes and that’s why it’s the best.

Functional, chic, and stylish design straight out, fulfills the core values of the company. It is a candid picture of what the company aims to provide to its customers. A product of unique craftsmanship is out the world’s design. Unlike any other table, this one-piece carries the shades of blue, subtle green and off white. Thus, this console table can be an exotic and antique addition to your home. Also, it has a subtle touch to it and that makes it much more desirable.

The whole table has an antique and weathered look and incredible storage capacity. The trendy, distressed paint of the table carries a unique color combination. It adds a spark to your monotonous room and is perfect for the contrast. You don’t have to worry about assembling this piece. The table comes in one preassembled piece. All you need is to find a perfect spot for the placement. You can place it anywhere you like as it will look good almost everywhere.

Below the top shelf are two deep drawers. These drawers have antique pull handles that have a bronze finish. They complement the colors of the table and add to the whole old school tone. Things you don’t want out in the open can be safely placed inside these drawers.

The chic bottom shelf is spacious and offers storage for a variety of things. You can put it in the hallway or room and use it for the storage of your shoes. It is a two in one solution that offers decoration as well as storage.

Key features

  • This console table can be used as an accessory and storage space.
  • Mostly it makes perfect storage for shoes.
  • There is an option of being creative with the bottom rack.
  • It is cost-effective and extremely productive.
  • The beautiful design will add a lot of value to your space.
  • There is no need to assemble this one because it came pre-assembled.


  • Extremely productive.
  • The storage space can be used for anything.
  • Perfect addition for shoe storage.
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3. Industrial Grade Console Tables With Shoe

This console table is a perfect sleek design by Henn and Hart. Some people like having minimalistic furniture in house and this one is an ideal choice for all such people. It is perfectly minimalistic and slim in its construct and structure. If you are going for a modern and wrought-iron- kind-of look, it is perfect for you.

The innovative and latest design can be an ideal addition to the whole ambiance of your home. The sturdy table is a perfect blend of glass and steel. This is also the one quality that makes it different for the other console tables. Unlike the usually heavy furniture that gives off a drab and heavy vibe, this table is slim and smart. It mostly looks really good in the living room.

The table is made handcrafted from a blackened bronze finish that can uplift any drab interior in your house.  The top shelf is made from tempered glass. This is the one feature that takes away all the heaviness from its look.

The bottom shelf is made from metal. The metal slab is perforated and prevents the accumulation of dust—a secure storage idea with a touch of style. The tabletop can be used for light items and embellishments. Photo frame or a small cactus and add to the beauty of the table. For the bottom shelf, you can add flower pots or use it for the storage of shoes.

You can use it in the hallways to add a simple look or for a room. It also does pretty well tucked behind a sofa like a traditional console table. The extraordinary slim dimensions make this table light and subtle addition to any room. And the storage space is the bonus feature of this furniture. 

Also, because of the sleak design of this console table, it is the perfect choice for placing sleek heels. Though, it will look good anywhere still it’s placement in a hallway will add a lot of value to your space.

Key features

  • It can be used as a piece of furniture and shoe storage.
  • Because of its sleek design, it can be the perfect addition for sleek heels.
  • There is nothing heavy about this console table. It is lightweight and very productive.
  • Probably you will not get a storage space for photo frames better than this console table.
  • An ideal fit for hallways, it will never disappoint the user.
  • Apart from shoe storage, it can be the best storage space for indoor plants as well
  • This is cost-effective and yet productive.


  • It can be used as a piece of furniture and storage space for shoes.
  • Sleek and stylish.
  • Productive.
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The wonderful thing about a console table is that it can be used as a piece of furniture and storage space for shoes. When you want the value for your money then you need nothing more but a console table. Now that we have reviewed some of the best console tables for you, it is your turn to make a choice.

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