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Every one of us has some sort of closet in his or her room, but only a few prefer to invest in the accessories that can keep the cabinets organized. If you are one who loves to keep the cloths and other stuff organized in your wardrobe, then you need the best closet organizer.

The best closet organizer allows you to save the space and makes it possible to put more things in small space, you can find the required item without making any efforts, and this is the most significant benefit when you in a hurry to leave.

The closet organizers itself are not costly, yet they are too useful when it comes to decluttering and saving space to accommodate more stuff. Here are our top recommendations.

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You must have a look on the benefits of closet organizers, this reading will also help you to make your mind.

Ten Benefits of Closet Organizers

Closet organizers, no matter their kind, always come in handy. They effectively add to space and declutter the zone. There is a possibility of decluttering everything with a closet organizer’s help, be it clothes, decoration pieces, or even shoes. In the case of open closet space, they change the mood and the tone of your whole room. For walk-in closets, the area looks neat and radiates positive energy. Let’s take an in-depth look at how these organizers can serve their benefits.

1. Space-saving

Closet organizing is the best space-saving option. Unlike standard closet placement, they use the space effectively. Most of the time, they come laced with different compartments where everything can be stored separately. They are fantastic for small apartments, dorms, and houses. If you have hanging space in your closet, you can go for hanging shelf organizers. A combination of extra space will be added in that way.

Big wooden hangers often take additional space. You can go for cascading hooks to save 80% of the closet space, and they also come handy. If you are making a new closet, go for a complete closet organization kit.

The package comes filled with everything you will need. Also, these are mostly sleek designs that can work with a wide range of closet types. Nowadays, there is a possibility of getting any closet organizer and effectively offering space storage options.

2. Designated area for everything

There are several kinds of closet organizers on the market. Most of them are designed in a combination of several storage spaces. This allows you to keep all the stuff in specific places. Most of the closet organizers have different compartments for different things where you can store towels, pants, shirts, or even accessories separately.

For example, if you want a closet system, they offer combination storage. There will be several different sizes of shelves for folded clothes and accessories. Hooks and knobs are also there to hang bags, belts, and scarves. Some of these kits also have specialized shoe storage space.

Also, there are even such closet organizers where everything can be stored, ranging from clothes to shoes. Thus, everything in the closet gets a place. This type of organization will help you look for your favorite fuzzy socks.

3. Perfect display for Easy Glancing

Closet organizers bring perfection to the presentation of all your belongings. Everything you put in the closet will be in front of you. This way, you will not hassle with finding your stuff. Your favorite shirt will not hide among the pile of clothes anymore.

These organizers make it easier to look for the clothes you need. Your morning routine will become less stressful. If you have kids, it is possible to keep the things in place for them not to make a mess. Everything you need will be right in front of your eyes. These organizers are perfect for opening closets as well.

You can add creative touch by hanging clothes according to colors. For ladies, there are tons of creative options with these organizers. This will further enhance the beauty of your wardrobe. 

4. Store away bulky seasonal clothing

Nothing looks more ugly then seasonal clothing that is no longer needed. The best thing about closet organizers is that they take care of seasonal clothing in an effective manner. Apart from complete closet sets, there are also box organizers.

These boxes are specifically designed to put away clothes for a long time. These organizers are a perfect fit if you are looking to store away seasonal clothes. They are breathable and keep the dust and mold out for a long time. Moreover, the dimensions of these closet organizers are large enough to fit the blankets and comforters.

You can add to the closet space by putting away these winter essentials. Thus, these closet organizers can be a fantastic alternative to just placing them in the closet. If you do not like the sight of these closet organizers, you can always put them on a bed or in a closet.

5. Utilize the space to max capacity

Unlike standard wardrobes, closet organizers are designed to be extremely space-saving. They can work with closet spaces of all sorts. You can choose from a slim design for small spaces or go for expanded organizers of there is a lot of space. Nonetheless, every organizer will utilize the area to the maximum.

The closet organizers are mostly combination storages. There is a lot to choose from in the market. You can find the organizer that works best for your space. Thus, these organizers help use all the areas that you have.

6. No need to spend bucks on building a closet

When it comes to closet space, we often go for raw material required and build it from scratch. This involves a lot of construction material. All of the content combined will cost you a lot. There is no point in spending so much money on something that can be done economically otherwise.

The most comfortable and convenient solution would be to buy the organizer kit. These packages are specifically designed for the closets. They contain everything you will need to assemble a cabinet. The installation does not require any labor, and you can do it by yourself.

No Technical help is necessary to arrange these closet organizers, which is the best part of them. This will cost less compared to the building closet. The cost of laborers installing the complete wardrobe will also be saved.

7. Keep everything arranged

With standard closets, there is always the issue of deranged things. It does not matter how creative you are; the space in a cabinet will never be enough for all items combined. Closet organizers are not like that. They are designed after the technology to provide you with organized closet space. When everything is kept at specific places, the closet will remain organized.

These closet organizers serve their purpose by providing space for everything. When you save the bags and scarves on the designated hangers, they will not get lost in the clothes pile. In addition to that, these organizers let you store the ironed and un-ironed clothes separately.

This adds to the closet space’s arrangement and organization because there are separate compartments for different things so that things will be tidy and effective in a closet organizer.

8. Long-lasting storage solutions

One of the characteristic features of all of the closet organizers is that they are lasting and durable. With proper care and attention, these organizers can even last a lifetime. Construction materials are coated metals, fiberboards, and polyethylene, which are all healthy and sturdy.

You will not need a replacement of any kind in years. Unlike wooden closets that are prone to woodlouse, these can’t be infested by insects. Metals are coated with epoxy to add strength and to make them rustproof alternatives to uncoated metals. Some of the companies offer warranty and replacement facilities to their customers as well.

This means in case of damage; you will get a free replacement of the product. In terms of any loss, it can be reverted with a money-back guarantee in most cases.

9. Declutter your closet space

As the names suggest, the closet organizers organize the whole area. They are accommodating if you are looking to de-clutter the closet zone. You will see a pile of clothes mixed with all the accessories in a standard closet without any organizer.

Because all the things don’t have their assigned place. Closet organizers give a home to everything in your wardrobe. All the items can be kept separately in vertical and horizontal units of an organizer, and that’s the beauty of it. Each of your accessories can be placed in the organizers.

An organizer now replaces the hollow space that was filled with an ambiguous pile of stuff. Everything is safely placed inside it. Thus, these organizers work by effectively de-cluttering your closet area.

10. Customized space and mental peace

The closet organizers are not rigid or specific spaces. They are multi-storage and can store a variety of items. You can arrange all the clothes and bags as you like to give it a customized look. The whole space will be a reflection of your creativity.

Moreover, arranged spaces radiate uplifting energies. The entire aura is de-stressed when you walk into an organizer room or even a closet. With an organized area, you will wake up fresh and positive. The morning routine of looking for matching clothes and accessories will not be needed.

Closet organizers have made things easy and convenient for the users. They offer exceptional space for different things in a single place. 

To make life easy and convenient, there is hardly any better option than a closet organizer.

Things to consider before selecting a closet organizer

best closet organizers

Nothing will save you more space than a closet organizer. However, certain factors should be taken into consideration before buying one.

  • Material – It is essential to go with the material that is capable of lasting longer than usual. Bamboo is a fantastic material for a closet organizer, and steel is also good. PVC is also one such material that does not deteriorate over time.
  • Theme – Not every closet organizer will go well with your décor. Before selecting a closet organizer, it is essential to go for the one that is making a good contrast with the texture and overall surroundings of our environment. If you are planning to put a closet organizer outside the closet, then this is very important.
  • Assembly –  A closet organizer is easy to install and does not require any technical help. However, a few closet organizers can be too technical for your understanding. Make sure you go for the easy to assemble because this way, you can save a lot of money and effort on your part.
  • Space –  There is no point in getting a bulky closet organizer when a small area needs the organization. Also, there is no need to have a tiny closet organizer because that may not serve your needs. Before selecting a closet organizer, it is essential to see why do you need one. If you want a space for your accessories, you can go for a small closet organizer; otherwise, you can go for a standard size. It is also a good idea if you get an organizer with different compartments to put different things on different units.
  • Budget –  Whenever you are selecting a closet organizer, make sure you are not straining your pocket. There are so many economical options available in the market, and one should always get an organizer inside the budget.
  • Customization – A customizable closet organizer will serve you better than the others. The best thing about a customizable closet organizer is that one can arrange it according to their preferences. Before selecting a closet organizer, make sure it is customizable to organize it the way you like to.
  • Warranty –  There is only one way to trust the brand to see if it offers a warranty. Make sure you select a closet organizer that provides a lifetime guarantee, so things go smooth and cute.

A closet organizer is a fantastic asset, and it helps you customize your storage space in a better way. However, before even buying a closet organizer, it is imperative to see if it will serve your needs or not. If your needs are few, there is no point in getting a bulky closet organizer. Consider budget and customizable options as well because otherwise, a closet organizer will be an extra piece of furniture in your house. Material is one thing that cannot be overlooked, as well. Consider all these factors before selecting a closet organizer, so it serves you well for a more extended period.

1. ClosetMaid SuiteSymphony Starter Tower Kit


  • The kit includes the tower, rods, and adjustable shelves.
  • The closet organizer has 144 inches of hanging space and 120 inches of shelf space.
  • There are plenty of options to be creative with space.
  • Different shelves can be used for different articles of clothing.

People who live in small Apartments usually face closet issues.  Even after having proper closet space, sometimes they do not get it in a way they want.  There is nothing to worry because closet organizers exist and they can serve you in the best way possible.  Let’s talk about the top choice in closet organizers. Closetmaid is too good to ignore.

It is a pre-made kit of racks and rods for your empty closet space.  Having this organizer in your closet means having the space for your clothing articles.  The best thing about this closet organizer is that it can be arranged and installed however you like.

It can be a fantastic option for giving your closet a personalized look.  For a single person, it can be the best asset in terms of aesthetics and productivity.

The package is available in the wooden finish as well as metal. You can choose from several available options. If you want an open closet space, choose from colors that add contrast to the décor.

All the accessories in the kit are a blend of wood and metal. The package includes 4 tier tower, which offers shelf storage space for an everyday item. There is no restriction, you can place whatever you like on this organizer.

There are three hanging rods and two more adjustable freely-placed shelves. With this organizer, you will not have to spend extra money on raw material to have the closet made for scratch.  Also, this closet organizer is very easy to assemble and you do not need any technical help to arrange it.

Everything in the kit is designed expertly to utilize the space and to add storage. It can work perfectly well for five feet closet to ten fee closet. The rods can be cut easily to fit the space however you like.

The company also offers additional add-ons accessories for space. You can use the lower tiers for the shoe space or add a specialized area by adding shoe shelves.

The extra drawers and closet doors are also available if you want closed space.

The add-on effectively blends in with the kit and will not look like added accessories. It is a perfect combination of all kinds of space organizers in one kit. The package is a smart yet spacious storage solution. The complete installation menu is available to guide you through the steps.


  • It can be used for different purposes.
  • Stylish and productive.
  • A wonderful asset for small apartments.
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2. Rubbermaid Configurations Deluxe Custom Closet Organizer System Kit


  • This closet organizer has a luxurious vibe and looks good as a walk-in closet.
  • It is designed for better organization and maximizing space.
  • The closet can be customized without any technical help.
  • The addition of titanium has made it rust-free

Sometimes a closet organizer can be more perfect than the closet itself and Rubbermaid is live example. This is a slim and elegant closet system for your room. It is perfect if you want an open closet space.

The whole frame is wall-mount and occupies negligible foot space. This organizer is an ideal fit for a walk-in closet or a reach-in closet.

It comes in three fantastic colors; white, titanium and, satin nickel. This closet organizer has the capability of looking good at any place. As far as colors are concerned, you can keep the tone neutral or add striking contrast; the choice is yours.

All of the frames can be built from scratch, just like joining little puzzle pieces in harmony. The wonderful thing about this closet organizer is that, it is very easy to assemble.

The metal organizer is robust that has an additional epoxy finish for the added strength. No special maintenance is needed to add years to the frame’s life. Base on the space, you can choose from three available sizes.  They vary from six to ten feet options.

This organizer is all about lasting solutions that won’t slack or change color with time.

It is all in one space savior for your homes. The good thing is you don’t have to put in the extra labor to cut the frame and make them size compliant. The package has seven small storage shelves and two large shelves. Users have the full liberty to be creative with space.

It also includes two hanging rods. There are several connectors and wall mounting accessories to install. You can reconfigure the layout however you want. Build a five-tier tower of shelving space or choose from the four building option that the company suggests.

You are free to get creative to install the frame in two closets rather than one. It is expandable, so you can always buy additional tiers to add space. There will be more room for other accessories like bags, ties, scarfs, etc.


  • Anesthetic addition to any house.
  • Easy to configure.
  • Perfect as a walk-in closet.
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3. AmazonBasics Expandable Metal Hanging Storage Organizer Rack Wardrobe with Shelves

best closet organizer


  • This one is an expandable closet organizer.
  • It has 10 adjustable shelves 5 on each side.
  • This can easily be assembled without any technical help.
  • Clothes, shoes and accessories can be neatly arranged on this organizer.

A Closet organizer is the only way through which you can declutter your space. For bigger hallways and very large clutters, this expandable all in one solution, can be your prime choice.

It comes with an adjustable width that can expand according to your needs. This means that you can always get more space for your accessories and piece of clothing. The closet organizer is available in three color options; black, chrome, and bronze.

We are well aware that black is a splendid color and can bring a neutral tone to the décor. Bronze and chrome are good options if you like to play with colors and having a contrast.

The organizer comes with steel wires that add both strength and style to the whole structure.

Another wonderful thing about this closet organizer is that there are two rods for hanging clothes at different heights. These rods have adjustable width and can move up and down to adjust the height.

Also, the five tiers with extra width for storage are present on either side of the rods. They are also height adjustable and can hold 100 lbs of weight on each shelf.

The most striking feature of this closet organizer is that, you can use the bottom shelves for keeping shoes, and the higher ones can be used for storage bags and other accessories. This organizer serves you differently and that’s the beauty of it.

The racks come with plastic shelf liners as a covering for the tiers. They are washable and make cleaning an easy job. It has a screw-together joining offers easy assembly. The box comes with safety wall mounts. It can work as a fabulous open closet in your bedroom. The last reason for trusting this brand is that it gives you one year warranty.


  • Expandable
  • Plenty of options to be creative.
  • Shoe storage can be utilized at the bottom shelf.
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4. ZOBER 5-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer 


  • There is an option of displaying the daily items.
  • It makes the perfect storage space for articles of clothing.
  • Goes well with all kind of decors, it is stylish and very productive.
  • There are plenty options to be creative with things that can be placed in it.

Nothing can beat the feeling of a neat and clean closet organizer. Zober is all you need of you are looking for something perfect for adding additional garment space in your closet. 

The wonderful thing about this closet organizer is that it gives you plenty of options to choose from. There are three amazing colors to choose from; black, grey, and java.  Not only the mainframe is made up of robust metal, but the rest of the construct is also of heavy cardboard covered in polypropylene. 

This closet organizer is ideal if you have a hanging rod in the closet and no shelves.

The organizer has five space-saving storage shelves. Other than this, there are stainless steel hooks that serve the purpose of hanging on the rod. The slim dimension of this storage item can ideally fit the standard closet space.

This piece is also perfect if you are looking for a multi-use organizer. Not only it is roomy but also has the perfect space for daily items. It makes the de-cluttering of the closet very easy. Also, there are additional accessory side pockets. They are made of mesh fabric for small items that are visible on the outside.


  • Cost-effective
  • Perfect for displaying items.
  • Stylish and productive.
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5. HOUSE DAY Black Magic Hangers Space Saving Clothes Hangers Organizer


  • These hangers are best for long term storage.
  • Long coats and heavy coats can easily be hanged on these hangers.
  • A single hanger has the ability to hold up to five articles of clothing.
  • The rings on these hangers add to durability and strength.

No closet is ever complete without the addition of hangers. There is no way of getting the clothes all tidy without the help of these amazing assets for a closet.

These hangers are a pack of ten amazing space savers. If you need to store a large number of items then a pack of sixteen is also available.  These stylish hangers are explicitly designed as a space-utilizing idea for a hanging closet. You can also use them on a hook outside the closet, however, they look their best inside the closet.

In the case of an open closet, the set would make an elegant addition. Because of the stylish design of these hangers they go well with almost all kind of decors. There are rings on the hanger where hanger hook can safely go. The rings adds strength and extra grip as compared to conventional hangers. You can save up to 80% of your closet space. 

The cascading hangers have hooks on both ends. Thus, you can use them vertically or horizontally. Vertical storage is preferred for small closets and horizontal storage is best for large closet.

These space saviors are available in two neutral tones; black and white. The construction material is durable hard plastic. You can easily store heavy winter coats on them without bending. They are also ideal for long term storage.  One hanger can hold five pieces of clothes. The whole can provide you the 50 slots in total. It is a good upgrade from using conventional hangers and adds a lot of value to your closet.


  • Good for long term storage.
  • Hangers can be placed inside or outside the closet.
  • Cost-effective.
Buy on Amazon

6. StorageWorks 6-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer


  • Side mesh pockets can be used to store small accessories.
  • The material of this closet organizer adds to durability and strength.
  • As this organization is collapsible so it can be stored when not in use.
  • It adds a lot of value to any space.

The best thing about closet organizers is that some are extremely versatile and this is definitely the one. This organizer is a perfect fit if you are looking to add a soft look to your closet.  The fabric is specifically astonishing and it takes away the metal-like look and adds extra storage. It is a fantastic addition to such space where you only have hanging space and no shelves. 

You can choose from three amazing sizes. It has a grey color, which is both neutral and elegant.  There are two hanging options available; two hooks and two-loops.  If you have mesh shelves above the hanging rod, the hooks can fit right in. It can easily support the weight of up to fifty lbs.

The whole structure is made from a high-quality fabric of polyester and cotton blend. The combination of these materials will make sure that the closet organizer will last longer.  This fabric is stitched around a heavy-duty fiberboard. The boards can support a lot of weight without slacking and bending.

It is collapsible, and you can store it when not in use. Assembling this closet organizer is not difficult at all and it can be done without any technical help. The dimensions can easily fit the bag so that it can be your travel partner as well. It can conveniently adjust the small closets and work with open spaces as well. It has six spacious shelves for multi-purpose storage. Two mesh side pockets work to store small accessories such as belts and jewelry.


  • It is available in beautiful colors.
  • It can be used in places where there are no shelves.
  • There are plenty of options to be creative with this closet organizer.
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7. Meetu Space Saving Hangers Magic Cloth Hanger Metal Closet Organizer for Closet Wardrobe


  • The storage space of these hangers can be used both vertically and horizontally.
  • This organizer can hold up to 40 LBS of weight.
  • It has a robust structure and can last a lifetime.
  • There are plenty of options to be creative with the hanging space.

These hangers are perfect if you want a robust spacing saving solution in your closet. Sturdy metal hangers are made from hardened linear stainless steel. The wonderful thing about this organizer is that, a single pack has twelve pieces. The additional eco-friendly chrome plating adds to the quality.

These hangers can be used both vertically and horizontally. The S-curve design adds extra space and prevents the clothes from falling and sliding off. The whole finish is dust-free and anti-scratch. With proper care and attention, these hangers can last a lifetime.

Rubber caps on the sharps end are present for additional safe handling. Each piece is durable, and it stable even under the weight of 40 lbs. Even a single item of 40 lbs is not a big deal for these hangers.

The storage space can vary with the hanging option. For vertical storage, it can carry five pieces of garments. Horizontally it can carry the double. The storage slots are big enough, even for bulky hangers. Both hooks on the ends are easily rotatable at 360 degrees. This adds to the strength and prevents the hangers from breaking. They can be used for all kinds of clothes, from light to bulky.  

These long-lasting hangers come with ten years of rust-free warranty. The vertical usage can add a lot of space to the closet. The company offers two years of quality warranty and thirty days return policy.


  • Creative storage space for 40 LBS of weight.
  • Cost-effective.
  • It can be used both ways.
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8. Simple Houseware 3 Pack Foldable Closet Organizer


  • An ideal closet organizer for long term storage.
  • It is the best for storing blankets and comforters.
  • The closet organizer can easily be assembled without any technical help.
  • There are plenty of options to be creative with the space.

Smart investment goes a long way. When you are looking for something as a closet organizer then it is best to go with something that can be used for the long term. These storage boxes are perfect long-term storage solutions. They offer cloth and fabric storage for shelves. One pack has three of these boxes. They are foldable and can be kept without taking-up much space.

If you are looking for storage of blankets and comforter, the boxes are perfect. Blankets and comforters can easily be piled on these boxes. The elegant design and versatile dimensions can work with the closet of any size.

You can choose from five color options and go with your choice. They not only add the storage space but also provide extra care and protection. Apart from closet storage, the boxes can be kept under the bed as well. They can also be placed anywhere you like.

Each box serves a multi-dimensional use. They keep their shape to be used for clothes or store the decorations in them. The sturdy handles provide the easy pull and do not break under hard tug. They are light-weight and reasonably easy to transport. The sides are rigid and do not bend under pressure.

The zipper closure allows dust-free storage. It is also helpful in keeping the dampness and mold out. The clear look-in window gives you a view of inside. It lets you know what is stored within without opening the bag. It is an ideal solution to all your long- term storages.


  • It saves time and energy.
  • Ideal for huge articles of clothing.
  • A cost-effective solution for long term storage.
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9. Anyoneer Closet Organizer and Clothes Storage Bags


  • A dust-free solution for organizing the clothes.
  • The boxers are waterproof and do not allow dampness.
  • There is a see-through window on boxes so you can see the condition of clothes whenever you like.
  • The boxes have amazing weight holding capacity.

These are huge and sturdy storage bags for closet organization. Most of such boxes can fit the clothes but fail to fit large items like a comforter, bedding, and blankets. If you are looking to keep them dust-free, these bags are for you. One package contains a pack of four such boxes. These are perfect for long-term storage. They are available in black and grey colors.

The boxes are made from a three-ply non-woven fabric of high quality. This material does not let the dust in but offer ventilation for an airy storage solution.

The handles on these boxes are made of reinforced two-ply fabric. The two-layer add to the fantastic weight-bearing capacity of these storage boxes. They can handle the load up to seven lbs. Thus, they are not your typical weak handles. While place beddings, the boxes do not bulge or collapse.

These boxes are also waterproof and allow dampness free storage. The clear window on one side is to see in. They two way double zippers are made on easy-slide technology. This adds to the secure room on all sides. Also, you can easily open the bag on one side to get the stuff out. The company provides a twelve-month warranty on these bags.


  • Durable
  • Effective.
  • An ideal solution for long term storage.
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10. DonYeco Hanging Closet Organizer


  •  It is designed out of high-quality Oxford fabric with a washable panel.
  •  The closet organizer is non-irritant and breathable.

You don’t need to worry if there is not enough saving space inside your closet,  a closet organizer can brilliantly help you out.  Talking about DonYeko, it is an amazing space-saving organizer for wardrobe storage.  With its easy mounting metal hooks, you can place it inside the hanging closet.

This piece is available in two neutral colors of grey and beige. The design and the color compliment any sort of décor.  The foldable constructs come in handy when the organizer is not in use. When you do not need this closet organizer, you can fold it and put it in a store for future use.

It is made of oxford fabric. Some of its qualities include non-irritating and breathable.  Thus, it is perfect for clothes and everyday items. The item is available in three and four shelves options.  Depending upon articles of clothing, you can choose the one you like between three and four shelves option. It is multi-useful and provides ample storage for everyday clothes and accessories.  Also, this will serve you best if you are looking for something to place your undergarments.


  •  It can be placed inside the closet.
  •  Durable and productive.
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ZOBER Hanging Purse Organizer for Closet Clear Handbag Organizer for Purses


  •   It is designed specifically for purses.
  •  The closet organizer can be hanged or placed on the floor.

Ladies especially complain that there is not a closet organizer that can be used for purses. The good news is that not all closet organizers are designed for clothes. Zober is a specialized organizer for handbags and purses.

There are a total of eight generously sized pockets on the organizer.  These pockets can be used for the placement of purses and other small accessories. They have equally distributed on the front and back of the item. It can conveniently store medium to large-sized bags.

The plastic slots for the bags are easily see-through, so you know which bag is placed where.  For ladies, this is the best closet organizer, and they can place all their purses with ease on this one. With its open sides, the organizer offers easy access to the bags. It is a long-lasting vinyl construct and is likely to stay with you for years.

A hook with 360degree swivel capacity is located on the top. It serves the purpose of hanging on the standard closet rod.  Other than this, it can be placed anywhere you like.

Key features


  •  Durable construct.
  •  Easy to use.
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Simple Houseware Freestanding Clothes Garment Organizer Closet


  • This closet organizer is a complete storage space for clothes, shoes, and accessories.
  • It has an aesthetic feel.

A complete closet look is like candy to the eyes. Nothing will give you a wholesome feeling then this closet organizer. This is a complete closet system for everyday use. All the pieces are made of sturdy metal covered in elegant silver paint.  

As the material is durable so it can last many years with proper care. The system can be joined together into functional space using heavy-duty plastic connectors. Assembly is not a big deal and it can be connected without any technical help.

The closet can work for both open and closed wardrobe systems. The rods are located on two different heights. It saves space and adds to the ample hanging area. The lower mesh shelf can be used for shoe storage.

Technically you will be getting closet organizer with shoe storage space and that is the beauty of this product. Three smaller tiers on the right side of hanging rods are also mesh made. They can be used to place bags, scarfs, and folded knitwear. The easy to assemble system does not require any additional tools.


  • A complete closet organizer with additional shoe storage space.
  • Easy to assemble.
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ClosetMaid 5636 SuperSlide 5-Feet to 8-Feet Closet Organizer Kit


  • This closet organizer is available in 5 and 8 shelves.
  • Vinyl coating makes it durable and adds to the strength.

There is no point in getting a closet organizer if it is not a full package. This organizer by closet maid is an ideal closet kit. It can work well with five feet to eight feet long closet spaces. The package comes to contain all the mount hardware to you.

There is no need for extra tools or grips to install the closet. It is easy to assemble and can be connected without any technical help. You can combine it with another kit for the entire walk-in closet space.

The system comprises of three small and three large shelves. Small shelves can be used for accessories and hats,  while large shelves can be used for coats and clothing. All of the hardware is vinyl coated. The coating adds to the durability and strength. The hanging rods and tiers can be cut to fit the size of your closet. SCS certifies it for containing 91% recycled content. Thus it is eco-friendly and safe used in the presence of pets and kids.


  • Durable
  • Plenty of options to be creative.
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ClosetMaid Adjustable Closet Organizer Kit


  • This closet organizer has both the hanging and storage space.
  • It is a complete package for any space.

One should always get a closet organizer that has a hanging and storage space. This one will serve you best because it has both options. It is a versatile and stylish organizer kit made for closets. The beauty of this storage space is that it goes well with all kinds of decors.

The organizer comes in two space-optimal options; four to six feet and five to eight feet. It is an amalgam of shelves and rods to provide a complete storage range. Unlike, most kits also have a shoe shelf.

The package comes loaded with all the things you need to install the closet. There is nothing technical about the assembly and it can be done without any technical help. The storage shelves are vinyl-coated with mesh design. Vinyl coating beautifully adds to the strength and durability.

The twelve inches of tier depth offer enough storage for everything. You can store your accessories and even books in this closet organizer. Each shelf can carry a weight of 60 lbs without slacking. 


  • It is cost-effective.
  • There are plenty of options to be created with storage space.
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JERIA 6-Pack Grey Foldable Closet Organizer

It does not matter how huge the closet is, we always need additional storage space for our clothes and accessories. These are large and spacious storage bags for additional storage.

One item includes a pack of six bags. There is nothing that you cannot store in these six bags. It conveniently increases protective and long-termed storage space. You can store your blankets and comforters when you do not need them in summer.

The package comes in neutral grey color. The three-ply odorless fabric offers protection from dust and water. Like typical storage bags, it will not give off unpleasant smell after a while. It is a breathable design and offers ventilation.

There is no need to worry about the mold on the clothes inside because of the breathability factor. The sturdy pull out hangers offers easy placement. The zippers are made of stainless steel and are extremely durable. They are hard to break and long-lasting. Two-way zippers offer easy access. The boxes are perfect for the long term storage of seasonal clothes. These storage boxes can also be your best companion if you are traveling and need storage space.


  • Breathable.
  • These boxes allow ventilation.
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StorageWorks Hanging Closet Organizer with Garment Rod


  • The closet organizer comes with an attached rod and that makes life very easy.
  • It can hold up to 40 LBS of weight and perfect for long coats.

Most shelf storages do not come with the rod attached. The absence of the rod creates a lot of problems. This unique organizer is a combination of both the hanging rod and cubical storage and that is why it is an ideal storage organizer.

It is a four sectioned organizer for everyday storage of clothes or bags. There are plenty of options to be creative with storage space.

The article is available in beige and grey color. The fabric is 100% polyester. It is wrapped around sturdy cardboard for strength. The item can easily hold the weight of up to 4o lbs. it can be hung on the rod using three robust hooks. It has an additional hanging rod at the bottom. Thus, the already existing hanging space of your closet is not reduced.

This closet organizer is the perfect choice if you are looking for something to place your everyday wearing items. Also, it can be your best friend if you want to place your towels in a tidy way, in a closet organizer.


  • Durable.
  • A perfect choice for everyday items.
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9 Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer with 5 Drawer Organizers


  • This closet organizer offers hidden space.
  • It is durable and functions well.

There is always a dearth of shelves in a closet. Most of the time, the closet does not offer space for the placement of accessories and smaller things. This issue can be resolved with this amazing closet organizer.  It is a slim and long storage organizer that adds shelving space to your closet.

Most similar organizer offers the open storage space. There are drawers and bins present to add hidden space to the item. Let’s say you have something with you that needs to be hidden. The drawers and bin will allow you to place things secretly.

The cubes, in combination with the drawers, offer versatile storage of all kinds of items. Users have the liberty to be creative with the storage space the way they like. This piece is available in black and grey colors.

The collapsible design offers easy storage when the organizer is not in use. It gives easy access to all the items stored. This organizer is crafted from polyethylene for long term usage. Durability is it’s most striking feature.

The additional side pockets offer extra storage capacity. It can be installed in hanging space using metal hooks. Without any technical help, the installation of this organizer is very easy.


  • Cost-effective
  • Perfect for any place.
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StorageWorks 6-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizers


  • It is ideal for such closets that do not have storage space width wise.
  • There are plenty of options to be creative with storage space.

If you are looking for a perfect closet organizer then this can be your answer. It is a six-shelved hanging space for your closet that offers you plenty of options to be creative with the storage space. The light grey and natural color are neutral and fit into any décor type.

It has two hanging options. You can use the loop over a rod, or you can hang by using hooks. Depending upon your décor, you can go with any hanging option you like.

The best feature is that it can be split into two organizers of three shelves. It uses a zipper for the attachment of two spaces. Both of these units have spate hooks and loops and can be hung separately.

It is ideal for closets with less space length-wise. The combination of polyester over heavy-duty fiberboard prevents the bending. It can easily hold up to 50 lbs of weight and is a perfect option for hanging long coats.


  • It is easy to clean and assemble.
  • The perfect option for hanging long coats.
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Whitmor Deluxe Double Rod Adjustable Closet Organization System


  • This closet organizer also offers shoe storage and that’s why it’s the best.
  • It is a complete package and can be used as a full-fledged closet itself.

The best thing about this closet organizer is that it can be used as a closet itself. This is a complete storage package and it has closed its tendencies.  This brand is reputed and like its other organizer for shoes and clothes, Whitmor never fails to disappoint. This organizer offers you to store clothes in a variety of ways. The bonus feature is that you can save additional small accessories and shoes too. Use it in hallways to add extra closet space or use it as the closet itself. 

It is made with durable silver epoxy coated metal frame. The tiers are of thin yet durable wires. The whole structure is connected using resin connectors. Use this rack for the ways there are to stores your clothes. So you don’t have to look for something again.

There are two central poles for the hanging storage at two levels. This utilizes space effectively. Both of them are expandable to twice their length for larges closets. The three collapsible storage cubes in neutral tone black color come with the package. It also has a built-in shoe space for twelve pairs. You can use the cubes on the shelves or somewhere else in the closet because they are not permanently to the frame attached.

The shoe organizer can also be used to store small items such as belts, beanies, scarfs, and hats. The whole construct does not require any additional tool for its assembly.


  • Cost-effective
  • A complete package
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GRANNY SAYS Storage Bins, Closet Shelf Organizer Bin

These collapsible storage bins are too good to be true. With these storage bins you can store your stuff for long term.

The best thing about these bins is that they come with 3 sturdy handles that allow closet organizer transport.

If you are worried about cleaning them then it’s so simple. Wipe with damp cloth and you are good to go. The bins have a trapezoid design that make finding things convenient. Also the design allows easy access to all your favorite clothes. It is an ideal closet bin for clothes, bags, towels, blankets, toys, dolls, and more.

It is reliable because its thick cardboard offers extra support. Also, the minimalist color design goes well with any décor. It can be placed anywhere but it is most suitable when placed under the bed.

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Lynk Vela Shelf Dividers – Closet Shelf Organizer

If you are looking for the stylish closet shelves then you need to look no more because Lynk will serve you best. With this closet organizer, you have the option of separating your blankets, purses, sweaters, and towels. All the things can be kept separately and that is the beauty of this organizer. These heavy-duty shelves stay in their place and are very durable.  

The beautiful design goes well with all decors. Also, the epoxy-coated square steel construction offers a lifetime of trouble-free.

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MAX Houser 4-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer,Space Saver,Cloth Hanging Shelves

This four units storage space is all you need when there is not enough space in your closet. There are plenty of options to be creative with this closet space in a vertical manner. You can put different things in each unit to save more space. Also, this closet organizer is portable and can be stored when not in use.

Each compartment of this closet is separated by a rigid board and has the capacity to hold up to 4.5 lbs.

It comes with two mesh side pockets to offer extra storage space. This organizer is convenient, comfortable, and aesthetic. It can be hanging in a closet and the units can be separated as well.

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Benavvy 8 Pack Pants Hangers S-Type, Stainless Steel Pant Hangers

Pants can be made lucky with these beautifully looking S-shaped hangers. These hangers do not rust and offers a pleasant space for the hanging of pants. Made out of stainless steel and silicone sleeves, these hangers are likely to stay with you for a lifetime.

This 5 layer nonslip pant hangers can easily hold up to five pair of pants and offers exceptional support. The design is not just eye-catchy, it is also very instrumental.  These can be the best asset for a closet but can be hanged on a wall as well.

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StorageWorks 6-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer

StorageWorks can be an amazing asset for you if you want to organize your clothes in a disciplined manner. The best thing about this closet organizer is that, it has separate compartment for separate things. If you do not want to keep it for just clothing then you can store your books or decorative pieces as well. The design is very innovative and offers a splendid space for your things.

This Perfect closet organizer can hold up to 50 LBS of weight. When you do not want to use it, you can put it in a store because of its collapsible nature.

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SONGMICS Freestanding Closet Organizer

We all need our clothes in plain sight when we need them and with this amazing closet organizer, there is a possibility for this. It is a free stand closet organizer where clothes can be hanged in plain sight so they can be easily picked. This closet organizer is easy to assemble and does not require any technical help.

Also, it is a good fit for storing socks, accessories, and small things. If you are looking for something stable for your clothes then this closet organizer is definitely your answer. It can hold up to 60 LBS of weight and a desirable choice for every household.

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SONGMICS Cube Storage Organizer

We all want something that is tidy and disciplined. Even when it comes to clothes, we want such a closet organizer that can hold each article separately. This Closet organizer is the top notch choice because it offers separate compartments for different articles of clothing.

There are plenty of options to be creative with this closet organizer and that’s why it is the best. This opaque white organizer is an ideal choice if you want to declutter the mess in your house. Anything can be stored in these amazing cubes but they are suitable for different articles of clothing.

Not only this organizer is easy to assemble, but it is also very aesthetic. Make sure you do not place this organizer outdoors because then it can undergo weathering.

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mDesign Soft Fabric Stackable Closet Storage Organizer Box with Clear Window

Sometimes a closet can be too small for all your belongings. Most of the time, there is so much clutter that it is difficult to organize things. You can have a convenient option in the form of this amazing closet organizer that comes in the form of storage bins. In these bins, you can store anything you want, be it socks, shoes, workout gears, and many more.

It is made out of synthetic fabric and is very durable. The see-through window will help you see the contents inside. Not only it is easy to carry, it is easy to manage as well. This closet bin can be placed anywhere and makes an amazing travel partner.

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B00BZMBPRINCE HANGER, Deluxe Pants & Shelf

Hangers are amazing but a full-fledged hanging structure is more convenient. This package comes with 10 poles, 2 crossbars, and hangers. This whole structure is an ideal choice if you are looking for a space to hang your coats and pants. Let’s say it is summer and you want to put away your winter coats, for that, this structure is an ideal choice.

It has a sturdy build that allows the storage of heavy coats and pants. With the help of bar brackets, you can adjust the height and storage capacity.

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The first thing that people notice in this purse organizer is the design. It has a very innovative design but that doesn’t mean that it is not productive. This closet organizer comes with 4 storage units where things can be placed separately. Also, there are 6 side pockets that are amazing to store blankets, sweaters, or even comforters. Even kid’s bags can also be placed in the side pockets.

This organizer comes with strong support and stability. Also, it is ideal storage capacity for purses and small things. This purse organizer is made of non woven fabric and is breathable. Also, the ventilation will not let any unpleasant smell resides in the organizer. For ladies, it is an ideal choice for storing bags and purses.

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Tangkula Custom Closet Organizer System

This closet organizer is reliable because if its productivity. Made of high quality steel, this custom closet is durable and is not likely to deform. It has amazing strength and strong bearing capacity.

This organizer is the best for storage because it is equipped with 6 wire shelves and 4 hanging rods. It is a perfect storage solution to keep your clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories in order. It looks best in the bedroom, living room, and entryway. It is very easy to configure this closet and it has a fully adjustable system. You can even change the design of a closet according to the texture of your décor.

It is easy to clean, install, and does not require any technical help. It comes with detailed instructions that will help you to install it anywhere.

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DOIOWN Blouse Tree Hangers Clothes Hangers Non Slip Space Saving

Nowadays, there are a lot of minimalist options available and these tree-shaped hangers are proof of that. If there are very few clothes that need storing them this organizer will serve your needs in the best way.

These hangers are made of stainless steel and offer durability and strength. They offer the best way to keep the shirts hanged in a tidy manner. It is up to the user to place it in a closet or even on the wall.

Each hanger has the capacity to hold trousers, blouses, and even shirts in an orderly manner. The nonslip design will make sure that the clothes are wrinkle-free and orderly.

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Purse Hanger for Closet HEAVY DUTY CHROME, Holds 50lbs

Bags are those things that hardly get the proper organizers but you do not worry because this splendid 12 hook hanging purse storage for handbags is an ideal choice for you.

It offers amazing storage space for bags, satchels, slings, hobos, backpacks, crossovers, scarves, pashminas, ties, belts, and other accessories. This organizer is the most effective way to store your things efficiently. It is stylish and goes well with any kind of décor.

The one thing that makes it desirable is its ability to rotate 360 degree for easy visibility and access. Also, it is capable to hold straps of any lengths and widths. There is no need to get any specific tool for this because it can be hanged over any closet rod. You can store up to 50 pounds on this closet organizer.

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Tangkula Free-Standing Closet Organizer

Tangkula is too good to ignore because it is the ultimate storage space. It comes with 5 storage shelves and 2 cloth hanging rods. The best thing about this closet organizer is that the clothes rack will provide an enormous amount of space for your clothes, shoes, toys, and other things in order.

If there is one thing that will make your storage space orderly and convenient for you, it is this organizer. There is an option of being creative with this storage space because it is flexible and lightweight. Let’s say you have some longer garments with you.

For them, you can always remove the central rod to make more space. It is a beautiful closet organizer that goes well with any décor.

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