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Being a cooking lover and enthusiast, I keep myself updated about almost all sorts of kitchen and cooking essentials. It is precise because you do not just need the right spices or seasonings when you are making food, but you also need to make sure that the equipment you are using is also top-notch.

One of the kitchen equipment that is often taken for granted is the cutting board. People usually think that it is okay not to take care of your cutting boards like other utensils, but that is just not fair!

A cutting board needs equal, in fact, more attention as compared to other kitchen tools. However, if you still do not want to invest a large sum of money on cutting boards, let me recommend some cheap but excellent quality bamboo and plastic cutting boards. Before introducing you to the products, I want to tell you some basic things regarding these two types of cutting boards.

Before Moving forward let’s have a look on our recommendations:

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Advantages of Having a Plastic Cutting Board

Although both these types are used to cut fruits, vegetables, and meat, each of these has some distinct features that make them unique. Let’s talk about plastic first!

  • A plastic cutting board has an advantage over other cutting boards because it is usually dishwasher safe and elementary to clean.
  • It does not go hard on your precious knives because of its soft yet firm texture.
  • They are highly durable and do not crack, unlike other wood cutting boards.
  • Most plastic cutting boards are non-porous, which means they will not absorb unnecessary moisture from the food and harbor bacteria.

Benefits of Bamboo Cutting Board

Those mentioned above are some of the universal features of plastic cutting boards that you must be familiar with. Now, let’s come to Bamboo cutting boards!

  • Bamboo cutting boards are relatively stronger and more rigid than wood cutting boards but are still lightweight.
  • They are renewable in nature and exceptionally eco-friendly because of their organic nature.
  • They do not create any havoc to your kitchen points at all.
  • They are not entirely non-porous but absorb very little moisture and are more resistant to bacteria and germs, unlike other cutting boards.

From these features, you must have realized that each material is different from the other and is unique in its own special way.

Know-How to Clean and Disinfect Cutting Board?

When it comes to washing, bamboo and plastic cutting boards are dealing with different methods. However, disinfecting both these types require a similar procedure.

To disinfect your cutting board (plastic or bamboo), just take some vinegar and mix it with about 3 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide. Thoroughly rub the mixture on your boards, and the deed will be done.

Tips to Remove Odors from Bamboo and Plastic Cutting Board?

Cutting boards are used for cutting fruits, vegetables, and meat. Sometimes, the meat you are cutting leaves a certain kind of smell on your cutting board that is hard to bear. This method can be applied on both bamboo and plastic cutting boards.

  • Cut half a lemon and soak it in the salt.
  • Thoroughly scrub your cutting board with it.
  • The salt and lemon will inhale all the moisture and get rid of all the smells.

1. OXO Good Grips 2-Piece Cutting Board

cheap plastic cutting boards

Key Features

  • No smell – The cutting board is entirely odor resistant.
  • Not heavy – It is lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Dishwasher safe – You do not have to wash it with bare hands.

OXO Good Grips Plastic Cutting Board set knows how to make your life a bit easier. With this set’s help, you can easily cut fruits, veggies, or even meat and make delicious meals at home.

The best thing about this set is that both sides of these cutting boards can be used equally, preventing cross-contamination. Simple to look at, with a clear overall texture and black edges,

Oxo cutting board is what your kitchen needs. Besides having all the excellent features, the drip catcher present on these cutting boards makes sure to keep the mess in place and not splatter it.

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2. Seville Classics Easy-to-Clean Bamboo Cutting Board

cheap bamboo cutting boards

Key Features

  • Size- This cutting board is 16.5×13.4 inches in size.
  • Thickness- It is 1.2 inches thick.
  • Shade- It comes in a light brown shade.

Seville Classics Bamboo Cutting Board will bring rays of ultimate hope and peace to your kitchen with its extraordinary style and features. Your kitchen knives will no longer lose their sharpness as it goes effortless on them and does not dull or destroy their edges at all. Besides being environment friendly, this cutting board also brings a warm sense of aesthetics to your kitchen.

This aesthetics is further enhanced by the seven different colored cutting board mats that it comes with. You can use these mats to prevent any bacterial infection or cross-contamination. This all-in-one deal not only saves your money but also saves your family members from any bacterial infections through food.

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3. Instant Pot Official Cutting Board

Instant Pot Official Cutting Board, 10x14, White

Key Features

  • Colour – It comes in black shade.
  • No chemicals – This cutting board is entirely BPA-free.
  • Non-slip edges – feature keeps the board firm.

MIUGO cutting board set for your kitchen will leave you speechless at the very first glance. It is precise because of its exquisite style and radiant black shade. When using this particular set, you will not have to worry about any health hazards as no plasticizer is used to enhance its look.

Speaking from personal experience, I can assure you that this particular cutting board set is quite durable. I have been using it for the past eight months, and it still looks new and fresh. Also, the plastic used in its making does not give way to grooves or scratches when used carefully.

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4. Premium Bamboo Carving Cutting Board

Premium Bamboo Carving Cutting Board - Heavy Duty Reversible Kitchen Butcher Block with Deep Juice Groove, Pyramid Spikes Stabilizes Meat While Chopping (17" x 13

Key Features

  • Material – It is made of organic Moso bamboo.
  • Hue – It has a natural bamboo shade.
  • Safety – It is formaldehyde-free, which makes it safe to use.

The Premium Bamboos Bamboo carving cutting board has one of the most innovative designs you will ever encounter. Many cutting boards are available in the reversible market, but this one is a bit different.

Although both of its sides can be used for cutting purposes yet, they are different in appearance. One side is straight that can be used for cutting purposes, while the other one is full of grooves and unique pyramid spikes that can also act as a meat board. With most professional chefs’ choices, this cutting board will turn your necessary kitchen activities into happy and joyful ones.

Also, do not worry about its size as it is large enough to accommodate even the giant dinosaurs.

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5. Farberware Plastic Cutting Board

cheap plastic cutting boards

Key Features

  • Material – Formed of polypropylene plastic.
  • 2 in 1 – It is reversible in usage.
  • Versatile – It can be used to cut everything from meat to vegetables.

Farberware plastic cutting boards are another name for brilliance and durability. Most people believe that plastic cutting boards are not that reliable because they wither quickly, but that is not the case. This plastic cutting board set will live with you until the very last moment.

I recommended this set to one of my neighbors a year ago, and they are still happily using it. It is mainly because of its excellent stain and odor-resistant properties. Even after a year of usage, all three of their cutting boards are bright as new and look splendid when placed in the kitchen.

What more do you need than something that will lessen your workload and help you live in peace? When you cut your vegetables or fruits or even meat on these boards, everything goes smoothly and does not take much time.

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6. K Basix XL Natural Bamboo Cutting Board 

cheap bamboo cutting boards

Key Features

  • Shape – It comes in a rectangular outlook.
  • Extra-large – a size of 17.5×13.5×0.75 inches.
  • Eco-friendly – It is composed of 100% organic bamboo.

K Basics XL natural bamboo cutting board will put a full stop to all your cutting board concerns that have been haunting you throughout your life. From having a perfect natural bamboo texture to having an elegant style, this cutting board is all that you need.

I love to spend most of my time in the kitchen; that is why I keep track of all the excellent kitchen tools and utensils. I also have one of these cutting boards, and by God, it is fantastic.

The best part is that it is friendly, not just to my knives but also to my fruits and veggies. Whenever I finish cutting them, this board always has some spare space where I toss them. This helps me in making less use of extra plates. This bamboo board is quite challenging and robust, but it feels light like a feather when you carry it around because of its lightweight nature.

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7. Joseph Joseph Cut & Carve Multi-Function Cutting Board

Joseph Joseph Cut & Carve Multi-Function Cutting Board, Large, Black

Key Features

  • Multi-functional – Used for a variety of purposes.
  • Non-slip – Stays in place because of healthy grip feet.
  • No manual labor It can be washed in a dishwasher.

Joseph Cut and Carve cutting board brings passion and love for cooking to your kitchen with its exotic red shade. What makes it memorable and unique as compared to other cutting boards is its tilted design. Although other cutting boards have grooves on sides to catch the juices, they usually fail to keep the juice from falling on the kitchen counters. That is not the case with this beauty.

The angled surface helps keep the juice just in the right space and blocks its way from falling on the counters. If your family is a meat lover and loves to eat roasts, this cutting board is the best choice. Because of its large size, it can easily accommodate giant roasts and even melons. Also, while cutting them, you will not have to worry about any messy outcomes because of its tilted design.

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8. Heim Concept Organic Bamboo Cutting Boards 

Heim Concept Organic Bamboo Cutting Boards for Kitchen Extra Large Chopping Board with Juicy Groove Perfect for Meat, Vegetables, Fruits, Cheese (18x12x3/4)

Key Features

  • Toxin-free- Cutting board is 100% BPA-free.
  • Deep drip- It has a deep groove on all four sides.
  • Durable- long-lasting and can stand the test of time.

HEIM Concept Organic bamboo cutting board has a unique style that makes it appropriate for even serving food. On one side of the cutting board, you can chop, mince, or cut anything: fruits, vegetables, or meat.

On the other side, you can serve that delicious turkey that took you hours to roast to your thanksgiving guests. This cutting board will help keep the juices and sauces of your turkey intact, which will help the guests enjoy something so delicious.

Also, you will not even have to worry about the mess on the dining table because of its extra-large size. Its size aids in giving you enough space to put as much food as you can on it without worrying about its scattering. And let’s not skip the exquisite design that this bamboo board comes with. The natural wood look with rectangular light shaded texture makes you feel proud of your choice every time you look at it.

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9. Raj Plastic Cutting Board Reversible

cheap bamboo cutting boards

Key Features

  • Convenient size – It comes in all sizes.
  • Rubber feet – This makes them non-slip and keeps them firm.
  • Sleek design – It is very convenient to store or place in the kitchen.

Raj Plastic Cutting Board is the perfect housewarming gift for your dear friend. Cutting boards are often taken for granted, but they play a very significant role in the kitchen. This cutting board set will make you realize this fact and show you how convenient it is to have a good cutting board. It will help you in chopping or cutting those veggies in an exquisite and precise way.

Also, you will not even have to worry about the place or corner where you can keep these boards. Their red handles will help you hang them in the kitchen, and do not worry! They won’t look bad because their red and white contrast makes them look like heartwarming scenery. So, if you want to make your kitchen look a bit cooler and find a good assistant when it comes to cutting and chopping, then this is it!

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10. Totally Bamboo Pig Cutting Board

cheap plastic cutting boards

Key Features

  • Knife friendly – It does not destroy the edges of your knives.
  • Manual clean-up – It cannot be washed in a dishwasher.
  • Sustainable – It is highly durable and eco-friendly.

Bamboo Pig cutting boards make cooking a bit more fun for you. Want to cook something good for your friends and also make them laugh? Just serve that delicious pork steak on this cutting board, and they will surely not be able to hold back their joy.

Also, this cutting board looks superb when hanging in the kitchen. It is an all-in-one deal as you can use it to cut, serve and even decorate your kitchen. My younger sister, who is only 15 years old, has a passion for cooking, so I gifted her this board on her birthday this year. She could not stop smiling because of the cuteness of this pig board.

After using it in the kitchen, she told me that this cutting board is one in a million sorts of tools because of its extraordinary features. So yeah! This cutting board is the answer to all your cutting board questions.

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Somehow it is crucial to have quality equipment in your kitchen; you have quality time there. One cannot underestimate the importance of a cutting board, and nothing can be a better option than having a plastic or a bamboo board in a kitchen.

To make things more viable for you, we have recommended some great cutting boards. Chopping is going to be very easy if you will have these beauties around.

Often times you will come across people arguing about which cutting board is better and which is not. The answer does not lie in the board but lies in how you take care of it. If you ignore your cutting board and do not clean it properly, it can become infectious. Then it will not matter whether that board is made of bamboo or plastic.

The more you try to keep your board hygienic, the more advantages you can get from it. In short, every cutting board is fantastic in its own sense of the word.

Now let me show you some of the best bamboo and plastic cutting boards that are not only wonderful in usage but are also cheap and pocket-friendly.

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