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Meal preparation containers are compact boxes explicitly used for preserving food or preparing a portioned meal. These containers are best to carry on-the-go. Small meal prep containers are convenient. Design, shape, color, the material must be considered while choosing the cheap meal prep containers.

Therefore, storing food in the best quality moulds or boxes would also help prevent illnesses from attacking your health. To put it simply, buying ordinary plastic containers might prove harmful for you and your family.

Meal prep containers come in handy for everyone, and that’s why they make the best addition.

Not just this, but when you have a ready-to-eat meal on the go in health-friendly and decent looking containers, you will work on your goals with more zest and motivation

3 Cheap Meal Prep Containers

In efforts to find best cheap meal prep containers we review more then 30 products and finally we decide to share below listed three product whom we consider right valuable for meal preparations.

1. Enther Meal Prep Containers 

Key Features

  • Portioned meals an ideal choice for portion meal preparation.
  • Aesthetic these containers have an anesthetic built.
  • Best travel partner You can take these containers whenever you like.

Meal preparation containers are a lifesaver for people who want to have portioned food. In case you are worried about your calorie count, then you need nothing more but Enther. These are the best cheap meal prep containers.

The material used in Enther us resistant to the foul or pungent smell of food with BPA plastic used to support a healthy lifestyle. Also, the material ensures stain resistance as well.

These meal prep containers are one-compartment fashioned, which means they are feasible and most suitable for busy families who are always busy running errands here and there.

Additionally, they are made using solid colours, which adds a very formal vibe to these bento boxes keeping it subtle yet appealing to carry anywhere without facing embarrassment. Also, they are stackable, oven, and freezer friendly, reusable, durable, and whatnot.

Since they come in an affordable package of 20 food containers, we can easily say that you can prepare and preserve food in multiple boxes to save you from the hassle of cooking every other day.

What did we like?

  • These meal boxes give you versatility for everyday use, especially since they are easy to carry, maintain the freshness and quality of food over more extended periods. Also, they are easy to wash and help keep a chaos-free, healthier, and busy lifestyle.
  • There is no need to worry about the quality of the product because only the quality plastic is used to manufacture these bento boxes along with a bunch of other things.
  • The containers life is long enough not to bother individuals to shop frequently.
  • They are microwave and freezer friendly.


  • An ideal pack of 20 containers.
  • One box has a capacity of 28 ounces to store food.
  • Its single portion feature helps preserve items separately.
  • Substantially supports the lifestyle of fitness freaks, dieters, sportspeople and professionals, etc.
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2. Freshware Meal Prep Containers

Key Features

  • Double portion These 15 bento boxes have not one but two compartments for a portion control diet according to a full-fledged 21-day-fix plan.
  • Safe to use The containers are safe to use in all culinary situations; may it be a freezer, a microwave, or a dishwasher.
  • Temperature resistant These are made to withstand temperatures between (-40 F to 250 F).

Freshware is another cheap meal prep container that is BPA free like Enther. BPA is a plastic synthesizing compound that can disrupt the human body by imitating the actions of hormones like estrogen. This container is free of any such nuisance, thus proving food and human body-friendly.

Just like our first pick, they are easy to carry. These containers weigh 1.92 pounds, each making it the best choice not only for meal prep but also for an easy carry. It is an economical one that’s it gets a spot on our list of cheap meal prep containers.

Freshware products do not compromise on the handler’s safety in any way, just like the products of other big names like Enther, our first pick, by making them BPA-free. Just like Enther, these are microwave/freezer/dishwasher safe.

For a larger uphold, the better choice would be bento boxes by Enther as they provide a pack of 20. In contrast, for use on smaller grounds with strict portion control diets Freshware is a nice choice. The good news with Freshware is that they come in a pack of 15 but with two compartments under a single lid.

For people always on the go with a lot of baggage already and hate having their hands full, Freshware products provide a golden opportunity by being lighter (1.9 pounds) with a smaller capacity (25 ounces). But for those who hate to pack light, Enther is the go-to because of its larger capacity (28 ounces) and is a tad heavier to carry (2.6 pounds).


  • Come in a range of colours, (4) to beautify the space around their presence.
  • Two compartment design to allow a little variety to choose from.
  • Lighter to carry
  • Made with heavy-duty plastic, making it resilient and more robust than other competitors.
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3. AmazonBasics 2 Compartment Meal Prep Containers3.

Key Features

  • Sturdy Design These are designed specially to withstand pressure.
  • Portable They are portable and can be used in the long terms.
  • Greater Volume They are made, keeping in perspective the needs of consumers in busy households.

These bento boxes by AmazonBasics can store food for up to 32 ounces, making it easier to carry food in more massive amounts. However, like Enther, these meal prep containers are not durable.

Another key feature is that they are available at prices lower than other bento boxes like Enther and Freshware. This makes them affordable and reasonable for everyone to buy, targeting a significant chunk of the population.

Like Freashware, these are mostly suitable for households where individuals prefer to carry two food items to their workplaces since they have two compartments for preserving food. These are the rea cheap meal prep containers.

Also, because they are being sold at lower prices, so they can be used for multiple things like storing food, preparing lunch boxes, and many more, etc. regularly. However, like Enther, these are not that amazing in microwave or freezer.

Although AmazonBasics has lower prices, they use BPA plastic which has the potential to put the user at concerns related to health. Unlike Enther, these are competitively less safe

They are not odour or stain resistant as the containers produced by Enther, but still are washable and are made to use numerous time.

Lastly, they come in black colour too with grey lids making it almost similar to Enther or Freshware products.

The brand promises no exchange or refund policy, just like the first one.


  • It offers a much larger food storing capacity 32 ounces.
  • Affordable
  • Comes in a package of 20 containers, portioned into 2 per box.
  • Portable
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With the busy work schedule, we cannot afford to lose track of our health and lose in that area of life. It’s important to take health along with other life activities to ensure a better quality of life.

Therefore, we recommend and present you with Enther that is a commendable and our top preference in cheap meal prep containers. It has the most thrilling features and has the potential to take the lead.

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