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Ever been outdoors and needed something to cut off the shirt tag that is causing an itch? On your picnic trips, do you miss having nothing to cut the rope or wire? Well, a pocket knife can be your best friend in doing daily cutting chores and outdoor work. There is a wide variety of pocket knives on the market. It is a whole industry, and knife enthusiast spends several hundred dollars on their favourites. But here we list the best pocket knife under 50.

best pocket knife under 50

Let’s not get swayed away with all the attractive knives and focus on the one that can get the job done adequately. The normal price range for a good knife can be anywhere between $30 and $50. It can go up depending on the extra functionality and its construction material.

This piece of writing will cover some of the best pocket knives that meet everyone’s budgetary needs. Without delay, let’s take a look at some of the important things you need to know about the pocket knives. What are they, and how do they differ from other knives. Let’s begin!

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What Exactly is a Pocket Knife?

A pocket knife, as the names suggest, is a knife that can easily fit your pocket. Some other characteristics include the safety pocket within with the knife folds and rest. This pocket serves the purpose of protection and keeps the blade locked in. Usually, a click and set mechanism is involved.

In addition to that, the dimensions are also one of the key features of a pocket knife. It is mostly three to five inches long and half to one inch wide.

A pocket knife comes in handy, and many people find it easy to use and keep. In America, it is an essential household item, although most of the keepers are men. According to the stats, 35 million households own a pocket knife in the U.S. region.

These stats are suggestive of their importance and reliance among the general public.

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How is a Pocket Knife Different from a Regular Kitchen Knife?

There are several ways a pocket knife and a kitchen knife differ from each other. One major difference is the size – kitchen knives are rather large and do not fit inside the pocket. Moreover, they are not safe to be kept in the pocket.

Foldable construction is another difference from the regular knife. Lastly, the kitchen knife is used for culinary purposes only and contains one blade.

On the contrary, a pocket knife can have multiple blades and other tools like a corkscrew or bottle opener on them.

Why You Need a Pocket Knife?

Let’s take a look at some of the ways pocket knives can make your life easier. Here is why you should buy one use it daily.

Comes in Handy on Road Trips and Picnics

If you suffer from wanderlust and take many road trips, then a pocket knife is a must. For picnics and day outs, it is a perfect companion.

Moreover, it leaves out the misery of packing a kitchen knife in paper to prevent it from getting murderous.

A Pocket Knife Can Act as a Makeshift Tool

A pocket knife can help you if your other tools are missing. For instance, if you need a screwdriver, the tip of the knife can act as one.

Moreover, plain blades can also replace cutters and scissors.

Help in Daily Chores and a Fruit Peeler

Even around the house, a pocket knife can get the tasks done very easily. In addition to that, most pocket knives have multiple tools, which are also helpful around the house.

It is your fruit peeler, wire cutter, and rope cutter all in one!

For Safety

Keeping a pocket knife can also serve a safety purpose. It can acts as a weapon of self-defence when needed. So while walking a dark alley or travelling along, a pocket knife can be a saviour.

It won’t kill, but it will do enough damage.

It Saves Lives!

Pop culture and media suggest that pocket knives are lifesaving, and we agree with that. Lost in the wilderness, catch the animal, cut it up and eat it.

It can also help ignite the fires, so you can keep yourself warm on a cold adventure.

3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Pocket Knife

Some of the things you should consider while buying a pocket knife under $50 are mentioned below. They will make your buying journey a little easier.

  • Compactness and weight: If you want a small and light object that is easy to carry, then compactness and weight are factors you should consider. Go for a small knife with a flat blade made of lightweight material.
  • Construction material: Although the blade is mostly made of stainless steel, the material of the handle can be different. For a long-lasting knife, go for a metal handle; if you want to make a statement and add style, wood is a good option.
  • Blade type: The blade of the pocket knife can be plain or have ragged or serrated edges. If you are not using the knife for a heavy-duty purpose like a wire cutter, then the plain blade is your best option.

Is $50 too much for a pocket knife?

A short answer to this question is absolutely not! For pocket knives, less than $50 or $50 is a good and economical range. For a very low-cost knife, the blade is not sharp and wears out very quickly. Moreover, it will corrode, and you will have to repurchase a new one very soon.

Thus, it is good to make a one-time investment. Luckily, $50 is the price at which you can get a good pocket knife that lasts.

Best Pocket Knives under $50

When we count on revolutionary inventions like the wheel, fire, or the computer, we often tend to forget a cutting-edge tool that is still the need of Home sapiens – the knife.

Starting its journey back in 500 BCE, the pocket knife, then called Jackknife, facilitates us optimally during the hunt, performing chores and errands, cleaning, risking adventures, and sensing lurking danger. The list of facilitation is never-ending. According to psychologist Mark Piaget, besides performance, pocket knives eliminate the fear factor by a whopping 60%.

This simple but useful tool consists of just three faucets; blade, hinge, and base. Although the price bracket varies, we have specially sifted out the below $50 premium pocket knives for you in this blog. We hope that this excerpt will prove more than enough. Let’s start

The clear winner of this razor-sharp and throat-cutting competition is Szhoworld; How? Let’s dig deeper.

1. SZHOWORLD Brass Mini Knife – Keychain Pocket Knife

best pocket knife under 50

Key Features

  • Brass handle — The brass handle saves from the Damocles sword of rust.
  • Stainless steel blade — Premium quality stainless steel blade extends the optimal quality with finishing glimmers.
  • Retractable — Thanks to its retractable nature, the Szhoworld knife can be concealed, carried, and utilized conveniently.

The brass constructed Szhoworld knife is an over-the-top solution to your household needs owing to the spring-loaded retractable mechanism. Equipped with a swift stainless steel blade, all the daily necessities are done with a quick zip of Szhoworld.

A good knife is a sharp knife. Having this magical tool in your ammo, you cut, trim, and tear in a jiffy. The stainless steel blade of Szhoworld comprises premium quality 3Cr13 material, the most sought-after in the knife-domain.

Furthermore, Szhoworld is not a kind of harrowing tool that dreads the onlookers, but the chic styling pleases onlookers’ aesthetic taste buds. Szhoworld is designed in full aesthetic patterns; the 10.8 cm knife betrays an artefact rather than a tool.

Before launching the version, Szhoworld tests each product thousands of times to ensure that the knife does not compromise an iota on safety standards. This portable EDC Szhoworld knife can be applied in any corner of life and placed in any nook and cranny.


  • Szhoworld is an authentic household name and has been providing the original Carabiner tools for ages.
  • You can easily open up the courier boxes sans any hurdle.
  • The sleek design does not give goosebumps to onlookers.
  • Szhoworld is easy to place and manage in your keyring.


  • Does not come up with an extra blade.
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Let’s move on to the second-best pocket knife that is Gerber EAB lite.

2. Gerber EAB Lite Pocket Knife 

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Key Features

  • Deep finger grooves — The deep finger grooves provide the iron-strong grip.
  • 5.1-inch open-length — 5.1-inch open length is comfy enough to accomplish the tricky tasks.
  • Stainless steel handle — The Gerber knife’s stainless steel handle is a bulwark against routine deformation.

The pocket-size knife by Gerber is an intelligent tool to facilitate you in untangling all the knots of your life.

The tapered form with moulded edges bestows a pointing aim, while the deep finger grooves are a big facilitator in grasping and clasping. The EAB Gerber knife could be reduced in size from 5.1 inches to 2.8 inches in a single click. Excitingly, Gerber also provides a limited brand warranty for a whole life span.

The Gerber’s pick, stainless steel, is considered the most resilient material and mostly used in military-grade equipment.

Your life would become way easier with this 2.5-ounce Gerber knife, thanks to the real-life endurance. A concomitant risk with a knife is safety, but Gerber extinguishes this risk by incorporating a secure liner locking mechanism.


  • The glittering white knife depicts a hi-tech, sci-fi look.
  • The blade workhorse is exchangeable to multiple blades.
  • Gerber blade is equally applicable from nifty tasks to the wild natural endeavours.
  • There is no risk of slippage owing to deep finger grooves.


  • The jurisdiction of the warranty is only the North American region.
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The third forerunning knife is Kershaw

3. Kershaw Shuffle Multifunction Pocket Knife

best pocket knife under 50

Key Features

  • 8Cr13Mov steel material — 8Cr13MoV steel has nickel and carbon infusion for firmness and edge retention.
  • Blackwash finish — The Blackwash finish is derived from a blend of stone washing and blade coating.
  • K-Texture grip — The K-Texture grip ensures a stronghold in peculiar conditions such as marine life.

This Kershaw folding knife is a potent formula choice to overlap all the hunting, domestic, and wild domains. Kershaw makes its knife over-the-top by mixing advanced design with innovative technology.

There is hardly any sphere where this nifty knife is not applicable. Pruning, cutting, opening, slicing all could be incorporated into one product. The shears and saws are in no way a difficult task owing to the sturdy built of Kershaw.

Kershaw is built on advanced patterns with high carbon-steel, textured handles, rubberized molding, and non-slip grip. 8Cr13MoV steel blade of Kershaw offers resistance against adhesive and abrasive wear.

The looks of the Kershaw are glimmering to the core. The patented Blackwash finishes are derived from the perfect mix of stone washing and coating. While the vintage design of Kershaw perfectly matches up with your gear and wear.

Furthermore, the steel blade of the Kershaw is magnetite by dipping into the black oxide coating. The blackening prevents corrosion and provides a sleek, chic, tactical, and fierce face to the knife.

Finally, the Kershaw knife’s deployment is straightforward as the thumb stud employs a swift mechanism by straining the button slightly.


  • Holding this knife level at 90° and flicking brings the blade out of the handle in a jiffy.
  • Kershaw knife could be leveraged in multiple ways.
  • A stylish purple handle rivets the eyes.
  • Kershaw is overall a durable knife in a mid-price-tag.


  • The black coating does not extend the glittering sleek of the blade.
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The fourth elegant pick by our editors is Fanfoobi.

4. Fanfoobi Engraved Pocket Knife 

Fanfoobi Engraved Pocket Knife I Love You, Perfect for Boyfriend Birthday, Unique Knife for Men

Key Features

  • “I love you” tag — Fanfoobi knife comes up with a resounding engraved slogan of “I love you” – a perfect gifting theme.
  • Olive wood handle — The olive wood handle of the Fanfoobi knife enhances a plush feel.
  • Razor-sharp stainless edge — The sharp edge brings dexterity in usage.

The Fanfoobi knife is an unconventional choice to adorn your pocket with something unique. The built of Fanfoobi is purely on aesthetic patterns and is engraved with the “I love you” tag. Simultaneously, the Olivewood handle with a belt clip provides you quick access to the knife.

The classy look of the Fanfoobi makes it ready to gift your loved ones; a special gift bag is provided at gratis for this very purpose.

The wooden handle with the sleek printed blade perches the knife at the aesthetical ladder’s topmost rung. In comparison, the stainless blade, lock, and olive wood handle enhance the longevity.

This knife is perfect for you if you want to incorporate both beauty and quality in one avenue.


  • This personalized knife is a perfect pick for gifting on occasions.
  • Fanfoobi is portable and can be fastened into the belt.
  • The eight different variants broaden the variety.


  • Personalization of love line is not available.
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Here comes the fifth pick that is the knife of Higo no Kami

5. Higo no Kami 10 Pocket Knife by Nagao Seisakusho, Brass Finish

best pocket knife under 50

Key Features

  • Warikomi steel — Warikomi steel is the high-grade Chinese material to perform the comparatively hard tasks.
  • Brass satin handle — Brass satin handle is strongly resistant to the deformation.
  • Three-inch blade — The three-inch blade is enough to execute sophisticated tasks.

Higo no Kami means the Lord of Higo in the Japanese language. This is considered a venerated Japanese pocket knife to perform a variety of nifty tricks. Interestingly, a handful of people are allowed to manufacture this knife as this is solely hand-made.

Higo no Kami knife has a three-inch folding blade that could be enclosed in a yellowish shell. The knife is razor-sharp but secure to be ensconced into your pocket.

On the aesthetical side, the knife is hand-made with utmost delicacy and concentration. The presence in your pocket would be a constant feeling of protection.

This traditional knife is available at a moderate price tag and would prove a nostalgic realia in your accessories list.


  • Fully hand-made style bridges you to sentimental utopia.
  • The knife depicts a royal feel to the holder.
  • Warikomi steel is considered the most lethal defensive material in knives.
  • Higo no Kami knife is embossed with the same tagline.


  • Man is to err, never expect the profound perfection with hand-made products.
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Finally, we move into our last legendary knife – Victorinox Swiss Army SD knife

6. Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife, Red ,58mm

Key Features

  • Seven-in-one bundle — Victorinox Swiss Army knife is a seven-in-one kit to bring versatility to your pocket knife’s choice.
  • Tempered steel manufacturing — Victorinox’s material is annealed, tempered, and polished to achieve crispy stiffness.
  • ABS plastic — The body of Victorinox is made up of wear-resistant ABS material that is recommended by veterans.

This seven-in-one pocket knife is reminiscent of the Swiss era. Interestingly, the manufacturers had also started operations back in 1891 as the Swiss Army contractor. The knife contains a blade, nail file, screwdriver, scissors, keyring, tweezers, and a toothpick.

The iconic design of this nifty pick would charm up your personality. The knife is available in red color with a Swiss cross embossed upon it. Furthermore, the knife is handy to open and shut in a jiffy.

Moreover, the knife is light and could easily be carried or attached to your keyring. You would find optimal comfort and a persistent feel of protection with a Victorinox knife.

Victorinox could be maintained handily by a deep dip into the hot water and further daubing into the oil. This way, the knife runs for a very long time. Overall, this a value-added product at an affordable price tag.


  • The blade could be sharpened using a whetstone.
  • You can execute a variety of other functions besides performing the basic function of slashing.
  • Victorinox knife is easy to be cleaned in warm water.


  • The blade is not much useful for heavy-duty cutting.
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From hand-made Japanese legacy to the military-grade Swiss knife, we have covered almost all of the good pocket knives under the sun, only at a moderate price tag of under $50. All the knives are qualitative and value-added in the list. Pick confidentiality and relish the fun incessantly. We can hope that our efforts will help you to get the best pocket knife under 50.

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