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Cutting boards are among the most frequently used kitchen tools among all. They serve the multi-purpose of designated shelf space for cutting, chopping, slicing, and much more. The simplicity and ease of its use never make us wonder about the potential health hazards involved if not used correctly.

This writing piece deals with the threats associated with the cutting board and hidden toxins that some cutting boards hold. As cutting boards are manufactured from various materials, there are many health hazards associated with each of them. However, healthy manufacturing practices, if adopted, can alleviate this concern.

best non toxic cutting board

Cutting boards are must accessories in every kitchen. Most of the food we put in our mouths reaches us after coming in contact with a cutting board. After washing, it is the first step at which food processing beings.

Whether it is meat, fruits, or vegetables, all are diced and sliced on a cutting board. Therefore, we must know about the possible health hazards present.

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What Toxins may be hiding in Rotten cutting boards and their dangers?

Different toxins are associated with different types of material. Following are the most common and most hazardous toxins associated with cutting boards.

  • Gunk and debris: Continuous use of a cutting board leads to the accumulation of junk and debris in its crevices. These gunk particles are small and come from the dirt present on the fruits or vegetables. If a cutting board is not washed regularly and adequately, this debris can intermix with the food’s juices and cause health problems.
  • Bacteria and other micro-organisms: Bacteria and micro-organisms present in the food can remain embedded in the grooves created by a knife. Depending upon the board’s material, these micro-organisms can remain on the board for quite a long time.
  • Micro-plastics: Micro-plastics are present in plastic cutting boards. They are released as a result of successive knife stabs onto the board. The plastic microfibers can mix with the food, causing disturbing and long-term dilemmas.
  • Finishing products: Finishing products refer to the waxes and gels cutting boards are coated with. Some of these finishing materials are not food grade and cause problems such as hormone disruptions in the body.
  • Glues and joining materials: Cutting boards are held together with some form of adhesive or joining glue. These joining glues sometimes contain known carcinogens like formaldehyde or harmful mineral oil that disrupt the body’s healthy and normal functioning.

Which Cutting Boards Are Toxics

Plastic cutting boards are very affordable; however, they are not as safe as wooden boards. As we know that prolonged use of plastic boards released plastic microfibers which is toxic for the human body.

Moreover, the phthalates present in the plastic are carcinogenic toxins that should steer clear of. However, because of their affordability, they are widely used in homes. When buying a plastic cutting board, it is good to prefer BPA-free and food-grade plastic.

Best Non-Toxic Types of Cutting Boards

Cutting boards that are non-toxic do not cause any harm to our health. They are made from good material and non-toxic finishes, making them ideal cutting boards. Certain materials should be preferred if you want a non-toxic cutting board.

1. Wood Made Cutting Boards

Wood is one of the best non-toxic cutting board materials—chewy and dense wood. Maple, teak, walnut, and cherry are among the hot favorites for cutting boards. These are all nonporous woods that don’t let the crevices and cutting form quickly. As a result, disease-causing micro-organism doesn’t accumulate on the board. They last anywhere between six to ten years.

2. Glass Cutting Boards

Another non-toxic alternative is glass, as it is a very nonporous material. It is a lot safer option as compared to even wood. Its porosity and hardness are responsible for preventing food-borne diseases.

In addition to that, it is easily washable and not very hard to maintain. Tampered glass and Faber glass are among the most popular types of glass cutting boards. They last for a lifetime if you don’t break them; on average, they would need replacement after twenty to twenty-five years.

3. Bamboo Cutting Boards

Lastly, the third winner for the non-toxic cutting boards is bamboo. Bamboo is the naturally occurring wooden alternative that is found in abundance and is rapidly flourishing.

Among its qualities like sturdiness and high tensile strength, eco-friendliness is admirable. It does not absorb moisture and fluid and thus breeds ground of bacterial population is not established. All of these qualities make it a hot favorite non-toxic cutting board. You can use it for as long as five to 10 years.

Best Non-Toxic Cutting Boards

1. Earth’s Dreams Natural Fiber Wooden Cutting Board

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Key Features

  • National Fibre material — Natural fiber is the safest material in the genre of cutting boards.
  • BPA-free — BPA is a poisonous substance that could land you in perpetual trouble; Earth’s Dreams has zero-tolerance for BPA.
  • Non-porous — Bacteria gets accumulated in the porous surfaces; there is no chance of bacteria huddling here owing to a non-porous texture.

Wherever the apprehensions about health arise, Earth’s dreams cutting board is always there to thwart the risk of toxicity thanks to its non-porous nature and 100% natural wood-cum-fiber powder. This dishwasher-safe cutting board does not have crevices and grooves to provide safe havens for germs.

The durable and lighter cutting board is a healthy option to dice herbs, slice veggies, and carve meat. In comparison, the non-toxic board is made up of renewable resources that constructively assimilate into the environment. Besides chopping operations, the same board could be used as a serving tray sans any tinkering. Overall, Earth’s dream is the most feasible cutting board pick on the planet earth.

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2. Heim Concept Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

Heim Concept Organic Bamboo Cutting Boards for Kitchen Extra Large Chopping Board with Juicy Groove Perfect for Meat, Vegetables, Fruits, Cheese (18x12x3/4)

Key Features

  • Bamboo material — Heim Concept is made up of bamboo material that is the best way against thwarting toxicity.
  • Juicy groove — Toxicity arises once the food juice is not drained effectively, Heim Concept caters to this lacuna by a juicy groove.
  • Versatility — The classy board with freedom of cutting impresses everyone.

Heim Concept is another non-toxic cutting board that incorporates all the best health care features in a single cutting board. Durability, sleekness, strongness, versatility, and attractiveness merge into the Heim Concept because of pure Moso bamboo construction.

The gracious looks make it a top gifting choice. Heim Concept eradicates the chances of toxicity in the first place owing to the super hygienic drip groove design. The board remains neat and bacteria-free.

Besides hygienic disposition, Heim Concept is a viable pick to prep, chop, carve, cut, slash, and serve almost all kinds of edibles, exceptions apart. Furthermore, Heim Concept is friendly towards knives. All in all, Heim Concept is a user-friendly pick, and the purchase would be a win-win game. 

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3. Round Wood Cutting Board 

Round Wood Cutting Board by Virginia Boys Kitchens - 10.5 Inch American Walnut Cheese Serving Tray and Charcuterie Platter with Juice Drip Groove

Key Features

  • Walnut cutting board — Walnut is the most hygienic material because of natural antibacterial instincts.
  • Knife-friendly cutting surface — The knife-friendly surface does not allow scratches where the germs hide because of bumping.
  • Kitchen workhorse — Virginia Boys Kitchens cutting board is a heavy-duty and versatile cutting board.

The creamy chocolate texture of Virginia Boys Kitchens’ cutting board extends a ravishing look to the onlookers. Besides heavy-duty cutting, this cutting board is a perfect avenue of presenting delicacies. Toxicity of cutting board arises owing to two factors; inbuilt faults such as polythene construction or reckless usage. VB Kitchens cutting board brings stopgap measures to both of the loopholes.

The walnut surface ensures a hygienic cutting with finely carved juice grooves and even edges. This wonder in design is not an eyesore, and you may mince, dice, chop, and prep with the utmost freedom. Virginia Boys Kitchens cutting board provides you an actual non-toxic surface in a meager sum.

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4. Joseph Joseph Worktop Saver Glass Cutting Board

Joseph Joseph Worktop Saver Glass Cutting Board and Serving Board Heat Resistant, 11.8-in x 15.8-in, Black

Key Features

  • Glass material — glass is a cleaner, greener surface for cutting edibles.
  • Heat resistant — This cutting board survives in the harsh kitchen environment owing to the bracing heat capacity.
  • Ultra-hygienic — Joseph Joseph is an ultra-hygienic and odorless cutting board.

When dealing with the edible on a glass surface, there is no need to worry about toxicity or relevant threats. Joseph Joseph is a multi-purpose board with a specific focus on the cutting genre.

The toughened glass could bear heat resistance up to 536°F that is anathema for bacteria. In contrast, the non-slip feet perch the Joseph Joseph cutting board into the victory list. Nonetheless, the only down aspect is its non-compatibility with the dishwasher. You will have to wash on your own after chopping veggies, meat, and fruits incessantly.

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5. Medium-Large Wood Cutting Board 

Medium-Large Wood Cutting Board : 14.5 x 11.5 Inches - Lifetime Replacement Bamboo Cutting Boards for Kitchen - Just the Right Size Wooden Chopping Board - Butcher Block

Key Features

  • Viable size — The 14.5 × 11.5 inches size is almost universal and one-size-fits-all.
  • Bonus Factor — 100% eco-friendly and bio-secure because of Moss Bamboo.
  • No toxicity — Greener Chef is free from Formaldehyde, BPA, toxins, and chemicals.

Greener Chef is a health and environment-conscious brand that always cares about the toxicity side before processing the belly’s food. The raw Moso bamboo for the cutting board is free from solvents, adhesives, lacquers, dyes, chemicals, and all the things promoting danger to our lives.

Greener Chef is believed to have all-natural properties. Bamboo is grass in the real sense; nonetheless, the grass is also proven magic against bacteria and toxicity. You could grab, luckily, this cutting board in a mediocre price range. Greener Chef promises to build last.

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6. Farberware Glass Utility Cutting Board

Farberware Glass Utility Cutting Board, 12-Inch-by-14-Inch, 12

Key Features

  • Glass material — The shiny glass material is durable against bacteria infestation.
  • Rubber feet — The rubber feet are truly non-slip.
  • Heat resistance — Farberware might be heat resistant, but the toxicity is not; the environmental heat intensity kills the bacteria in the first place.

If you want to grab the value, innovation, durability, and integrity in a single fell swoop; nothing could be a better option than the Farberware glass cutting board. Farberware heat resistant and a bulwark against the breakage, stain, adsorption, or any other incursion thanks to glass tempered formation.

The rubberized feet gild the lily, while the glass surface is effortless to clean at home. For day-to-day usage, a swipe of wet rag is more than enough. If you are looking for a wholesome cutting board choice, this elegant cutting board might be your dream fellow.

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7. Surface Saver Vance Glass Cutting Board

Surface Saver Vance 20 X 16 inch Clear Tempered Glass Cutting Board, , 20 X 16-Inch

Key Features

  • Clear tempered glass — Clear tempered glass is a durable but hygienic cutting surface.
  • Sanitary work — Cut with Surface Saver in a hygienic sanitary environment thanks to zero odor, residues, and splash.
  • The stainless steel frame provides a solid foundation for the ironclad grasp to the terrain beneath.

Surface Saver is another non-toxic cutting choice for health-conscious sentient beings. This nifty board provides you the optimal freedom of working in a total sanitary environment owing to the durable, hygienic, and sleek tempered glass.

The bacteria does not last long on the glass surface and dies naturally; this is the most significant advantage with the Space Saver. Overall, this cutting board is resistive against germs, toxicity, and heat. In contrast, the non-slip feet provide additional support. Grab this and buy the ultimate peace of mind.

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8. Ironwood Oslo End Grain Square Utility Board

Ironwood Oslo End Grain Square Utility Board, One Size, Acacia Wood

Key Features

  • Acacia wood — Acacia wood is a high-end but extremely safe cutting choice.
  • Simple wash — You can easily clean the Ironwood Gourmet with simple water and soap solution.
  • Designed pattern — The beautifully adorned texture is high on aesthetics.

If you are tired of the monotonous cutting surfaces, and the heart speaks volumes of trying something out of the box sans endangering your invaluable life, Ironwood Gourmet is the best-case option. This acacia wood cutting board is an end-grain, square-shaped, beautiful board with a rich coloring scheme.

Cutting wear-cum-tear is minimized for both board and cutlery. Furthermore, the prep station could also be used as a serving tray. The surface can be used for chopping every edible, including leafy edibles. Wash and air dry with a few steps and rejuvenate Ironwood Gourmet with a lively and lovely spirit.

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 9. Round Wooden Cutting Board With Handles & Juice Groove

Round Wooden Cutting Board With Handles & Juice Groove – Premium 10x14’’ Solid Wood Serving Board – Reversible Wood Chopping Board, Cheese Board, Large Trivet for Hot Dishes – Smooth, Sturdy, Durable.

Key Features

  • Drip edges — Drip edges control the flow of juices outward.
  • Beautiful handles — The handles of Ecosall are beautifully designed.
  • Round wooden construction — The round wooden construction is feasible from the ergonomic and aesthetic side.

A few non-toxic citing boards score well on durability, aesthetics, and ergonomic side, leave alone the wonders. Ecosall comes out as a dark horse that provides all such amenities in a 10 × 14″ round cutting board.

The two connected handles nestle your hand conveniently. Besides chopping, you may also use it for serving snacks, pizza, or anything you want—the construction 100% wooden sans varnish or glue. While the design is chic, wood provides natural toxic-free support. Use this knife-friendly cutting board and hang it on the wall; your kitchen will jiggle up.

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10. Foonii Thick Acacia Wood Cutting Board

Foonii Thick Acacia Wood Cutting Board, 18 x 12inch Large Kitchen Chopping Board with Juice Groove

Key Features

  • Large chopping area — 18 × 12 chopping surface is enough to entertain everything under the sun.
  • Smooth surface — Smooth surface does not blunt your knives after the common concussion.
  • Juice drip groove — The juice drip groove accumulates the food juice and ensures a healthy cutting.

Wood is the prime neutralizing feature. Leveraging wood into the cutting board directly translates the zero-tolerance against toxicity or bacterial infestation. Foonii cutting board is made up of acacia wood that is virtually considered indestructible. While the sweet fragrance and neutral polish charms up the overall persona of this cutting board.

The knife-friendly surface and juice grooves curtail the mess during the process. You can cut bulky to the delicate things owing to the spacious cutting surface. Leafy veggies, meat, and seafood are all evenly recommended to be hammered on this beautiful cutting board; the beauty sometimes betrays its usage as a chessboard.

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Tips to Make a Cutting Board Non-Toxic

  • Thorough washing: First of all, wash the board each time you use it. Use warm soapy water and remove food particles thoroughly. Make sure you avoid using the same side for raw meat and freshies. It prevents cross-contamination and adds to the life of your board.
  • Sanitization: Now and then, a thorough cleanse of the board is necessary. For that, mix chlorine in a gallon of water. Take it out in the bucket or flat pan and soak your board in it for 30 minutes. Cleanse, Rinse and dry.
  • On-time replacement: As all boards have an average life expectancy, they wither off and become hazardous after that time. Thus, to keep toxins from building up, regular replacement is a necessity. If your board is overused and has many cuts and marks, then replace it even before the warranty relapses.
  • Use no hazardous material: Only buy non-toxic materials. Choose food-grade plastics and non-BPA-containing materials. Verify the porosity of the material before making the purchase.
  • Avoid chemical finishing: Chemical-based finishings are full of carcinogens; avoid using them to maintain the board. It may add years to your board’s life, but leeching toxins from the board while reducing yours. Thus, always use natural mineral oils.


Unless you do not care about your health, you would not want to entertain a cutting board that is toxic in nature. With a family and kids, it is judicious to carry a cutting board that is non-toxic. All the above-mentioned cutting boards are non-toxic in nature. Pick the one that rings a bell.

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