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It is imperative to pay attention to quality when you are buying something. Although price and affordability are important, buyers should pay attention to it, but purchasing something that does not meet the required standard is foolish.

A high percentage of purchasers are prepared to accept junk if it is available at a low cost. This is where the problem begins. After some time, the product is not worth using, and you need to opt for another purchase.

Hence, irrespective of what you are purchasing, having a look at the company’s reputation first. Do not settle for unbranded options, particularly if you are buying knives. They can be rusted and loosely structured. Some of them break from one of the joints when force is applied and cause severe injuries to the hand.

A good practice is filtering out the top brands not to spend time on unnecessary online searching. For example, consider that you want to purchase kitchen knives. Please search for the top-rated kitchen knife sellers and see the reviews that people have given about them. This particular practice would make it effortless for you to get your hands-on quality knives.

8 Best Knife Makers

US and UK are among the top knife producing/selling places. Some of the biggest brands are originated from these locations. However, all brands are not equally good. Here are the top ten brands in the world that are better than other alternatives.

1. Buck Knives

The Buck Knives company has gained popularity among knife buyers due to various reasons. One of them is the product range it places on the table. Most knife buyers deal in one or two basic categories, which creates difficulty for the buyers when looking for a particular type. Buck knives are undoubtedly among the top-rated sellers who offer all types of knives.

One of the types is kitchen cutlery knives. This product range suits both women and men who are looking for cutting tools appropriate for cooking. You can browse the “kitchen knives” range and select the product you are looking for. Similarly, there is a complete range of fishing knives for people who are fond of cooking fish.

Self-defense is one of the critical categories of knives. These days people carry a self-protection knife to prevent harmful incidents while being on the move. Another knife category you can glance at is “classic knives”. Classic knives are basically cutting tools with vintage designs.

2. Entrek Knives

If we talk about knife-selling companies that have been there for a long time, this one is undoubtedly one of them. Entrek is a US-based company that produces top-quality knives. It offers free shipping to specific locations as well.

The company has attained fame mainly due to the price its products have. They are quite economical, which is why most people do not face problems in affording them. It mainly deals in the kitchen and self-defense knives. There is a good range of both these categories, and people can select from the alternatives available.

The product options are not restricted to one type only. You can find knives with different blade lengths, thicknesses, and shapes. For instance, a hunting knife will have a pointed blade and will be around 8.6 inches.

Entrek provides complete specifications about its products so that buyers do not get confused in any way. In this way, by merely reading through the necessary details, you can decide whether the knife is according to your needs or not.

3. Bark River Knives

Bark River Knives is among the old reputed companies producing top-quality cutting equipment. Although the product range is not as big as other brands, its quality is scintillating. The company offers a good range of kitchen and pocket knives.

The price range of this knife-producing brand is not on the higher side, which is why people tend to select it without any worries. However, if you are looking for diverse knives, you may have to consider other companies as well.

4. Hurley Knives

Hurley is more of a brand that deals in various products, with knives being one of them.

Knives are categorized according to type and price. For instance, a filter can be set if you are only looking for EDC knives. Products can also be categorized by setting the price filter. If your range is between 200 and 300 USD, set this range, and appropriate products will be shown to you.

The price range is quite diverse, which attracts more buyers. You may find knives starting from 30 USD to 350 USD. Hence, you can still purchase a suitable knife online even if your affordability is not in the high range. There are ample knife options that come in the 40 to 60 USD range as well.

The best thing about Hurley knives is a custom order. If you are not convinced with the knife options displayed online, opt for a custom order.

Hurley also offers a good range of kitchen knives, which is why a good percentage of buyers are chefs and home cooks. The price again depends on the features/specs you are looking for.

5. Case Knives

Case knives have a diverse range of cutting equipment alternatives. One of the special categories is heritage knives. This equipment portrays all the ancient designs, including the ones used in caves by tribes. If you seek something classic and vintage with top-level cutting standards, this category will surely suit you.

Merely looking at a knife does not give any idea about how good or bad it is. It is super vital to have a penetrating look at the features. This is where Case Knives gets the upper hand on a lot of other companies. Buyers can glance at the slightest of details for each knife. By looking at the features, they can decide whether the product is according to their requirements or not.

It is crucial to managing a knife properly so that it lasts for a long time. You can find several knife management tips on the website of this company. For instance, specific tips are used to sharpen a knife that new users are not aware of. By going through the videos provided online, you can learn to keep your knife in top-notch condition.

Similarly, using the knife according to safety standards is quite important. Experienced users may be aware of the correct tactics, but these tips may be alien to new users. Case Knives has a good video for using knives safely. By looking at it, you can smoothen the usage and avoid any unwanted incidents.

Getting a custom knife is what most people look out for. Everyone likes having a printed name on the blade, handle, or any other part of the knife. Case Knives provides state-of-the-art imprinting services as well. You can choose a font style, text, and color scheme to get the desired printing done. The printing quality is top-level, and you can rest assured about spilled colors or incorrect text.

The process for text imprinting is quite simple, and you only must visit the desired link. You will be required to select some critical parameters, including text style and color options.

6. StClair knives

This metalsmith and knife-producing company are indeed among the top sellers. The product options are good, and you can find cutting equipment for kitchen use and other purposes. The products are listed category wise which makes selection simple and less time-consuming. For instance, to view the folding knife alternatives, click the “folding knives link, and a complete gallery would be shown to you.

There is a complete gallery for the knife collection that the brand places on the table. You can browse through the galleries and then pick a knife that suits you.

7. Bench Made

When you talk about companies producing quality knives for more than 20 years, “Bench Made” is surely one of them. The company has been producing the best knives for several decades. Besides, Bench made has a large clientele of very loyal customers. If you are looking for quality knives that would last for a long span, this is one brand that you would not ignore.

You can purchase knives as individual pieces as well as in the form of sets. The price varies with the blade type, size, and other parameters. The website has a categorical classification, which means that you can glance at different classifications and pick a product.

If you look at the prices that Bench made products have, they are quite reasonable compared to how good the product is. The ordering procedure is effortless as well. Select the knife and add it to the cart.

On occasions, people are not transparent about the type of knife they are looking for. In such cases, ordering a custom option can prove to be hard. Hence, in such situations, it is better to settle for one of the default classifications. There are numerous categories that you can consider, including hunter, kitchen, and tactical. The selection depends on the purpose and requirements you have. For instance, if you want something for self-defense, look at the products listed in the “tactical category.”

8. Bearson Cutlery

Bearson is one of the finest knives selling brands originated in the USA. Although the knife rates are on the steeper side, the product standard is profoundly compelling. These knives are unyielding.

Bearson has an exquisite kitchen knife collection offering different variants. Whether you are looking for meat cutters, vegetable chopping options, or a knife for any other kitchen usage, ample options are available.

The company has a robust trustworthy reputation due to which new customers do not face trust issues. In terms of blade quality, cutting ability, and handgrip, the knives are awe-inspiring.

Bearson has variable pricing, and you can find both low rates high rate knives. Have a well-defined range before you examine alternatives.

9. Edge Knives

Edge knives are headquartered in Alaska, USA, and have an impressive range of knives. The products are multipurpose, so you can get anything and everything starting from kitchen knives to hunting tools. However, when you talk about specialty, the company has state-of-the-art hunting knives. One of the best products it has is called “Alaska Hunter.”

Alaska Hunter is a tailormade for hunters who travel through thick woods and get involved in challenging situations from time to time. This knife can cut branches, thick animal skin and even combat small-sized snakes. It is a handy tool that can easily be carried in a hunting bag due to the small compact size.

The blade is short, but the cutting ability is quite impressive. In other words, you can even cut through thick skin without a lot of struggle. The blade and grip’s length are almost the same, so if you seek the right balance, this knife is for you.

The “Stainless Street Fighter” is yet another product by this company. It has a very short handle, but the blade size is quite right. This tool is meant for people who need self-defense knives. Although the handle is short, robustness is up to the mark.

10. Robert Ball Knives

Robert Ball Knives is another company located in Alaska. It is rated among the top ten list mainly due to the right combination of price and quality. The company offers ample product options starting from fishing knives to the ones used for standard kitchen purposes.

If you are looking for custom folding knives, this company has a good profile of products. People usually carry these knives for self-defense and to deal with emergencies. As a buyer, you can set your specifications and get a folding knife prepared accordingly.

Summing it Up

Buying knives should never be a spontaneous decision, so a hasty approach should never be adopted. To start with, you need to have a clear purpose in mind. This helps in locating the right seller. However, irrespective of the type of knife you are purchasing, the seller’s reputation and standard are quite important. It is critical to look for reputed sellers and then pick one from them.

On the internet, almost every knife seller claims to be the best. Facts are very different as more than 80% of these brands are more about exaggerating. The products they offer are substandard and have a short life. Thus, instead of wasting your time, have a look at these ten top knife sellers.

How are they better than other online options? All of them have a good clientele, which means that customers trust them, and there is nothing illegitimate involved. Secondly, most of them offer diverse knife ranges, so buyers do not have to restrict to a particular type. If you are looking for EDC or kitchen knives, ample options are available. 

Some of these companies offer custom options as well in terms of product appearance and features. If you want the knife of a specific length, place a custom order. Other adjustments like handle width, blade length, and style can also be made.

Top-rated knife sellers may have a higher price, but their standard is much higher than substandard brands. Opting for a substandard brand and paying for a low-quality knife is simply a wastage of money.

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