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Knives have the basic purpose of cutting and chopping things. Even then, different categories are used to serve individual purposes. An EDC knife is carried in the pocket for usage as and when the need arises. For instance, an electrician may use it to chop off extra unwanted dead wires. Fishermen also use this knife to alter nets.

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In which situations do you need an EDC knife?

Every type of knife is used to perform certain tasks. An EDC knife is also used for different reasons, including the following.

1. Package Opening

We do receive parcels through courier or direct delivery. These boxes are packaged with tape and other adhesive material and cannot be opened with bare hands. An EDC knife comes in handy in such a tricky situation.

It is used to cut off the tape. Most people keep it at home to open packaged boxes.

2. Cutting Fruits and Vegetables

For some people, using large-sized kitchen knives is not the most comfortable option. Therefore, they use an EDC knife since it is smaller in size and much easier to manage.

People who prepare fresh juices and salads mostly always have an EDC knife.

3. Can Opening

Ideally, a can opener is used to open the top of a metal can. Usually, soft drinks have an opening lid, but in fruit and vegetable cans, this option is mostly not available. An EDC knife has a more effortless grip than the ones used for the kitchen.

It is used for can opening purposes at home as well on a commercial scale. A painter may use it to open a paint can.

4. Stripping off wires

Electricians are responsible for connecting wires between circuits. For this purpose, they need to strip off the rubber to use the inner metal wire and create connections. Most professional electricians carry these knives.

Criteria for Choosing the Best EDC Knife

Some selection parameters come into play when you are buying something. Here is what you need to ponder upon before spending cash or dollars on a specific EDC knife.

1. Weight

While performing a cutting process, the weight of the hand is exerted on the blade. Therefore, if the knife’s weight is too light under a heavy hand, the grip would not be appropriate. Hence, the first most factor you need to ponder upon is weight. Knives that are too light are relevant for tasks not requiring brute force.

Wire stripping is an example. In a nutshell, consider the purpose of using the EDC knife to select the right weight.

2. Length of blade

People usually have the misconception that choosing an EDC knife with the longest blade is the correct strategy. This is not correct by any means. It all depends on the tasks you must perform. For instance, for box opening, the blade’s length will not be the same as wire stripping or fruit cutting.

Hence, the blade length will be selected according to the tasks you intend to complete.

3. Legal implications

It would help if you never did something that is against the law or creates a violation. A lot of countries and cities do not allow carrying an EDC life. The reason being that it can be used intentionally or unintentionally to harm someone. 

In other words, buy an EDC knife only if there is appropriate permission.

Types of EDC knives

EDC knives are available in different categories. Depending on your requirements and specific preferences, you can choose one of them. Here are the key classifications of EDC knives.

1. EDC knife with fixed blade

The fixed blade knife cannot be folded as the name suggests, so you must be careful while carrying it. There are different purposes for which this kind of knife is used include box unpackaging and self-defense.

For instance, this type of EDC knife arrives with a cover to protect the blade.

2. Folding EDC knife

The folding EDC knife has a pivot in the center between the handle and the blade. Thus, while not using it, you can fold it. It comes with different blade options, and people make selections according to the use they have.

This knife is used for wire cutting, leather cutting, and other similar purposes.

3. Folding EDC knife with multi-tool options

These knives come with other options apart from a normal metal blade. Some options include screwdrivers and bottle openers. You can fold and carry them easily while being on the move.

4. Card Knife

There is no doubt that these knives do have a very innovative design. They resemble a credit card and can easily be carried in the wallet. They suit travelers in most cases. Such people do not prefer carrying a standard EDC knife while being on the move.

Card knives fulfill the purpose for them and are more compatible as well.

5. Lapel Knife

As compared to the other categories of EDC knives, the lapel knife is not used that commonly. It is smaller in size and mostly carried inside the tie or socks.

EDC knives – some statistics

Following the recent statistics, approximately 35.7th million people in the United States of America own EDC knives. In terms of gender categorization, 70 percent of this count are men, while the remaining 30 percent are women.

10 Best EDC Knife under $50

We researched and find some of best options which are very affordable and comes under fifty dollar, you might like one to keep with you.

1. SP EDC Folding Pocket Knfe

best edc knives under 50

Key features

  • Virobloc locking mechanism locks the knife in the open position.
  • Carbon steel blade it carries topnotch cutting quality with carbon in the steel.
  • Beechwood handles durable wooden handle made from beechwood.

Opinel classic pocketknives are a must-have for any outdoor person. The Opinel No. 8 is an excellent pocket knife whose design has never been changed since 1890, making it a trustworthy and durable product.

Because of their consistent design and mechanism, Opinel knives are popular all around the world. The company has maintained a reputation for low-priced, easy maintenance, and versatile products that can be used for several tasks.

The Opinel No. 8 has the classic virobloc locking mechanism. This mechanism was developed by the founder of the company Marcel Opinel in 1955. This simple yet unique locking system secures the blade of the knife in an open position. Unsecured knife blades in the open position can cause a lot of harm; they can close on themselves.

The virobloc prevents the knife’s blade from becoming loose by holding it secure. One of the parts of the virobloc is fixed, while the other is immovable for securing the knife.

The Opinel No. 8 has a sturdy carbon steel blade.

Carbon steel has a relatively higher percentage of carbon than normal steel. This high percentage (about 2.5%) of carbon makes the steel harder and stronger. Therefore, carbon steel blades are sharper, stronger, and more durable.

The handle of Opinel No. 8 is made of beechwood from France. Beechwood is hard but bendable, tough wood. It makes the handles convenient and sturdy to hold. The Opinel No. 8 is a perfect pocketknife for anyone who enjoys being outdoors for camping, trekking, and hiking.

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2. QSP EDC Folding Pocket Knfe

QSP EDC Folding Pocket Knfe, 440C Blade, 4

Key features

  • Non-slip handle lets you keep a firm grip while using the knife.
  • Ambidextrous Qualities it does do not discriminate on the dominant hand; perfect for both.
  • Fiberglass handle sleek and stylish fiberglass holder for effortless handling.

If you are always on a hunt for a minimal and easy-to-use EDC knife, the QSP folding knife is for you. This attractive blade is specially made for the outdoors and designed to keep in view different people’s needs. The knife is available in different colors, including black, blue, pink, and army green. Its handle is made from fiberglass material and is highly durable. The fiberglass finish also makes it non-slip.

The EDC knife is designed for left-handed and right-handed people. It has a reversible pocket clip. Most standard knives are designed for right-handed folks, making them extremely difficult to be used by the left-handed population. However, QSP EDC has solved this problem; not only that, but it also has a thumb stub for comfortable handling. You can perform daily tasks like opening a package, peeling an orange with this knife, and carrying it on a camping trip.

The knife weighs only 90 g and has a satin finish on its handle. The low weight of the knife makes it a convenient outdoor carry. You won’t even feel the weight of it in your pocket. It has all the qualities of a durable knife and all the features of a comfortable one. Whether you are an indoor disposition or an outdoor person, you cannot go wrong by buying this knife.

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3. Gerber Remix Tactical Knife

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Key features

  • Circular ring for increased stability contain ring for the perfect gripping.
  • Corrosion-resistant — rust-free and water repellent material for lasting use.
  • Non-slip handle — effortlessly grip the handle during use.

Gerber remix is a state-of-the-art tactical EDC knife with features that add to its appeal. Most pocket knives have straightforward handles that add nothing to the functioning of the knife.

The Gerber remix has a circular ring in its handle for additional support while cutting; this helps focus the pressure on the desired area.

Moreover, the knife comes fitted with a G-10 stainless steel handle providing its secure grip. We know that conditions aren’t always good outside. It can start raining at any time. In these difficult situations, our tools must be trustworthy and convenient. The Gerber remix has a sturdy handle with a non-slip feature that works against sweat and rain.

The Gerber remix is a tactical knife with a corrosion-resistant tanto blade. Tanto blades are very versatile when it comes to hunting and survival situations. They are a trademark of tactical knives and to the overall strength of the knife’s tip. Therefore, if you are someone who loves adventure, this knife is a perfect match for you. A good knife is like a loyal companion in the wilds. The Gerber remix is a lightweight, easy-to-carry blade that you can take anywhere with you.

The knife has a serrated and plain blade, which is about 3 inches long. The serrated side can be used to cut through rough surfaces with ease so that the blade can easily slide into the material. The plain or smooth side is convenient for making smooth, easy cuts in the material. Hence, Gerber remix is overall a versatile tool with tactical features.

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4. Cold Steel Tufflite Plain Edge Folding Knife Black

best edc knives under 50

Key features

  • Lightweight extremely feathery and run-heavy on your pockets.
  • Hollow ground blade amazing blade for the last use and extra sharpness.
  • Compact shape slim and sleek dimensions that don’t take up extra space.

The cold steel tuff knife is a perfect little tool for you to carry anywhere. It has a simple, compact design that does not draw too much attention. You can carry the blade in your pocket or your bag.

The knife comes with a hollow ground blade that is sharp enough to slip into any material type. The hollow ground feature provides extra sharpness to the blade and makes it preferable if you want to rip through somewhat hard material.

Many pocketknives have modern and new designs that ignore the practicality required from the knife. It has an effortless 3 inches long compact handle that is easy to hold and does the job in an ideal fashion. A knife needs to have a comfortable grip, and fancy designs sometimes undermine this quality. Still, cold steel tuff knife keeps this key quality a priority without compromising on the design.

The stainless-steel blade weighs about 2.4 ounces and has a pointed tip. The pointed tip allows the blade to slide in tough and hard material effortlessly, and then, the hollow ground blade does its job of smoothly ripping through. This knife is light, compact, and practical in every way. It is a useful addition to anyone’s outdoor inventory.

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5. Old Timer 3OT Bearhead 5.1in S.S. Traditional Lockback Folding Knife

Old Timer 3OT Bearhead 5.1in S.S. Traditional Lockback Folding Knife with 2.2in Drop Point Blade and Sawcut Handle for Outdoor, Hunting, Camping and EDC

Key features

  • Carbon steel blade — carries the goodness and durability of the carbon-containing blade.
  • Saw cut handle for the perfect build for the easy grip and effortless cutting.
  • The secure Lockback locking mechanism for the safety against harm and damage.

A traditional Lockback knife is a classic tool from the company Old Timer. The company has manufactured reliable knives since 1958, and this knife is one of their products. It is a perfect product for everyday use and camping and tours.

The sleek dimension a rustic color make this knife a perfect companion. With its foldable design, the blade rests safely into the pocket of the handles. Overall it is just over 5 inches long, including the blade. With a weight of only 1.5 ounces, it is not heavy on the pocket.

Blade length is ideal for everyday cutting and pulling nails and splitting wires.

The most remarkable feature of this item is the material of its blade. This gorgeous knife is made up of high carbon steel. Its material is known for endurance and longevity. The blade will not tarnish or corrode if exposed to water. Moreover, the blade will not break with prolonged usage.

Old-school designs are loved by many. If you want the ancient and rustic build to make a statement, this knife is perfect. Carry with style and get everyday jobs done in no time. It is dependable, and you can always count on its widely trusted quality and durability. The locking mechanism makes the knife easy to store anyway without compromising the safety of anyone carrying it. What are you waiting for? Get your hands on this amazing piece today.

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6. CASE XX WR Pocket Knife Brown Synthetic Jigged Peanut 

CASE XX WR Pocket Knife Brown Synthetic Jigged Peanut Item #046 - (6220 SS) - Length Closed: 2 7/8 Inches

Key features

  • Clip blade — Clip blade cuts and slices the tight spots, making everyday projects easier.
  • Pen blade — Pen blade is suitable for opening packages and light whittling.
  • High carbon steel — Highly carbonized steel is stain resistant.

Although petite in size but herculean in accomplishing tasks, the Peanut knife by Case XX is positioned comfortably in the pocket, the brown handle with a couple of sharp blades is comfy enough for multitasking. Edge remains cutting-edge thanks to the carbonized steel that resists rust and corrosion in the first place. This Bradford-born product is readily available to ship in any nook and cranny of the globe.

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7. Edcfans Knife

edcfans EDC Folding Pocket knife: Dagger Style, Single Edge Spearpoint Blade, Glass Breaker, Flipper Open, Locking Liner, Sheath, Pocket Clip for Everyday Carry, Cool Knives for Outdoor Camping

Key features

  • Fifteen-in-one — This EDC knife brings an array of tools into one, keeping your pocket free of unnecessary burden.
  • Stainless steel-cum-cemented carbide material — Edcfans knife is made up of indestructible steel-cum-cemented material.
  • Keychain style — Edcfans can comfortably be placed in your keychain.

The 15-in-1 Edcfans knife provides you all the tidbits in one avenue. Ranging from bottle opener to glass breaker, and screwdriver to the blade. The material is stubbornly solid, and the hardness index is close to diamond. Usage is super simple – push the lock to retract or extend the lethal blade. In contrast, the applicability is on everything, from leather to butter, under the sun. Carry this knife in a keychain and conquer the world.

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8. Slice 10495 Every Day Carry (EDC) Folding Knife

best edc knives under 50

Key features

  • Spring-assist deployment — The spring-assist deployment ensures that the knife is ready to pierce within an eye’s blink.
  • Zirconium oxide blade — Zirconium oxide blade is 11 times stronger than steel.
  • Lanyard hole — The lanyard hole allows you easy placement.

The finger-friendly Slice EDC knife might seem naive from the design but is lethal to the bone. Keeping your fingers safe, the knife is 11 times sharper and is made up of high-end Zirconium oxide. The Slice EDC knife is designed to last long and can be used by both hands. Heights of comfort!

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9. SOG Small Fixed Blade Knife

SOG Small Fixed Blade Knife - Instinct Boot Knife, EDC Knife, Neck Knife, 2.3 Inch Full Tang Blade w/ Knife Sheath and Clip, 4in. x 1in. x 8.5in. (NB1012-CP)

Key features

  • 360° mount — Satisfying snugness when you slide the blade into the sheath through 360° turn.
  • Full-tang stainless steel — The full-tang stainless steel leaves no lacuna to exploit.
  • Satin-polished blade — The satin finishing brings resilience to the blade against routine wear and tear.

The 5.9″ SOG EDC knife is a slim necklace tool to entertain the roughest of the surfaces. At the same time, the full tang construction makes the knife heavenly stable. The knife can be mounted on a 360° pattern with optimal tactfulness. Nestle the knife into a safe sheath and relish optimal comfort.

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10. Ontario Knife

best edc knives under 50

Key features

  • Stainless steel blade — The reliable stainless steel blade is the most sought-after.
  • Textured nylon handle — The textured nylon handle provides a comfy grip.
  • Dual thumb studs — Usability is enhanced by the provision of dual thumb studs.

Ontario EDC knife is a beautiful knife with a glimmering stainless steel blade and a strong nylon handle with spring jumping. The pocket clip and lanyard hole bring a myriad of placement options. In comparison, the Ontario knife’s success is corroborated by the U.S. military, which is also the client of the said brand. This open-post constructed knife is a handy choice in a mild price range.

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 Summing it all up

EDC knives are used for different purposes and come in various categories. Depending on the use an individual has, he or she can select. It is important to identify the reason you need an EDC knife for. This helps in looking at different categories and then making a selection accordingly.

All of the above knifes are made with high quality materials and they surely lasts for years and sharpening is also not a problem, you can use any ordinary sharpener to make them sharp.

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