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There are two reasons that dishwasher is considered anathema for kitchen knives’ wholesome well-being; first, the hellish jostling, and second, the detergent attack causes intense rusting. According to the statistical data released by Asia Pacific cutlery coterie, “80% of the kitchen knives get damaged during the dishwashing process.” This compels us to research how to find the best dishwasher safe knife set.

If you are a busy bee and always have too much on your plate, you will have to put the grimy knives into the dishwasher in compulsion. However, technological evolution has solved this hurdle by introducing the dishwasher-friendly variant of knives, commonly known as dishwasher safe knives.

best dishwasher safe knife set

As kitchen knives usually come up in a particular set to do the multitasking and versatility. So during this article, we will particularly focus on the knives in a set or bunch. This buyer-guide-cum-recommendation would help you fetch a knife without any cleaning hassle. 

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How is a Dishwasher-Safe Knife Set Hassle-Free?

Let’s firstly look into the reasons that make us opt for the dishwasher-friendly knife set.

1. It Saves Time and Energy

Time is the treasure trove of today’s age. Whether domestic or professional, a chef always wants to delegate the spoiled cutlery to the machine partner, as the automatic dishwashing saves both calories and moments.

If your knife set is not dishwashing worthy, then a lingering Damocles sword eats up your precious time brazenly.

2. Cares Your Health

Institute of American Physicians claimed back in 2019 that dishwashing is 30% more hygienic than manual wash. Automatic dishwashing cleans up the cutlery in a jiffy and kills the bacteria up to 99.99%.

3. Cost-Effective

As the dishwasher-safe knife sets are qualitatively built, so these also prevent routine wear and tear. It is also noticed that the dishwasher-friendly knives are valued for money, and you do not have to put extra money in getting a new one against the old ruined one.

Perfect Criteria for choosing a dishwasher safe knife set?

There are three specific rules; you may say them the Rosetta Stone for dishwasher specific knives; the guideline says;

4. Stainless Steel Blade

For a dishwasher resilient knife, the blade should be of stainless steel that is durable and less likely to be broken or chipped. Moreover, steel can be sharpened quickly. Some brands overlap the stainless steel with the nonstick coatings to enhance the slicing.

This way, the appearance gets changed a bit, but the steel remains the same.

5. Avoid Wooden Handles

Wooden handles of the knives can easily be damaged after the merciless thrashing from the dishwasher.

However, other materials like stainless steel or synthetic plastic perform better and do not fray up after constant usage in a dishwasher.

6. Quality is the key

Lastly, the stainless steel handles or blades would not work at all if not built qualitatively. Quality is the key. Quality includes the material, design, and overall structure of the product in hand, and this is alone the quality factor that finally declares a knife to be dishwasher worthy.

Few Tips for Using the Dishwasher for a Knife Set

Buying a dishwasher-safe knife set does not mean that you are free of all worries. Still, the chef has to tread the thorny washing path cautiously. A few golden points include;

  • Never use the substandard and harmful detergents; these could ruin the tougher of the toughest knives after a few spins.
  • Don’t cramp the dishwasher more than the capacity as it might lead to the shape’s deformation.
  • Remember the door closing otherwise;, the knives may say a peek-a-boo.
  • Ensure the child safety lock so the children remain a mile away from the piercing blades.
  • Careful placement is also necessary; otherwise, the knives risk breaking or damaging other delicate wares.

10 Best Dishwasher Safe Knife Set

Your time in the kitchen can be saved if you have a set of sharp knives and an automatic dishwasher. Dishwashers and knives can go together only if the knives are built to do so. Since most knives require special care to maintain their sharpness, dishwashers do not entirely help in this matter. It is hard to come across knives that are dishwasher-friendly. To make your hunt easy, we have brought you the best sets of knives that can withstand getting washed through automatic dishwashers.

After meticulous cherry-picking, our editors have declared Ginsu Kiso, the winner in this domain. We will thoroughly deliberate on the good aspects that help perch Ginsu onto the topmost rung.

1. Ginsu Kiso Dishwasher Safe Black 14 Piece Set

best dishwasher safe knife set

Key Features

  • 1 4 piece set — The 14 Ginsu knives provide you an ultimate relief to execute multitasking
  • Serrated design — Serrated design of Ginsu knives are helpful in swift cutting
  • Composite black handles — The grip is slip and corrosion resistive owing to the sleek black composite handle

Dishwasher-safe Ginsu Kiso incorporates all the requisite features to help the working chef in the kitchen. Slicing, trimming, dicing, and chopping becomes way easier thanks to serrated steel blades. Serrated blades are the comfy piercing tool that reaches into every nook and cranny sans any hassle.

The package contains:

  • The eight-inch chef’s knife.
  • Seven-inch Santoku.
  • Eight-inch slicer.
  • Five-inch boning knife.
  • A 4.5-inch utility.
  • Steak knives.
  • A 3.5-inches premium quality paring and shears.

All the included items are dishwasher safe, which means the jostling machine does not steal the gleam.

Furthermore, the serrated pattern of the blade keeps the blade razor-sharp ever. You need not do the recurring maintenance.

If we peer into the handles, the sleek black handles bestow a sparkling tinge to the onlookers. Ginsu is a perfect mix of aesthetics and quality. The composite handles are comfy to cut and clean within no time.

A commonly occurring problem with the multiple knife sets is missing items owing to nonexistent accommodation. Nonetheless, Ginsu provides a wooden holder to nestle your knives herein. Besides, a wooden block is also given to execute the cutting exercise on a viable perch.

All in all, Ginsu Kiso is an exquisite knife set in an affordable price range. The brand would justify the investment you have put in.


  • The wooden holder organizes the knives in a single folder
  • Ginsu knives do not become blunt after the rigorous usage
  • Shears help in slicing the fine edibles


  • The serrated pattern is not suitable for hardcore butchery
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Here enters the second champion, Wanbasion.

2. Wanbasion 8-Piece Dishwasher Safe Steak Knife Set

Wanbasion 8-Piece Steak Knife Set Dishwasher Safe, Steak Knife Set Stainless Steel, Kitchen Steak Knife Set Sharp - Scratch Resistant & Rust Proof

Key Features

  • Eight-piece steak knife set — The eight steak knives of Wanbasion could handily be washed in the home dishwasher and applied to any meat
  • Scratch and paint-drop proof blade — The stainless steel blade of Wanbasion is further bolstered by protecting features against the scratches and paint-drop
  • Ice tempered steel — The blade of the Wanbasion knife is resilient against corrosion owing to the quality manufacturing and ice-tempered method

According to a survey by MeatOne, an online meat store, “the Achilles heel of the chef is washing knives after the bouts of meat chopping.” Wanbasion aptly caters to this meat problem by its dishwasher-safe metier.

The Wanbasion knife blade is made up of hardcore stainless steel that has been gone through the ice-tempered method. The resilient blade is a bulwark against rust and corrosion. Over the top, this knife set is coated with non-stick black-titanium that is highly resistant to scratches.

Wanbasion knives do not rough up with the meat under the edge and ensure precise cutting thanks to the razor-sharp edge. Ripping and shredding is a far cry with Wanbasion.

Furthermore, Wanbasionguarantees 100% post-sale facilitation hence boosting the trust of esteemed customers manifold.

Moreover, Wanbasion knives are ergonomically built. From handle to the edge, every portion is finely built with special care of aesthetics. From thick pork chops to fine filet mignon, every edible is entertained even-handedly by this magical set.

This epitome of fine slicing is up for grabs in a sensible price range.


  • Regular usage gets the edge sharpened with every passing moment
  • A whetstone can easily whet Wanbasion knives
  • The beautiful knife set charms up the decor of the kitchen


  • The sturdy steak knives are only suitable for entertaining meat
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Our editors have selected the third-best dishwasher safe knife set from the mandarin region – IsheTao.

3. Steak Knives Set of 6 Serrated Stainless Steel

Steak Knives Set of 6 Serrated Stainless Steel,Dishwasher safe

Key Features

  • Six serrated knives — IsheTao provides a complete set of serrated knives to cater to professional kitchen needs
  • 420J2 High Carbon Stainless Steel — The blade is made up of a high-fi carbonized material that resists the wear and tear of the zeitgeist
  • One-piece construction — You need not worry about handles falling off thanks to the one-piece construction

The miracle product IsheTao’s main specialty is the razor-thin blade that precisely cuts down the meat. The high-carbonized steel blade is resistant to tarnish and rust. In comparison, post usage cleaning is comfy and easy to the core.

The interesting part of the IsheTao is that it is ergonomically designed in a serrated pattern. The micro edges do not require sharpening and remain razor-sharp ever.

Just like the blade, the handle of IsheTao is also unique. The one-piece construction prevents falling off and maintains the balance into the hand. This one-piece construction also allows the chef to wash the dishwasher knives; there is no fear of breakage or quality deterioration.

Moreover, the serrated structure of IsheTao is resilient against the before age blunting, and the blade does not need further sharpening.

In sum, IsheTao is a top-notch dishwasher safe knife set that enchants the guest with a glimmering spark. The budgeted item betrays a high-end knife, making the householder proud.


  • Arising out any deformity would quickly render the buyer to replace without any bureaucratic hurdle
  • The micro-serrated pattern is the most hygienic way to deal with raw meat
  • One-piece knives do not get broken once the stress is applied


  • Serrated grooves can be broken by the time
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4. Richardson Sheffield 15-Piece Cucina Knife Set 

best dishwasher safe knife set

Key Features

  • 15 Pieces of Stainless-Steel Cutlery Tools – The set contains 15 pieces of cutlery tools.
  • Full Tang Handles – Classic black full tang rivet handles for a firm grip.
  • Wooden Cutlery Holder – A wooden block is included in the set to hold cutlery after use.

Richardson Sheffield’s Knife Set comes hosting a total of 15 pieces of cutlery. These include 12 cutting knives for every purpose, a pair of scissors, a BBQ fork, and a sharpener. The set includes knives for cutting every possible ingredient in your kitchen adventures. Whether you need a bread knife or a large knife to slice meat, the Richardson Sheffield’s knife set holds everything for basic cutlery needs.

The stainless-steel blades are average but designed to hold their sharpness even through automatic dishwashing. These cutlery tools do not require any special care. Although it is recommended to wash them manually, they are safe to go through automatic dishwashers. Even if their blade gets dull with time, you can use the knife sharpener to make them razor-sharp again.

In all possibilities, luck is on your side with Richardson Sheffield’s knife set. Lastly, the set comes with a wooden block to hold every tool in its place. Overall, this set is a great choice for executing everyday cutting tasks.


  • Do not require any special care
  • Long-lasting Sharpness


  • Only one small knife included in the set
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5. Zwilling J.A. Henckels TWIN Signature Knife Block Set

Zwilling J.A. Henckels TWIN Signature Knife Block Set, 19 Piece, Black

Key Features

  • 19 Piece German Steel Cutlery Set – 19 pieces of cutlery tools are included in the set.
  • Traditional Ergonomic Riveted Handles –  Classical style riveted black handles for stable cutting.
  • Wooden Holder Included – A wooden block is included in the set for keeping the cutlery in place.

The next dishwasher-friendly knife set we have for you is the Zwilling Knife set. Consisting of 19 cutlery tools, this set also offers slightly more than our previous pick. Similarly, Zwilling’s knife set gets you knives of all sizes and types.

A pair of scissors and a blade sharpener is included in the kit. The knives are sharpened by hand, ensuring that their edges do not go dull anytime soon after buying. The German anti-corrosive knives fit perfectly for basic cutting tasks. Whether you want to peel potatoes, sliced chicken, or cut apples, this set has got you covered for all. The best part? Safe to be washed with automatic dishwashers.


  • Super-sharp Rust-resistant knives
  • 19 cutlery tools handle any cutting task imaginable


  • Knives have a pointy edge beside the handle that can harm if not handled with care
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6. Curious Chef Kids Cookware – 3-Piece Knife Set

Curious Chef Kids Cookware - 3-Piece Knife Set I Real Utensils, Dishwasher Safe, BPA-Free I Kid-Safe I Cuts Fruits & Vegetables I Small, Medium & Large, White/Green

Key Features

  • Three-piece set — The three-piece knife set provides you multiple size tools.
  • Nylon serrated blade — The serrated nylon blade is a bulwark against corrosion.
  • Rounded tip — Rounded tips, although they help you in fast cutting but remain kid and skin-friendly.

Curious Chef dishwasher-friendly knife set is a child-specific brand that helps stimulate the cooking habit. Nylon serrated blades along with blunt tips are skin-friendly but have no compromise in cutting.

The three-piece knife set comes up in multiple sizes, all equipped with ergonomically designed handles to optimally entertain the task. The material is BPA and toxic-free; furthermore, the brand is also ratified by the leading industry-grade environmental agencies such as CPSIA and ASTM. You may pick this affordable knife set with utmost confidence.

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7. Gourmet Settings Steak Knife Set of 4

best dishwasher safe knife set

Key Features

  • 13/0 stainless steel — The 13/0 stainless steel is industry-grade material to engineer the high-end blades.
  • Four-piece — Four-piece set is enough to cater to professional needs.
  • One-piece construction — Gourmet knives are made up of break-free one-piece construction.

“Gourmet dishwasher safe knife sets” come up with serrated, sharp, non-stick edges to cut through any steaks such as butter, meat, or fruits. While the full tang forged construction extends an elegant look. Over the top, the heat forged knives are rust and toxic resistant. Suitable for any dinner table and viable for any edible, the Gourmet knife set is backed up with a 25-year warranty. Nonetheless, the brand claims to last the knife set through the whole lifespan.

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8. KitchenAid Brushed Steak Knife Set

Key Features

  • Four-piece — Four-piece knife set caters to all the cutlery needs in one pack.
  • German stainless steel — The carbonized, high-end German steel is resilient and swift to the core.
  • Fully serrated edge — The fully serrated edge is precisely what you need to slice through rough and severe cuts.

KitchenAid dishwasher-friendly knife set comes up in a classic design to compliment your dining table cutlery. The set contains Slicer, Utility, Santoku, and Paring knives. In comparison, the carbonized German steel provides an exceptional razor-sharp edge. The resilient steel material is sleek and viable for dishwashing. On the usability side, the toothy serrations allow effortless grabbing and cutting with less pressure. The thinner and sharper blades are a perfect pick for household and professional dining. Have a try!

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9. Mikasa Bravo Stainless Steel Steak Knife

Mikasa Bravo Stainless Steel Steak Knife, Set of 6

Key Features

  • Rust-resistant steel Just like any other good knife set, this one is also made of stainless steel that prevents it from losing its charm.
  • Stainless steel shade Not only the blade but its handle is also composed of stainless steel, giving the knife set a monochromatic shade.
  • Dishwasher safe This knife set is dishwasher safe and is quite easy to clean.

Mikasa Bravo Stainless Steel steak knife set is an excellent addition to your kitchen and will look very elegant on your dinner table. It increases the value of your dinnerware set and helps you in eating your steak in a very comfortable manner.

The round handles that this set comes with are extraordinary and will never need any polishing. They will shine without asking for anything in return.  

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10. Hommp 8-Piece Stainless Steel Steak Knives for Chefs

best dishwasher safe knife set

Key Features

  • Stainless steel The stainless steel helps prevent it from being corroded and elongates its durability.
  • Simple style The knife set comes in a simple style and a very smooth handle.
  • Plain blade edge The plain blade edge makes it easy to have better control and have more accurate and clean cuts.

One of the most astounding qualities of this knife set is that it is dishwasher safe. You will not have to put any manual effort order to clean them. This knife set also possesses a simple yet exquisite design, which makes it ideal for your kitchen shelf. Although it looks simple to look at yet, it has a very sharp blade that will not destroy your steak and help cut the right shape of meat.

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Final Words

Now you can make the most of your dishwasher by putting in the dishwasher-friendly knife sets sans hesitation; your kitchen’s cutlery will glitter like the morning star. Our editors’ detailed elaboration must have cleared the misty air surrounding the dishwasher and kitchen knife sets. Let the knives jiggle and giggle!

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