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The biggest sign of a good cook is that he always keeps his equipment up to date. You would find all the essential utensils in his artillery. What is a cutting board used for? Is it an essential component? Does it affect the cooking performance?

To start with, a cutting board is vital and has a significant impact on meal preparation. For instance, if you are cutting cucumber and the board has a sub-standard texture, cutting it uniformly will be a problem. A good cutting board is also essential to benefit your kitchen knife.

best cutting board for knives

Various other factors emphasize the fact that selecting the correct cutting board for knives is very important. Here are some of the key ones.

Selecting the right material is important.

In the case of kitchen accessories, safety and robustness are more important than appearance. For instance, these days, you can find cutting boards made of glass and thick plastic. However, they are not as dependable as wood.

Both these materials are slippery and can cause to your kitchen knife. For instance, consider cutting a piece of chicken, and the knife is not very sharp. If you apply force, the meat can slip away, and the knife can injure your hand. In the worst scenario, you can lose your knife in the endeavor as well.

If you are using a wooden cutting board, this will not happen since the texture is rough.

The right size

Cutting boards for knives are available in different size options, and you need to make a pick according to the requirements you have.

A professional chef must do the cooking for several hours to need a big one because of a bigger chef knife. However, if you are cooking at home, the size can be reduced. In addition to that, consider the kitchen space you have. It is hard to keep a sizeable sized board if the needed space is not available.

Durability and life span

Will you purchase a cuttingboardforknives every week or month? The answer to this question is no. You would buy it once so that it lasts for a long span. However, in some scenarios, the cutting board may prove detrimental to your kitchen knife. In such a scenario, you will have to replace it after a month.

Hence, make sure that you are not settling for any low standard option. It is better to spend money and buy a branded cutting board if you are worried about your knives.

There are several cheap boards available online.

The biggest problem with these low-standard boards is that they are a risk for the health. A low-standard wooden board may have the fibers coming off after a short while. These can get stuck to the food and cause chokes.

Durable cutting boards made of bamboo have a long life and are made of quality material. Thus, you can be sure about the fibers not coming off.

Benefits of a Quality Kitchen Cutting Board for Knives

It is important to understand that quality kitchen cutting boards solve several problems, and protecting your kitchen knives is one of them. Here are some other notable benefits that users should be aware of.

1. No Dilemma of marble slab for your knife

How do people cut turkey, legumes, and other things if a cutting board is not used? They perform the cutting tasks on the marble slab. This is not a hygienic practice as the dust on the slab can get stuck to the food. If you are using plastic sheets, it would be hard to develop a good grip for cutting. Also, a marble slab can destroy your knife’s quality, so a cutting board comes to the rescue.

Having a good cutting board for knives helps. You do not have to use the marble and end up with knife scratches. More importantly, the cutting jobs are done without any inconvenience.

Cutting chicken, cucumber, or other food ingredients on the marble directly can cause problems. Therefore, using a cutting board is mandatory.

2. The short and convenient cutting process

Not using a cutting board means you must pay attention to each cut piece. This means putting in hours to chop chicken or beef. The pieces will be irregular in shape, and this will impact the overall food quality. On the other hand, using a cutting board means not spending long hours on the task. The cut pieces will have a uniform shape, and things will be concluded without putting in a lot of effort.

3. Kitchen equipment not spoilt, including knives

Good knives cost a fortune, and you must be sure about keeping them in good shape. Not using a good cutting board can hamper the quality of knives. The reason being that edges become blunt when they interact with marble, tiles, or any other material not recommended for cutting. This reduces the life span, and users must make replacements in quick time.

Instead, if you are using a good cutting board for knives preferably made of bamboo, such problems are not encountered in the first place. Bamboo is tailor-made for cutting boards and protects the health of knives as well.

4. A variety of cutting jobs can be completed.

Kitchen cutting boards are not restricted to meat only. You can cut various other food components on it, including fruits, vegetables, and cheese. On the other hand, not using it can restrict your cutting options. It would be hard to grip the knife if a good cutting board is not under it in the case of cheese.

Best Cutting Boards for Knives

1. Extra Large Organic Bamboo Cutting Board

best cutting board for knives

Key Features

  • Bamboo-material wood – Used to craft organic and chemical-free cutting board.
  • Knife Friendly – Because of its durability and thickness.
  • Juice Grooves – Attached to catch every single drop of juice released from veggies and fruits.

Royal Craft presents you with a fabulous cutting board for your knives. When cooking the best meal for your loved ones, you always tend to take care of even the minutest of details. Royal craft wood knows this. For this reason, it brings you the extra-large organic bamboo cutting board where you put all your unconditional love in the cutting and chopping of your veggies, cheese, fruits, and meat to come up with the most fantastic dish ever.

This bamboo cutting board gives you ample space to handle ingredients and flip it over to use the other side as a serving tray. Also, it is the best thing you can get for your knife.

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2. Totally Bamboo Cutting Board

Totally Bamboo Cutting Board, Barbados 9 x 6.5-inch

Key Features

  • Organic Bamboo Wood – Enriched in its naturally antibacterial qualities. 
  • Reversible – The design entertains both sides of the cutting board to be used as befitting.
  • Best for Sharp knives – Its sturdy yet soft surface allows the knives to remain razor-sharp.

Totally Bamboo exceeds all your expectations by presenting the most elegant and breathtaking design. Its lavish strip pattern, similar to a cheetah print, is exceptionally gorgeous and high class.

If you care about your kitchen’s exquisite impression and knives, this board is made for you. 

Totally Bamboo also understands your frustration when all your knives get blunt one by one as you use them on cheap cutting boards. That’s why it has engineered a knife-friendly board, especially for your assistance.

Hence, with its delicate design along with comfortable use, this is the best cutting board ever.

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3. Epicurean, Cutting Board

Epicurean, Cutting Board 12 Inch, 1 Count

Key Features

  • Paper composite wood fiber material – The wood fiber material is used to create a durable yet thin and lightweight cutting board that is easy to maneuver. 
  • Expansive Size – The extensive size allows a lot of room for ingredient preparation.
  • Double sides – Give you an edge to use both sizes for either cutting or serving.

Epicurean introduces its most well-crafted wood fiber cutting board for your best interests. Its thin and robust surface is perfect for your sharp knives. You can use this stylish and straightforward natural wood Coloured board for serving as well.

Slicing and dicing meat, cheese, veggies, and fresh fruits on this cutting board is super convenient and less hardworking.

Your cooking experience will surely sky-rocket once you get your hands on this unique cutting board.

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4. Ironwood Gourmet 28218 Square Charleston End Grain Chef’s Board

best cutting board for knives

Key Features

  • Premium Acacia Wood – Acacia wood is known to have natural beauty and strength to withstand pressure.
  • Ultra-thick and durable – Ultra-thick and durable to increase its life-span.
  • Reversible – Both sides of the board are used for cutting or serving as you see fit.

Acacia wood cutting board is Ironwood Gourmet’s pride. The intricate design pattern with natural dark and light color schemes make your kitchen luminous with attractive aesthetics. Other than this board’s beauty, it is pretty formidable.

You can use it as your prep station, cutting board, and serving tray. It is the best fitting for sharp knives. Arrange dinners now like it’s your thing and show off your cooking skills with your new Acacia wood boards serving trays to your family, friends, and special guests.

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5. Blackstone 1755 Accessories-Premium Quality Grill Cutting Board

Blackstone 1755 Accessories-Premium Quality Grill Cutting Board with Legs Made from Acacia Wood-Designed for Top of Griddle or Countertop, One Size

Key Features

  • Acacia Wood – Eco-friendly and best for durability and antibacterial qualities.
  • Wooden Feet – These are integrated as part of the design to provide stable control and serve.
  • Chemical-Free – It’s made chemical-free to ensure safety and health.

Blackstone is a wonder that should be in your kitchen. Acacia wood is incredibly durable, big in size, and super spacious. It is an ethereal piece of wood art that attracts your eye as soon as you look at it.

With beautiful wooden feet integrated into its structure, you get super stability and control over this chopping board. It is every knife’s favorite partner and your top choice as a serving tray for children.

It is heat-resistant, so you can use it on a grill without worrying about storming out in the kitchen. It helps you to keep everything in one place while you put your heart into cooking delicious meals.

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6. Lipper International Bamboo Wood Two-Tone Kitchen Cutting and Serving Board

Lipper International Bamboo Wood Two-Tone Kitchen Cutting and Serving Board, Small, 8

Key Features

  • Bamboo Wood Material – Engineered into a beautiful, sturdy, and chemical-free cutting board.
  • Reversible – Double sides for multifunctional purposes like cutting meat and veggies separately or using one side for serving. 
  • Suitable for Sharp Knives – The board’s surface is specially made suitable for sharp knives.

Lipper is a class apart in cutting boards for knives. If you are a chef-at-home and your kitchen is no less than the one found in restaurants, then Lipper International’s bamboo wood cutting board is for you. This set of 2 cutting and serving boards with plain yet elite style is crafted, especially to woo your aesthetic sense and help you develop new and unique cuisines.

This cutting board with your sharp knives goes hand in hand, giving you the perfect experience of cutting and chopping a wide variety of food ingredients.

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7. Norpro Professional Cutting Board

best cutting board for knives

Key Features

  • Polyethylene plastic – Used to make a durable and antibacterial surface.
  • Juice Grooves – Grooves are added to collect juice extracted from veggies, fruits, and meat.
  • Grip Handle – The grip handle allows you to carry it around easily.

Norpro cutting board is non-porous and non-absorbent. Norpro cares about your health and safety first hand by constructing its surface chemical-free, so it doesn’t harbor any foul smell or bacteria. Its white color gives it a neat and clean look with decent style.

It’s a number one choice when it comes to cutting, chopping, dicing, and mincing your favorite food ingredients. It would never blunt your knives, letting you worry about nothing while you put all your focus into creating yummy dishes for your family and friends.

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8. Glad White Extra Large Cutting Chopping Board 

Glad White Extra Large Cutting Chopping Board | Dishwasher Safe | Non Porous, Easy to Clean, Gentle on Knives, 16.25 x 10.25

Key Features

  • Polypropylene Plastic – Is BPA-free, avoids cross-contamination, and provides an ideal surface for cutting foods.
  • Clorox Protection –  Clorox protection saves the chopping board from foul odor and bacteria.
  • Best for sharp knives – Its surface is specially designed to entertain sharp knives.

Glad presents a super large cutting board with the promise of excellent quality and reliability. This cutting board is thin and lightweight, which allows its user to move or carry it with ease. Its soft surface is gentle on the knives, yet it is quite sturdy and firm.

Anybody who likes straightforward designs with no complications will fall for this cutting board. Its multifunctional surface provides you with both sides to make full use of them both by either chopping different food materials on both sides or using it as a prep station to make a snack and further use it as a serving tray to eat directly from it.

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9. PortoFino Cut & Drain Cutting Board

PortoFino Cut & Drain Cutting Board - Perfect for RV and Camper | 22 Draining Eyelets | Non-Slip Silicone Feet | Hanging Loop | Light Weight & Durable | BPA Free | Kitchen Accessories

Key Features

  • Ideal for Campers – Because of its size and durability.
  • Flexible Surface- Its surface is flexible due to its material’s qualities that allow it to bend for your convenience.
  • Juice Grooves- Juice Grooves amass all the unnecessary juice produced from the ingredients in one channel.

This plastic cutting board by Porto Fino is made from silicone, which is a unique material. The cutting board is designed primarily to avoid scratches that ultimately destroy other boards.

The board can never dull your knives, and its flexibility gives you an upper hand in handling your food materials.

All you have to do is chop any ingredient on it and then directly transfer those chopping in the hot pan from your chopping board. Its vibrant color is cheerful and gives happy vibes. 

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10. John Boos Chop-N-Slice Select Maple Edge Grain Cutting Board

best cutting board for knives

Key Features

  • Handcrafted wood board – Designed to preserve food’s natural flavor by maintaining quality and food safety standards.
  • Durability – long-lasting, lightweight product that can be easily lifted, used and stored. Perfect for small kitchens.
  • Edge grain cutting board – Designed for sharp knives.

This classic Chop-N-Slice Cutting Board by John Boos is designed to facilitate regular culinary tasks and make chopping and cutting more feasible for you.

It’s a satisfyingly lightweight piece of wood that can be easily cleaned. Also, it will hold up long without cracking, so you won’t be disappointed by this versatile and elegant cutting board.

Besides, it will not damage the cutting edge of your knives, leaving them ultra-sharp.

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Summing it Up

Cooking good meals depends on several factors. One is the skillset you have, and the other is your equipment. Merely having the sharpest knives is all that you need. Some kitchen components are related to safety and convenience, and the cutting board is one of them. Consider that you must make a salad, and the cutting job must be done without a board.

The mess would be beyond imagination. Vegetables would be slipping away, and the cutting job will be more challenging as well.

A good kitchen cutting board makes things stress-free and easy to conclude. Whether you must cut apples, cucumbers, carrots, or onion, the job would be effortless. In a nutshell, a reliable kitchen board will make cutting jobs very simple.

Selecting the correct cutting board for knives is essential, and we have reviewed excellent alternatives. These boards are knife-friendly and convenient to use.

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