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Best food preparation is done on the cutting board with a mighty chief knife in hand. Appropriate tools and prep essentials make the whole procedure easy breezy, and a lot of fun. It is imperative when you are making chicken dinners. So why is the cutting board so important?

Firstly, you will need an appropriate place to cut chicken, and the cutting board offers that. In addition to that, meat products like chicken secrete water. It contains bacteria such as E.Coli and Salmonella, which are carriers of gastrointestinal disease. Exposure to crockery while cutting chicken cause contamination, which may lead to diseases.

best cutting board for chicken

What kind of chicken fillets can be prepared on a cutting board?

Unlike plates or a tray, the cutting board is a flat surface and does not restrict the hand movement or knife angles in any way. It gives you all the liberty and space to try out new cuts and techniques. Prepare chopped steak or try out julienning; all is possible with the cutting board. 

You can even flatten out the chicken fillet on the board. Just slice the breast and cover it with cling film to avoid the splashes of chicken juice. Use the hammer to beat and break the chicken’s fibers, and your thin fillet is ready.

In short, having a cutting board is an ultimate experience the opens a gateway to all culinary possibilities! Learn to dice and mice or try out Brunoise or butterfly breast chicken; the cutting board will not limit you.

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Slab VS Cutting Board         

Does the next big question arise that why shouldn’t we use a slab instead? It is flat and very similar to a cutting board. More importantly, it is readily available, and you don’t have to go out and buy it. Let’s look at some of the points on why you should never use your kitchen shelf as a cutting board.

1. A contaminated slab will be problematic

Slabs are not meant for cutting; they act as the work station of your kitchen. Moreover, it is a multi-purpose item. If you use it for cutting chicken, it can lead to cross-contamination with the next thing you put on the shelf.

2. Cuts and marks-ugly kitchen

Your kitchen shelf is the functional display item. Anything you want to keep open in the kitchen goes there. If you start using it for cutting, then it will wear off and develop cuts and marks.

3. Bacteria and Gunk

As the slab is your workstation, it should be the cleanest place in your kitchen. With cuts and withering of the shelf, it will become contaminated with bacteria. Micro-organisms love nooks and crevices.

Accumulating food particles from each cut-up will become their food, and the population will proliferate, making your shelf digesting and unhygienic.

4. Boards are easy to rinse

Another drawback of a slab is that you can’t just pick it up and thoroughly rinse it underwater. Board, on the other hand, is washable and less hazardous as compared to the slab. In addition to that, you will only be able to swab clean the slab and not wash it.

5. Boards don’t dull the blade

Another point to consider in the slab and board fight is the care of the tools you use on them. Slabs are not designed not to damage the knives in use. If you start using a slab, then the knife blade will start to get dull, and the tool will need replacement sooner than the usual time.

Our take

In short, after considering several aspects of using slab and board, we conclude that slab is the winner of this contest. To keep your kitchen hygienic and tools to last long, you must use a cutting board for your meat-based products.

What are the Top Notch Cutting Boards for Cutting Chicken?

After establishing the need for cutting boards, the next query asks what cutting boards work the best for cutting chicken. Here are some of the most preferred boards to get the meat chop job done right!

  • Glass: Our first preference is a glass cutting board because of its low porosity. It will not accumulate the excreted juice into its structure and, hence no cross-contamination. In addition to that, it is easily washable and long-lasting.
  • Wood: Traditional wooden boards are excellent for chicken cuts as well. You can even use these as the serving plate to add a rustic touch to it. One important thing to remember is always keeping two boards and using different veggies and raw chicken. Don’t forget to wash the board and thoroughly cleanse regularly.
  • Rubber: Rubber boards are also ideal for chicken and meat products. In addition to that, they are easily washable. You will not have to worry about your knife when it comes to rubber boards, as they are far less damaging.
  • Plastic: Make sure it is BPA, and the phytate-free and plastic board becomes one of the most economical and long-standing cutting board winners of all time. They work pretty well with meat-based edibles that don’t get damaged easily.
  • Bamboo: Finally, the material that is ideal for the cutting boards for cutting chicken is bamboo. It is natural and does not carry toxins or harmful materials. It is naturally water repellant make it ideal for juicy raw chicken products.

How to Employ a Cutting Board to Carve Chicken?

Now that you know which board is ideal, let’s look at how to cut chicken using a cutting board

  • Place the board of choice on an even and clean shelf.
  • Place chicken over the board after washing and thoroughly drying it with a non-fibrous kitchen towel.
  • If you are going for French-cut, then cut the breast piece into half sideways, but don’t go all the way through. It will make a heart-shaped piece.
  • Flatten it out on the board, angle the knife for the straight cut.
  • Slide in the knife into the chicken successively, making downward strokes away from your body. Voila! You have a nice cut chicken stripe ready to be cooked.

1. XL Bamboo Cutting Board

best cutting board for chicken

Key Features

  • Shape – cutting board has a rectangular shape.
  • Size – It is larger i.e 18×12.5 inches.
  • Organic – composed of 100% organic Moso Bamboo.

Looking for a cutting board that is ideal for cutting chicken? Greener chef bamboo cutting board has all those features that are perfect for cutting or slicing chicken.

One of its sides has a deep groove on all four sides that helps avoid the juicy mess from a raw chicken to fall on your kitchen shelves and preserve the sauces you have used to bathe your cooked chicken in.

The other side is superb when it comes to presenting the steamed chicken and cutting the perfect chicken slices if you want. Overall, this bamboo cutting board is a perfect fit for both your kitchen and chicken.

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2. Farberware Bamboo Cutting Board

Farberware Bamboo Cutting Board, Set of 3

Key Features

  • Antimicrobial – composed of antimicrobial bamboo.
  • Moisture resistant – It will not wither because of excess moisture.
  • Lightweight – effortless to carry because it does not weigh much.

Farberware bamboo cutting boards are the most top-rated cutting boards when it comes to cutting or slicing chicken. Although they are quite versatile and can be used equally for cutting veggies and meat, cutting chicken on them takes you to a whole new level. This particular set comes in three sets, so if you want to cut the whole chicken, you can use the largest one as it provides you with adequate space.

However, if you want to cut chicken chunks for your pasta or spaghetti, the medium one is the perfect fit. With its simple yet unique design and extraordinary moisture-resistant properties, this set of bamboo cutting boards serve as a perfect tool when it comes to chopping, mincing, slicing, or cutting your perfect chicken.

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3. Bamboo Cutting Boards for Kitchen

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Key Features

  • Safe to use – composed of organic material which poses no threat to anyone.
  • Not dishwasher safe – You can only wash it manually with your hands.
  • Extra strength – It can withhold heavy vegetables or meat easily.

To get the perfect and precise cut chicken, you do not just need a good knife but also a good cutting board. Freshware Bamboo cutting board not only provides you with a reasonable space to slice or cut the chicken but also provides you with a built-in tray on which you can proudly display your cooked chicken roast or steak.

Cutting chicken on this board becomes more comfortable as it does not splatter the juices from your chicken all around the kitchen and helps keep your chicken full of taste and nutrients.

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4. Winco Cutting Board

best cutting board for chicken

Key Features

  • Color – It comes in a pure white shade.
  • Composition – made of polyethylene plastic.
  • Easy to wash – It is dishwasher safe, so no manual labor is required.

Cutting chicken on Winco cutting board will make you feel like a professional chef as it aids you to cut your chicken so smoothly and accurately. This particular cutting board’s moisture-resistant property will help keep the board from absorbing the juicy nutrients from your chicken.

Also, this cutting board does not get sticky when you mince, cut, or slice your chicken on it, which makes it one of the best choices in chicken cutting boards. You need this cutting board because it will help turn this regular experience of chicken cutting into a heavenly experience.

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5. Freshware Cutting Board Set 

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Key Features

  • Perfect size – set has a scanty, medium, and massive size, fitting for all occasions.
  • Comfortable grip handle – Easy to carry and non-slip in nature.
  • Dishwasher safe – You can clean it automatically instead of manually.

The most suitable cutting boards for cutting chicken are the non-porous ones. Freshware cutting boards come in all sizes, and all of them are non-porous. This makes them entirely non-absorbent, which helps in avoiding the absorption of chicken’s blood. Also, because of its unique construction, it becomes able to sustain heavy cutting and chopping.

No matter how hard you cut or chop your chicken, this cutting board will not be destroyed. In addition to all these aspects, all these three boards have designed grooves to keep the sauces in place. From withstanding heavy cutting of your chicken to protecting its flavor, this cutting board set is an all-in-one needs that your kitchen needs.

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6. Round Wood Cutting Board by Virginia Boys Kitchens

Round Wood Cutting Board by Virginia Boys Kitchens - 10.5 Inch American Walnut Cheese Serving Tray and Charcuterie Platter with Juice Drip Groove

Key Features

  • Material – composed of walnut wood.
  • Juice drip groove – It will not let juices fall on your kitchen counter.
  • Shade – It has an attractive chocolate brown shade.

Are you looking for a perfect cutting board for cutting chicken and looking good in your kitchen? The walnut wood cutting board designed by Virginia Boys Kitchens will bring warmth and an excellent aura of aesthetics to your kitchen and help you professionally cut your chicken.

Want to serve your guests with chicken roast this holiday? You can use this board to serve the chicken, and it will leave your guests in awe. One of the best choices among all the professionals is that this particular cutting board is a must to cut a precise chicken.

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7. John Boos Block Reversible Cutting Board

best cutting board for chicken

Key Features

  • Shade – It has a soft maple wood hue.
  • Reversible – Both of its sides can be used for cutting.
  • Thickness – It is precisely 2.25 inches thick.

Cutting your chicken can become an enjoyable task for you if you bring the John Boss Block cutting board to your kitchen. The smooth and wide surface of this cutting board makes it a top fit for cutting chicken.

Also, you will not have to make sure to use your knife slowly and lightly on this cutting board while slicing your chicken because it has a durable surface that will not get any scars. It helps prepare the best chicken cuts and looks different from other cutting boards in a positive way. If you want to have a radiant chicken and a bright kitchen, this thick cutting board is the best option.

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8. Large Wood Cutting Board with Handle

Large Wood Cutting Board with Handle - Butcher Block Cutting Board Wood Large Wooden Cutting Board Reversible Acacia Cutting Board Wood Cutting Boards for Kitchen Large Cheese Board Charcuterie Board

Key Features

  • Bonus items – This set comes with a bonus knife and a sharpener.
  • Gift-worthy – beautiful design makes it a perfect housewarming gift.
  • Deep groves – Because of this feature, the juices won’t runoff.

Home Hero wood cutting board is perfect for cutting all sorts of meat. Rooster is one of the most widely-eaten cruces around the world. Having a perfect cutting board like the Home Hero wood cutting board will make things somewhat more comfortable and convenient for you.

This cutting board helps you in dealing with your chicken without wasting any additional utensils. It is because it has a comparatively larger size. You can easily cut your chicken on it and place the sliced chicken on the side of this cutting board without wasting any additional plates.

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9. Surface Saver Vance Chicken Cutting Board

Surface Saver Vance 20 X 16 inch Clear Tempered Glass Cutting Board, , 20 X 16-Inch

Key Features

  • Non-slip – It will not let the food slip away while cutting.
  • Durable – comes with a lifelong warranty.
  • Clear – It has a smooth and clear opaque surface.

Surface Saver Vance glass cutting board is a top-notch cutting board that is a unique product for cutting chicken. As you all know, chicken has a specific type of smell in it that often does not go away from the cutting boards.

Because of its odor-resistant properties, it will not withhold the smell of the chicken. You no longer have to go through the hassle of washing your cutting board again and again after cutting chicken. In short, if you want to cut your chicken calmly and peacefully, then the Surface Saver Vance cutting board is the perfect fit.

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10. Farberware Glass Utility Cutting Board

best cutting board for chicken

Key Features

  • Shape – Has a flawless rectangular style.
  • Stain-resistant – No amount of scars or stains can stay on it.
  • Break-resistant –It will not be torn into pieces because of pressure.

Farberware Glass Utility cutting board is an ultimate assistant of yours when cutting or slicing the chicken. You will not only be able to slice that appetizing chicken on this elegant glass board smoothly but will also be able to protect your kitchen from the unwanted smell of the raw chicken.

Also, people assume that glass cutting boards are slippery and do not stay in place while cutting. That is not the case with this cutting board because of the rubber feet attached to its bottom. It keeps the board in place while you are busy cutting little pieces of that boneless chicken for your fajita pizza. 

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Well, not only you need to be diligent in the kitchen while cutting chicken, but it is also required to have a cutting board.  In case confusion gets the best of you, we have found cutting board treasures in the market for you. Go on with your fav picks to cut chik pieces.

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