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For the love and glory of culinary art and cooking skills, we bring you an important piece of writing that will help you understand your cutlery a little better. Whether you are training to be a professional chef or a kitchen enthusiast taking culinary classes, a knife, especially Chef’s knife, is crucial for the learning process.

Among the categories, there are a lot of choices that you have to buy from. One convenient and remarkably functional option would be a Chinese Chef Knife. Let’s take a look at this knife and everything you need to know about it before purchasing without further delay.

best chinese chef knife

Before moving forward let’s have a look on our top recommended best Chinese chef knives:

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What is a CHINESE Chef Knife?

The Chinese chef knife is an all-purpose knife that carries a square blade and is used for multiple purposes, including cutting, mincing, chopping, slicing, tenderizing, and pounding. It is a tool of Chinese origin that is designed to perform versatile cutting tasks inside the kitchen. Although it seems a lot similar to a cleaver in the first look, there are several differences in the knife’s construction.

Because of its striking similarity, the Chinese chef knife is also sometimes known as a Chinese cleaver. The Japanese version of the same blade is known as Chuka bocho. Its crafting is that Chinese cuisine requires several different cutting techniques while cooking the same dish.

Thus, chefs mostly prefer to use the same knife for all the tasks when they have a Chinese chef knife.

What is the Difference Between a Cleaver and a Chinese Chef Knife

The main difference between a cleaver and a Chinese cleaver lies in the thickness of the blade, its purpose, and usage. Cleaver is a large squared shaped blade with heaviness and thickness to cut through hard bones and meat.

It is also blunt and tends to swing in a one-directional hammer-like motion to do its job.

On the contrary, the Chinese knife has a thin blade and a very narrow cross-section. It is more nuanced and more slender in comparison and often has a high carbon content. In addition to that, the blade is usually thicker around the edge to cut through and often has a little curve around the belly. It is also light that makes the cutting, slicing, and chopping strokes possible.

Moreover, it is predominantly used to cut through vegetables and meat.

How to Know You are Buying a Chinese Chef Knife?

Understanding the construction, type of blade, carbon content, and the significant difference between the cleaver and knife while buying will help you navigate your way while buying a Chinese chef knife.

Keep in mind the Chinese knives are not heavy and don’t have thick blades. They are also not as large as cleavers. It would be best if you went for the thin edges, the high carbon content in the blade responsible for the blade’s sharpness. These knives are not designed for chopping bones and cutting through chunky meats.

Their function is delicate, thus look for a slender design. You can also go for a Japanese chef knife, which is very similar, but they are somewhat pricey.

Things Which Makes a Chinese Chef Knife Best

Chef knives are available by many different brands that belong to different countries. However, there is something about Chinese chef knives that make them ideal for a large-scale kitchen.

  • Nature of Blade: Chinese chef knives have a sharp, well polished, stainless, and thin blade. This kind of blade is considered best for slicing meat and other hard or big things. Most of these knives have a layer of carbon on them that makes them an ideal kitchen accessory.
  • The angle of Edge: Chinese chef knives make a tight and accurate angle of 15°, an ideal thickness for a chef knife.
  • Size of the knife: The size of the knife, as well as the size of the blade, matters a lot. The blade’s minimum size for a chef knife should be 8 inches to a maximum of 10 inches. This means that a Chinese chef knife should always have a blade large or equal to 8 inches. With this length of the blade, you can easily cut large objects.
  • Affordability: Considering Chinese chef knives’ productivity, It is almost unbelievable to believe that they are available in an affordable range.

3 Things to Consider While Buying a Chinese Chef Knife

After learning the key differences between cleaver and Chinese knives, you should remember some pointers before making a purchase. Let’s take a look at these crucial points one by one.

1. Blade

Blade type mostly depends on the function and what job is required to be done. Thus, there are further categories of Chinese Chef knife. The major ones are slicers and choppers. Slicers have the thinnest blade of all; it is small and looks like Japanese nakiri. It is used for mincing, slicing, and cutting thin strips of meat.

Choppers have a slightly thicker blade but not as thick as a cleaver. They are used for chopping purposes.

2. Construction

The knife’s construction is also crucial as it contributes to the grip, balance, and comfort. Most Chinese cleavers have wooden handles with finger ridges. They help with the overall grasp of the knife and make your work easy. Balance of knife is closely associated with comfort.

If you can balance the knife at the ridge of handle and blade, it is a good knife. If that does not happen, and the knife leans on one side, it will become painful with prolonged use.

3. Material and maintenance

Lastly, the material of the blade and its quality should also be taken into consideration. Cleavers, as a standard, have high carbon content. It makes them prone to corrosion and rusting. One way to avoid that is to buy a stainless steel knife. The carbon content serves the functionality, and it does not rust or corrode.

Thus, maintenance and sharpening are made easy. Also, consider buying a high-quality knife that needs less often sharpening.

1. Best Chinese Chef Knife

best chinese chef knife

Key Features

  • German Steel Blade – The high-quality German steel blade is one of this Chinese knife’s best features and has an intense sharpness.
  • Pakkawood handles – The handle provides you with the perfect grip and does not let it slip through your hands.
  • Wear-resistant blade – Sharp edge is wholly wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant as well.

There is precisely why this Kiaitre Meat Cleaver Chinese Chef knife has received so many positive reviews so far. The first impression that this knife gives you is already so breath-taking. When you unpack it, you will see how beautiful it looks when wrapped up in velvet.

Furthermore, its spear is so glistening and glazed that you can see your reflection in it. Talking about shininess, the handle is equally appealing because of the smooth polishing and enthralling wood design. In addition to its captivating appearance, this Chinese knife is equally compatible in the kitchen as well.

The way it smoothly cuts through the meat and helps separate meat from bones leaves you in awe. Not only meat, but it effectively helps in chopping the vegetables as well.

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2. Mueller 7-inch Chinese Chef’s Knife

Mueller 7-inch Cleaver Knife, Vegetable Meat Chinese Chef’s Knife, German Stainless Steel with Ergonomic Pakkawood Handle, for Home Kitchen and Restaurant

Key Features

  • Resistance against discoloration – High-quality German steel blade of this knife completely resists discoloration and rusting.
  • Laser tested and sharp – The blade is exceptionally sharp, and laser tested as well. You can use it to chop whatever you want to.
  • Dense and compact handle – The handle composed of pakkawood does not split or gets deteriorated because of water.

The best thing about this knife is that when you look at it, you automatically want to cook something because of it. You cannot resist using it because of its perfect design and sharpness.

Once you start chopping your vegetables and meat with it, it will be a heavenly experience for you. Although it is a cleaver, it can perform multiple tasks, making it unique and different from other choppers. This Chinese knife will make you feel like a Chinese professional knife because of its precision.

One more thing that will make you appreciate this knife is its handle because of the detailed wooden work done on it. This edge is by far one of the most reliable Chinese knives that you will ever set your fins on.

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3. Meat Cleaver,7 inch Vegetable and Butcher Knife

Meat Cleaver,7 inch Vegetable and Butcher Knife German High Carbon Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife chef knives with Ergonomic Handle for Home, Kitchen & Restaurant

Key Features

  • High carbon stainless steel –  It has a high carbon German stainless steel that is very sharp.
  • Wide blade – That helps in multiple tasks.
  • Blade edge – It has a plane blade edge.

Are you looking for a knife that will not only help you in chopping but will also play a significant role in picking up the chopped material? Then this Chinese butcher knife is the perfect choice for you.

It increases the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen when you put it among other utensils or knives, but it also helps make aesthetically appealing dishes because of its detailed chopping and precise cutting.

The charm of this knife is so bewitching that once you lay your hand on it, you will never be able to let go. This Chinese knife effortlessly provides you with flawless meat cuts and chopped veggies. Also, it may seem that this Chinese weighs too much and is hard to handle, but that is not the case. It is engineered so that it not only looks ravishing when you hold it but is also easy to carry.

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4. Chinese Chopping Knife 

best chinese chef knife

Key Features

  • Multi-purpose – Knife used for mixing, chopping, and slicing.
  • Easy to sharpen – Its blade is very easy to sharpen and comes with a razor-sharp edge.
  • Wooden handle –  Handle is made up of wood.

What makes this knife special is its greyish appearance that puts you in a trance state the very moment when you look at it. The high carbon steel blade is not metallic in appearance but grey, which increases its beautifying properties.

Once you bring this Chinese knife to your kitchen, every eye will be on it. Also, its handle is unlike regular handles. Mostly Chinese knives handle wood colored, but this one has a slightly dark brown shade that sometimes appears black.

As for the usage, this Chinese knife is a multi-purpose knife and can come in handy in various ways. It does not matter whether you are a restaurant chef or a regular cook; this rust-resistant knife will not disappoint you.

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5. 7 Inch Cleaver Knife Chinese Chef Knife

Meat Cleaver 7 Inch Cleaver Knife Chinese Chef Knife German Steel Chopper Cleaver Butcher Knife for Home Kitchen or Restaurant

Key Features

  • Multi-functional – This Chinese knife can perform a variety of functions smoothly.
  • Fashioned – With high carbon German stainless steel.
  • Ergonomic handle – Handle is made up of ergonomic material that helps in avoiding slippage.

It does not matter whether you are an apprentice or an adept culinarian. Once you get your hands on this Chinese meat cleaver, you will automatically become an expert.

The blade is broad but does not have a smooth surface like other Chinese knives. Instead, its edge is engraved with a particular sort of droplet texture, which is quite attractive to look at. Also, black is the most favorite color among people, so they usually tend to find black things. Its ergonomic handle is black and is highly polished.

The combination of a glossy black handle and engraved steel blade is perfect, and you cannot help but appreciate it when you look at it. This Chinese meat cleaver is an ideal fit for all kitchen tasks when it comes to usage, be it chopping, mincing, or slicing. It cuts through smoothly and manages to maintain the juicy flavor of the sliced or chopped product.

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6. Victorinox 7″ Chinese Classic Chefs Knife 

Victorinox 7

Key Features

  • Fibrox handles – Unlike other Chinese Knives, it has a fibrox handle.
  • Rust-resistant blade – The high carbon rust-resistant blade protects it from getting dull.
  • Sharp edge – It has a sharp edge that cuts through almost everything.

At first glance, this Classic Chinese knife appears to be heavy, but the reality is otherwise. Although it is composed of stainless steel yet, it is exceptionally lightweight. This delicacy plays a significant role in its work. Its versatile nature does not just chop, mince or slice but also scrape, smash and scoop. The qualities do not just end here. Its black shaded handle is not only slipped resistant but also provided you with a firm grip.

Also, the smooth texture of its blade adds more to its beauty. When placed in the kitchen, it surpasses every other knife when it comes to flawless appearance. What more do you want than a Chinese knife that is not only impeccable in usage but is also breathtakingly alluring?

All the reviews that I have come across so far only highlight its positive aspects because this particular knife does not have any negative attributes.

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7. Dexter Chinese Chefs Knife 

best chinese chef knife

Key Features

  • Rust-resistant steel – The blade is composed of stainless and rust-resistant steel and is highly durable.
  • Wood handle – Built out of a wood handle.
  • Multi-purpose – It can be used for various purposes, ranging from mincing to chopping and even slicing.

Dexter Chinese Chefs knife is by far one of the best knives that you will ever come across. At a glance, it appears simple to the naked eye. The brown colored rounded wood handle adds a bit of glamour to the knife’s overall appearance.

Instead of having a shiny blade, this Chinese knife has a matte silver touch that instantly captures your attention. As for the usage, this Chinese Chef knife is a go-to for every kitchen lover. It can replace all the blades of your kitchen and will never fail to amaze you.

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8. Handmade Forged Kitchen Chef Knife 

Handmade Forged Kitchen Chef Knife knvies Without Sheath Full Tang Butcher Knifes Outdoor Meat Vegetable Cleaver for Family, BBQ or Camping

Key Features

  • German steel blade – Rust-resistant and anti-corrosion authentic German blade.
  • Forged Manually – Handmade by qualified experts with years of experience.
  • Full tang Ergonomic Handle – Non-slip ergonomic handle topped with a brass ring.

Smith Chu’s butcher knife is quite similar to our first pick, except it is made from pure German steel. Although the butcher knife has an odd-looking blade, it does not disappoint in terms of sharpness. The ergonomic handle is more visually pleasing and comfortable to hold as well.

Ideal for handling large pieces of meat, the butcher knife can also help you with dicing and slicing vegetables. Although the large size might not be suitable for smaller ingredients, it can still do the job pretty well. The durable heavy knife is forged to last only if you give it the special care it requires.

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9. Shun Classic 7 Inch Chef Knife with Ebony PakkaWood Handle

Shun Classic 7 Inch Cleaver Ebony PakkaWood Handle and VG-MAX Damascus Clad, Blade Steel Ultimate Tool for Chopping or Slicing Vegetables, DM0712, Silver

Key Features

  • Plain blade edge – The plain blade edge is extremely sharp and cuts precisely.
  • Pakkawood handles – The handle is composed of pakkawood and provides a firm grip.
  • Super steel – It is composed of shun super steel, which contains cobalt, carbon, chromium, and tungsten in increased quantity.

Shun Classic Chinese Chef knife is a beauty that will leave you entranced in the very first encounter. There is a perfect blend of different textures on its super steel blade, and these engravings highlight the aesthetic value of this knife. In addition to the edge, its handle, which is composed of pakkawood, is highly polished, and its black shade adds more value to it. Furthermore, this Chinese Chef knife makes you feel like a real professional when you hold it in your hand. From all the positive reviews that this knife has received so far, one can realize the fantastic quality and worth.

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10. Mercer Cutlery Chinese Chef’s Knife

best chinese chef knife

Key Features

  • Effortless Grip – Because the handle is easy on hand and does not cause exertion.
  • Rigorous Blade – can withstand daily kitchen use.
  • Adds Value – To the overall surrounding.

Mercer Culinary Chinese knife is a class apart because it is ideal for kitchen use. The blade has a relaxed grip that gives you firm control at all times. The ergonomic handle is crafted from high-quality materials. Even with wet palms, this super comfortable fatigue relief design will not let you lose your grip.

The knife’s materials are extremely resistant to kitchen oil breakdown, extreme heat, and cold. It is robustly built to hold up in the kitchen environment under regular use.

With Bolster, this knife is superbly balanced, which also improves its credibility.

The blade is made of no-stain steel and is resilient to discoloration, corrosion, and rust. Carbon-based stainless steel produces a super sharp edge and preserves it for daily use over long periods.

The Chinese chef knife is lightweight, precisely balanced 7-inches in size, and ideal for chopping vegetables.

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Chinese knives are more decadent than ordinary kitchen knives, and everyone cannot handle these knives. So When you are buying, make sure that you learn to use these knives. In this list of the best Chinese chef knife, you can find various price options, so choose which suits best to you.

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