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Historians believe that what made us human was the moment when, 2.5 million years ago, one of our ancestors successfully sliced a piece of the carcass with a crude stone blade. Human history’s whole progression is sparked by a piercing tool and finally morphed into the chef’s knife; this is the reason today we are discussing the best chef knife under $100.

A chef’s knife is like the soul of the kitchen. This nifty tool is the one that makes chopping, mincing, slicing, and dicing more easy, swift, precise, and enjoyable.

According to a survey by the National Chef Foundation, “Every second chef in the Americas considers the utilization of the chef’s knife for kitchen chores up to 70%”.

The klutzy thing about the chef’s knife is that the feel varies from hand to hand. A knife that is comfortable in one hand might be irritating with others. Interestingly, if you ask a single best-known chef’s knife from three chefs, you will get nine confusing choices.

This shows the perplexity while opting for a viable choice. Nevertheless, considering it as a household or professional kitchen tool, chef’s knives’ sale has surged from 3.1 million to 7.9 million sets in the Northern Hemisphere this year. (Daily Fork). See our top recommendations:

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One must bear in mind that a chef’s knife’s effectiveness cannot be ascertained sans consulting someone. Setting up on the right soulmate would not be much difficult if guided by the veterans. However, you will need to set your preferences to hit the target exactly.

Go through this buyer’s guide till last, and you will surely end up in a value-for-money chef’s knife. Best of luck!

Let’s start from the buyer’s guide, and then eventually, we would move on to the recommended products.

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Different Types of Chef’s Knives

Chef’s knife is the common domain that caters aptly to the multidisciplinary kitchen chores. However, the chef’s knives vary slightly, and a layperson might find it difficult to figure out; let’s ascertain.

Forged vs. stamped

Forged chefs are manufactured from a single piece of molten steel that is beaten and cut until morphed into the desired shape. The blade becomes sturdy with a hefty bolster and heel to safeguard the hand during cutting.

On the flip side, stamped knives are machine-built, having a sharp cutting edge. Stamped knives also lack the heel and bolster.

Nonetheless, the low rates give stamped knives a comparative edge over the high-end forged ones.

Wood vs. other Handle Materials

Over 90% of the chef’s knives come up with the wood handle as the wood is resilient against rust and corrosion. Nonetheless, the steel handle extends a swish and chic feel to your knife. But a downside of the steel handle is a heaviness that might put a strain on the holder.

Besides, the two forerunning materials, the synthetic, aluminium, and plastic handles are also used to a lesser extent.

German vs. Japanese Style

There are two major rivals; the Germans and the Japanese. German chef’s knives, aka Cook’s or French’s knife, are heavier and thicker. At the same time, the blade profile is rounded from the belly. It’s all-purpose and could be applied to any terrain.

However, Japanese-style knives are more classical than German ones. The lighter and thinner blade boosts manoeuvrability for fine slicing.

Nonetheless, this knife is not suitable for piercing through the acorn squash or chicken because the wedge-like heel is missing for entertaining the beef.

6 Things to Consider While Buying a Chef’s Knife

Before selecting a viable fit for your kitchen, the chef must consider the following intricacies in her mind.

1. Analyze extension of your hand

The first selection is your gut selection; a quick glimpse of the chef’s knife assures you whether this knife will work fine with you or not. One must peer calmly at the chef’s knife before sneaking into other aspects.

2. How much weight!

There are two divergent schools of thought; one segment believes that a heavy chef’s knife slices through food easier as it possesses more jerk and force to cut through. Nonetheless, antagonists deny this proposition uprightly and second the less strain on the chef’s hand.

4. Perfect balance is the essence.

Besides the balance exerted by the palm of the beholder, the chef’s knife must not teeter on one side; otherwise, the usage would be excruciating labor. Moreover, the unbalanced knife could rough up the aesthetics of the meal on the anvil. 

5. Decide on the size

The eight-inch size is the recommended one owing to the moderation. As longer, 10-inch chef’s knife may handle more volume but seems intimidating – a cruel butcher’s look. On the flip side, six-inch knives bring agility but flunk while executing large objects such as melons.

6. The viable price-range

Chef’sknivesare up for sale from dirt-cheap to the exorbitant ones. Our editors had tried various price tags, and, finally, a home truth emerged out. Ironically, a budgeted chef’s knife would perform at par with the high-end one if being polished regularly. Nonetheless, a reasonable threshold to grab a well-performing knife is $100. Going over $100 is not a suitable way.

Our editors have picked up the six top-quality chef’s knives after the hands-on evaluation; the cherry-picked knives have been brandished after carving melons, slicing winter squashes, cubing butternuts, cutting meat, mincing parsley, and dicing onions. The quality remained awe-inspiring.

The winner in the chef’s knife domain is declared as Mercer; why? Let’s see.

1. Mercer Culinary Ultimate White 8-Inch Chef’s Knife


Key Features

  • Japanese style — The finer Japanese-style built is a perfect way to pierce the uneven food terrains
  • High-concentration carbon blade — High carbon concentration prevents the rust accumulation
  • Hollow ground edge — The comfy hollow ground edge makes Mercer a merciless partner

An eight-inch Mercer chef’s knife is a carbonized white tool that pierces into every kind of food-grade material. Moreover, the carbon enveloping feature resists corrosion and colour-fading.

The razor-sharp edges of Mercer make the onerous cutting exercise an easy-breezy task. The usability becomes more precise thanks to the highly resilient polypropylene handle. At the same time, the textured finger points extend a broad avenue against slip.

The NSF certification corroborates the Mercer chef’s knife’s premium performance as NSF is an independent body to maintain the standards of cutlery items.

Moreover, the look of the Mercer chef’s knife is enchanting, and the white aura charms up the kitchen’s decor. Nonetheless, proper maintenance is necessary to keep the quality intact. Last but not least, the budgeted price tag makes Mercer affordable to every stratagem of society.


  • Ergonomically textured white handle matches with the glittering blade – utopian beauty.
  • The price tag is much lower than the offered quality.
  • Mercer Chef’s knife is hand washable with simple detergents.


  • Intense heat could destroy the polypropylene handle.
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Here comes the second pick; Victorinox chef’s knife.

2. Victorinox Fibrox Best Chef Knife Under 100

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife, 8-Inch

Key Features

  • Non-slip grip — Non-slip grip prevents skidding even on a wet surface.
  • Tapered knife-edge — The tapered edges of Victorinox exacts precise cutting angles.
  • Laser-tested — The NSF approved laser-tested blade helps in every mode, i.e., mincing, chopping, slicing, and dicing.

A venture by R.H. Forschner in 1937 proved the number one choice of chef fraternity. Mince all and sundry with this amazing Victorian-style chef’s knife. The best part of the Victorinox knife is its higher grade of usability. The aesthetically built handle does not exact a toll on the wrist and enhances the easy cut-and-dry solution.

The execution becomes precise owing to the razor-sharp tapered edge that allows the extraction from an exact angle. Furthermore, the blade is manufactured by high-quality European steel.

The suitability of Victorinox chef’s knife is recommended by our editors, National Sanitary Foundation (NSF), and Gourmet magazine – an unbiased reporter on kitchen and cookware.

Interestingly, the warranty for Victorinox is as long as a life span. Nonetheless, the warranty is valid if the knife is only washed by hand, and honing must be done right after a couple of usages.

Victorinox is an economically designed all-rounder that is craved by professional chefs and home cooks alike. Fortunately, you can carve any meat with its ultra-wide eight-inch blade.

The handle is manufactured by the thermoplastic elastomer that is a nice bulwark against corrosion. The right balance and weight of Victorinox make it a number one choice of chefs. 


  • The TPE handle of Victorinox is hygienic and heat-proof.
  • The eight-inch blade is comfy enough to carve all food-grade items.
  • Since 1937, Victorinox is the most sought-after brand among professional cooking circles.


  • Polypropylenematerialcan is eroded once encountered with consistent scorching light beams.
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After reviewing the great two, it is time to weigh the third one, Mac Mighty chef’s knife.

3. Mac Knife Chef Series Chef’s Knife, 7-1/4-Inch

best chef knife under 100

Key Features

  • 2.5 mm blade — The two mm blade of Mac Mighty is lethal enough to shred anything.
  • Ergonomic engraving — The engraved dimples of the Mac Mighty bolster the chef’s knife to glide through sticky items like apples and or summer squash.
  • Pakka wood handle — The Pakka wood handle provides you with an iron-strong grip.

The quality feature that spurred Mac Mighty’s placement as the third top brand is its blade manufacturing from the authentic Molybdenum steel that has the best edge-retention for complicated cutting.

The acuteness of Mac Mighty is multiplied by the firm gripping of the Pakka wood handle. Just like Molybdenum, Pakka wood is also an out-of-box material for cutlery items. Both provide the creme-de-la-creme resilience against wear and tear. While the high carbon infusion into the blade is the icing on the cake, Mac Might chef’s blade is free of any concomitant fear of rusting. The edge remains razor-sharp forever.

This simple knife can easily be washed at home, and every wash gives it a new look. Mac Mighty is made in Japan and is recommended to be applied to vegetables and fruits. While the razor-like edges of Mac Mighty allow you the heights of sharpness and the user feels like cutting through the water waves.

Mac Mighty Chef’s knife is overall a beautiful product and would match your kitchen’s decor in just under $100 tag.


  • The Molybdenum steel is rust-free, a perfect choice for monsoon resins.
  • Besides fruits, other edibles could easily be cut down by Mac Mighty.
  • Pakka wood is a high-end material for knife handles.


  • Washing detergent could steal the shine away.
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The fourth better performing chef’s knife is Henckels.

4. J.A. Henckels International 31161-201 CLASSIC Chef’s Knife

J.A. Henckels International 31161-201 CLASSIC Chef's Knife, 8 Inch, Black

Key Features

  • Forged construction — The forged construction of Henckelsoffers a smooth transition from handle to blade.
  • Triple rivet handle — The ergonomically designed triple-rivet handle extends a traditional balance.
  • Dishwasher safe — Henckels could not be deteriorated by dishwashing thanks to hard-boiled lamination.

Whether you want to mince shallots or trim pear, you can all do it even-handedly by this exciting chef’s knife version of Henckels international. Henckel’s pride is its precision and razor-sharpness since 1895. Started by Zwilling J.A. Henckels, the brand has snowballed into an exemplar.

Henckel procures the high-end German blades to fit into resilient Spanish knives. In comparison, the construction is fully forged with the classical triple-rivet handle.

Using this eight-inch nicely-built knife is extremely easy, while the manufacturers also extend a lifetime warranty. The flexible knife could be used for minimizing a variety of edibles incessantly with just a little honing. After chopping raw meat, this nifty knife could be cleaned through the dishwasher without compromising the effectiveness. 


  • The satin-finished blade of Henckel chef’s knife extends a professional look.
  • The manufacturer bestows an extended lifelong warranty.
  • The German steel blades bestow top-notch precision.


  • The steel blade is bruising lethal, and a little misjudgment might chop your finger.
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The fifth product is Tuo;

5. TUO Chef Knife – 6 inch Professional Kitchen Cooking Chefs

best chef knife under 100

Key Features

  • Black Hawk design — The black hawk design of the Tuo chef knife is an amalgam of practicality and aesthetics.
  • Pakkawood handles — TheAfrican Pakkawood handle is anti-corrosive, wear-resistant, and anti alkalis.
  • Full tag design — The full-tang structure balances the knife and ensures durability and resilience.

Tuo has rolled out the exclusive six-inch chef’s knife in a sleek black hawk fashion that is the peak of aesthetics and practicality.

Made up of German stainless steel with a precise vacuum heat-treatment and overlapped with nitrogen tampering according to a three-step Honbezuke procedure. This state-of-the-art mechanism ensures sharpness and flexibility sans any risk of crushing and tearing.

The glances of the Tuo are over-the-top owing to the ergonomically designed full tang handle. The scientific design minimizes the wrist tension, and the chef keeps doing the kitchen chores sans any irritation.

Tuo is a beautiful item with a hand-polished light blade. At the same time, the black handle makes an exciting contrast. The silver rivet echoes with the blade, bestowing the knife a high-end feel.

Tuo is overall an amazing product in a reasonable price range.


  • The ergonomic handles turn the banal cooking into a fun ride.
  • The knife comes up with a gifting box.
  • Over 75% of the world cutlery is processed in YangJiang, China, experienced.
  • Tuo belongs to the same workshop city.


  • Unsuitable for butcher testing.
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Finally, we reached to the last but not the least – Fanteck chef’s knife

6. 8-Inch Chef Knife FANTECK Professional Damascus Chef Knife 

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Key Features

  • V-sharp edge — V-sharp edge slices the 10° per side for an easy cutting experience.
  • Damascus carbonized steel — Damascus carbonized stainless steel provides exceptional vigour, durability, and stain-resistance.
  • Blue glass fibre handle — The blue glass fibre texture extends a cutting-edge and swish look to the onlookers.

Fanteck is an eight-inch Damascus-style chef’s knife that is exclusively designed in V-shaped styling. This razor-thin knife is equally suitable for dicing, mincing, chopping, and slicing.

Amazingly, the Fanteck knife is manufactured in 67 layers and ensures exceptional strength. The strength is further strengthened by nitrogen cooling and heat treatment. In comparison, the ergonomically designed blue glass handle contributes to superior balance and excellent grip.

Interestingly, Fanteck chef’s knife is provided with a cute gift box, knife sheath, and mini sharpener. You may gift it to your kith and kin during festivities. In a moderate price range, this knife is indeed a win-win product.


  • This Fanteck chef’s knife is provided with an exquisite gift box.
  • Mini sharpener with this chef’s knife provides you with an avenue to sharpen the knife at your will.
  • 67 Damascus layers of Fanteck prevent the menace of corrosion.


  • Damascus fashion is not fit for hard butchery.
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Finally, the chopped bites are ready to be cooked, and we hope that after going through this enlightened excerpt, you would not stumble upon any menacing device that may turn your New Year’s Turkey into a botched bird. It’s time to grab the chef d’oeuvre. Hopefully, our efforts will help you to choose the best chef knife under 100.

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