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Odd-sounding word! But do you know that this is an enchanting spell for the chef’s fraternity all over the globe- Santoku opens the hungry guys’ locked hearts.

Why Santoku! Let’s find out

Santoku means “three virtues” Japanese refers to the three major cooking virtues: dicing, slicing, and chopping. Santoku is a master knife that infuses the optimal finesse to the cutting spree. However, the usage is a bit trickier than using the ordinary one. However, the Santoku knife is still the most sought-after due to the fine slicing, especially the exquisite cutting.

best budget santoku knife

An interactive discussion-based survey with the chefs; independent body Orgo reveals that “Santoku provides a make-or-break avenue in the chef’s career development. The major restaurant chains test the Santoku usage before offering an appointment letter.” (Safe Hospitality).

What makes the Santoku chef a top-quality cutting tool with a bevy of recommendations? This blog would help facilitate you get the best Santoku sans rigorous research.

But before moving forward lets have a look on our top recommendations:

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To be honest, wherever Santoku is sold and used, a trail of accolades leave behind. Overall, we have found the three overarching features that confirm the magic of Santoku even long before reading the stamped name.

Santoku Are Easy to Master

The best thing about the Santoku is easy mastery. The Santoku knives are the most sought-after in the chef fraternity for learning the ropes. Moreover, home chefs are also quite comfortable with the Santoku knife from the very first day, leading to the over-the-top specialty.

Allow quick cutting, slicing, and chopping

Santoku is lethal to the core, the hardest of the edibles are chopped down like the piping hot butter slices. Cutting, slicing, or chopping becomes way easier with the Japanese miracle knife.

Real Santoku Knives Required Less Sharpening

Another amazing factor of Santoku is its fewer trysts with the whetting stone. The knife needs less sharpening and could run along cutting marathon sans having been honed. Santoku knife is ready to be applied without any prep beforehand, Santoku is razor-sharp everywhere anytime.

A Santoku meetup

We got curious about the Santoku-Santoku mantra here and there. The investigative journalist’s instincts aroused, and finally, we met with a sophisticated chef leader of a famous hotel chain (names held for secrecy). After incessant pleading, our chef has finally agreed to reveal the specialty attached with Santoku that stretched its popularity from Japan’s shores to America.

Mr. ABC described five sophisticated features that stand the Santoku out of the contemporary knives lot.

  • The dimples are the beauty on the cheek of Santoku: The Santoku knife has dimples on each side of the knife to prevent the food’s sticking to the blade. This is the best scenario for easy cutting. The incessant cutting spree runs into the abyss when the knife sticks into the staple. For fine slicing, Santoku improves the usability mode manifold.
  • No rocking motion: Santoku knives have minimized rocking motion as compared to blades. The magic lies in the manufacturing of the Santoku edge that is perfectly crafted from different aspects. The rocking motion kills the chef’s enthusiasm owing to the botched attempts and spoiled cutting – this is not the case with Santoku.
  • Thinner blade: Santoku knife’s edge is slimmer than the other chef knives. This thinner edge allows the comfy cutting and slices up to the maximum limits. The chefs cut and furnish the trickiest staples in a relaxed way.
  • Fully forged: The Santoku knife usually comes up in a fully forged pattern that brings longevity to the blade. The one slab formation brings resilience to the knife. Nonetheless, the knife cannot be broken easily owing to concrete manufacturing.
  • Low cost: The last significant aspect that puts customers’ blind trust in Santoku knives is its comparatively low cost. The features of Santoku are cutting edge and high-end, while on the other hand, the price tag is relatively low.

The discussion did not end here; our privy chef also told us some fantastic facts or, more specifically, myth-busters. Let’s share with the audiences.

How to Find a Real Santoku Knife?

Here a million-dollar question comes forth, how to identify the real Santoku? Well! Hold your breath; we would tell you some of the notable features that help you identify real Santoku no matter whether the salesman tells you or not.

  • Search the dimples: No, there are no any! Throw it in the reject list. A real Santoku knife always comes up with dimples like engraving that prevent food from sticking into the blades.
  • Examine the curves: Santoku’s design is a bit curvy; the knife is not built on a straightforward pattern. The curves help Santoku to deal with a variety of food items; vegetables, meat, or leaves, all of which could be crushed by it once and for all.
  • Almost all are riveted, exceptions apart: As the Santoku knives come up in a fully forged pattern; hence, the handle needs to be supported by rivets to clasp the enveloping material into it. The casing could be changed; it can be of ABS, plastic, or wood.
  • Ask directly Where to Buy from a Physical Store: This is the easiest way, ask the selling entity directly whether it is Santoku or any resembling knife. The affirmative answer would push you towards further checks.
  • Look for recommendations: A Santoku knife is the one that proves itself kitchen worthy via a classical thematic, we have listed some of the top Santoku knives for your perusal; we hope that you will get your kitchen soulmate among these best knives!

1. Santoku Knife – MAD SHARK Pro Chef’s Knife

best budget santoku knife

Key Features

  • Ice Quench design — The ice quench design improves the hardness and piercing.
  • ABS plastic handle — The ABS plastic handle is durable and ensures no cracking.
  • High-end German steel blade — The German steel blade of the Mad Shark Santoku knife is resilient to the core.

The piercing sharp Mad Shark Santoku knife is the best choice for professional and home chefs due to the dimple distance glory design that ensures that the food does not stick to the blade.

Slice, dice, mince and chop freely through the eight-inch knife. ABS plastic handle gilds the lily and presents you with a zero-risk purchase.

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2. KYOKU Daimyo Series – Damascus Santoku Knife 

KYOKU Daimyo Series - Damascus Santoku Knife 7

Key Features

  • Japanese V10 steel core — The Japanese steel resists corrosion in the first place.
  • Hand honed edge — Hand-honed that brings intelligent lethality.
  • Full-tang construction — Full-tang handle prevents the breakage of the handle.

Kyoku Japanese Santoku is an ultra-sharp Damascus knife that wins the stomachs through the incredible edge and cutting-core hardness.

The seven-inch knife is sharpened from both sides. The military-grade handle is impervious to wear and tear, while the scalpel edge brings the mirror-polished effect. The last good news, Kyoku offers a lifetime exchange and replacement. 

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J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL CLASSIC Hollow Edge Santoku Knife, 7-Inch, Black/Stainless Steel

Key Features

  • Fully forged construction — Forged construction offers a seamless transition from blade to handle.
  • Satin-finished blade — The satin-finished edge enhances honing and precision.
  • Dishwasher safe — Henckel is easy to clean thanks to dishwasher friendly nature.

Henckels Santoku knife is composed of fabricated German stainless steel, while the polished razor edge is ideal for thin cutting.

The full tang handle provides extra resilience. Expertly dice onions and slash garlic with this Asian champion. This seven-inch knife is an extremely friendly buy for the esteemed chef. Blow your worries in one fell swoop.

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4. Santoku chef Knife 7 inch

best budget santoku knife

Key Features

  • Authentic Japanese super steel — The super steel ensures maximum flexibility and edge retention sans chipping and dulling.
  • 66 layer carbon infusion — The carbon infusion adds resilience and beauty.
  • Geometrically sharp — The 8/12 angles of the blade represent the pinnacle of design.

The Regalia Santoku knife is a seven-inch sheep-foot blade that is an ideal avenue to chop, mince, slice, and dice. The G-10/handle is immune to moisture, heat, and cold. Regalia’s best thing is the scalloped hollow (Granton) edge that ensures cutting with no sticking.

The flowing drilling wave of Damascus steel gives a unique look to the onlookers. Overall, Regalia is a cost-effective product that brings a real Santoku sensation to the chef at arms.

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5. Cutluxe Santoku Knife 

Cutluxe Santoku Knife - 7 Inch Kitchen Knife Forged of High Carbon German Steel - Ergonomic Pakkawood Handle - Full Tang Razor Sharp Blade for Dicing, Mincing and Chopping

Key Features

  • Razor Sharp Blade — Makes cutting a piece of cake.
  • Pakkawood Handle — Pakkawood handle is selected to provide a comfortable grip.
  • High Carbon German Steel —  Fitted to maintain steel’s good quality.

Here comes the Cutluxe Santoku knife. Well, if you care about investing your money in the right things, no matter how small or big they are, or if you value little details about Santoku Knives, then search no more.

Cutluxe Santoku knife is here to make your money worth something. The elegant and classy knife belongs in your kitchen because of its trendy design and quality steel.

Its Pakkawood handle makes it super convenient to hold and tighten your grip on the knife. The razor-sharp blade is also perfect for chopping, mincing, and slicing big and small pieces of meat and vegetables with ease and grace.

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6. TUO Santoku Knife

TUO Santoku Knife, 5.5” Japanese High Carbon Damascus Stainless Steel Blade, Dishwasher Safe, Black Fiberglass Handle, Asian Kitchen Knife For Home And Restaurant, Includes Gift Box

Key Features

  • 7 Inch Blade — 7 Inch blade is perfectly suitable for handling the knife.
  • Octagon Handle —  Unique in style and ideal for a firm hold.
  • Three layers Clad Steel — 3 layers of lad steel to create a flawless stainless steel blade.

Tuo 7-inch Santoku knife is part of a Tuo dynasty series and is ideal for use because of its weight and balance. This knife’s user never feels tired, thanks to its octagon handle that makes it comfortable and easy to control.

The handle is built from African rosewood that allows it to look super stylish. Its three layers of clad steel make it sharp for cutting and serves as a barrier from corrosion and rust.

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7. Mercer Culinary Genesis 7-Inch Santoku Knife

best budget santoku knife

Key Features

  • Ergonomic Santoprene handles — Fits perfectly into the hand using it.
  • German Steel — German steel is specially engineered to provide a rust-free surface.
  • Taper-ground edge — The feature is explicitly added to provide extra support and stability.

Mercer is a versatile Santoku knife. If you are looking for a knife with everything, then it has to be Santoku’s knife crafted by Mercer Culinary. This knife has everything one could ask for.

Its beautiful design and ergonomic Santoprene handle let you carry the blade like a professional. It allows you to step up your cooking game and use it efficiently for cutting, chopping, dicing, and mincing delicately with precision.

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8. Messermeister Four Seasons Kullenschliff Santoku Knife

Messermeister Four Seasons Kullenschliff Santoku Knife, 7-Inch

Key Features

  • Ultra Sharp Edge — Crafted to allow swift and accurate cutting.
  • Double-side groove design —  Includes a hollow pattern to lessen the contact between the knife blade and food material to avoid stickiness.
  • Pakkawood Handle — Used to provide firm control of the knife.

This fantastic Santoku knife by Messermeister delivers you with an ultimate razor-sharp edge perfect for cutting hard materials. It can withstand rigorous cutting in the kitchen due to its durability and sturdy blade.

The stainless steel blade allows the knife to remain as good as new. If you need a knife to give you confidence in your cooking, then go ahead and get this knife right now. Also, the red handle is too gorgeous to ignore

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9. TITAN FORGE – Santoku Knife 7″ – Pro Series Knives

TITAN FORGE - Santoku Knife 7

Key Features

  • Double-bevel Edge — Provides sharpness and durability.
  • Crius Handle — Crius Handle composed of Abs/TPE polymer guarantees a safe grip. 
  • High Carbon Steel — Allows the steel to remain stainless and sharp.

Titan Forge knife is the chef’s number one weapon when it comes to the war of cooking the high-quality cuisines ever. Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) makes this knife reliable so that you can put your 100 percent confidence in it. At the same time, you use it to cut, chop, and mincemeat, bread, and vegetables.

Its double-bevel edge makes it perfect for sharp and precise cuts, whereas its Crius handle, which is sweat and heat resistant makes it secure and safe to hold for long hours without getting tired. Also, it’s lightweight and most suitable for any culinary professionals. The design is clean and straightforward in terms of style and doesn’t require any high maintenance.

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10. Santoku Knife 7 inch, Hollow Ground, Professional Chefs Knife 

best budget santoku knife

Key Features

  • Rockwell Hardness Scale (HRC) — HRC provides a knife’s blade with durability and strength.
  • Stainless Steel — Delivers high-quality rust-free steel.
  • Ergonomic Handle — Allows firm grip maintaining user safety.

Wollgord Santoku knife works its magic in your kitchen as you cook delicious meals. Its unmatched design fused with classy style and sharp-edged blade create opportunities for you to experiment with new recipes.

Dicing and slicing with careful precision and chopping diverse food materials is this knife’s number one priority. Its toughness and durability are evident in cutting through hard materials.

Besides, the ergonomic handle is created carefully to suit beginners’ needs regarding control and manipulation. Also, it belongs in the kitchen of every ordinary cook for daily use.

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{“@context”:”https://schema.org”,”@type”:”FAQPage”,”@id”:”https://www.homevella.com/best-budget-santoku-knife/”,”mainEntity”:[{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”<strong>Are all Santoku stamped knives real Santoku?</strong>”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”No, it is not. After the boom in Santoku’s demand in the market. The fraudster found an easy way to clear the piled-up inventory by labeling or stamping Santoku onto it. This, in turn, flushes the market with a glut of Santoku knives. Nonetheless, an informed buyer knows the distinguishing features of Santoku; hence, he cannot be befooled by the quick tricks.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”<strong>Is Santoku not a Japanese patented brand</strong>?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”The origin of Santoku rests with Japan as the word is extracted from typical Japanese lingo, and Japanese refer to it as the three good virtues of chopping, slicing, and mincing. Nonetheless, the design has got popularity all over the world. It is also a fact that 70% of Santoku knife production in the developed countries outside Japan. The Magazine, World Economics aptly corroborates the data. So, if you found Made<strong> in Spain </strong>or <strong>Made in the USA </strong>on your Santoku knives, you need not worry an iota about it. The Santoku knives are 100% genuine if fulfilling the criteria laid down.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”<strong>Is Santoku only fit for light swish garnishing?</strong>”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”Not at all; the knife is equally piercing for the light salad garnishing or the heavy-duty best chopping. Santoku is a kitchen-grade all-rounder knife whose beneficence cannot be set aside. You try Santoku at any cutting genre, and it will prove successful.”}}]}

Chopping conclusion

The Santoku debate ends here; at the end, we hope that this knowledge booster must have given you an enlightened view to cherry-pick the best out of the best. Santoku knife aptly relieves you of your cutting worries. This professional-grade knife can aptly be replicated into the home’s atmosphere owing to the high agility.

Santoku is aesthetically pleasing and incorporates a variety of tricks, such as non-sticking during slicing. If you want to thwart the botched handling of food cutting, the Santoku knife could prove the best solution. Have a try!

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