Ophelia Samuel

shoe storage bench

5+ Best Shoe Storage Benches in Canada

If you are tired of shoe clutter, then the best way to organize them in Canada is with shoe storage benches. The best thing about shoe storage benches is that they will hold your shoes and your weight. The visitors can get an excellent impression by seeing the shoes all organized on shoe storage benches.

high heel shoe racks

5 Best High Heel Shoe Racks of 2021

Heel’s thickness can vary with the design. The standard storages of bamboo and slatted wood can work for the wedges and platforms; it’s the thin heels that require special attention. You will need a slab with a lot of headspaces or a non-slatted shelf, so they don’t fall through and damage the heel.

best console table with shoe storage

3 Best Console Tables With Shoe Storage in 2021

The origin of console tables dates back to the 17th century in French and Italian furniture design. By definition, the console table means a table that has to be supported by brackets or corbels against a wall. Traditionally, it is a table that is not free-standing on four legs but brackets. It has a half-moon shape with two legs, firmly attached against the wall.

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