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Have you been out baby shopping for your newborn or toddler yet? Perhaps you came across these beautiful small glass containers with lid; they are often used to store baby food, but if you’re not a new parent or a parent to be, don’t go yet!

This article might be beneficial for you if you have any interest in food portions and the practical storage of food items. Our research on the best food storage containers came across several food storage containers and meal-prep food containers.

However, the ones that we found to be the most effective for the best kind of food portion control were these small food storage containers with a lid that only allow you to intake a minimal amount of the different portions you will be having a full meal.

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So now, you may effectively distribute your protein, carbohydrates, fats, and other food items in your meals. Here are some of our top picks for the best kind of food storage containers that we came across:

1. Superior Glass Baby Food Storage Containers

Key Features

  • Convenient Glass   The container has Glass, which is a better material compared to plastic containers.
  • Airtight Seal Lids are snapped shut in glass containers so that the food inside will not be contaminated by air around.
  • Portable Design the relatively smaller design helps carry the box around in a baby diaper bag or easily slip it into your school or office backpack.

Fine Dine is our top pick because of its overall convenience for all kinds of users. These are the best kind of glass containers on our list because of its functional and portable design, especially the snap-shut lids.

These lids help you carry your food around no matter where you go without fear of any kind of food spillage in your backpack.

The snap-shut lids offer this storage box a unique design that competes with the other two on the list. Even if this box does slip from your hand, it will not spill food because the lid is so tightly shut.

Moreover, your kids or baby toddler won’t be able to open the lid and make a mess unless it’s lunchtime, and you open it for them.

Don’t you have a hard time trying to remove the odors off your plastic food containers and make sure that there are no stains on them?

We’ve all been there, and it is such a frustrating task to get done. This is because plastic tends to be a bit more absorbent in terms of food material than other types of containers. These small glass containers with lid are really durable and long-lasting.

Glass containers are the best in this regard because they will not just easily be cleaned up, but they do not tend to retain any foul odors.

Unlike the plastic containers, these glass containers won’t even have your food storage boxes interfere with the taste of your food as the plastic material would.

You can quickly put them in the microwave, freeze food in them or wash them with a dishwasher without worrying about ruining the box or having it interfere with the sanitary requirements of food storage.

They are made of a steel plastic lid and are BPA free. The food storage space is from 4 to 6 oz, which gives you the opportunity of portion control and baby food portions.


  • Airtight lids that make it much easier for you to carry the boxes around
  • BPA free material that does not interfere with the composition of your food
  • Easy to clean and can be stacked anywhere owing to their convenient design.


  • These containers do not nest. They take up more space than boxes that do nest.
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2. Anchor Hocking Classic Glass Food Storage Containers

small glass containers with lid

Key Features

  • Microwave Friendly This glass container is perfectly safe for microwave or freezer use.
  • No stain containers You can easily clean them like the rest of your dishes in a dishwasher, and they will easily wash out the food stains and oils
  • BPA Free material Unlike the plastic containers these containers will not interfere with the composition of the food that you store inside these containers because they are temperature friendly and BPA free so no harmful chemicals

The second on our list is the containers that are the best only second to the Fine Dine superior glass containers, which were, of course, our first pick.

Compared to our first pick, this glass container comes in the second position due to its slightly less convenient design that doesn’t allow as much portability as the first pick glass food containers.

The first on our list owes its convenience to the tightly shut lid that will not fall open and leave your food contents vulnerable on the ground even if it takes a fall. This is because of the compressible layer rim on the lid seal’s inner side that is not present in this container.

This one tends to have more of a seal-in type of rim that will easily fall open if it were to take a fall or if your child were to pull hard enough. This is what makes it harder to carry around.

Another thing that might have put it in the second place is that it is not as temperature resistant as our first pick. Our first pick can withstand high temperatures without any issues. However, upon usage, we found that this food container isn’t too friendly with high temperatures.

This is because the high temperature tends to heat the glass, making it much harder to get the seal-in lid off. However, more or less a suitable food container, this one has some unique qualities as well. The lids in these small glass containers with lid make them really worthwhile due to its durability.

These qualities include the fact that this food storage container comes with a perfect storage capacity, which is excellent in case you run into some troubles.

The glass does not stain easily or absorb any stains because the glass material is smooth and easy to wash out stains. In case there are any hard stains, you can use the dishwasher without having the risk of finding the odor or leftover of the dishwasher being absorbed into the nick and corners of the food storage boxes.

This will cause a foul scent and interrupt the taste of the food that you place in your food container next time.


  • Safe material for food storage
  • Food portion control and easy to use
  • Easy to clean and does not absorb easily


  • The lid is not as airtight as you would expect them to be
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3. The Best Small Glass Containers With Lid

Key Features

  • Healthier Material The material used for these food storage containers is a food-grade glass material, which is BPA free and easier to use than the plastic containers.
  • Airtight seals Lids are tightly wound on the glass containers, so it isn’t the easiest to get the lid off even if the containers fall or if your toddler tries to get the lid off.
  • Easy measurements The measurements provided on these boxes are perfect if you are trying to make proper portion sizes for your meals so that you have a proper diet.

Our third and final pick is this unique food storage container with a lid is Xamifer. In third place, below the previous two, they are relatively much smaller than the last two.

While the previous two may have contained amounts of up to 6oz depending on the type of container you choose, this container will only contain up to 4oz, which is very little for adequate food portions that will be filling enough.

Apart from that, they can not be stacked anywhere that you want due to their design. They have a more massive top because of their lids; this makes it much harder to stack them on top of one another like our first pick. The colors of these small glass containers with lid make them ideal to use for kids’ stuff.

Once again, when it comes to temperature resistivity, the first pick we chose takes the credit. Due to its small size, this food storage box is not as durable to high temperature as the previous two.

However, there are some pros to this food storage box as well. Firstly, it is a unique design that can make any place seem more aesthetic. The boxes’ unique and small nature makes it increasingly easy to carry them around wherever you go.

Moreover, they are safe to store food items, and like the previous two, they are easier to clean and will not retain food stains and odors.


  • Unique design makes your surroundings aesthetic
  • Easy to clean and maintain hygiene
  • Dishwasher friendly material


  • Too small for fulfilling portion sizes
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Small food containers with lids offer great convenience, and Fine Dine is our top pick because it lives up to our expectations. The glass material adds to the durability. Hopefully, our resource will help you to find the best small glass containers with lid.

Also, it is pleasingly aesthetic to the eyes. Other than this, fine dining can add a lot of value to any space it is in. It is portable and excellent.

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