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Kitchen décor is real. While opting for food storage options, it is imperative to see if the storage options are going well with the overall décor of your kitchen or not. A 2 tier fruit basket is a fruit organizer that allows to save space and keep things organized.

One of the best things about having a two-tier food basket is that it goes well with any décor. Also, the basket has a sturdy build and can last for many years. A two-tier food basket is an ideal choice for fruit storage. However, here are a few of the things that you should consider before buying one.

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Features to Consider in a 2 Tier Fruit Basket

An ideal 2 tier fruit basket has specific characteristics. Before buying one, make sure you consider these things.

  • Versatile – it is not necessary to store only fruits in a 2 tier fruit basket. The ideal two-tier fruit basket is always handy to accommodate you with the various options of food storage. A versatile fruit basket can be used for storing many things, including nuts and spices.
  • Sturdy Built –  An ideal two tier fruit basket that always has a sturdy build. Because something is ever happening in a kitchen so it can be a humid place, there is no point in buying a fruit basket that cannot restore its durability and strength in the kitchen’s humid environment. The ideal two tier fruit basket is durable and always has a study built. A basket made out of bamboo or steel is a good option in this regard.
  • Dimensions – Dimensions are essential. Make sure you are only selecting such a basket for fruit storage, which has the right dimensions according to your kitchen cabinets. Let’s say you have square kitchen cabinets. In such a scenario, there is no point in getting an elongated 2 tier fruit basket. Also, it is good to go for such a fruit basket that can be placed at different places without looking bad.
  • Contrast – it is imperative to consider the aesthetic factor while buying the two-tier fruit basket. A fruit basket that is not making any contrast with your kitchen’s overall texture is a waste of money because it will merely look bad. However, getting a two-tier fruit basket that can make the right contrast with your kitchen’s overall texture is worth your money and time. Never overlook the aesthetic factor of a fruit basket.
  • Detachable – It is good to be smart even in choosing the kitchen accessories. The best thing about having a detachable two-tier fruit basket is that it can be used for different things at the same time. On one basket you can place fruits and on the other. A detachable fruit basket is always a good idea because it gives us versatility.
  • Moisture-proof coating – as already discussed, the environment of a kitchen is humid. There is no point in getting the fruit basket that does not have a moisture-proof layer because it will eventually deteriorate. However, fruit baskets with the moisture-proof coating will stay functional for years to come.

10 Best 2 Tier Fruit Baskets

We reviewed more then 3 dozens of baskets to find out best one and finally we selected below listed ones to share with our readers.

1. Gourmet Basics 2-Tier Metal Rectangular Fruit Storage Basket


  • Coating – this splendid 2 tier fruit basket comes with the coating. The coating will make sure that the basket does not deteriorate in the humid environment of the kitchen.
  • Multi-purpose – there is no restriction of storing only fruits on this two-tier basket. It can be used for various other things like spices, vegetables, or even nuts.
  • Fitting design – If you want to fit this basket in a standard side cupboard, you can easily do that.

This space-saving item is a rectangular storage basket with two tiers. The construct has a loop and a lattice design. It is made of steel, which is BPA free. This makes it ideal for food storage options. The long-lasting coat adds to sturdiness and strength. It has an antique bronze finish that gives the basket the characteristic old school look. This basket can serve a variety of storage purposes like in the kitchen, pantry, or tabletop.

You can also use it inside the cabinet, as the dimensions can easily fit standard cabinet size. Its elegant style also makes it a fantastic option for tabletop storage.


  • A fantastic fruit basket for table tops.
  • It has an amazing look.ux r.
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2. Mind Reader 2 Tier Metal Mesh Storage Baskets Organizer


  • Modern touch – this fruit basket is relatively different because it has a modern touch to itself. Unlike the conventional fruit baskets, it is not old school.
  • Variety – When it comes to storage options then this two-tier basket offers variety. You can store whatever you like on this one.
  • Colors option – this basket has a variety of color options and you can choose the one you like according to your kitchen interior.

This storage item is a fantastic option if you are looking to add a touch of modernity to your household. It is an innovative, closed mesh storage construct. The organizer is versatile and offers a variety of storage for all kinds of everyday items. It is ideal for organizing space with a touch of style. The drawer-like assembly allows the basket to slide out.

This offers easy access to all the items inside. It is available in several colors to go with all kinds of interiors. It is a neat rectangular storage idea with the sturdy and long-lasting build.


  • It has a sturdy built.
  • You can easily access the items from the basket.
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3. Upgraded Version – 2 Tier Fruit Bread Basket Display Stand


  • Classic – this fruit basket has a classic design and goes well with the conventional kitchens.
  • Detachable – one of the striking features of this fruit basket is that it is detachable. The individual baskets can be used for different storage options.
  • Easy to assemble – the basket is very easy to assemble and does not require any technical help.

This storage item is a blend of old school and exotic constructs. It is stylish with a touch of historic inspo. The two baskets are detachable and can be used as individual baskets. This provides ample storage space for creative use at two locations. The headspace is enough to make a pile out of things. This quality adds extra space. The assembly is screw-free and easy. It is powder coated and rust-free basket.

The metal build offers a strong weight-bearing capacity. The four studs at the base provide suspended storage and do not let the food touch the shelves.


  • The basket has splendid weight-bearing capacity.
  • It is easy to assemble and clean.
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4. SunnyPoint Black Multifunction 2-tier Basket


  • Comes with the hook – the fruit basket comes with the hook so it can be hanged in the kitchen.
  • Perfect for table top – if you are one such person who like storing your fruits on a tabletop then this fruit basket will serve you in the best way possible.
  • Minimal construct – the basket has a minimal construct and does not require much space.

This bowl-like storage space comprises of two tiers of different size. It also has an additional hook. You can use it to store banana, or you can hang the small basket there. It is removable and allows the liberty to be used at different places. A banana hook is an amazing option for even ripening and new storage. It is perfect kitchen storage and tabletop storage solution for any household. 

This basket is an innovative addition to the fruit storage ideas. It has a minimal construct that does not take up a lot of space. At the same time, it offers ample storage of fresh foods.


  • It offers ample storage for fresh Food.
  • It can be hanged in the kitchen.
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5.  Mikasa General Store 2 Tier Hanging Basket


  • Versatile – the basket can be used for various storage options including spices, vegetables, nuts and many more.
  • Dust free – this fruit basket has an amazing build and dust does not accumulate on it.
  • Safe to use – there is nothing risky in the material of this cupboard. It is entirely safe to use in the presence of kids.

It is a commercial-style basket for multi-purpose use. Iron made construction offers a long term solution for keeping kitchen items. It is easily cleanable and does not let the dust accumulate. The slant baskets arrangement is fantastic for convenient display and access to the storage items. It allows for ample air circulation, which is necessary for fresh foods.

It is made from food-grade material and does not pose a health risk. You can keep it for storing vegetables, or you can store spices and cheese in the pantry. The style offers storage space for all kinds of kitchen items.


  • It is good for different storage options.
  • Easy to clean and assemble.
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6. 2 Tier Fruit Basket 

It is a spacious open wire design for the storage of food items like fruits, spices, and bread. The article can also be used to store dishes and cups. It’s fantastic design also serves a decorative purpose. It is a minimal organizing option for small spaces. The open storage offers the airflow for the easy and even ripening of fruits.

It can also be used for keeping vegetables.

It is rustproof and has a moisture-proof coating. This adds to the life of the material and prevents easy breakage. The top round handle can be used for hanging the basket in the pantry, or you can place it on the countertop.

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7. Wire Fruit Bowl or Produce Holder

This new basket is a peculiar design that is both latest and unique. It has a stylish arch with a touch of sophistication and grace. It quickly adds more storage space with chic style.  The baskets are bowl-like instead of traditional straight shelves. The elegant color fits right in with the décor of any room. It is a long-lasting and functional storage idea for everyday use.

The construct offers ample air circulation that does not let ethylene from fruits to build up. Any spoilage of food is easily avoided using this basket.

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8. Vintage Metal Chicken Wire 2 Tier Fruit and Vegetable Standing Storage Basket

It is a perfect stand-alone basket for the kitchen or tabletop. There is no need to ruin walls by mounting the item. It has a sturdy frame with a thin meshwork construct. Apart from vegetables and fruits, it can also be used for temporary meat storage and defrosting. It can serve the purpose of decoration along with storage. You can also use the product in a pantry or any other room.

It is a versatile storage solution. Made from food-grade material, it is not the health risk to humans. It is BPA free and gives easy access to food.

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9. Vegetable Standing Storage Basket for Kitchen

This basket is perfect if you like to divide the storage space within the storage item. It is a multi-purpose solution to kitchen organizational problems. It comes with additional dividers. This lets you store several items in the space basket without mixing. It is efficient storage as compared to other simpler baskets. You can use it on countertops as well as the kitchen cabinets. It has a bin configuration that does not let the stuff fall out.

The item is made from high-quality, long-lasting material that is BPA free. It is perfectly safe for food storage.  The slide-out option is also available for the ease of access to all storage items.

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10. DecoBros 2 Tier Mesh Sliding Cabinet Basket Organizer 


This piece is a perfect storage solution for both dry food items and fresh fruits. Ideally, it works best for the pantry and kitchen. It has a mesh construct with silver coating on it. The size and dimensions are perfect to be stored inside the cabinet. This enhances the storage space and organization in the kitchen.

You can also use it for under the sink storage or countertops. It has a drawer-like built for easy pulling. The item also has easy to carry handles. The sliding construct was given easy access to items stored at the back.

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11. 2-Tier Wall Basket Storage for Kitchen

This space-saving organizer is perfect for small spaces. The best thing is that it is a wall-mount corner storage. Thus, it does not take up a lot of shelf space. Two steel baskets are suitable for a variety of storage items. You can even keep cosmetics and hair care products in it.

Loose mesh provides easy cleaning and dust-free storage. It is waterproof and rust-free. It goes well in the kitchen for the storage of fruits or pantry items. This item has enough space to make any zone clutter-free.

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12. 2-Tier Bamboo Bread Vegetable Fruit Basket Rack

It is an organic multi-storage basket for everyday use. The basket is sculpted out of 100% bamboo material. It is a unique design that adds beauty to your tabletops. The breathable wooden construct with airflow keeps fresh food from spoiling. It is eco friendly and does not pose a negative environmental impact. Each basket can hold a dozen pieces of fruit.

It is a non-wobbling and clutter-free solution to your problems. The assembly is easy using the screws that come with the package. It has perfect dimensions that offer space and versatility.

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A two-tier fruit basket is too good to ignore. Now that we have reviewed some of the best fruit baskets, make a good choice and let your kitchen be a perfect space.

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